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Welcome to The Daisy Shop on Oak in Chicago women's couture resale All good wishes to you and yours this Holiday Season.

Volume 10:Number 5b, January, 2010 Published by The DAISY Shop, women's couture resale (15 years of operation) 67 East Oak Street, 6th Floor, Chicago, IL 60611 USA (001 International +1) + (312) 9438880 FAX: (001 International +1) + (312) 943-6660, a secure line for ordering by credit card (VISA, M\C, Disc) To “Reserve” merchandise (24 hour hold), e-mail us. E-mail address Head Daisy

January 2-31, 2010 40% off Winter garments; 20% off Winter accessories View our assortment of Sale items: Click here.

Publisher: Barbara, Head Daisy Feature Writers: Ms Terry; Ms Romance Foreign Correspondents: Rym Daisy Critic Emeritus: The Daisy Mother, Bea Daisy Godmother: Marie All prices shown $US. All sales are final sales. All merchandise is authentic, 2nd hand couture. Our popular historical articles have been compiled into a magazine and is available in pdf format, too. If you have Adobe Reader, you can access the articles in .pdf format at this link: An Interpretive History of Sorts© If you'd like to read the historical articles in magazine format, it's at this link: An Interpretive History of Sorts© By popular demand, an archive of past issues of The Perspicacious Woman OnLine is available in .pdf format. Click here to obtain any of the past three issues: Archives of The Perspicacious Woman OnLine© THE PERSPICACIOUS WOMAN ONLINE© BY SUBSCRIPTION ONLY: If you have perspicacious friends, send us their e-mail address. We’ll put them on our fashion ezine subscription list, and let them know you referred them to us. E-mail us at Editor. All email addresses are held in privacy. None will be released, distributed, sold, or traded. We

Consultation & Commentary Liked your Christmas video and Magazine. A bunch of folk What kind of camera do you use? Constance (I have an Olympus C3040Z. It came out in 2001, was expensive, and remains the best digital camera I ever bought. Cordially, Barbara The Daisy Shop) General What do you think about "Launch my Line?" (Dean and Dan are difficult to understand. You have to get used to their cadence. It's not exactly American English, yet they were born and raised in Toronto. I don't get it. Their women's line is not my cup of tea, so I can't get a handle on their judging criteria in the program. The contestants are somewhat interesting; their technician co-workers not at all. The finished product, the collaboration designed garment, isn't much to look at, but I think it's because the project description is strange. I'll continue to watch the program to see if I can catch on to what's what. Cordially, Barbara The Daisy Shop) You got a dummy with a butt! A couple of folk When am I supposed to have time to make frugal Christmas gifts. You're mad. A couple of folk Merchandise A Chanel Hoodie! What were they thinking? Eva (Once, we had Chanel jeans and they sold in a minute. The Hoodie is available for immediate adoption for $641.00 Cordially, Barbara The Daisy Shop) I thought Anne Fontaine only had blouses. Are you sure the jacket is Anne Fontaine? Lucy (Anne Fontaine has gone into other lines: jackets, belts, purses. The workmanship is wonderful on these, also. The jacket is lovely, $713.00. Cordially, Barbara The Daisy Shop) The Perspicacious Woman OnLine© Restaurant Review - Eleven City Diner Wow! I never read a review like that in your newsletter and I've been a subscriber for years. Emily


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thank you for your referrals. Be sure (Yeah, Brad got my goat. Cordially, Barbara The Daisy Shop) to add to your "Permitted" list of e-mail addresses on your e-mail program. LAY AWAY AVAILABLE AT THE DAISY To the Daisy Brother, Jeff, on the completion of his renovation; to Chuck on the closing of SHOP! 'the books;' to Dr. Hutten on his weight loss; to Michelle for taking her long deserved No service charge. Minimum of 30% vacation time; to Catina on her new position at Malet Realty; to deposit. Maximum of 4 months to pay! E-mail us at Customer Service with your FAX number and we’ll send you a form to complete and return to us via 1st Class Mail. ADVERTISING NOW ACCEPTED IN THE PERSPICACIOUS WOMAN Make as many 4 letter words as you can from Gabrielle Chanel. Proper nouns are a no ONLINE© no. Have a product or service that perspicacious women might be Answer interested in? Perhaps, an ad in our able, ache, aching, acre, aerial, again, agile, agree, alga, algae, algal, algebra, fashion ezine might be good for you. alien, align, allege, angel, angelic, anger, angle, arachne, arcane, arch, arcing, bagel, Here’s some information: bail, balance, bale, ball, banal, bane, bang, bangle, bare, bargain, barge, barn, beach, * Our proprietary, opt-in subscribers bean, bear, beech, been, beer, began, begin, beige, being, belch, belie, bell, belle, bench list exceeds 1,600 email addresses * 86,198 unique visitors come to our bile, bilge, bill, bing, bling, binge, birch, blanch, blare, bleach, brace, brag, brain, bran, branch, breach, breech, brig, brine, bring, cabal, cabin, cable, cage, cairn, caliber, calibre, call, website in a two month period caller, canal, cane, carbine, care, careen, carnage, carnal, cell, cellar, cereal, chain, * 1,649,472 hits occur from these chair, change, char, charge, cheer, chenille, chill, chin, cigar, clan, clang, clean, clear, unique visitors crab, crag, crane, crib, cringe, each, eager, eagle, eerie, elan, enable, gable, gain, gala, * These website visitors spend an average of 6 minutes, 26 seconds on gale, gall, garb, garble, garlic, gear, general, generic, genial, genie, genre, gerbil, gibe, gill, girl, glacial, glacier, glance, glare, glean, glee, glen, glib, gnarl, grab, grace, grail, our website grain, green, grill, grille, grin, hail, hair, hale, hall, hang, hangar, hare, heal, hear, heel, * The fashion ezine is the 2nd most heir, helical, hell, hence, herb, here, herein, hill, hinge, hire, iceberg, illegal, inch, inhale, popular web page on our website label, labia, labial, labile, lace, lain, lair, lance, lane, large, leach, lean, learn, lecher, leech, * Google has 483 listings for The leer, legal, legible, liable, liar, libel, liberal, lice, lichen, lien, lilac, line, lineage, lineal, linear, Perspicacious Woman OnLine© At publisher’s discretion, advertising linger, nail, nice, niche, niece, nigh, race, rage, rail, rain, ranch, rang, range, reach, real, will be accepted in this fashion ezine. rebel, recline, reel, regal, regale, reign, rein, relic, renal, rich, rill.


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No adult content products or services, financial schemes and offers, work-at-home offers, To Malet's Catina, Michael, and their workmen crew for handling the roof problem so efficiently religious, political messages, a thank you; to Peter, the barber, our neighbor, a fond good bye and best wishes; to Joanie philanthropic requests will be who cleans my pores so well; to accepted. Should your advertising contract be accepted and your payment information verifiable, the advertising contract constitutes a 2-month agreement between The Daisy Shop Gene & Georgetti's and you in exchange for $100 flat for 500 N Franklin St the following advertising: Chicago, IL 60610 * A text ad containing no more than (312) 527-3718 50 words (spell check, please) * A .jpg format image (72 or 96 Still owner operated after 65 years in business, this restaurant, located almost resolution), sized 200x200 pixels under the El tracks, is the best 'roadhouse' is Chicago in my opinion. Ambience * A link to your website, should you aside, the food is delicious. My favorite is Chicken Vesuvio, whose recipe is show have a website; other wise, address information (part of the 50-word text) below. I've made it at home and it's good, but never as good as at Gene & Georgetti's. I have to warn The text ad, image, and link will be you; there's a downside. You'll order the Chicken Vesuvio, eat it, and love it. Then, one day, about a mont later, you'll wake up and have a taste for Chicken Vesuvio. It's fine, if you live in Chicago, but not so fine if published in The Daisy Shop's biyou live in California. You've been warned, Dear Reader. I always order the spaghetti Marinara as a side monthly fashion ezine, The and the house salad with Italian dressing. The meal is terrific. Use the hiker parking. Perspicacious Woman OnLine©, located at, at various ezine directories, various search engines, and sent one time to subscribers of The Perspicacious Woman OnLine©, a private, opt-in subscribers list, owned by The Daisy Shop, which will NOT be made available to advertisers. Deadline for text, image, and link information is 15 days prior to the publication date: February publication - January 15 April publication - March 15 June publication - May 15

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Restaurant Review


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August publication - July 15 October publication - September 15 December publication - November 15 Should you miss the deadline, your ad will be published in the next bimonthly issue. The Daisy Shop, The Perspicacious Woman OnLineŠ, and all parties involved in these two entities are held harmless for any and all malfunctions of the Internet which prevent a two month display. No refunds or accommodations will be given in compensation. GoTo for a printer friendly contract. FAX this to The Daisy Shop, (312) 9436660.

Book Worm Corner Ms Terry Salvation in Death (2008) by J.D. Robb Publisher: Penguin Group ISBN: 0399155228 When Father Miguel Flores dies after drinking sacramental wine laced with cyanide during a funeral mass, it's up to Lt. Eve Dallas to discover why. On the surface, Father Flores was a well-loved part of the community, but as Eve starts to peel back the layers, she discovers that he may not have been who he said he was. Old knife wounds and remnants of a gang tattoo are Eve's only clues into his true background. But just when Eve thinks she has a solid thread to follow a second murder, a prominent evangelist throws her whole case sideways. A thin mystery story, but a good read. The Bodies Left Behind (2009) by Jeffery Deaver Publisher: Simon & Schuster ISBN-13: 9781416595625 A couple are murdered in an isolated lake house in rural Wisconsin. However, before they are killed, the husband manages to dial 911, but is unable to leave a message. Off duty police deputy, Brynn McKenzie is sent to investigate, as she is nearest to the scene. Arriving at the scene of the murders, she comes under fire from the killers, and has to flee into the dense woodland, where she stumbles across a young woman, who has also escaped from the lake house. The two woman then have to try to trek through the woodland, in order to escape the killers, who are on their tail. A decent women-bonding tale with a somewhat scary twist. Ms Romance Empire Falls (2002) by Richard Russo Publisher: Vintage Books ISBN-13: 9780375726408 After the textile and logging industries desert the town, Empire Falls, Maine declines. The small town appeared ready to die and remains in critical condition. Still, Miles Roby, manager of the Empire Grill, finds sustenance for the soul by observing the eccentricities of his repeat customers even as his wife divorces him to take up with one of his diners. Everyone in town dances to the tune of the matriarch Francine Whiting whose deceased


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husband owned the manufacturing plants that once thrived in Empire Falls. Rich in spite of the closure of her prime income makers, Francine owns the grill that she promises will go to Miles. In fact that observation of being part of a dance ensemble performing to the music of Francine provides Miles with the amused lament of what he could have been. No author today provides deeper looks at small towns than Richard Russo does. EMPIRE FALLS is an incredible character study that insures every cast member, including those making only cameo appearances comes in three-dimensional flesh and blood and the key protagonists and several secondary players contain so much depth they feel like neighbors. The story line centers on small town life mostly from the milieu of the diner. Many of these observations come from Miles to include his self-deprecating introspection. All this makes Richard Russo's character study tale so good that readers who relish a strong insightful human drama will want this novel. This is a fine book. Bastard out of Carolina (1993) by Dorothy Allison Publisher: Penguin Group ISBN-13: 9780452269576 Bastard Out of Carolina tells the tale of a young girl nick-named Bone. Hers is a tale of physical and sexual abuse that grows steadily more violent until the explosive end of the book. It's also about her family, the Boatwright's, a large, blue collar family. The uncles, who adore Bone, are week-end drunks, often shooting up each others' trucks to climax the week-end. And the aunts, lusty, self-suffering, but always sticking together whether they are picking over beans or taking care of each others' children. Bone is a happy little girl until her mother marries Daddy Glen, a curious guy who never fit in with the uncles growing up in the same town. Daddy Glen is scary from the get go. You know it's going to get bad, but you're not sure how bad. This is a tough book to get through. Deprivation bothers me and there's deprivation in this book. The mind set of this book is different than the mind set I was raised with, and it was difficult for me to be non-judgmental. After a while, I let it in and got more from the book. I suggest you do this, too. It's a passionate book up to a point. Allison, I think, ran out of steam towards the end. No matter. This is a fine book to wrap yourself up in.

Gratis Publicity Although March is The Month for Colon Cancer Prevention, you just gotta be aware that it’s a cancer that can be prevented from turning fatal all the time. Go to immediately to learn the signs of Colon Cancer, the only cancer that can be prevented. Why? Because You’re Worth It! Museum of Contemporary Art 220 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611 312.280.2660 Museum Hours Monday Closed; Tuesday 10 am - 8 pm; Wednesday through Sunday 10 am - 5 pm Admission Prices Suggested General Admission $10 Students with ID and Senior Citizens $6 MCA Members and Children 12 and under, members of the military Free Tuesdays - FREE Courtesy of Target Daria Martin: Minotaur until January 31, 2010 As part of its participation in the 3M Consortium Project with the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, and the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, the MCA has commissioned a work by the London-based American artist Daria Martin. Her elusive enigmatic films combine intense ritualistic performativity with a rigorous yet detached photographic approach. Her 16mm film, Minotaur, runs approximately 10 minutes and pays tribute to the work of dancer Anna Halprin, one of the key pioneers of postmodern dance and movement along with Trisha Brown, Simone Forti, and Yvonne Rainer. Halprin's life and work has had a profound influence on Martin in the implicit sensuality of the protagonists in her films and in their demonstration of a heightened awareness of the body and its relationship to other objects and the surrounding space. This film is centered on a Halprin dance based on the sculpture Minotaur by Auguste Rodin from 1886 (also known as Faun and Nymph), a work possessing intensely erotic content (it depicts the part-man/part-bull figure from Greek mythology with a naked young female figure in its grasp.) Martin's Minotaur extends her interweaving of highly conceptualized and choreographed physical movement; complexly layered stagecraft provoking unconventional formal relationships; direct allusions to modernist art history; and editing and cinematographic techniques evoking a broad range of the histories of both mainstream and experimental filmmaking. According to Martin: "Minotaur combines three spaces of artistic production: the two-dimensional images of Rodin's Minotaur sculpture in various books; the three-dimensional sculpture itself; and the four-dimensional dance choreographed by Anna Halprin based on the sculpture. It also features three spaces of context: Anna Halprin's face looking at the books; the dancer's souvenirs, objects and photographs (skeleton, clay objects, photographs of bodies); and the natural surroundings beyond Halprin's dance studio, including trees, burnt out trunks, etc. These six spaces are connected through formally inventive edits and physically inventive transitions. This project is curated by MCA Curator Dominic Molon.


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Museum of Science and Industry 57th Street and Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60637 Mondays - Saturdays: 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sundays: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Ticket Pricing: General Admission, $13.00; Child, $9.00; Senior, $12.00 The Field Museum, All Rights Reserved 1400 S. Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60605 The Field Museum is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day of the year except Christmas. Second Mondays are free admission courtesy of Target. Admission: Regular Admission

Chicago Admission*




Children (ages 3-11)



Students (With ID)



Seniors (age 65+)



The Nature of Diamonds through March 28, 2010

Chicago History Museum 1601 North Clark Street Chicago, IL 60614 Monday-Saturday, 9:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.; Sunday, 12:00 noon–5:00 p.m. Admission: Adults: $14 with audio tours Seniors (65+): $12 with audio tours; Students (13–22 with ID): $12 with audio tours; Free for children (age 12 and younger) Compañeras Sunday, January 10, 1:30 p.m. Compañeras profiles America's first all-female mariachi band, Mariachi Reyna. Founded in 1994, the twelve members of Reyna shatter age-old stereotypes while expanding the popularity of mariachi music. Alternating between heart-stirring performances and behind-the-scenes band drama, the film reveals the intense, passionate world of female mariachi. In a culture and a musical tradition that has always been male dominated, these women are literally giving voice to Latinas. 60 minutes

The Newberry Library 60 W. Walton St. - Chicago, IL - 60610 Exhibit Gallery hours: Monday, Friday, Saturday 8:15A-5P; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:15A-7:30P Closed Sunday Free admission The Lincoln Centennial continues.

John G. Shedd Aquarium 1200 S. Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60605 312-939-2438 Open Weekdays 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Weekends 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Admission ADULTS $24.95; Children (ages 3-11) $17.95 Visit the Oceanarium. It's grand.

Comfort Food Brunch Buffet Basic Scrambled Egg Pie 2 eggs per person, beaten coat Pyrex baking dish with cooking spray (a round one looks nice and serves nicely) add eggs to baking dish bake at 350 degrees about 20 minutes or until middle of pie looks almost set


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let cool to room temperature sprinkle with Kosher salt serve in pie slices drizzled with garlic infused olive oil Variations on Scrambled Egg Pie put canned asparagus in bottom of baking dish in radial pattern prepare as above add grated Parmesan cheese to beaten eggs, enough to make almost dry batter prepare as above, except don't add Kosher salt or infused olive oil at end. The pie is salty enough. add diced, cooked bacon or ham to beaten eggs prepare as above, except don't add Kosher salt or infused olive oil at end. It kills the taste of the pork. add caramelized onions to beaten eggs prepare as above, except don't add infused olive oil at end. It tastes strange. add very thinly sliced potatoes (and caramelized onions) prepare as above, except don't add infused olive oil at end. It tastes strange.

Money Matters If you live in the ComEd service area, you have the option of participating in ComEd’s Residential Real-Time Pricing (RRTP) program, in which you will be billed for the electricity you consume based on wholesale hourly market prices. I just signed up, so I can't tell you if it's reduced my energy bills, yet. I'll keep you posted, Dear Reader. Go to this link to find out more: RRTP. Check around on the Internet for mortgage refinancing and application fees on the refinancing. Select lenders in your neighborhood. Some have outreach funding, a good thing for you. Contact them by phone, not email, and ask about fees as well as mortgage rates. These are helpful, knowledgeable people. I found North Shore Community Bank by a postcard sent to my home notifying me about their outreach funding. I contacted them by phone and found their mortgage rate for my home was good and their application fee was only $300. The paper chase is easy, if you're organized. If you're not organized, it'll take a while to get the documents together for submission to the underwriters. I'm organized. Within 6 weeks, I had a new mortgage at a lower rate, whose payment was $150\month lower than my previous mortgage. It's like finding money on the sidewalk, Dear Reader. If you're fortunate enough to frequent a grocery store that carries ethnic breads, check them out. They don't contain sugar or preservatives, they're nutritious, and they're often less costly that national brands. You can't go wrong. I store the bread in the freezer. Daily, when I make my lunch, a salad sandwich (It's a French thing.), I merely remove two slices from the frozen bread, add the salad dressing, add the salad, and put it in a plastic bag. When it's lunch time at the Shop, the bread has thawed and it's fresh and cold and the salad is fresh and cold. This is a good thing. Reel Review Legally Blonde (2001) Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, Matthew Davis, Selma Blair, Jennifer Coolidge, Ali Larter, Victor Garber, Holland Taylor, Alanna Ubach, Osgood Perkins, Linda Cardellini, Raquel Welch Screenwriter: Karen McCullah Lutz, Kirsten Smith Producer: Marc Platt, Richard Kidney Okay, okay, it's puff, but sometimes, puff is a good thing. This was good puff. Elle is funny, a nice kid, silly, and pretty in a silly way. (If I had met her, I would disregard her with a sniff and grimace. She would be too girly-girly for me to consider.) Luketic would have us believe Elle's mind and memory is good enough to have a high enough LSAT score to enter Harvard Law School, but that she doesn't put that part of her in the forefront. (The


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LSAT is a standardized test on logical and analytical reasoning and reading.) Okay, I'll go along with that. The plot is thin. There's easily identifiable good guys and bad guys. Elle is precious in dealing with both. Go with it. You'll get the humor and it's rich.

Did You Know? Feel the onset of a cold, have muscle aches, and revise your self-diagnosis as the flu? You could be getting a cold, the lesser of two evils, but are dehydrated, the cause of muscle aches. Test this out. Slowly sip at least 8 ounces of room temperature tap water, then do it again and again until you need to urinate. You'll be surprised how much water you'll need to drink. Once you urinate, your muscle aches will go away, and you'll get sleepy. Go to sleep, Dear Reader. You'll wake up with a cold. The best you can do once a cold strikes is alleviate symptoms. Though it's one of the most common reasons for a doctor visit, a cold is self-limiting, which is best described by the adage, Untreated, a cold will last about seven days; treated, a cold will last about a week. Go to your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for over-the-counter remedies. These people know their chemicals and herbs. Try what they recommend and be sure to read the instructions. Don't over medicate yourself. It's not a good thing. Alleviating the symptoms will get you through your day and allow you to sleep at night. That's all you can ask of the over-the-counter remedies. Grumble, Gripe, Grouse Took a quick and dirty poll from customers asking a simple question: “What was the worst or most disappointing gift you received for the Holidays last year and what did you do with the gift? Here’s what they said…anonymously, of course. Slush mugs for the whole family; I still have them in the kitchen cabinet, unused. Vanilla scented body wash; I regifted to my secretary. Crocheted toilet paper holder; I threw it away. Home baked, dry as a bone, fruit cake; I threw it away. Lip plump; I threw it away. Red polyester sleep shirt; I donated it to Salvation Army. Soap matzoh ball; I threw it away. Gift Certificate from Olive Garden; I regifted to my doorman. Home-made jams; They’re still on my pantry shelf, unopened, unused. Xmas decorated guest towels; We’re Jewish; I put them somewhere, who remember where? Smithfield Ham; It’s in the ‘fridge; We’re Jewish and don’t eat pork products; I don’t believe in throwing out food, but I don’t know what to do with this. Gift Certificate from Bally Fitness: I put it somewhere, never used it.


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The Perspicacious Woman OnLine (C) January2010V10N5b  

A bi-monthly fashion ezine for the woman whose taste is impeccable, whose lifestyle is civilized, and whose secret frugality is couture resa...