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Popular Wedding Reception Favors

Many brides and grooms need ideas for pear wedding favors . There was a time when the creativity level of the favors you could buy was not that great. Wedding favors were pretty interchangeable from wedding to wedding. Thankfully now we do not have that problem!

It may even seem like the problem is that there are too many choices. Where does a bride start? With there being so many difficult decisions to make during wedding planning, you do not want what favor to give be one of them! To make things easier I would suggest you answer a few questions first. How much money can you afford to spend? How many favors will you give to each guest? What type of favor do you want to give out as a token of your appreciation?

Wedding favors all cost a little different, and it of course depends on the quality of the favor as well as the type of favor. Many favors fall into the range of $1-2 a piece where as others can cost anywhere between $5-10 each. Many brides and grooms will start narrowing their options by what they can afford to buy all their guests.

Pear wedding favors  
Pear wedding favors