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A to z of Fashion From Models to Designers

Imogen: The Creater Behind Poppy Designs

Welcome to the third issue of Daisy Dessy! This month has a new content called spotlight and Alexandra Burke is the star for this month’s issue. Check out the A to Z of all things fashion. This is a two part feature so check out the second half in the next issue. Poppy Designs creator Imogen spoke about her online website along with her love for photography. The shopping bag is filled with bright colours, which means spring is just around the corner. See you next month. Mary Adeniyi Editor

This monthly magazine brings things all fashion and lifestyle. Daisy Dessy covers the latest trends from the fashion capitals, the latest places to visit in London town,interviews, beauty, and food and drink .The magazine is for women who inspire, stand out from the crowd, and explore what life brings. If you would like to contribute or advertise, you can email me at Myspace Page: Issuu Page: Scribd Scribd site Only: To read the magazine with the page turner you must go on to ipaper at the top and go to view mode and click book mode.



A to Z of fashion


Poppy Designs

16. Wine & Dine 20. Shopping Bag 24. In London Town 30. Skin Cusine 32. Stockist




He is Anna wintour’s fashion sidekick at vogue, and can be found out the front rows of the hottest fashion shows in from New York to Milan. The editor-at-large has been in the business for over 25 years and has helped to promote various young designers breakthrough in to the world of fashion. Talley has made several media appearances such as MTV reality show the Hills and in the and in Sex and the City.


B w HaT o


The bowler hat was designed by hatters James and George Lock. The Locks sent their designs to the hat makers Thomas & William Bowler. The reason why the hat was called bowler was because it was named after it’s makers’ family name. Bowler hats were usually worn by butlers who showed class and identified a gentleman’s gentleman.



Chanel Iman an American model with a mixture of Korean heritage oozes uniqueness and model credibility. Iman’s career took of when she won third place at ford model’s Supermodel of the Year contest. She has strutted her stuff on the runways of Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, and Dolce & Gabbana and has appeared in campaigns for Gap to United Colours of Benetton. Her teddy buttoned face has been featured in countless magazines including the black issue of Italian Vogue.

Dover Street Market

Situated at Green Park, Dover Street isn’t your typical market with the two for one pound sale. The new bi-annual magazine by Katie Grand called Love had an event at the market called “Love In” featuring images from the new magazine. There are new spaces added every now and then including Alber Elbaz‘s spring/summer 2009 collection. It’s a place where creators from various fields come together to one place, mixing their talents with one another with personal inspirations and visions.

Exit into the world of fashion, art, photography, and travel. This bi-annual magazine by Stephen Tone Editor-in-chief brings all talents from all over the world into one publication dedicated to showcase work with creativity, energy, and passion.

Fashion Week

A biannual trade show that where designers from fashion capitals of London, New York, Paris and Milan showcase their collections to members of the press, buyers, celebrities, and editors. Fashion week lasts for a week and lets the industry know what’s “in and what’s out” for the season. The schedule begins with New York followed by London then Milan and Paris. The Spring/Summer collections are shown from September to November while Autumn/Winter collections are showcased from January to March. The purpose of Fashion week is to give time for retailers to purchase and incorporate the designers into their retail marketing.

Girls made out of sugar is an online shopping site showcasing vintage inspired jewellery. Vintage Lady and Trendy Puppies are their two major collections on the site. Vintage Lady features Victorian, retro, and art deco pieces while Trend Puppies offers tales from childhood bringing that nostalgic feeling with toys, dolls, and cartoons. Girls made out of sugar is a quirky full filled jewellery site with bursts of colour and childhood fantasies..

Haute Cou ture

Haute Couture is the highest rank of the fashion hierarchy where clothes are custom-fitted to the specific customer and made from high-quality, expensive fabric. Customers will need to attend at least five fittings to make sure the outfit fitted with the details finished to perfection. There rules that members follow which include: -Designs are made-to-order for private clients, with one or more fitting, -Have a workshop in Paris that employs at least fifteen people full time -Each season, a collection must be presented to the Paris press with at least thirty-five models with outfits for both daytime and evening wear. Many fashion houses such as Chanel have collections were the clothes are often not for sale or very difficult to purchase.

A British monthly magazine dedicated to fashion, art, music, and youth culture. i-D magazine was founded by Terry Jones in 1980. The magazine is noted for its use of typography and straight up visuals. Many famous faces have graced the covers including Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Leona Lewis. Over the 25 years, many people in the fashion industry have contributed to i-D through inspirational and creative content.


Before jeans burst into the scene, they were used as work wear in the factories during World War II. In American popular culture during the 1950s, jeans became popular among teenagers and were used as a sign of protest against conformity. Elvis Presley and James Dean encourage the trend of jeans throughout the fifties; however, this became a problem for adults who disapproved the new image for teenagers. Demin brands such as Levi and Wrangler produced popular deigns such as stonewashed and overalls with a lose shape. Since that time, jeans had come in different styles from Boot cut to Skinny Jeans.

Killer Heels The most popular footwear for women has become stylish over the first three decades between the 60s and 90s. Over time, heels became higher and thinner and were no longer used for riding but instead for court purposes. The advantage of heels is that it feels the wearer appear taller and foot appear smaller.

Leather Jackets have been styled in a number of different ways in various subcultures in different places and times. They are designed in different colours such as brown, grey, and black. During the 20th century, it has been an iconic status in a number of films such as Grease. Leather Jackets can be used for safety purposes such as motorcycle riding due to its protective material.

Wine & Dine Fire & Stone Pizza Restaurant (Average price £15) Location: Sheppard Bush-Westfield Convent Garden Get a slice of the action with a variety of gourmet pizzas cooked over fire wood, baked to perfection with a crispy base. Located near Westfield shopping centre, Fire & Stone is London’s leading restaurant with over 27 pizzas to choose from including a vegetarian option. There are fresh salads to enjoy including Greek salad with fresh vegetables and sugar coated desserts. Fire & Stone takes its inspiration from all parts of the world from Africa to America and brings it to the table with fresh ingredients and baked in one of the largest beech pizza ovens in Europe.

Geales Average Price ÂŁ25 Location: Notting Hill Gate Cuisine: Fish & Chips This family- run fish and chips shop has been around since 1939 oozes elegant decor with white table clothes and polished cutlery. Now owned by Mark Fuller, the restaurant has a wide range of dishes such as fish soup, salmon fishcakes, and fish & chips. If you have a sweet tooth, go for the jam roly-poly or the strawberry jam and trifle desserts. There is also a chilled selection of drinks to choose from including ginger beer and cream soda. Geales is the place to be at Notting Hill to enjoy the classic taste of fish and chips

Ping Pong Chinese Restaurant Location: Oxford Street Average Price: £20 In the heart of London is a restaurant that offers dim sum dishes on two floors with an modern twist of ancient Chinese tradition. Ping Pong takes the idea of giving it’s customers a place to rest while eating Dim Sum from merchants who used to travel on the silk road and would rest at tea houses. Dim Sum is baskets filled with sugary snack which are either steamed, baked, and fried. Ping Pong is the place to relax with fragrant tea and appetizing food served with creativity and perfection

Spotlight: Alexandra Burke X Factor winner Alexandra Burke is the first British female solo artist to sell over a million copies of her debut single Hallelujah. The singer from Islington auditioned for the second series of x factor but got sent home because Walsh felt that ‘she was too young for the competition’. Three years later, she was back for the second time and won a recording contract with Syco records worth £1 million. Her hit single hallelujah sold 105,000 copies in just 24 hours and went straight to number one in 2008. Before she burst into the music scene, Burke is an ordinary girl from Islington who began singing at the age of five. At age twelve, she took part in a TV talent show Star for a Night. Before her big break at X Factor, she went on tour with “Young Voices” a charity that raises money for children with Leukaemia, which took place at the Royal Albert Hall. Throughout her childhood, she had no professional vocal training and learnt to sing through her mother and by listening to music. Her album was initially suppose to be released on Mother Day but has been pushed to November to allow Burke to polish herself up.

Crayola Lulu Double Bow Peep Sandal Topshop £60

Coral Frill Front Mac Miss Selfridges £60

Alexander McQueen Tote Patent Bag £974

Giant bow headband New Look £6

ASOS ‘Chic’ Metal Brooch £6

Oasis Pretty Gauged Shirtdress £40

Primark Yellow Sleeveless Dress £15

Colour Blocking

Richard Nicoll Silk panelled top £215

New Look Colour Block Dress £35

Antonio Berardi Block colour dress £750

Theory Colour Block Tank dress £255

Emilio De La Morena Block coloured dress £485

Check out these Masterpieces

Missoni stripy multi-colour top £628

Rainforest abstract batwing top warehouse £35


Peter Pilotto kaleidoscopic top £498

Jonathan Saunders swirl print kaftan £580

Christian Louboutin heels £440

Select Animal Flutter Sleeve Blouse £18

Miss Selfridge Leopard Print Bag £18

Topshop Leopard print belt £25


In London Town

Ayo 20 April 2009 ICA-London This talented songwriter Ayo will be performing at the ICA bringing reggae and Gypsy rhythms to your soul. She has worked with Corinne Bailey to Erykah Bad and is a must see to all music lovers.

Baroque 1620-1800: Style in the Age of Magnificence V&A 4 April - 19 July 2009 Baroque is one of the most lavish styles of the 17th and 19th centuries. This exhibition aims to explore style in the age of magnificence in Baroque from a cultural perspective through theatre and religious spaces such St. Peter’s Basilica. There will be paintings, sliver furniture, ceramics, textiles and sculptures on display. The elements of Baroque will be examined and show how it reached many different parts of the world.

Poppy Designs Imogen is the quirky designer behind Poppy Designs. The 21 year old from Glasgow has enjoyed jewellery making ever since she was a little girl. “As a child, I like to make jewellery and I just thought I could do more with it.” Eight months later, Poppy designs bloomed on the net showcasing unusual pieces for those who want to stand out from the crowd. “I try to make something unique and eye catching every time and create jewellery for people who want something individual and different.” Apart from handcrafting jewellery, she is out and about, capturing all things mother nature.

When coming up with ideas for your jewellery pieces, do you look at modern/and or historical eras for inspiration? I like to use natural materials and colours. I look for anything I haven’t seen before, or anything that looks bright and colourful. It makes for an interesting piece of jewellery if you mix and match different beads and charms. How long does it take to design & produce the jewellery? Every piece I make takes a different amount of time. It can take fifteen minutes to make earrings but some I have to toil for hours to make them truly special. Some aspects of my designs require a lot of fiddly work! A lot of thought goes into every piece, and I do not stop until I am completely satisfied with the result. What is your philosophy on life? I believe we should all retain our individualism. Too often, people are taken in by media, but there are a lot of genuine talents out there, who do not get the chance to shine, because they are over shadowed by the phoney people. Who is your favourite jewellery designer? I do not really have a favourite. I’m often impressed when I see small stalls selling jewellery, or stalls and craft fairs because this work tends to be more creative and definitely more eye catching. If you had to design for a celebrity, who would it be and why? I would design for Sienna Miller. She has a really earthy look and I love her unique style. I think she would like many of my one-off pieces! Which jewellery design has been the best sell? Well, as most of my items are only created once, there is no one thing. I have made several copies of my ‘rocking horse’ necklace. It is a beautiful and simple porcelain horse. I think people like it because it is a bit different. My charm bracelets are also popular. They are all different, very bright and fresh. I use Swarovski crystal in some of my work, and I think this works well on bracelets as these crystals catch the light beautifully. They are often the focal piece of my bracelets. What is your signature style when producing your designs? My style I would say is bright, fresh and eye catching. Some have said that my pieces are quite bohemian, so maybe that is it!


“I believe we should all retain our individualism. Too often, people are taken in by media, but there are a lot of genuine talents out there, who do not get the chance to shine.�

Apart from jewellery designing, you also do photography, how do you juggle photography with your jewellery business? Photography is great. I am trying to build up my skills so I can eventually do it for a living, but right now it’s a hobby. How long have you been a photographer? I studied photography for a while 3 years ago, and have been doing it ever since. Describe your photography style I do not like to tamper with photos much because that would mean that the viewer is seeing something that as been artificially changed. I would like people to see what I see, so if I am photographing a landscape or cityscape or nature, they should see it in its natural state. Again, i put much thought into how i want the photo to look and concentrate on focus and angle and light to achieve my look. Why is photography such an important part of your life? Photography is great as it can show you something you may not have seen. And depending on the way it is photographed, can make you think differently about the way you view something; whether that be the world, nature or people. I like the fact that photography shows you someone else’s view and feeling of something. Plus, the world can be very beautiful and i try to capture it. You can find beauty in unlikely places. What is your favourite form of photography? I mostly work outside. I take my camera wherever I go, because you never know when you may be inspired. I would eventually like to travel with my camera all over the world. It would be very interesting to photograph places you know nothing about, as you may be surprised at what you find and your view of that new place may be different from others. Where do you like to work when you are working on your photographic projects? I love nature and landscape photography. Although it is unchanging, you can still create your own view of it by considering how you want it to look. It’s interesting that two people can photograph the same thing, but their photos can be completely different. Fascinating, isn’t it! Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years? I hope to be designing jewellery using silver and metals. I do not have the equipment or space for it right now. I also hope to be breaking into the film industry. I have many ideas to share my thoughts and feelings through images, and I think the next step would be to change from photographs and still images to moving ones!

Skin Cuisine Tooty Fruity

Pineapples is a good skin softener which cleanses and revives dull and dry skin, especially for rough areas such as knees, elbows, and heels

Strawberries can be used for skin toning treatments and conditioning. Mostly found in many commercial acne creams.

Bananas can be used as a facial mask and full of potassium

Tomatoes help blood circulation and enhance the complexion, getting rid of pimples.

Apple Juice can be used to treat cracked skin, itching, inflammation and dandruff. Can be used as a final rinse after shampooing hair.

Lime Juic helps to control oily skin, improve dull and greasy complexion, improve rough and dry skin, and remove freckles.

Grapes has various vitamins that enhances the skin cells and useful for detoxification.

stockist 1. 2. www.miss 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

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