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Our Lady Roberta

Martry of the Faith Patron Saint of the Union Canal since 1837


n honour of our lady St. Roberta of the Union Canal who, for the greater good of our glorious nation and heavenly kingdom, forsook her most sacred possession, her virtue, in order to comfort those workmen in their laborious endeavour of building the canal. Selflessly she gave generously of her body and chastity to assuage their troubled minds, bearing the brunt of their hardships. Her kindness and devotion provoked adoration from all who knew her, until her untimely death - an unholy disease sent from the devil to desist her in her most sacred calling.

Ceremony of the Illum


n the manner of the offerings of gratitude given by the workers, every year since our lady’s death her followers have dedicated items of lit undergarments. On April 2nd every year at 10PM we meet beneath Viewforth Bridge to commit ourselves in the memory of the resplendent Saint.

mined Undergarments


ersonal reflection is encouraged, and the ceremony culminates in underwear offerings in the form of floating lanterns, which are sent as our spiritual aspirations into the waters of the canal. These often provoke an emotional response amongst those present as we are reminded of her unending generosity, truly an example for us all. We hope that you will join us for this special offering.

Prayer for Private Use God our Father we honour your servant Saint Roberta as a model of holiness. We ask you to grant the requests we make through her intercession as a sign of the favour she enjoys in your sight. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen


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