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blossoming blogging Blogging has blossomed lately. So, as this is our first issue we thought it’d be a good idea to delve into the depths of successful blogging.


he internet is everywhere, tubes, buses, cafes, and even pubs, meaning there is no surprise that people are blogging their lives away. I’m sure you will have heard of some of the big bloggers about town, such as Tavi Gevinson who made her blogging debut aged 13, and The Satioralist, the ultimate street style photographer, all slowly becoming household names for you fashionistas. Blogging has become a business lifestyle for these people, but does everyone want the fame? Fashion blogging in the UK has a huge following and Beta want to delve into the lives of fashion bloggers and see what it is they love so much and give you an insight into


their day to day lives. British fashion bloggers are the new journalists. Clothing and beauty brands have started creating exclusive events for bloggers to attend, in return the brand usually gets free publicity through the bloggers post. As well as the bloggers themselves having fabulous fashion-y nights out! And it’s no wonder why blogging has created such a storm, just log on to your computer, search for the reviews you want and there will most definitely a blogger who will have tried the product and given their view. Meaning that we don’t have to trawl through magazines to find the reviews ourselves. The internet is our saviour!

Though it isn’t all about product and clothing reviews. They now share their lives with us. What they do on a daily basis, what they buy, where they go, what they eat and most importantly what they think. The personalisation of a writer and the insight into their lives is something you don’t often get in magazines unless it’s a regular column. Blogging is their own personal column that is updated as much as they want. Their personalities are often pushed to the forefront of their blog allowing readers to connect easily. And not to mention that we can leave comments of our own on their sites. But what are the writers really getting out of it? Blogging opens windows, whether it’s free products, extra money from advertising or press events. However it has become a lifestyle for them; a lifestyle that has given them many opportunities and created a huge social circle. An average day for Rachel Phipps from www. consists of gathering content for her blog. This is of course when she has time off from her regular job of running the PR for her family business or days off from university; checking emails in bed, going for brunch with blogger friends, taking photographs for the blog but one of the biggest opportunities is getting to attend events. “If I go out, that involves going to press days to see upcoming collections, I usually go to these in a group with at least one other blogger from my circle of blogger friends,” says Rachel. Fashion bloggers are able to see the clothes before they hit the shops, a great privilege if you are a fashion follower. Last year her move to Los Angeles to attend UCLA changed her blogging lifestyle. The blogging industry in American doesn’t seem to have as much of a following as the UK according to Rachel, so most of the time in when in Los Angeles she will do blogging tasks on her own which is rather different to the UK. Though she stilly

finds blogging as gratifying, “[I enjoy] the freedom. I can write whatever I want, feature whatever I want, and photograph whatever I want on whatever schedule I want!”. The freedom is something many bloggers adore in the industry. A journalism job would tie you down to certain subjects, there’d be deadlines and inevitably more stress. Lyzi who own littlebeinglittle. admits blogging is a way to earn extra money, “I just enjoy sharing my life with other people, and a little extra money every month is a bonus”. Though Rachel Phipp’s uses her blog as her part time job while at university. It took her over two and a half years to start making money from her blog, but it did usefully tie in with the time that she started university. She is using her blog as a starting point for her career, “I want to be a writing full time, with my blog at the center of that.” The blogging industry has become a career for some, such as Tavi Gevinson from The Style Rookie and Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller. For some people a blog is just a creative outlet rather than a business venture, “I just blog as and when I feel like it, I absolutely love blogging, and everything that comes along with it, but I’m not sure I have the drive to make a career out of it,” says Lyzi. It was no surprise to hear ‘blogger friends’ being brought up a lot either. Blogging has created a social platform online. Blogger meet ups and events enable groups of people who have similar interests, usually similar ages, and with similar aspirations to meet together face to face rather than just chatting on twitter or through a blog. However some bloggers use it as a platform for interaction predominantly. Lyzi, from, enjoys ‘the interaction with like-minded girls’.


Fashion Blogging: Why Blog?  

A feature written about two bloggers and why they love to blog. Written for a womens technology magzine.

Fashion Blogging: Why Blog?  

A feature written about two bloggers and why they love to blog. Written for a womens technology magzine.