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IN CARTAGENA What is sex tourism? Sex tourism is an activity that is increasing in the world for some years. It consists of people who travel to a country or only use their travel to have sex with people of that country he visited. The biggest problem with this type of tourism is the sector most wanted by these tourists is that of children and adolescents. In recent years, Cartagena has become the epicenter of child sex tourism in the figures, far from being mere statistics show a cruel reality to be contained, and although there are district-level campaigns like "con Nosotros no" or "la Muralla soy yo," exist in the city today over 5,000 children involved in this practice. Sex tourism in Cartagena is a powerful international network links, perfectly formed, producing a lot of money and has support from some unscrupulous organizations dedicated to tourism in the city. When an individual seeks to have sex with boys or girls and does not want to run the risk of being denounced comes to prostitution. Any individual

can realize their fantasies with a girl or a boy, enslaved and forced to be an object for sexual use. Such voluntary prostitution is never accompanied by fear, hunger, drugs and lots of circumstances, which may render the existence of both a minor as an adult in a living hell that always, exceed our imagination.

Sex tourism has increased the rate of exploitation of children in Cartagena, and the country's laws are unclear thus granting impunity to child molesters especially when foreigners. The exaggerated increase of poverty and lack of employment have led to an increase in child prostitution in children between 12 and 14 years and aged 15 to 20 years, according to studies by ICBF in 2005 indicated that the rate was increased by 5000 season reaching children who are exploited or prostitutes, because basic needs such as food and shelter. The authorities, the mayor and programs responsible for this phenomenon state that the ways to counter this situation are: * Support existing campaigns against child sex tourism (CST) being developed by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism

* Promote new campaigns in places where are not already taking action to curb this crime * Perform prevention lectures in cities or areas that have a high rate of domestic or foreign tourism. * Improve the socioeconomic levels of the population affected by the C.S.T and promote greater access to education and health in children and adolescents girls * Punish drastically child sexual exploiter or "beneficiary" is this exploitation, like user or customer to C.S.T Yet it seems that this problem is seeing little interest on the part of the rulers of each city, in the case of Cartagena, all just words on posters advertisements and campaigns, but none of that works if there is no solution from the actual root cause of this situation of poverty, education, the lack of a worthy for these child welfare improving quality of life for many families, people condemn pimps behaviors might be the way to end the violation rights of all children and adolescents.

Sexual tourism in cartagena  
Sexual tourism in cartagena