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connecting the community to the city of rome University of Colorado Boulder Summer Abroad: Rome 2019 In order to design for the future, we must use the past to inform present design and re-activate programs through re-establishing connectivity. This project is heavily researched based resulting in a building that connects people to a European tradition of the a market that takes place on the street below. Along with re-connecting people to the Tiber River which has a rich history and is what originally brought life to ancient Rome.




Vittorio Emanuele II Monument Chiesa dei Santi Biagio e Carlo ai Catinari Sant’Andrea della Valle


Municipio I

Arsenal motorcycle and bicycle shops enter 4

Sant’Anselmo all’Aventino

site Analysis

Porto dell’Emporio ponte sublicio Tiber River Arsenal



residential no Access brasserie 4:20 chopsticks

puerto Mexico ristorante messicano

Smoke ring restaurant


Courtyard Sidewalk/ bike Parking Street


Building function Viewing


by designing a building with height, it allows for views of the city. The rooftop bar and decks allows for people to obtain visual connections with the city below them while the market connects people physically and dining connects people culturally





Building form The form took inspiration from an old building at the site. the Layered bindings that connect this building inspired a split level and stacked building that connects people to different parts of the city. For example the bar connects people to the broader city through it’s views


North Boulder Library

North Boulder

University of Colorado Boulder Architecture studio: fall 2019 This design is based on existing factors at the site and is meant to highlight and enhance those. The views of the mountains are emphasized without interrupting neighborhood views. The existing topography drives the design by creating two levels that are accessible by the both ground floors.



Site Location; North Boulder, Colorado

Key Points on site; mountain views,road access, river access

Triangular Circulation

Creating Form

highlighting key programs with roof lines


site plan


Building detail this building allows for pedestrian access along broadway (to the west), as well as the park path that follows the river, and finally residents from the Northern side of the site. It pushes more private programs to the back while keeping open public spaces towards the front.

Floor Plan 2

Floor Plan 1



Escape from Pollution University of Colorado Boulder Rhino Fall 2018 Olivia Kleespies - Concept, renderings Daisy wicks - Concept, Form design, Renderings Located in San Francisco Crystal Clear is a futuristic Design Proposed to filter pollution and smoke contaminated air; providing a refuge that purifies and restores Air Quality. The Structure of this Pod is based off the form and symbolism of a crystal. Crystals signifiy as universal healers to provide balance and harmony. Their unique shape represents the internal symmetry of transmitting, reflecting, and storing light and energy.


Location: Twin Peaks San Francisco, CA United States

Crystal Clear


Glass Lookout

Viewing and seating

Air filtration



Building detail The Structure of this Pod is based off the form and symbolism of a crystal. Crystals are thought to be universal healers to provide balance and harmony. Their unique shape represents transmitting, reflecting, and storing light and energy.


growing community University of Colorado Boulder Architecture Studio : fall 2018 inspired by symmetry in nature, modular gardens harmonize organic form while offering opposite experiences. the Southern Garden allows people to relax a retreat while the northern community center allows people to interact and socialize.


modular gardens


Standing Seam Metal roof over 1� Plywood 8x8 steal beam 6x6 steal beam


movement diagram 21

peaking Interest University of Colorado Boulder Architecture Studio : fall 2017 This bridge is designed to allow the flow of traffic, while also calling users to the point of the bridge to enjoy the view of Boulder’s Infamous flatirons. The primary structure is disconnected from the bridge path to create a floating illusion done by the secondary structures.


Turning point


The tip of the bridge allows for a small gathering point with a view

A second gathering point is located beneath the structural support to create an interaction

the Bridge connects a pedestrian walking path to the East Cu campus .




ceramics Ceramics is like architecture in the sense that it is an artistic experession through form. however, it is more free flowing while architecture tends to be more structured


Profile for Daisy Victoria Wicks

Daisy Wicks Portfolio  

Daisy Wicks Portfolio