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Kerry Scout County Newsletter

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On Saturday the 21st of October the Chief Scout Martin Burbridge came to Fenit to visit the 2nd Kerry Sea Scout Troop. The agenda for the visit was for the Chief to Present two Chief Scout Awards to two members Fenit Sea Scouts. The Chief also helped to invested 11 sea scouts into the troop and one leader.

pg5 30/10/2006


Kerry Scout County Newsletter

Tralee Volunteer Bureau - Children First Workshops for the development of a Child Protection Policy these workshops will take place on Friday the 10th & 17th of November in the Grand Hotel Tralee - the workshop is from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm - Please contact the Volunteer Bureau if you can attend the workshop.


Scouting Ireland ROADSHOW - Tralee Scout Den - Sunday November 26th - 10 am to 1 pm - this is a promotional tour by the Outdoor Adventure Stores promoting the uniform & the association. (Badges can be ordered & they will be brought by the O.A.S. staff to the roadshow - saving you on postage).

———————————————————————————————————————————County Programme Co-ordinators (CPC’s) can also use this space to promote their upcoming county events

SQS: Don’t forget to submit your SQS assessment forms to the County Commissioner by the 30th of November. DID YOU KNOW…. When a child makes or builds something - like a model plane, a boat or a car they often imagine it in action: flying, sailing or racing, as they works on it? Their minds are as active as their hands. Taken from a Cub website 30/10/2006


Kerry Scout County Newsletter

On Sunday the 24 th of September 8th Kerry (Fenit), took to the woods in search of the wild. Below are two accounts of this trip. We went for our nature walk to Ballyseedy Woods. Our Leader Jim Fox, told us that the Woods were owned by two different people. We saw very many old trees, some as old as 500 years. These were very big and people had carved their names on some of them. We saw Oak trees and pine nuts, Ashe trees and Sycamores and had great fun flying the helicopters up in the air. We also saw a badger’s hut which was a hole that looked like a tunnel. There were more holes around this. We also saw dinosaur food, which had a big spine down the middle and little leaves branching off it. During our walk we were split into twos, and told to search for different things, such as soft things and hard things. Jim also showed us where the bats live up in the chimney of a house there. I really enjoyed my nature walk that day. Cillian Tierney Age 8 ____________________________________________________________ th

8 Kerry (Fenit) went on a nature walk in Ballyseedy Wood. There are two sides to Ballyseedy Wood, one dry and one wet. We also talked about different trees like the ashe tree. The pack came across a tree about 500 years old! It was called a yew tree. Niall Buckley Age 10



Kerry Scout County Newsletter

 On Saturday October 21st 9th Kerry Kilmoyley had an overnight camp in the Scout Den in Tralee. The camp started at 4pm with the off loading of our gear & then down to the town park. After a visit to the playground we returned to the hall and the Cubs had a bit of free time. At 7pm we went to mass in St. Johns & when we returned to the den the leaders cooked dinner followed by pancakes, Jimmy & Maura o’ Donnell came just in time for the first two pancakes. After a good feed of pancakes the Cubs took to bed without being asked & they read ghost stories for half an hour. By midnight all was quiet.  The cubs woke at 8am to get ready for a hike. The bus arrived at 9am with the cubs favourite bus driver behind the wheel ( Adrian Godley). By 10:30 am we were at the base of Torc. We along with the driver went up the waterfall & when we came down the Leaders cooked us sausages. When we finished eating we loaded onto the bus & back to the Scout den. The Cubs parents picked them up from the den. We had 11 Cubs that weekend & 4 leaders. Fiona Lonergan (Cubs section leader) / Eileen Leen / Joan Sheehy & Angela Stack (G/L). Thanks to the 1st Kerry Unit for the use of the hall and to the bus driver for the safe journey. 30/10/2006


Kerry Scout County Newsletter

After 12 months of hard work it has final ly paid off for Fearghal Fitzgibbon & Barry o

Ma ho ny of th e 2n d Ke rr y Sea Scouts, as they received their Chief Scout Awards from the Chief Sco ut Mar tin Bur bri dge on Saturday October 21st. The boys had completed a series of challenges and were very happy to see their work pay off. The Chief Scout then helped invest Jacquii Hall as a leader with the Sea Scouts and finished by investing 11 new scouts into the troop. The troop leaders Dominic Ra ft er y, And re w Kel ly an d Jacquii Hall were all very proud of the achievements of the two boys. Also at the event was the County o Commissioner - Jimmy Donnell, County Secretary - Marian Hurley, County PR Officer - Angela Stack and the National Commissioner for Sea Scouts and water activities o Brian Daly. Also presented with an award was Mrs Daly who received a Thanks badge from the County Commissioner, it was The troop also presented the Chief presented by the Chief Scout to Scout and his wife with a token in her. thanks for their visit. 30/10/2006


Kerry Scout County Newsletter



Groups PLEASE do not forget to submit your SQS forms to me by the end of November. Count all your meetings and indoor/outdoor activities in your applications.

The 12 days of Christmas - the ticket stubs and record sheets need to be in HQ by early December. Please use the tickets to your advantage and fundraise for your needs

§ The

National Council of Scouting Ireland is in our County next summer. This is a one in a million chance for our county to promote itself & a chance for our County & Province to promote it’s worth to local businesses and the public. Events and details will be issued in due course.

Jimmy o’ Donnell County Commissioner World Scout Organisation (WOSM)

The world scout organisation have revamped their website and it is well worth a visit


Beavers: Equipment: none How to play: One Beaver impersonates a vampire while all of the others walk around with outstretched arms in a darkened room. If a Beaver bumps into the vampire, the creature lets out a horrible scream. This scream transforms the second child into a vampire too. Keep playing until the vampires have taken over your entire pack …………………………………………………..

Cubs: BOOCE Equipment: Sand, margarine containers ("scooters," one for target, three for each player), tape, chalk How to Play: Fill each container with sand and seal lids on with tape. Draw a playing circle about three steps wide with the chalk. Make a throwing line 10 steps away from the circle. Place the target container in the middle of the circle. Stand behind the line and slide a scooter toward the target. Try to get close but do not hit the target or you have to take your scooter back. Each player gets three turns sliding one scooter at a time toward the target. The player whose scooter is closest to the target without touching gets a point. The first player to get five points wins. ………………………………………………

Scouts / Venturers: Rounder's Equipment: bats; softball; bases How to play: The field is set up as in regular baseball; the group is divided into two teams. When the batter hits the ball, it’s a race between him and the outfielders. Both the batter and the ball must follow the same route, through the bases and to home base. If the ball reaches home first (after circling the bases) the runner is out. Fly balls are played as any other ball, and the batter is not out.


Kerry Scout County Newsletter

Next month - the Scout law 30/10/2006


Kerry Scout County Newsletter

LANDERS OUTDOOR WORLD, Mile Height, Killarney rd, Tralee (066) 7126644 Landers offer a 10% discount to all adult scouters, beavers, cubs, scouts & Venturers. I.d. card may be asked for. FOR YOUR GROUP / SECTION TO HAVE THEIR SAY IN OUR COUNTY NEWSLETTER, PLEASE HAVE YOUR PIECES / PICTURES INTO ME BY THE 25 TH OF ANY MONTH, SO I CAN HAVE IT IN YOUR INBOX BY THE FIRST WEEK OF THE MONTH

NEW BADGE for all of us that are using the Chat Forum on the Scouting Ireland website…. They have brought out a badge. It costs € 3.95 and is readily available from the Outdoor Adventure Stores.

Kerry Scout County Newsletter Editor Angela Stack PR Officer Kerry Scout County Ballymacquinn, Ardfert, Co. Kerry E-Mail: Mobile: (087) 7820506 30/10/2006


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