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Kerry Scout County Newsletter

Serving the following units 1 st Kerry / 3 rd Kerry Blennerville / 8 th Kerry Fossa 28th Kerry Kilcummin / 2nd Kerry / 8th Kerry Feint / 12th Kerry/ th st th 5 Kerry Tarbert / 1 Kerry Kenmare / 9 Kerry Kilmoyley




Kerry Scout County Newsletter

See training calendar page 7. Handed out at the Southern Province Conference September 17th 2006 in Clonmel (Dates / venues may be changed along the line)

N.M.C. approve 2007 badge The National Management Committee have approved a design for a centenary badge to celebrate the 100th anniversary of World Scouting….. The badge will be a similar design to that adopted for use at the world jamboree. The badge will be available in English and Irish and will be available in the Outdoor Adventure Store by December 1st and can be worn from January 1st 2007.

National Council 2007 This years national council will be held in the Province, the venue is the Gleneagle Hotel in Killarney…. And is 8th to 10th of June….. It is a two day meeting, This is a great opportunity for the Southern and Kerry Scout County.

Southern the date national Province

More news will appear here, in Woggle Talk & on the Scouting Ireland Website so keep an eye on these spaces



Kerry Scout County Newsletter

Congratulations to Deirdre on her wedding, as she and her husband came out of the church the Beavers & Cubs of the 2nd Kerry Group in Tralee blew bubbles instead of tossing confetti. The Beavers and Cubs were really excited about the whole event and it was a lovely sight to se e al l th e ki ds in th ei r uniforms.



Kerry Scout County Newsletter

We started off at Kate Carneys Cottage at 12:30 and finished at 3:30 - despite a forecast for rain we luckily only got about two minutes of drizzle. We had 89 Cubs on the Hike including 18 Scouters / Helpers / Family members & two dogs, 120 in total. When we reached the top of the mountain, Marian cooked the 8l bs of sa us ag es th at we re br ou gh t. Sausages never tasted as good as they did that day. On the day we had Cubs from the 1st kerry Tralee / 2nd kerry Tralee cubs and sea cubs / 3rd kerry Blennerville / 8th kerry / 8th kerry Fenit & the 12th kerry Kielduff.

`A big THANK YOU to Jim Fox and his Group for organising the hike. Also a big thank you to all the leaders & helpers who made the hike a most enjoyable day and a safe day!! submitted by Ted Heislip—Kerry Cub Scout CPC



Kerry Scout County Newsletter

NATIONAL TRIAL DAY - GAP OF DUNLOE - KERRY The National Trail Day event for Kerry County took place in the Gap of Dunloe on the 1 st of October. In all, six groups including Kielduff, Fenit, Fossa, Blennerville, 1 st and 2 nd Kerry Tralee, including the sea cubs, took part. This gave a total of 100 Cubs and 25 adults, leaders and parents, on the mountain. This was double the numbers that turned up last year. Despite a stiff climb all completed the event safely. The trial started at the car-park at Kate Kearney’s, from where we headed up the road for half a mile and then up the zig - zags to the top of the ridge. Unfortunately all didn’t make it to the top and this heightened the sense of achievement for those that did. We stopped for lunch at this point and sausages were cooked. Some then went on to a local summit. Now with full stomachs and with improved spirits and energy levels we headed back down, at record pace, back towards Kate Kearney’s. Fortunately, despite the speed, all made it back safely, in good time, and we are now looking forward to our next day in the mountains.

Jim Fox 8th Kerry (Fenit)



Kerry Scout County Newsletter

Creepy carton spiders

It’s that time of the year when SQS forms are due again. Please remember to count all activities / meetings & outings in your form, they all count. Please return the completed forms to me a.s.a.p. 12 days of Christmas tickets - your Group Leader should have received these tickets by now. This is a great fundraising opportunity for your group. Please take full advantage of it. The National Council of Scouting Ireland is being held in Killarney next year. This is a great opportunity for our County to hold a National event and a great PR opportunity.



all those cub leaders out there


A whole pile of every thing scouting related


Materials: Empty egg cartons cut into individual sections; pipe cleaners cut in half; markers and crayons What to do: Give each Beaver a section of carton to decorate with the face of a spider. Each Beaver should then receive eight half pipe cleaners which he can bend in half to make creepy, crawly legs. With help, he can then poke the legs in around the edges of the carton. For a fun meeting hall decoration, create a colony web in the corner of the room using wool or string, and fasten the creepy spiders on! Pumpkin planter - Equipment: None How to Play: Have the cubs sit in a circle. One player, the Pumpkin Planter, stands in the centre of the circle and gives each player a number. He then says, "In my garden there are six pumpkins." Pumpkin number six says, "Why six pumpkins?" The planter answers, "If not six, how many?" Number six then calls out another number in the circle. The next number must be alert and answer, "Why pumpkins?" to which the planter responds, "If not, how many?" If a player fails to respond quickly or gets mixed up, he has to perform a small task such as running around the circle. The game continues like this until the players lose interest. Troop size spider web - Equipment: You'll need various lengths of nylon cord and several bells. How to Play: The object is to move your entire troop through a nylon web without touching the web material. Tie the ropes in a web pattern between two trees. Count those in your group so there are at least as many web openings as there are bodies to pass through. Tie four or five small bells anywhere on the web so movement of the cords transfers readily to the bells. If a bell tinkles, it means the spider has felt the participant; the person must begin again to keep from being eaten by the hungry spider. Try to find a horrible looking rubber spider; dangle the spider from one of the nylon threads - a touch of the bizarre to add fantasy and fun! To make the event more challenging, a person can pass through a web opening only once. This adds to the group commitment and the need for teamwork. You'll be surprised to see how small an opening a Scout can squeeze through (with help). Safety: Don't allow anyone to dive through the web.


Kerry Scout County Newsletter

Step one

step two

step three

step four

MATERIALS: scissors, small nail (hammer/ pliers optional) and meths 1) mark a line around the can 2 inches from the bottom 2) Cut the top opening of the can with a scissors or tin snips, sand down the edges to avoid cuts and scrapes 3) Use a nail to make holes as far down as possible (8 holes) and fairly even spaced around the can. Take an old metal hangers to make the frame, 4) Use meths to light the stove, also saw dust or perlight (available at most garden centres) can be used along with the meths if desired. 5) It takes a little patience and luck to light it but they do work (PROMISE)

Step 5

Step 6

Scouts / Venturers Project Next issue - Country Code



Kerry Scout County Newsletter



Kerry Scout County Newsletter

LANDERS OUTDOOR WORLD, Mile Height, Killarney rd, Tralee (066) 7126644 Landers offer a 10% discount to all adult scouters, beavers, cubs, scouts & Venturers. I.d. card may be asked for.


CHRISTMAS PROJECT Operation Christmas box, otherwise known as “Samaritans Purse ” are now taking orders for leaflets for their shoe box Christmas appeal. Boxes need to be ready & at the drop off point by November 10th Check out their website and register with them for leaflets

www . Samaritanspurse . ie (01 294 0222)

Kerry Scout County Newsletter Editor Angela Stack, PR Officer, Kerry Scout County, Ballymacquinn, Ardfert, Co. Kerry E-Mail: Mobile: (087) 7820506 18/10/2006