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This is a content guide to the basic elements that make up Mivo. Have a seat, make a cup of coffee, and enjoy your read to know us better. *example of a vector imagery. Use solid colors only.




HOW WE LOOK Our Color Our Logo Our Typeface Do’s & Dont’s Logo Imagery


HOW WE TALK Tone of Voice



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Brand Guideline | Contents | 02

Mivo live to share [read: liv’ - tu- syer]

Live Yes, we are alive & breathing.

to share We like to share live experience & emotions streaming. Share one small part of you, can be the world for other person.

*Example for a good use of photo imagery Make sure the picture is high-res. Don’t use cluttered images.

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Brand Guideline | Our Identity | 03

Just like human, beside the face, it also has personality. The main personality could be defined using 3 words. This 3 principles will determine our behaviour for every usage of our brand. Well, let’s meet them.


Bold, young, lively.


Friendly, casual, cool.


Easy, intuitive, effortless.

*Use solid color for vector images, icons, and text colors.

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Brand Guideline | Our Identity | 04



Orange Mivo Pantone 172 C

We accepted black, white, and grey (variation derivated from black) as a neutral colors.

C:0 M:70 Y:100 K:0 R:243 G:112 B:33 #F37021

To make our design outstanding, use one fresh color only, then use the neutral color for the rest of it.

You can use these colors for text or other supporting elements.

WE LIKE FRESH COLORS They are bold, confident, and clear. They are life itselves.

SECONDARY COLOR | RECOMMENDED PantonePaper Coated Solid PANTONE 1578 Uncoated 375 UC

Pantone Pastels Neons Coated 901 C

Pantone Solid Coated 213 C

PantonePaper Coated Solid PANTONE Coated 326 12714 C C

Pantone Solid Coated Purple C

C:50 M:0 Y:100 K:0 R:141 G:196 R:138 G:198 B:35 B:63 #8CC63E #8AC423

C:69 M:15 C:68 M:25 Y:0 K:0 R:32G:173 R:0 G:162B:239 B:243 #20a2f3 #00ADEF

C:0 M:95 Y:9 K:0 R:244 G:33 B:134 #f42186

C:78 M:11 Y:46 K:0 R:13 G:167 R:12 G:168 B:156 B:157 #0ca79c

C:44 M:82 Y:0 K:0 R:191 G:45 B:226 #bf2de2

Copyright © 2015 Mivo

Brand Guideline | Our Brand | 05

Our logo is a very valuable member of our brand. We must treat it warm and nicely.

25% 50%

25% 50% 50%

Full Logo [Standard logo]

Letter Logo [Exceptional]

Full Logo + Tagline

Usage: - For every main marketing tools/ads. - Website - For minimum space of logo, better use this logo.

Usage: - For small promotional items - Icon app for Mobile App - Social media identity

Usage: - For external usage like events or to socialize about Mivo. - Print media in big size

- Everyone need a clear space, use 50% clear space for default. If the space is insufficient, you can use 25% clear space. - Lock-up logo’s proportion & ordering.

- Don’t stretch or skew it, we dont’ do exercise. - Don’t change the letters order. It’s already cool anyway. - Don’t rotate the logo, it needs to stand. Copyright © 2015 Mivo

Brand Guideline | How We Look | 06

Big size logo might speak louder, but when it comes in small size, it describes self-confidence. Not that small though, so we need a magnifier to see our logo. We don’t set maximum size for the logo, it might grows as big as it can.

01. Know how to behave Different space & place might be followed by the suitable scale & proportion. Just make sure people can read our logo easily but still look cool.

print height: 0.5cm online height: 16px

02. Lock-up logo Our logo already beautiful by standing up like that. Reminder for you to just let the letters in order & tagline position just like the original. print height: 4cm online height: 150px

Copyright © 2015 Mivo

Brand Guideline | How We Look | 07

Our primary logo for sure is Mivo Orange and Mivo White for secondary logo. In some cases, a colored logo may not be practical such as in newspaper. Well, we anticipated that kind of case.

01. Mivo Grey

01. Monochrome mode in 75% black Exchanged the orange color, we use 75% black for monochrome mode. 02. Mivo White with grey box

02. Monochrome background application Use Mivo Grey on light monochrome background, Mivo White for dark monochrome background. Mivo White with grey box for unavoidable case, which is sometimes needed for imagery background.

75% Black C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:75 R:98 G:98 B:102 #626366

Copyright Š 2015 Mivo

Brand Guideline | How We Look | 08

Even though we’re not a rules & regulations kind of company, but we do have some guides to make us look cool.

01. Mivo Orange

02. Mivo White





Anyway, here are some examples of what we think is cool & big-no-no things to do.

01. Space around the logo Always leave the logo some space to breathe. Use white or neutral background for Mivo Orange. 02. Colorful seats If Mivo logo has to sit in a colorful seat, you can use orange Mivo as background color. For external usage, Mivo White is a good match with dark and strong background colors. 03. Warning! Do not place the logo on yucky colors. 04. Not Cool Do not use the logo on the cluttered imagery background. Use Mivo White with or without orange background, depends on the most suitable condition. 05. Simple & Original is appealing The logo is sacred. Do not add embellishments like drop-shadows, emboss or any other effects to the logo. Skew, rotate, or stretch the logo will get punishment.

06. Put the old logo in storage Do not pull-out the old logo back from the storage. So, please..move on. We already have the latest one.

Copyright © 2015 Mivo

Brand Guideline | How We Look | 09

Our Typeface for print. Let’s meet Aller family.

Aa Aa Aa

Aller Bold ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (.,:;?!@#%^&*) 0123456789

Aller Regular ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (.,:;?!@#%^&*) 0123456789

Aller Light-Regular ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (.,:;?!@#%^&*) 0123456789

Copyright © 2015 Mivo

Display 4

Light 48pt

Display 3

Regular 36pt

Display 2

Light 32pt

Display 1

Light 28pt


Regular 24pt


Bold 20pt


Regular 16pt


Regular 12pt


Regular 10pt

Brand Guideline | How We Look | 10

Our photography is like a bread. It captures a slice of everyday life. It should makes you feel homey & warm, like you were there. 01-04 01. Natural and relaxed Well, maybe as natural as you saw a beautiful girl pass in front of you, and your eyes following her. Oops! 02. Everyday and honest Something we can all relate to in real life. Our coffee cups are dirty, our boots have muds on them, our shirts wrinkled. Pure & honesty are the warmest feeling on earth. 03. Personal and engaging Capturing emotions and intimate moments are always touching. 04. Sometimes funny Being a little weird, goofy, and funny makes us a bit uncommon. That will create an unforgettable memories.


05. Artificial and cold pics are not welcome Don’t use images where people are posing, like in a catalog. Don’t use interior design that is not lived-in. Also, don’t use flat & cold lighting.

Copyright © 2015 Mivo

Brand Guideline | How We Look | 11

Our vector style including icons & illustrations should be in solid & strong colors. Black, white, and grey are our best pals!

01. Single fresh color is outstanding It’s like a beautiful flower in the middle of the greens. Single fresh color (or make it double if needed), will looks outstanding and focal in between the neutral colors.

01. Logo 02. Identity 03. Typeface 04. Color 05. Other Elements






02. We’re original You don’t have any original picture taken by us? Well, you can always make it original by illustrating it in vector. Just make sure your vector is recognizable. 03. Reusable It will be great if the vector images are reusable for any media purpose. Environmental media friendly!

Sample of brand proportion

Copyright © 2015 Mivo

Brand Guideline | How We Look | 12

Our tone of voice surely identify us as one identity; written and spoken.


Bold, young, lively. We talk naturally loud and clear.


Friendly, casual, cool. It’s like talking to a good friend, warm-welcome.


Easy, intuitive, effortless. Talk less do more. Great product will shout their own quality without shouting out its jargon.

Copyright © 2015 Mivo

Brand Guideline | How We Talk | 13

Our stationery template. Clean, simple, easy to produce, and for sure deliver the correct emphasize to the recipient.

Copyright Š 2015 Mivo

Brand Guideline | Our Stationery | 14


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Mivo Brand Guideline 2015  

It's the compact version of Mivo Brand Guideline. The challenge to make this guideline compact, was deliver the important parts without redu...

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