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Boston College Skirbeck Road BOSTON Lincolnshire PE21 6JF 01205 365701 2013/2014




We welcome your son/daughter/ward to Boston College, but in particular to the Construction Programme Area. We are very glad they have chosen to study at Boston College and hope they will enjoy their time with us. We are committed to providing high quality teaching and effective management of learning as you will see from our mission statement and vision below:

Mission Raising aspirations Meeting skills needs Delivering high quality education and training

Vision ‘To be a brilliant college that transforms people’s lives and makes an outstanding contribution to the economic, social and cultural life of Lincolnshire’.

The College’s Values are; T O R C H E

Trust Openness Respect Challenge Honesty Excellence

These are the values we will work to promote and instil in our learners during their studies and as they prepare for further training or employment and would ask for your support with this.

2013 September 2nd September 3rd September 26th October 3rd October 8th October 10th October 16th October 21st-25th October 29th October 30th & 31st November 5th November 7th November 14th November 15th December 19th 2014 January 6th January 23rd February 6th February 11th February 17th-21st March 3rd-7th March 4th & 5th April 4th April 22nd May 5th May26th June 10th June 12th June 26th

Autumn term starts. Learner Services Induction week Spalding Enrolment Higher Education Fair at BCUC HE Parents’ Briefing ’Going to University’ BCUC Spalding College in Action Boston College in Action Volunteer Fair at BCUC Half term HE Open Event Parents’ evenings School Taster day Boston College in Action Spalding College in Action Closing date for UCAS applications (internal) End of Autumn term Spring term starts HE Open Event Boston College in Action Spalding College in Action Half term for learners Careers week Parents’ evenings End of Spring term Summer term starts Bank Holiday Bank Holiday Spalding Open Event (Information) Boston Open Evening (Information) Summer term ends

Note Any learner taking holidays outside of holiday periods will be considered absent from the course. Learners receiving support from the College Bursary Fund need to be aware that they will not be paid for holiday periods taken outside the academic breaks.

The Learning Experience

Personal Property Learners are strongly advised to keep valuable belongings on or with them at all times. The College cannot accept responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, learners’ personal property. Learners are advised not to leave their coats, handbags, sports gear, calculators, etc. in unlocked classrooms, cloakrooms or locker rooms. If items of property go missing, then learners should report it immediately to the College Reception. If learners find items belonging to other people, they should hand them into the College Reception as soon as possible. Learners could help themselves by:    

Leaving mobile telephone, valuable coats and jewellery at home Naming and post coding equipment Carrying only the money they need for the day Insuring expensive items of equipment

Note: Mobile phones must be turned off before lessons and handed in to the member of staff taking the lesson. All phones will be stored safely until the end of the lesson.

Educational Visits The curriculum department of plumbing will be engaging in three educational visits throughout the duration of the year. The ideas are to ensure learners sample realistic work environments and are provided with opportunities that will develop personal and social development. Typical visits may include:    

World Skills Olympics Visits to local / national construction sites Heritage buildings both local and national Renewable technology visits to Wind farms and Industry related venues.

Ensuring the quality of teaching and learning is obviously central to our purpose and we take it extremely seriously. All classes have a personal tutor who is responsible for the day-to-day management and the welfare of learners in it. All full-time courses lead to a qualification, which is validated by a recognised external awarding body. Learners in this programme area will be studying one of the following courses;  City & Guilds 6128 Certificate in Basic Construction  City & Guilds Diploma in Trowel Occupations level 1 & level 2  City & Guilds Diploma in Maintenance Operations level 2  City & Guilds Diploma in Wood Occupation level 1, 2 & 3

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Boston College provides high quality further education to thousands of learners aged of 14 and over. We have learners: both male and female who are high achievers who live quite close in nearby towns and villages, together with international learners from across the world of different ages who are straight, gay or bi-sexual of different nationalities and religions. with learning disabilities / difficulties Boston College celebrates and welcomes this diversity and we want to make sure everyone is treated fairly and have the same opportunities to aspire and achieve. We are committed to maintaining a College free from discrimination, harassment or victimisation in which individual differences are valued. You can expect equality of opportunity for all who learn, work and visit Boston College.

Safeguarding Statement

Disciplinary Procedure

Boston College places a high priority on the safety and wellbeing of our learners. We are committed to creating and maintaining a friendly, welcoming and safe working environment for all young people and vulnerable adults, whether learning is taking place on or off College premises. We have a duty to safeguard learners, and we will respond immediately if there is a concern that a learner might be the victim of bullying, harassment, abuse or neglect.

Learners whose behaviour is persistently or seriously disruptive or who in some other way behave in an offensive, socially unacceptable, careless or irresponsible manner will find themselves subject to the College disciplinary procedure.

Health and safety procedures are tightly managed to ensure the safety and welfare of all learners, staff and visitors. All staff are trained in safeguarding and there is a designated specialist Safeguarding Team to support safeguarding referrals. If you need to contact a member of the College Safeguarding Team please contact either main reception or Learner Services. A key part of our safeguarding strategy is that all learners, staff and visitors are expected to display an ID badge at all times when on the premises. We would ask for your support in ensuring your son / daughter / ward understands the importance of bringing their ID badge to College, which they will also need to access some of our College services. At Boston College we emphasise the importance of respecting other people within the College community. We also emphasise respect for personal property and for the facilities of the College. We ask parents to work with us to create an environment where everyone feels safe and valued and where all learners can work successfully to achieve their full potential.

First Verbal Warning Tutor or other appropriate member of staff Green Card issued for Support with work White Card issued by Course Tutor Yellow Card issued by Programme Area Manager If no improvement Red Card issued by Head of Curriculum If no improvement The case will be heard before the Academic Board Appeal If the learner is less than eighteen years of age the parent or guardian will be informed of any procedures after the White Card. If over eighteen years of age a person of the learner’s choice may accompany them to the interview, letters are not normally sent to parents

Attendance Good levels of attendance are very important and there is a direct correlation between attendance and achievement i.e. the better the attendance record, the better the chance of achieving the qualification / high grades. Individual attendance records will be closely monitored and learners will be expected to meet minimum level of attendance of 93%. Having a disciplined approach to attendance is also good preparation for learners’ future working life and future employers often ask to see evidence of attendance when seeking references for employees. Should your son/daughter/ward be unable to attend for any reason, please contact the College directly using any of the following methods as soon as possible on the morning of absence (ideally by 9.30am) 

Phone – 01205 365701 (and choose option “2”)

Email -

Text – Please text BCABSENT to 88020

If you or your son/daughter/ward fails to do this you may be phoned by the Attendance Monitor whose task it is to inform parents/guardians of learner absences. It would be appreciated if any non-essential personal appointments could be booked around the learner’s timetable. Thank you for your help in this matter.

How we communicate with Parents There are several opportunities throughout the year for you to give or receive feedback about your son / daughter / ward’s progress. 1. Parents Discussion evenings – Parents will be invited to evening discussions in October and March. We require your attendance with your son/daughter’s tutor to discuss your role/support in their learning year. Information collated from learners’ individual learning plan will be available to give you a full overview of attendance, commitment, progress and achievement, 2. Parent Surveys – these are issued twice a year, normally in November and March. We value your comments and feedback and are committed to further improving our service. 3. Award evenings – these are held in the summer term and parents and family are invited to attend. It is a chance for learners to showcase their skills and for those who have made outstanding progress to be acknowledged with the presentation of programme area awards. In addition you are very welcome to contact the college at any time should you have concerns or questions. We suggest you initially contact the main reception at the college who will be pleased to help with your enquiries, or will be able to help you to get in touch with an individual tutor or member of the course team, as shown below.

Contact Information Main reception at Boston College Tel: (01205) 365701 Richard Chambers Head of Curriculum - Email: Mike Pryjdun

Programme Area Manager - Email:

Harvey Smith

Lecturer in Trowel Occupations Email:

Dennis Mudzviti

Lecturer in Trowel Occupations Email:

John Gilchrist

Lecturer in Wood Occupations Email:

Paul Wells

Lecturer in Wood Occupations Email:

Mandy Skayman Lecturer tutorials and ILP’s Email:

Induction During the first week at College your son/daughter/ward will have received the following:

Health and Safety Training/Fire safety

Timetables and Rotas

Tour of all College Facilities

Overview of Learner Services

Various Team Building Events

Induction to the curriculum department including qualifications and expectations

Health and Safety

The College has qualified first aiders on call and it is vital that we have an emergency contact number so you can be contacted if your son/ daughter/ward has an accident. Matters regarding health and safety are of great importance in the Construction industry and good practice will be rigidly enforced as listed in the code of practice below;

Specific Workshop Safety Points All learners must ensure that workshop safety practices are adhered to prior to starting all sessions, learners must wash hands on completion of all practical sessions. Learners must wear foot protection during all workshop activities. No learner will be allowed in the workshop without steel toe-capped footwear or the protective clothing which was highlighted in the ‘offer letter’ sent.

We intend to provide your son/daughter/ward with a safe and healthy learning environment.

When using hand or mechanical cutting equipment eye protection is supplied and must be worn, mechanical cutting will also require the mandatory wearing of ear protection

Your son/daughter/ward will receive health and safety information as part of their induction to the course. They will not undertake any task which could affect their health and safety or the health and safety of other learners, staff and visitors to the College.

Malicious use of equipment, destruction of facilities, contravention of the H&S Act, or general misbehaviour will result in loss of workshop facilities, this could lead to loss of place on college course.

Failing to follow health and safety regulations, or College health and safety procedures, is regarded very seriously. All areas of the College are subject to regular health and safety audits. Staff receive training on health and safety awareness. Wherever required, staff receive training on the health and safety aspects of the equipment, processes and materials which are employed in teaching and learning.

No learner shall leave the workshop classes until indicated by the lecturer in charge. MOBILE PHONES are not permitted in classrooms or workshops. Eating, drinking and the use of personal stereos are not allowed in classrooms or workshops.

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