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the letter... Hello and welcome to the first issue of Daisy magazine. Here at Daisy, we hope you enjoy the magazine as much as we enjoyed creating it. We have lots of exciting things coming up in the next few issues and we hope to pick up new readers along the way. In this issue, we have exclusive interviews with a gluten free bakery, experts within the media industry, helping share tips to help you get your dream career and the best recipes going! ( I may be a tad biased there as they are my family recipes, but they must be shared.) Until next time, Love Jess x


C this O month...may N T E N T S



food & drink

Jessica Cosmetics + Nail polishes of the season Page 14

Hannah Banana Bakery + Gluten free bakery Page 27

Knickers + From saucy to comfy Page 18

Lucy Anstee + Home cooks do it best Page 30

Hepwrights Vintage + Vintage clothing back in fashion Page 20

Herbal tea + There is a tea for everyone Page 32

Street style + Fashion in Camden market Page 22

My family, my food + Everyone has their favourite family meal Page 36


Into the real world + Getting your dream career Page 06 Jeremy + My little golden friend Page 12


intothe words: Jessica Bishop

real world...

Studying to get your dream career always seems impossible, but when you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and get your first internship or job, it gets easier from there. All the hard work that you have to put in in the first place really does pay off. It is not just a saying, it really does happen, especially if you have put your heart into it. Our editor, Jessica Bishop, has been in contact with industry experts, talking to them about their career path, hopefully to inspire you to achieve your own goals and attain that perfect career. Speaking to people who are in the real world, hoping that their success stories will help to provide motivation.

This is how I did it… Ashley Bard, from East Devon, is now a music producer at Global Radio in London. When I was in Year 10 at secondary school, it was

daisy magazine

that time when we had to send out our letters to local employers for work experience. I chose Gemini FM in East Devon and got accepted. Due to my keenness of asking what button did what and trying to get involved, Kevin Kane, the drive time presenter made the biggest mistake of his life and said: “Ash, feel free to come back in whenever you like.” I did just that…

I then went in every day after school for a year voluntarily, arriving at 4pm and sitting in on the show until 7pm. I went from sitting in the corner of the studio, to making the teas to loading the songs onto the system from the record labels. I made over 2,600 cups of tea. On average five cups of tea a day over two years, so that would be five cups x 260 work days = 1,300 cups of tea x 2 years = 2,600 cups! That is a fair few cups of tea to allow myself a job!


When I turned 16, they employed me for two hours a day to be the audio controller, loading songs that were sent down from the HQ. Two years later, at the age of 19, I was moved to our HQ in Leicester Square, London to launch Heart across the United Kingdom. This is where I still am today. The crazy fans trying to pose as cleaners when we have a celebrity in the building is probably the strangest thing about the industry. I see it happen on a weekly basis. It is pretty funny seeing what people plan to do just to see a celebrity. I always dreamt of being here as it seemed to be at the top, but more so at the age of 30, not 22. My fellow producers are between the ages of 27 – 35 so I feel very privileged to be here. It has not been an easy ride to get here, but the hard work has paid off. I once witnessed Amy Winehouse watering the plants in our kitchen, which was a really random thing to see. I think this is probably the strangest thing I have ever seen at work.

I am currently at the stage where there isn’t any higher position to go, unless you want to become a manager who does paperwork all day, that just is not me. I love getting my hands dirty in a studio and producing some Sony Award winning production. My best bit of advice is to set a goal and work for it, do not ever give up. Suffering is the key to success. I spent two years volunteering, it was hard work but I loved it. I knew how much I wanted it so I would do anything it would take.

This is how I did it‌ Sophie Catherall, from Hertfordshire is now a Showroom Assistant at Polo Ralph Lauren.

did a number of internships with Glamour magazine and House of Fraser. I came across an advert for an internship at Ralph Lauren when I had recently graduated. I applied for it, and got the threemonth internship. Once my placement was over, there was a full time position available. I applied for it and have now been the showroom assistant for the wholesale department for a year and a half. I did not have any idea what I wanted to be or what I wanted to do once I had left Sixth Form College. I knew I wanted to work in fashion but was never sure on which area I wanted to be in. I am very appreciative of the opportunities I have received and I really do love my job. Each day is something different. My best bit of advice is to intern, intern, intern and always smile.

I applied to the London College of Fashion to study Fashion Marketing and Promotion at foundation level. Whilst I was there, I


at GMTV, which gave me a massive boost when I went into my third year of my degree.

This is how I did it… Hannah Eichler, from Buckinghamshire is now a Junior Fashion Stylist at LOOK magazine. I studied Writing Fashion and Culture at Southampton Solent University and at every opportunity I booked in work experience and internships. My first being a month at Glamour magazine during the summer holidays of my first year at university. I then went to More! magazine, Reveal magazine and Drapers. All of my placements were unpaid so I would have to spend weeks saving my money for my train fare, but I knew it would be worth it in the long run. After meeting stylists from various magazines, I managed to pick up some freelance assistance work

daisy magazine

Whilst on placement I once had to get someone’s breakfast. I had to go out and get them scrambled eggs and she told me off for letting them put salt and pepper on it. As an intern, being shouted at by someone higher was pretty scary. For my dissertation I made my own magazine, a Sunday Times Style celebration of the 50 years of Playboy, which I loved doing. The men I lived with could not believe I was researching Playboy for my dissertation; they kept pinching my magazines and books! After I had graduated I landed my first job as a style assistant at the London Paper. I worked there for a year and wrote and styled my own fashion and beauty pages, did weekly street style shoots and even got invited to go away with the style editor to shoot fashion stories for a week in Ibiza; that was fun.

I interviewed Little Boots at Fashion Week, and said to her: “ I never realised you were so small.” She said: “Yeah, hence the LITTLE Boots.” DOH! I was offered a temporary job at which I could not refuse. Once that had ended, I was recommended for a Junior Fashion Assistant job position at LOOK magazine, after a year there, I was promoted to Fashion Assistant and have recently been promoted to Junior Fashion Stylist. Drunken breakdancing with my boss at the Christmas party will always be a very funny memory of being in the office. I cannot stress enough the importance of interning. Working for free was tough going, but it really taught me how magazines were run, helped finalise what area I wanted to go into and the experiences I have gained were invaluable.


This is how I did it… Katherine Romero, from Harrow is now the Junior News and Feature writer to Closer magazine. I did a lot of work experience throughout my university holidays, working at various places including Closer online, In Style, Cosmo online and The Collective Review. I also used to write daily for Zoe Griffin’s celebrity blog Live Like a VIP and I also wrote for The London Word. When I left university, Zoe Griffin suggested me for a freelance role as a diary journalist for the Mail on Sunday, which I was offered and accepted. That involved attending celebrity events and getting showbiz exclusives for Katie Nicholl’s celebrity column.

I was then offered to be the acting Style News Writer at More! magazine, this was a four-month freelance contract. From this opportunity I networked and was offered the position of Junior Showbiz Writer for Closer magazine, which I started in February 2012. I was very lucky to get offered my role at the Mail on Sunday weeks after graduating from university. I worked hard to use that opportunity and to network as much as I could to keep getting work published and to earn a good name for myself. I am really happy with where I am and am very glad to be here, less than a year out of graduating.

broadcast journalism and I can see myself in five years time working in TV and radio, as well as still working in print. Get as much experience as you possibly can. A degree alone is just not enough to get into the industry. I worked my arse off to get as many bylines and internships as I could, so when I left my CV was bursting. It is as simple as that; you will get the job you want if you put effort in.

I would love to move away from showbiz journalism and more into feature writing. I would also love to do more




little golden friend words: Jessica Bishop

Who ever knew there could be such a strong bond between a human and a goldfish!

Unusual as it sounds, I spend most of my evenings sitting on the floor, talking to Jeremy and watching him, in amusement, as he spends all day every day doing exactly the same thing, going round and round. He eats far too much, but as his owner, I have to spoil him and feed him more than is needed.

When he spots me coming towards him, he makes his way to send his best regards and asks how my day has been; well this is what I think anyway. Yes, I do speak to him, as mad as that sounds and yes, sometimes I do respond to him. Jeremy apparently has a three-second memory, like his other fish friends, but I do not believe this.

Jeremy is my goldfish. A little orange human being who lives in a large round tank. Yes, Jeremy is his name, and yes I did choose him name, with a little help from my friends. Jeremy has been through a lot with me; he has travelled many miles to and from North Devon and Southampton to keep me company whilst studying for my degree at university. My dad used to think I was mad when I asked him if Jeremy could get a lift back to North Devon with me. In his Tesco plastic container with a pierced lid, I had to try and hold him as steady


a regular thing for Jeremy to be joining me for the journey. I could have just left him in my university halls with holiday food, but the thought of him being in a tiny room by himself with no one to talk to him was sad. Also, I do not think my friends would be very happy if I had left him by himself. Jeremy, the beautiful orange creature came into my life almost three years ago, and my, those three years have gone fast. My best friend Wayne first spotted him at the fun fair. At the time, Wayne hated goldfish, in fact he hated the fact goldfish were representing a present at the fun fair. Like many others, he had heard stories about goldfish from the fair passing away before you even made it home. After we exchanged a few words about why he should win a fish for me by just throwing

daisy magazine

a few darts towards a pin board, he finally gave in and won Jeremy. Luckily for Jeremy, he had escaped the hell, which is called the fun fair. In his plastic bag with what seemed like only 10cm of water, just enough to cover his whole body. He escaped to a new life. A new life in a new home where he would be cared for, and treated with fresh food flakes every dinnertime. For some, a goldfish is just a pet that swims around in a bowl at the back of their dining room, but for me, Jeremy has sentimental value. He was won at the fair ground by one of my best friends, Wayne, who sadly was battling with cancer when he won Jeremy for me. Maybe this is why I look after Jeremy so well, because I want Wayne to be looking down on me and

being proud that Jeremy is still alive. After many weeks of joking around with Wayne he was always stating that Jeremy would not be alive for longer than a month. He was wrong! In September this year, Jeremy will be turning three, and I will definitely be celebrating his birthday, giving him a few extra fish flakes as his birthday cake. He has had such an amazing life. During my first year of university; he spent the majority of his time in a different room every night. The promiscuous student fish… I received a large volume of knocks on my door and exchanged phone conversations with my flat friends asking when they can ‘fish sit’ Jeremy. This involved my orange fishy friend being escorted from my bedroom windowsill to theirs. Although he is a tiny


fella, he is particularly heavy in his large tank, which was definitely too big for him, but I wanted him to have enough room to do his lengths and back flips. He has witnessed many ‘before a night out’ parties at university. My friends insisted putting him in the kitchen every time we pre drank before we went out. “Go and get Jeremy so he can join in on our night out.” we all knew he was watching us, as we were getting ready. Swimming round and round in circles in excitement. My friend, kindly donated some cider and a chocolate digestive biscuit to him, by placing it into his water. “Jeremy was hungry and he really wanted to have some cider.” My heart dropped, I thought Jeremy would become extremely drunk, swim around in circles at a

ridiculous speed and then pass out. Who ever knew, a goldfish could survive having having a couple of pints of cider in his water? Of course Jeremy survived. He is a survivor, he survived with the alcohol dependency that all students have. Fortunate for Jeremy, he was particularly good at playing hide and seek. When we had monthly inspections of our bedrooms, he had to be hidden under my bed, amongst suitcases, shoes and empty vodka bottles.

graduating from university as well celebrating their third birthday, and the survival of university and travelling many hundreds of miles in the car.

After a few months of living by himself, I felt like it was time for me to introduce him to Jenny, his girlfriend whom I bought from the pet shop to keep him company. They are both still here, happily swimming around in their new tank. It would be amazing if they could both make it past September, then I can celebrate

Unfortunately, Jeremy outlived Wayne, who sadly, lost his fight against cancer in 2010. This story is in memory of him.


jessica cosmetics words: Jessica Bishop Jessica Cosmetics is regarded by many as the world’s leading expert on natural nail care. Understanding what it takes to succeed and support naturally beautiful nails. Having gorgeous painted and polished nails is a must for a well-groomed woman.

Our Editor, Jessica Bishop spoke exclusively to the marketing director of Jessica nails and cosmetics MaryTabitha Maguire, to find out more about the brand and to discuss about what they have coming up. Jessica Cosmetics understands what it takes to succeed and support naturally beautiful nails. Jessica nail care products are used in salons throughout the United Kingdom for manicures, pedicures and more recently, the Gel Nail treatment and products from the GELeration range.

daisy magazine

So how long have Jessica nail polishes been selling for? The brand is named after its founder, manicurist Jessica Vartoughian, who started the business in 1969. Jessica opened her first Sunset Boulevard Nail Clinic in America, this is when she made her products and collections available to the public. As her reputation as a manicurist grew, celebrities became her clients and referrals poured in. We know it is huge now, but just how big is it? Jessica Cosmetics and Jessica Nails range is now known around the world. Jessica is available throughout 5,000 spas, salons and mobile therapists in


Jessica is available throughout 5,000 spas, salons and mobile therapists in the UK.

the United Kingdom. The products are also available worldwide in more than 27 countries. Why are Jessica polishes not sold in high street shops? The essence of Jessica is treatment of the natural nail and the products are most effective when prescribed by a nail professional. The Jessica range is available through salons, spas and mobile beauty businesses so customers can benefit from expert knowledge and advice when choosing their products. So the question is, how does your product differ from others? The core philosophy of Jessica is care for the natural nail and this runs through the whole range, from prescriptive base coats for every nail type, to treatmentenriched colours, nourishing creams and effective cuticle care. Our gel nail range, GELeration, is designed to be kind to the natural nail through application and removal; it even protects the natural nail while the client wears it.

And how many polishes are there to date? To this present time, over 200 colours in the Jessica range, and we have more planned to be released in the future.

How many polishes do you sell in a seven day week? This really does depend on the time of the year, but if you average sales over a year, more than 5,500 polishes are sold per week. Wow that is a lot. Jessica Nails polishes are pricey, how do you justify it? Jessica certainly isn’t mass market, but I do think that professional brand, be it make-up, nail polish or skincare have their own positioning, set apart from mass market, which is generally motivated by price and beauty hall prestige brands, where you often pay extra for brand name. Jessica is a professional, salon brand and has been formulated to care for the natural nail whilst delivering a long lasting finish. The treatment base coats are all formulated to correct specific concerns and maintain healthy nails. Jessica is more than just a nail polish; it is an investment in the health of your nails. Like hair care, you would expect better results from a salon hair care range than a supermarket range, you would also expect to pay a little more.

GELeration is a new addition for Jessica, is it popular?

More than 5,500 polishes are sold each week.


Designers have a strong focus on nail colour on their catwalks.

GELeration is a soak-off gel system that offers a high shine, chip-free finish for up to 21 days. Manicurists love the ease of use, it paints on like a polish and soaks off with a special removal formula, while their clients love the long lasting results. Constantly in the press, we knew GELeration would be a success, but the response has been absolutely phenomenal. So, what will we be seeing in the future? There are two huge trends in our industry currently, one being fuss-free beauty. Women want treatments that make them look and feel beautiful instantly, with minimal time and maintenance. We expect the SoakOff Gel market to go from strength to strength and will therefore continue to grow the GELeration brand, offering more colours and the best treatment possible. The other huge trend being nail colour. Beautiful nails have come to the forefront of fashion in recent years as a must have fashion accessory. Designers have a strong focus on nail colour on their catwalks and celebrity nails are getting a huge amount of media attention. Whilst many people cannot afford that designer dress or celebrity

daisy magazine

lifestyle, they can have a piece of it by wearing the same nail colours. We have a team that works backstage at London Fashion Week, and Jessica releases a minimum of four new collections a year, created in line with the season’s fashion and trend forecasts. We will continue to deliver on trend collections to excite both beauty professionals and their clients. We also have a very exciting new product launching in line with nail colour and trends, but I cannot say any more right now. The Jessica brand will always remain true to ‘care for natural nails’ with an emphasis on educating people on the importance of this. Whilst we maintain our position at the forefront of the industry, the brand’s founding philosophy will never be compromised.

knickers knickers knickers words: Jessica Bishop

For some, knickers are part of the daily dressing routine, just grab a pair out of the drawer and off they go. However, for others, choosing a pair to wear for the duration of the day can be one of the most challenging things. Dependant on the day’s itinerary, the weather and also their mood, it really can be a task to choose unerwear to suit. There are many different styles of knickers and they are usually chosen for the relevant occasion. It may be dependent on the amount of rear coverage required, with at the sides or height on the leg. There are knickers for every occasion. Knickers have many different names, for example pants, underwear, undergarments, lingerie. or knickers. Using whichever word the individual chooses, it still means the same thing.

daisy magazine


boyshorts + Known as the comfy pants. This style of knicker is styled from men’s briefs and looks like a pair of mini shorts. Perfect for wearing with a pair of jeans, or for a day around the house in your casual clothes.

thongs + A narrow strip of material fitting between the buttocks, which becomes wider towards the top of the body. Perfect if you want to hide the visible panty line.


classic briefs

+ Feel sexy pants, often made entirely of lace. Made to make women feel happy about their body. Covering half of the buttock and usually known to have a delicate bow on the front of the knickers.

+ Have full coverage of the buttocks, extremely supportive and very comfy. Sit at the waist and are narrow at the side to still give them an attractive appearance.

Photography: Natasha Harding

g-string + Also known as something you could floss your teeth with. The limited amount of material is sewn together covering the front part of your privates, exposing the majority of your buttocks.


hepwrights vintage words: Jessica Bishop Some say fashion trends will come in for a year and then disappear, but for vintage clothing, it will never fade. Well, we hope not for a while anyway. Vintage shop owner, Catherine Hepwright from Southampton, Hampshire talks to Daisy magazine about her experience with growing up with vintage items, owning her own business and now running a successful vintage shop. She states: “Throughout my life I have always worn vintage clothing and have always been interested in vintge items. After having my second child, I decided it was about time to head back to work to start earning some pennies. My friends and myself,

who are both very interested in vintage decided we should open up our own vintage business. Well, we thought we would give it a go anyway.” “We both had the same instinct for buying items just because they were beautiful and could not resist picking up a beaded design because it was so lovely so we decided to have a go.” She started by opening an account on Ebay, buying and selling vintage goodies. Selling out on a regular basis,

daisy magazine

Hepwright soon realised that she could start her own full-time business within this trade. “As a start we headed to Ebay and discovered that our items sold and we made a bit of money so we just kept reinvesting that in buying new stock. The day came that we had managed to build up a bit of a bank balance.


We had some disposable income, so we paid ourselves, which was amazing, and it grew from there.”

Photography: Hepwrights Vintage

“We did not carry on as a twosome together, my friend went off and did a degree, but I decided I wanted to keep going. I outgrew my house and over the past four or five years I have outgrown place to place, until I ended up here, on Bedford place in Southampton, Hampshire. Hepwright mentioned on a regular occurrence that she would not have her own shop but slowly decided to change her mind. She states: “I kept saying that I would not have a shop as I could not imagine how it would fit in with my lifestyle and my initial thoughts were that it would be ridiculously demanding. However, I outgrew the little basement and moved.” “I look back and remember thinking that I could never have a shop. However, life changes and kids grow up! This is when

I found this beauty on Bedford Place, Southampton, everything just seemed right.” “I have experience in all sorts of things, I have worked a lot in the arts, both on stage and back stage. I have also worked in marketing and promotion, so all my experience that I have gained now merges together to the roles I take on now.” “A really important part of vintage for me is the stories behind the clothes. I work differently than some vintage shops in that I buy mainly from the people that originally owned the garments. This gives me the chance to meet them and talk to them about when they used to wear the piece or perhaps hearing about memories of a mum or grandma from back in the day.”

“The expansion that we do have planned is to get back online. The online selling has just had to completely stop for the past couple of years because there is just not enough time in the day to do everything.” Make sure you pop to see Hepwright in her cute vintage store in Bedford Place; Southampton if you live near the area. If it is too far to travel, she has an amazing website where you can browse her goodies and chat to her.




is your


Our editor, Jessica Bishop, took the streets of Camden Market, London to get snappy happy and bring back some quirky photographs of the street style one Saturday afternoon.

daisy magazine


Emily Stone... Christina Deas...

Photography: Jessica Bishop


“I like to think I am quirky, I live near Camden so I try to fit in with the atmosphere. My outfits are not planned, but I normally think about what I am going to wear whilst trying to sleep. Ha! It really does depend on what mood I am in.”

“I tend to go for a different look than most people. I am an art student, there for I like to go for a quirky look. Today I put togther this outfit as I knew I would be coming to Camden.”

Sarah Houte...

Christina Deas...

“This morning I wanted to wear something stylish, yet practical for the awful rainy weather. I always plan my outfits the night before so it is easier for when I wake up in the morning. Although today’s outfit was a last minute decision.”

“I don’t really plan what I wear. I only own black and grey outfits, they are all pretty standard items of clothing, consisting of black skinnies and v neck t-shirts. I do not care what people think about my outfit, I just wear what I feel like wearing on the day.”


daisy for a quirky stylish woman

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Photography: Hannah Banana Bakery

words: Jessica Bishop

Dive into the gluten free world as we interview Hannah Pinchin of Hannah Banana Bakery. Hannah Banana Bakery of Hampshire is the best place to order delicious sweet treats for all kinds of tastes and diets. Whether you are lactose intolerant, coeliac, vegan, gluten free, have allergies or simply trying to cut down, this bakery is the perfect place to order your special goodies as they cater for every need.

2011 was the year it took off for Hannah Pinchin; her baking skills were finally put into practice after spending nine years baking and cooking yummy treats. She had the opportunity to open up her own bakery, in her very own kitchen. “In my childhood I could always remember my mum baking as she never wanted us to have rubbish processed cake and treats, so she would bake on a daily basis so we had food for our packed lunch boxes. I remember it being really uncool to have homemade food and I


“ “

It finally all paid off for Hannah; now it has all been set up, she loves what she does. It is hard work, but working with something you love is easier than working a boring 9 – 5 job. “I love it but it is so much work, I work everyday including weekends for 12 – 18 hours. There is nothing better than making someone’s day by making them the cake of their dreams.”

I got fed up with being a vegan and not being able to buy a vegan celebration cake anywhere near Southampton that I could guarantee would be totally suitable for a vegan. I wanted She bakes her cakes without milk, honey, eggs or butter but uses other to prove that being I got fed up with being a vegan suitable ingredient. Most of gluten intolerant or vegan doesn’t mean bland and not being able to buy a the items can also be made to vegan celebration cake. suit an assortment of dietary and boring. I personally requirements, including wouldn’t want a nonvegan making my cakes as they probably do gluten allergies, low sugar or soya free. not truly understand what they can and cannot use. They probably do not pay attention to When asked what kind of treats she makes, all the E numbers and hidden names in the she says: “Ha ha. You name it, I make it. I have made cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, pies, ingredients.” pastries, trifles, waffles, fondant fancies, They do, however, say you should not mix cupcakes, meringues, regular cakes…the lot.” business and pleasure. While Hannah lived and breathed baking, one thing she had Her most popular sweet treats are her large not counted on and certainly did not enjoy choice of cupcakes, which are available in a variety of different flavours, from was the paperwork and bureaucracy that went with You name it, I make it. chocolate and Oreo cookie to carrot, banana or peanut butter. running a business. Laughing You name a flavour and Hannah as she looked back, she said: “If I knew all the paperwork needed to set can guarantee you the bakery will have it. up a cake business I am not sure I would had done it. I had to go on a two day food and Her favourite flavoured cake to date is hygiene course, get my kitchen inspected chocolate and peanut butter; she loves natural by environmental health, register with the peanut butter and finds every excuse to bake council, get new home insurance, buy masses some treats for herself. of equipment, I can just about close my Hannah Banana Bakery try their very best by cupboards in my house!” using the finest local, fair-trade and organic “Then there is choosing a name, designing a ingredients to help support the local area. “I logo, the business cards, buy a website domain, think it is important to be supporting small, designing a website, getting a business bank local businesses. The ones who work super hard and care about everything they do account…the list continues.”

daisy magazine

“ “


and have good working conditions and are following their dreams. It is all about meeting the person who grew the fruit or meeting your neighbours in their local shops and having a chat when you buy their ingredients.

I only buy fair-trade as I do not want people Hannah may not know what the future holds for her business, but she is pressing exploited just so I can save a few pennies on my cakes. I think it is important on with new projects all the time. She Children miss school, their to be supporting small, says: “Vegan cake decorating classes are starting next month though and I families are badly injured local businesses. hope to make that a regular venture. collecting coco beans I am also trying to perfect a no added for next to nothing and I do not want to support that. Remember by sugar Swiss roll for a customer, which will not buying something, you are supporting it! I also get the best of me. I will master it.” like to buy organic, as I do not want my fruit covered in pesticides and I want them to taste Her delicious goodies are available to order online by postal delivery and are also available like fruit and not water.” to be collected from Southampton city centre. Hannah will be creating Jubilee special cakes You can check out her different flavours and for her stall at Ejector Eat Arts Festival during cakes by visiting the Jubilee bank holiday. “ I am doing jubilee cakes as people have asked me and I am doing a stall that weekend. I am hoping to promote my chosen charity, Oak Haven Hospice, as much as I can this year and I try to raise as much money for them as I can, so far I have raised over £200. The money I will be raising will be going straight to the charity.”


Lucy Anstee Seventeen year old home cook Miss Anstee talks about her creative hobby of producing cakes in her spare time.

words: Jessica Bishop

Producing cakes from scratch can sometimes seem like a long task which you need to set aside a whole day to prepare for, but for seventeen year old Lucy Anstee, she spends the vast majority of her time in the kitchen baking sweet treats for her friends and family. When she has an afternoon off from her college studies, she plans what cake to design next, taking orders from friends and family, as well as receiving messages from people she has never met before. Lucy has always been very creative and has always had an eye for detail. She woke up one day and said to her parents that she

daisy magazine

would like to make a cake for her sister, Emily’s birthday as a surprise. Her sister was turning 17, the year you can learn to drive. Her dream car, a Mini Cooper was the car Emily has always had her heart set on for when she has passed her driving test, so Lucy surprised Emily with a red Mini Cooper victoria sponge cake. Charging from £30 - £65, Lucy specialises in novelty birthday cakes, hoping to one day be able to make cakes for different occasions once she has more customers. Stating that she would love to own her own bakery once she has pursued her career in costume design, Lucy would love to be able to retire doing what she loves best, baking and making people smile. “ I love making models from icing and creating the sponge for the cake itself. “


Photography: Lucy Anstee

Creating sweet treats in the style that her customers ask for, Lucy enjoys having to create a different designed theme for each cake. She sure has made a variety of cakes, from a classic victoria sponge cake for her auntie and uncle’s anniversary, to a Strictly Come Dancing themed cake, to an Alice In Wonderland cake, to making a 1 metre football themed cake. The football themed cake took 7 days to create, baking it for her best guy friend Jake Boute.

dressed with the union jack, with her Great Nan being a huge fan of the Royal family. “I loved creating this cake. Knowing it would put a smile on my Nan’s face when she was presented it, made me smile whilst baking it.” “I am still at college studying dressmaking, which I am hopefully going to pursue a career in. I will still be creating my cakes along the side in my spare time in the evenings and at the weekends. I do not think my friends and family would let me give it up.” We wish Lucy all of the best in her baking life, and we hope to see her doing big things in the future. Whether it being her creative success in dressmaking or her sweet treats.

Lucy stated that her favourite cake she had produced had to be her ‘100th birthday’ cake for her Great Nan, which was baked and produced as a surprise. The cake was


Herbal teas

there is a tea for everyone

words: Jessica Bishop Herbal teas made with fresh or dried flowers, leaves, seeds or roots are extremely popular compared with the traditional brews such as PG tips. There are hundreds of different types of herbal teas, ranging from the popular Earl Grey tea, known as the posh version of normal tea, to echinacea tea, used often to assist in the clearing of colds and flu. Of course, a good old English cup of tea consisting of the tea bush and Camellia sinensis is always going to be the traditional tea. However, the herbal tea is slowly becoming the new in thing to be drinking, especially to keep healthy and fight any nasty bacteria.

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Earl grey tea

Echinacea tea

+ Known as a posh substitute of a good classic cup of tea. Earl Grey is usually drunk without milk, however some do prefer it with a dash of milk. It is produced with a distinctive flavour of bergamot and lemon flavour/citrus fruit. A tea that can be drunk on a daily basis.

+ A cup of Echinacea tea helps support the immune system. It stimulates the white blood cells, which supports the body in fighting illnesses. It has also been shown to fight off viral and fungal infections. Perfect to wash through your body to help it stay fresh.

Ginger tea

St. john’s wart tea

+ A great digestive tea that can be used to help cure nausea, vomiting and an upset stomach due to motion sickness. It both stimulates and soothes the digestive system. Ginger is also known to aid people experiencing nausea. Often used by pregnant ladies suffering from morning sickness.

+ This tea is widely known to be a herbal version of an antidepressant tablet. Known to help chill the body and to help people recover from depression. In some countries it is prescribed for mild depression.

Peppermint tea

Green tea

+ Peppermint tea is known to relieve the symptoms of abdominal gas and bloating. It is also extremely good for indigestion or heartburn. It helps you digest foods better to avoid these problems. A cup of peppermint tea will ease nausea and vomiting, especially if you are suffering from motion sickness. Also another plus side, it freshens your breath.

+ It is known as the wonder herbal drug that is huge in China and Japan. Drinking green tea can help lower cholesterol and promotes heart heath. It can also lower the risk of cancer. It can help lower blood pressure and prevents and fights tooth decay and inhibits different viruses from causing illnesses. A perfect tea to drink on a daily basis to help cleanse your body.

Rosehip tea

Chamomile tea

+ Rosehip is created from the fruit of the rose plant. It is one of the best plant sources of Vitamin C. Very important for the immune system. Helping to maintain high skin and tissue health.

+ A perfect tea to chill you out. It is a gentle, calming and sedative tea made from flowers. It helps calm the mind and helps people deal better with their stresses. Also known to help you get a good night’s sleep.


my family, my food words: Jessica Bishop

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mummy bish’s potato salad My mum’s potato salad has always been such a huge part of my life. It is a key aspect to the dinner table at least three times a month. Whether it is being placed on the plastic table in the garden to go alongside our BBQ, or it is located on the wooden oak table in the dining room to be added with our classic Greek salad. Like every daughter does, I tried to attempt to make Mummy Bish’s yummy potato salad, but I failed and let the family down. My mum on the other hand, struggled to get back through the kitchen door, as her head was so big, with assurance that no one can beat her recipe.

shopping list + 450g Jersey Royal potatoes + 4 spring onions + 3 tbsp salad cream + Salt and pepper + Crème fraiche (optional) Step one Wash and scrub the potatoes but leave the skin on.

Photography: Waitrose Press Office

Step two Cook the potatoes in a saucepan of boiling water for about 10 – 15 minutes until just tender. Then drain well and cut into halves, or even quarters if the potatoes are quite large. Step three Place the potatoes in a large mixing bowl and leave for 5 minutes. Once they have cooled down, mix together with your salad cream, spring onions and season with salt and pepper. How much depends on your preference. You can also add a splash of crème fraiche. Step four You are now ready to serve the potato salad. Make sure it looks presentable by not having too much liquid, as this will make it sloppy. Don’t forget, if you are not eating straight away, make sure you cling film it and pop it in the fridge until you are ready to eat.


Dad’s scrumptious pizzas My friends used to always joke and take the mick out of me when I said my dad could cook as well as Jamie Oliver. They never believed me; they just thought dad had paid me to advertise his amazing cooking skills. Until that one birthday, I had my friends over after school and he cooked his amazing 15inch pizzas. I have never seen so many girls in heaven before. I had finally proved to them how amazing they are. My dad has always been an amazing cook. Throughout my childhood and teenage years, he has always been the one in the kitchen cooking up delicious dishes. I used to run home from school, in excitement for dinnertime at 4pm. His best dish is his homemade pizzas. They are to die for, topped off with sundried tomatoes, oregano, mozzarella cheese and olives, perfect. I always have my own separate pizza made for me due to having a zero spice threshold. If anything, it is quite good having a low spice threshold as I get my own pizza, which means more slices for me!

Step one Place the flour, semolina and salt in a mound on a clean surface and make a ‘volcano’ with a well in the middle. Step two Add the yeast and sugar to the warm water and leave for a few minutes. Step three Pour the water into the middle of the flour, mixing the flour in using a form in a circular motion, creating your dough. Step four Flour your hands and make a ball using the dough, which you will then need to knead for ten minutes, rolling the dough together and apart to add air to the mixture.

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shopping list + 800g strong white bread flour + 200g fine ground semolina flour + 7g fine sea salt + 14g dried yeast + 14g caster sugar + 650ml warm water + extra flour to stop the dough sticking

Step five Cover the dough with a tea towel or cling film for 15 minutes to let it rest. Step six Divide the rested dough into six balls, rolling each into a circle and adding a little flour to the surface and dusting onto the dough. Step seven Allow the pizza to rest again for 15 - 20 minutes. Pre-heat the oven to a hot 250’c/Gas 9. Step eight Add a layer of chopped cherry tomatoes and the topping of your choice, basil, oregano, mozzarella. Step nine Cook the pizza in the lower part of the over for 14 - 17 minutes.


Nana’s banoffee pie Everyone has their favourite Nan’s pudding and for me it is my Nana’s banoffee pie. It is scrummy but when I eat it, it feels like I have eaten my entire weeks worth of calories in one slice, it is definitely worth it though. This pudding has been a huge success at many family parties and my friends always request it when we go for a Sunday roast. The first mouthful is always the best, the sweet taste of caramel, cream, banana and digestive biscuit all in one mouthful, perfecto. If you have a huge sweet tooth, this pudding goes well with a large dollop of vanilla ice-cream, or if you are the pudding monster, why not have it with a large scoop of clotted cream ice cream.

Photography: Waitrose Press Office

Step one To create the base, you will need to crush all of the digestive biscuits and put together with 100g of melted butter. Once they are combined together you will need to press the mixture into the base of the cake tin.

shopping list The base + 100g butter + 250g digestive biscuits The filling – + 100g butter + 100g dark brown soft sugar + 400g condensed milk The topping – + 4 bananas + 300ml lightly whipped double cream

Step five Then add the mixture to the base, which you Step two Whilst you are creating the filling and the will need to collect from the fridge. Leave it topping, place the base in the fridge to keep chilling on the side for an hour until the filling has turned secure. it chilled. Step three To create the filling, you will need to place the butter and sugar into a non-stick saucepan and heat on a low temperature until the butter has melted.

Step six To finish your banoffee pie, you will need to remove the pie from the tin and place on a serving plate. Add your whipped cream to the caramel base.

Step four Add the condensed milk and gently bring it to the boil, but remember to always stir. Now you have made caramel, you will need to keep stirring it until it starts to boil.

Step seven You now need to slice your bananas and add them on top of the whipped cream. For added flavour you can add grated chocolate on top of the pudding.


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