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Issue 2

KERRY SCOUT COUNTY NEWSLETTER Serving the following units

9th Kerry Kilmoyley/1st Kerry Tralee / 3rd Kerry Blennerville / 8th Kerry Fossa / 28th Kerry Kilcummin / 2nd Kerry Tralee / 8th Kerry Feint / 12th Kerry Kielduff / 5th Kerry Tarbert / 1st Kerry Kenmare

Service awards for ten years of scouting were presented by Jimmy o' Donnell - County Commissioner at a county board meeting on Sunday March 5 th 2006. The awards went to (L-R) Sarah Conway, Beatrice o’ Sullivan & Helen nelligan all leaders in the 3rd Kerry Unit in Blennerville. Jimmy was recently presented with an award himself the Gold merit award, (It’s awarded to scouters for leadership of the most inspiring kind).

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Well done to all.

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Time & Venue to be decided Tralee scout den

24 June 2006

All leaders

Overnights skills

Kerry scout county

21st May 2006

All leaders

September 2006

All leader

Essentials Leaders Training Leadership training

Kerry scout county Limerick

Time & Venue to be decided

Please contact the county secretary or your section co-ordinator in advance to book into a course or event Dates and venues were correct at time of publishing

EARTHS WONDER If the earth were only a few feet in diameter, floating a few feet above a field somewhere, people would come from everywhere to see it. People would walk around it, marveling at its big pools, the bumps on it, and the holes in it. They would also be amazed at the very thin layer of gas surrounding it and the water suspended in the gas. The people would marvel at all the creatures walking around the surface of the ball, and the creatures in the water. The people would declare it as sacred because it was the only one, and they would protect it, so that it would not be hurt. The ball would be the greatest wonder known, and the people would come and pray to it, to be healed, to gain knowledge, to know the beauty and to wonder how it could be. People would love it, and defend it with their lives because they would somehow know that their lives, their own roundness, could be nothing without it. If the Earth were only a few feet in diameter

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Issue 2

Thank you firstly to Sean Rodgers our County Beaver Co-Ordinator for organising the evening and to Maura o’ Donnell & Maura Lyons who done the cooking on the evening, and thanks also to the units who participated. There were approximately 70 Beavers at the Treasure Hunt, each receiving a medal on the evening, and the two overall winners receiving a trophy. ______________________________

Group Leader training In Killarney 6th and 7th of May, with attendance from Kerry, Cork and Limerick, Thanks to Michael John Shinnik who was the course leader, to Marian Hurley Kerry County secretary who did the organising for the course, to Bernie Keane (limerick County Commissioner) and Mary o Regan (county Treasurer) who were also helping on the course. Finally thanks to the Group Leaders who attended the two day course. They travelled from within Kerry and from Cork and Limerick also. Each Group Leader is now working on their woodbadge project, so good luck to all. A big thank you to the Killarney Valley Hotel for the use of their Facilities for the course, it was greatly appreciated.

The Beavers of the Kielduff unit having a great time at foto Wildlife Park at the Simpsons Picnic – a great day was had by all –- [Photo 4 - submitted by Maura Lyons G/L] - 4 -

Issue 2

2nd Kerry – Tralee

Tralee and Kielduff join - 5 -for the activity together

The Curraghchase camp took place on the weekend of 7/8/9 April. 2nd Kerry had a dry weekend, apart from one hail shower which happened to coincide with the arrival of the County Commissioner. The Keilduff Cubs arrived early on Saturday and had a full day’s activity which included hike, map and compass, ropework and finished with campfire. Everyone enjoyed it [submitted by Ted Heislip]

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Issue 2

Welcome to the new Group Leaders Anne o Keefe – Kilcummin Ger o Sullivan – Tralee Sarah Conway – Blennerville My thanks to Michael o Connor – Kilcummin, Tommy King – Tralee and Myra Spillane – Blennerville, who have stepped down after many years of dedicated service, we wish them well in the future. Welcome to Ted Heaslip who takes on the rank of Cub Co Ordinator for & many thanks to his predecessor Paul Knightly who continues his hard dedicated work with the 1st Kerry Tralee. To Ger Hobbert who joins us as County Chairman. Ger, who was a scout leader and former trainer in Tralee. We wish him well in his new role. www.USSCOUTS.or g

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Zimbabwe scout troop Zimbabwe scout association page Typically American but a good link

BEAVERS – CUBS BEACH BALL GAME: Equipment: beach ball. How to Play: Let Beavers choose partners, and then leaders should give each pair a beach ball. Ask the pairs to move around the room carrying the ball between them, but without using their hands. Challenge Beavers to try as many different ways to carry the ball (without hands) as possible: head-to-head; side-to side; belly-to-belly. For variation, ask your Beavers to form a circle and pass the ball around the circle without using their hands. SCOUTS – VENTURERS GRANDPA’S STRING CHALLENGE Equipment: For each person, one piece of string about two feet in length; you may need scissors too. How to Play: Scouts must break into pairs. One person should tie his string securely (BUT SLIGHTLY LOOSE) around both wrists. The other partner should tie one end of his string to one wrist, take his string around the other person's string, and tie it on the other wrist. Now that their strings are crossed, the partners must talk and squirm and think in order to figure out how to become unattached. Good Luck! SOLUTION: One person must take a loop of his string, and pass it through the string tied around the other person's wrist. He must then pass the string over that person's hand, and around that person's entire body, before they will be separated.

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Google the site if you have trouble with the address

Issue 2

PERSONAL SURVIVAL KITS Plastic storage box Whistle and safety pins Matches in water tight box Small mirror Pencil – paper Strong sewing needle Water purifying tablet Sterile wipes Selection of plasters Fishing line Fishing line swivels

small compass small knife candle wire saw (outdoor shops) glucose sweets (for energy) plastic carrier bag children’s disprin (optional) wound closure strips dental floss fishing weights fishing hooks

A good survival kit should be in a water proof box, (Small in size) Stocked and sealed survival kits can be bought in most good outdoor stores but vary in prices, they are easy to assemble and very useful. They are a good back up for camping or hiking, incase you get trapped out overnight. - 7 - 7 -

Issue 2

Incase of an emergency, BE PREPARED. Next issue – packing your rucksack

After Fierce deliberation the winner of last issues competition for a €20 voucher for Landers leisure lines is TED HEASLIP. Thank you to those who entered the competition and to all those who gave me input for this newsletter, “three cheers and a bag of apples” to you all.

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Issue 2

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