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Fundraising Guide A haven for families

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A Very Daisy Chain Christmas...

It’s Christmas... On Friday 13th December, individuals, groups, schools and businesses across the Tees Valley are going to be holding a huge variety of Christmas fundraising events... all in aid of Daisy Chain!

Thank you... For deciding to take part in ‘A Very Daisy Chain Christmas’. In the pack, you will find lots of ways you can raise money for us and have lots of fun at the same time!!

About Daisy Chain... “A haven for children with autism; a place where they can go and find something in life to give them pleasure.” Lesley Hanson, Founder of Daisy Chain

What is autism? A lifelong developmental disability that affects the way a person communicates and relates to the people around them. It affects 3 areas of development: 1. Social Interaction 2. Social Communication 3. Imaginative Play “Reality to an autistic person is a confusing, interacting mass of events, people, places, sounds and sights. There seems to be no clear boundaries, order or meaning to anything. A large part of my life is spent just trying to work out the pattern behind everything.” - A person with autism

Aim high... Don’t just leave it to chance, set realistic goals and achieve something great! Don’t feel daunted, break your target down into smaller chunks - you’ll be surprised to see how these small amounts can soon add up to a large amount of money! Here are some examples of what you could raise:

Local Business £350 Local group involvement £150 Donations instead of gifts £50 Raffle a signed shirt £50 Dinner Party £100 Casino Night £200 Dress Down Day £100 Car Boot Sale £150 Street Collections £50 Hold a quiz £100 Ask your work colleagues £150 Ask friends and Family £50

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Christmas FUNdraising ideas... On the following pages, we have some FUN ideas for how you can raise money on Friday 13th December for A Very Daisy Chain Christmas...

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As a group... y a l P s a m t Chris lay and tive p s e f a n o t Pu end t t a o t e l p charge peo

12 days of giving... As a grou

p, why not donate your time f or 12 days

Trolley of Treats

Do a Christmas trolley dash and get people to buy the contents

Go Crackers!

Hand-make crackers instead of presents and donate the money you save!

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Collections Ask a supe rmarket if you can go in and do a bag p ack

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Fayre Invite pare nts and ch ildren to the fayre w ith a small entry fee

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M rkers e o t e r co-wo l t s i M u yo iss k e g s r a Cha Christm quick

Tuesday Make Tues day Christm as sock day o r Christma s jumper da y or both a nd ask everyo ne to wear s ne l o l e e a m pair and d B o ur s o e h e l onate to ta v ke Jinga fee to ha one for an part! Pay p your ph u pick Christmas Partyr people Charge a small fee fo to enter the party

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peed s e hose m w o s o t y r s T e u g collea r u o y e g n e chall is the best!

Plan your event... Thank you for FUNdraising for Daisy Chain. Now to help you get organised we have created a checklist so that you don’t forget anything! 2 months to go

Decide on the event and set your fundraising target Ask family, friends and colleagues to help you organise Arrange the venue, food, drink and transport Get quotes for printing costs for your promotional material Begin approaching local companies for prizes Ask your employer to match fund the event

1 month to go Approach potential sponsors for the event

Pay deposit for the venue, entertainment etc Compile a guest list Develop artwork for your promotional material

4 weeks to go Put up your posters and contact the press Mail out your invitations Organise volunteers to help at the event

3 weeks to go Send out tickets to guests

Sort out the seating arrangements

2 weeks to go

Run through the final details with the venue Sort any last minute problems Confirm the event with the press

The day before

Brief volunteers and outline duties Make sure that the money will be secure

Don’t forget... Thank everyone involved

Collect all the monies raised Distribute all the prizes

How to give... Giving to Daisy Chain couldn’t be easier. We have lots of ways you can give, from donating loose change into one of collection tubs to monthly giving. Here’s your quick guide: One off donations: It is easy to give to Daisy Chain. If you would like to give a one off donation, you can contact us or send us a cheque payable to Daisy Chain. Join us at a Daisy Chain event: We have lots of different events that go on throughout the year. Why not support us and come along. Do your own fundraising and create a giving page on Just Giving or get sponsor forms from us Donate via Text: You can donate £5 via text, just text DAISY to 70080

Be a frien d

Givin fami g a sma ll am lies to ou of Daisy ount ea r se ch Ch can be a rvices. A ain guar month to ante life c s littl not m es a the h e a uch a n s cce ge £ reall y is i r to our f 4 a mon ss pack t? A pint amilies. th et of o £ crisp f lager a 4 is s! nd a

For further information, you can talk to us at Daisy Chain on 01642 531248

Feeling adventurous...

Abseil Bungee Jump Skydives Zip Slides Walk Run Cycle

No matter how adventurous you are feeling, we can make it happen...

Sell your wares... We have a wide variety of FUNdraising materials and promotional items you can sell and use for advertising. These include: • Daisy Chain T-Shirts • Coin Key Rings • Balloons • Collection Tubs and Buckets • Daisy Chain Teddy Bears • Leaflets about Daisy Chain, Autism and Aspergers Syndrome • Sponsor Forms • Standing Order mandates • Posters We can on occasion provide one off promotional items for specific events. Most items can be provided on a Sale Or Return basis, except for one off items. Please contact Daisy Chain for more details of how to promote your event.


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You’re a Life Changer... lies , i m fa ek d e e w r und n each these h e on Chai keep r e v o Daisy al to h t i W ssing vit s ing. i n y n e e o: acc r mon s ru d e l c l i i w a child you serv r tion

na ession fo 1 support o d yourn activity s pecialist 1: activities t a Wh ovides a hour of s family’s day

pr n of a nths tivity o c h t - £6 ovides a a m n o e ay thre turd 0 pr s for a m r a 2 o S f £ y ra ker 0 pa pays fo wor 4 e £ r ca 00 ith or a f - £3 w y a k p r ld wo ism. l wou a 0 i 0 c t 0 - £1 y au r cru

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Know the rules... Thank you for FUNdraising for Daisy Chain and we hope your having lots of fun, but please make sure that you and those you are fundraising with are safe and acting within the law. IN THE KNOW: In the interests of safety, get sponsored by and collect donations from people you

know and trust.Ensure that children are supervised and don’t let them collect money from strangers. Be extra careful if you’re carrying money around. It’s safest to send us any money you raise straight away. NB Please don’t send cash in the post – write us a cheque to cover cash donations.

PERMITS: If you plan to hold a collection in the street or in a public place you need to get a license from

your local authority. It may take some time for your application to be processed so please apply early. Should your application be rejected, privately owned sites such as local shopping centres, supermarkets and railway stations may give you permission. Ensure you ask first, always use an official Daisy Chain collection tin and ask us for ID badges.

RUNNING A RAFFLE: Raffles are fantastic ways of raising money but are subject to certain guide-

lines. If you are holding a raffle as part of an event, such as a disco, fete or sporting event, you do not need a licence provided all ticket sales, and the draw itself, takes place during the event. No cash prizes can be awarded and the total value of the prizes must not exceed £250. Prizes themselves must have been donated and all proceeds from the raffle must go to the charity (except printing costs incurred for tickets). For any other sort of raffle you will need to contact your local authority or the Lotteries and Gaming Board.

DO I NEED A LICENSE? Some events which involve music, food and alcohol may require a licence. Please let us know what kind of event you are planning and we will advise you if you need to seek a license.

MATERIALS: By Law, any publicity material, press releases and tickets must include the following: Daisy Chain, registered charity No. 1109792

SPONSOR FORMS: It is now a legal requirement that we number all sponsor forms, so photocopies are not acceptable. Please ask us for plenty of forms, you can always return those you don’t use.

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A haven for families

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Christmas fundraising guide 2013  
Christmas fundraising guide 2013  

A Very Daisy Chain Christmas Fundraising Guide