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WUNDERKAMMER   SHOPFRONT  EXCAVATIONS/FICTIONS           Fig.1   Jordan  Munro  and  David  Haslam     During   a   brief   spell   as   a   Benedictine   monk   in   Avignon   (Notre-­‐Dame   de   Senanque)   a   manuscript   of   little   importance   was   stolen   by   Brother   Haslam  and  returned  to  England.  Possessed  by  a   pyrotechnic   divine   rage   Mr   Munro   set   fire   to   the   entire   Haslam   residence.   The   Brother   himself   escaped   unharmed,   but   only   this   fragment   of   the   manuscript   remains.       Fig.2   Troy   Holmes   and   Chloe   Milner     Springing   from   a   desperation   to   communicate   with   Cambodian   Razorbacks,   extensive   research   was   carried   out   to   obtain   from   dog   whisperers   the   dying   words   of   these   magnificent   creatures.   These   last   breaths   were   presented   in   clear   sacks,   poignant   ghosts   of   the   canine   refuse   bags   that   formed   the   basis   of   their   captivity,   and   thus   presenting   an   elegant   cycle  of  life  and  death.       Fig.3   Alice  Chandler  and  Clare  Cowan     The   detritus   presented   was   collected   from   the   artists’   summer   spent   in   a   small   merchant   vessel   circulating   the   Trash   Vortex   in   the   North   Pacific   Ocean.   On   their   discovery   that   the   island   of   rubbish   was   actually   inhospitable,   remnants   were   brought   back   in   order   to   create   a   new   island   in   Blackford   Pond.   Residencies   will   be   available   from   2014   onward.        

Fig.4 Jordan   Pilling,   Natalie   Howlett   and   Doug   Stevens     Growing   increasingly   unsatisfied   with   the   corporeal   limitations   of   sculpture,   the   artists   staged   a   live   application   to   the   L'École   Internationale   de   Théâtre   Jacques   Lecoq  mime  school  in  Paris.  They  were  accepted   as  a  trio  after  the  performance  was  visited  by   the  school’s  Head  Mime,  and  they  are  currently   touring   Greece,   specialising   in   impersonating   statues  of  the  Archaic  and  Daedalic  orders.         Fig.5   Thomas  Dawson  and  Emily  Binks     During   a   three   year   stint   working   in   a   cryogenics   lab   specialising   in   marine   preservation,   Ms.   Binks   stole,   approximately   1cl   at   a   time,   the   fluids   used   in   the   cryogenic   procedures.   These   were   stored   in   bags   in   her   freezer   but   with   the   help   of   her   assistant   Mr   Dawson   were   safely   defrosted   and   presented.   Perhaps   accidentally,   one   of   the   samples   contained   the   specimen   Carassius   auratus   auratus   which   successfully   survived   the   process   and   has   been   donated   to   a   reputable  pet  shop  establishment.         Fig.6   William  Carey  and  Stephanie  Maclean     The   artists   having   been   longstanding   public   relations   officers   of   the   Illuminati,   designs   were  presented  to  promote  the  new  youth  branch   of  the  movement,  incorporating  popular  trends.   The   rebranding   has   been   very   successful,   with   #trilluminati  trending  on  twitter  ever  since.  

Fig.7 Hamish  Young  and  Penny  Kay     To   remedy   a   crippling   homesickness,   an   envelope   of   Cornish   sand   is   sent   to   Mr   Young   by   his   brother   on   a   weekly   basis.   Mentored   by   glass   guru   Penny   Kay,   the   past   few   years   have   been  spent  fastidiously  crafting  these  samples   into   precious   glass   shards   which   he   sells   for   vast  sums  on  his  popular  etsy  account.       Fig.8   Solanne  Bernard  and  Lydia  McGinley     Despite   possessing   the   exact   appearance   and   scent   of   grass,   the   specimen   on   display   was   a   unique   amphibious   fungus   discovered   by   Ms.   Bernard   whilst   diving   in   the   Gulf   of   Guinea.   Bernard,   McGinley   and   a   team   of   researchers   have   been   conducting   research   on   the   organism   and   some   of   its   rare   abilities,   which   include   the  replication  of  birdsong  and  the  support  of   up  to  4,500  times  its  own  weight.       Fig.9   Niklos  Karavellas  and  Rachel  Treloar     A   Victorian   sweet   shop   was   found   perfectly   preserved  beneath  a  layer  of  earth  that  buried   it   in   a   1884   landslide.   Residents   of   the   town   of   Waverton   discovered   the   forgotten   site   by   the   appearance   of   humbugs   in   the   soil.   It   was   excavated   and   the   contents   of   the   shop   put   on   display   for   the   first   time   in   over   a   hundred   years.                      

Fig.10 Sky  Su  and  Kieran  Gray     In   May   2011   a   duvet   was   stolen   from   the   home   of   popular   wildlife   presenter   Bill   Oddie   by   his   cleaner   who   had   the   distinct   intention   of   selling   it   on   ebay.   For   a   winning   bid   of   £41.70   Mr   Su   procured   the   item   and   presented   it   in   a   manner   evocative   of   Mr   Oddie’s   inner   turmoil.           Fig.1       Fig.2       Fig.3       Fig.4       Fig.5       Fig.6       Fig.7       Fig.8       Fig.9       Fig.10              


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