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ugust Vogue made me fall back in love with the magazine. I don’t know why I’d been so against reading Vogue for most of the year really, I just felt I wasn’t enjoying it. But the features written by Harriet Quick and the A/W collection pages made me welcome it back as my favourite magazine with open arms. I don’t tend to read a lot of ‘upper class’ magazines such as Elle, and i-D as much anymore, generally down to being a student and needing to buy things that are more necessary. Looking through Vogue though made me realise I need to venture out more. I even enjoy looking at page layouts and font selection now, which is pretty mundane for most but is well connected to my university course. Going to save my pennies up to buy Love magazine this month. Or beg Mother.

One feature I particularly enjoyed reading was a profile piece about Aerin Lauder. She is the eldest granddaughter of Estée Lauder. And of course most people know how coveted Estée Lauder products are. I recently purchased a foundation and will most probably never turn back on it. (Double wear, maximum coverage

“When I update my own colors each season, I update yours too.” - Aerin Lauder

foundation.) Which means now I am lusting over many over products, particularly the Night Repair Serum. The feature is written so beautifully and gives a modest insight into her homes and life and how being a beauty business mogul fits in with everyday family life. I then, in

Septembers Vogue see her new collection of beauty products. ‘Aerin.’ Simple, yes, but the collection is dedicated to the classic, light looking products that are worn for a natural look. That mimics the type of make up Aerin would wear from day to day “when I update my own colors each season, I update yours too.” ( It is a practical range of items for a busy woman, the type that doesn’t need much time at all. Currently I have seen an ‘Essentials Collection’ featuring, lip balms, blush, hand creams and a foundation compact. Whilst there is a ‘Fall Collection’ that is more colour focused including eyeshadows and lipsticks with subcategories of ‘weekday’ and ‘weekend.’ The colours are very demure and sophisticated and the packaging looks absolutely stunning. I am so desperate to try at least one product from the collection!

The Aerin Beauty  

Whilst writing for my blog, I wanted a bit more of a challenge when writing posts so decided to put them into print layouts. This is a layou...

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