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Dash For Cash Southampton Solent’s New Fashion Range Southampton Solent University fashion students today began a dash for cash to sell a new clothing range. Four teams on the Fashion Management with Marketing degree have set up pop up shops around the university campus. A collegiate fashion range was launched three weeks ago, but over four days during the next week teams will compete to sell the most items. A prize will be awarded to the winners. The live project creates experience and universal skills for a range of students in their particular industry of study, which can be used in future employment. Local companies were used promotionally, such as nightclubs in Bedford Place giving free entry and one team was sponsored by The Orange Rooms. It first began with winning a governmental bid to fund the project over a year ago. Level two fashion students were then given the job to design a collection. Fifteen pieces of clothing were created including t-shirts, hoodies, joggers and varsity jackets with a variation on the colour. Fashion Managing with Marketing students then took on the task to sell the clothes. Prior to this week the four teams have used different marketing strategies to target audience and sell as much stock as possible. The ‘Orange’ team has tried a range of techniques to try and promote the clothing. Alex Smith, 20, a third year student said: ‘We took our own photos of the clothes to show our own spin, then put them on Facebook and Twitter.’ Social networking sites have greatly helped the students as most use them. Araminto, 21, 34

also a third year student, said the ‘Blue’ team have also used Facebook to promote the new collection. Alongside this, on the first day of selling they have communicated thoroughly with the students to gain attention. Amy Wells, 20, from the ‘Blue’ team, said approaching was key and also ‘flirting with the boys who walk past’ was a method that was being used a lot. The prime place of just inside the entrance of the university was given to he ‘Blue’ team but only for one of the four days. Whilst promotions are key in selling the collection, the garments are just as important. Jodie Coles, 25, joint team leader of the ‘Yellow’ team stated her favourite piece as the t-shirt and predicted that t-shirts and hoodies would be the best selling items. Other departments of the university have also been involved; MBA student, Lorraine Mankoo devised a marketing strategy; Elin Bengston created a website, Mark Wing (staff) shaped a copyright assignment to the patent. The clothes have an ‘American varsity’ feel to them and Head of Fashion, Emma Pritchard compared the styles to Fat Face and Hollister clothing. These brands have become very popular amongst students, the prime consumer for Southampton Solent University clothing. The colour scheme was kept simple along with the graphics, all showing the SSU logo though. Female, male and unisex pieces were all created. Prices range from £10.99 for a t-shirt to £40 for a varsity jacket.

Dash For Cash  

A news article about a fashion event at Southampton Solent University. I also created a mock up layout for a magazine.

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