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Volume 16, NO. 3 December 1, 2012


Coachman PRESIDENT Roger Houk 414-587-5519 VICE PRESIDENT Dr. Jennifer Thompson 608-592-6316 SECRETARY Myrna Rhinehart 608-254-5351 TREASURER Nancy Nelson 608-296-4602 DRIVES & SAFETY Debi Radtke 414-588-5576 DRIVES & SAFETY Dr. Chet Thomas 608-835-8549 PARLIAMENTARIAN & STAR PROGRAM Andy Halbach 608-296-2101 COACHMAN EDITOR Susan Koos Acker 608-235-1755 MEMBER AT LARGE Loren Gettelman 262-673-6337 WEBMASTER* Jane Licht 608-838-8178 *Not a DDC Board Member.

Radtke Memorial Drive

Lisa Whitcomb

this year. Maybe I’ll get a chance One of the really fun things about the to drive with new faces next year! Dairyland Driving Club is people from across lower Wisconsin, and even The Didier Farm where the Radtke Iowa and Drive is loMinnesota, cated appears coming toto be a cougether to ple hundred enjoy each acres between other’s several famcompany ily members and drive living next their ‘poto each othnies.’ I like er. A county exploring road bisects new drivthe proping trails Marilyn Radtke at the 2011 Ratdke Memorial Drive Photo Jane Licht erty creatand testing ing an ‘East area’ and a ‘West area.’ my driving skills in different environEast Area – Trot On! ments; but with the price of gas these The farm fields on the east side were days, my enthusiasm for exploration is cut this year and, with the dirt roads tempered by my checkbook. In case surrounding the fields open for drivthere are other people in the club from western areas, that might be think- ing, ‘trot on!’ was the operative word! The width of the tracks around the ing about driving all the way to Lake fields appeared to accommodate easily Michigan to the Radtke Drive but are pretty much any turnout (pairs, fours, wondering what they might encountandems, etc.). We didn’t encounter ter (given the cost) , I’m going to debikes or other people on the paved scribe some of the neat training and multiuse trail that cuts across the propchallenge opportunities on the drive

Newsletter for the Dairyland Driving Club

erty, but we have in other years. I took the trail though a patch of woods this year; the fall foliage was spectacular but the tighter turns and narrower trail width had me paying closer attention to the ground level than the brilliant red and yellow canopy over my head! West Side – Whimsy and Challenges Just across the driveway to the historic Didier farm, the path for driving crosses the County Road, and continued down another paved driveway. French & Italian landscape architects in the 16th & 17th centuries placed ‘water jokes’ (fountains which sprayed water intermittently) in formal gardens as a feature of surprise & whimsy; the Didier ‘course designer’ expressed similar creativity & whimsy this year with a farm silo turned into a child’s playground slide! The ‘Tow-Mater’ truck we encountered last year (the character from the movie Cars) as well as airplanes and other ‘yard art’ were there. I’m not sure if ‘the pony’ found the features to ‘be funny’ or not! We tested our skills in multiple challenges available on the south side of the property, including: • A Railroad track – a gravel road crosses the tracks, so the ‘pavement’ is even with the tops of the rails. No trains went by this year! • Winding trails, (maybe 6-8 feet wide in the woods) – the type where you might have to ask the horse to step ‘into the woods’ to get the vehicle past trees or make a tight turn. • Hazards used in the marathon section of the CDE held at the farm in years past • Dang the draught! No water this year, but usually two sizeable water features, a grassy part of the river plain and the ‘intermittent’ stream itself. The lunch area for the drive was again in a ‘hanger’ for the Didier airplanes; the food was hot and fresh, and it was really nice to sit down and ‘catch up’ with all my Dairyland friends! As always, the Radtke drive provided the best of Wisconsin fall color, a great setting for catching up with friends, and some really neat and fun driving opportunities.

2 Dairyland Driving Club December 1, 2012

Whats Happening? What’s Happening! January 12 - Ashland Sleigh Rally, Ashland WI 27 - DDC Annual Members Meeting, McFarland WI February 9 - Columbus Sleigh Rally, Columbus WI March *20 thru 24 - Live Oak International CDE, Ocala FL April 19, 20 & 21 - Midwest Horse Fair, Madison WI 21 - Old World Wisconsin Trail Drive, Eagle WI (28th rain date) **27 & 28 - MDDA Drive, Ft. Dodge IA May 10, 11 & 12 - Suzy Stafford Clinic, Northwoods Harness Club **11 & 12 - MDDA Drive, Palmyra WI 12 - Black Hawk Ridge Trail Drive, Sauk City WI (tentative) (Mothers Day) 19 - Black Hawk Ridge Trail Drive. Sauk City WI (tentative) *17, 18 & 19 - Gayla Blue Grass CDE, George Town KY 25 & 27 - Midwest Driving Weekend, Hickory Knoll Farm, Fitchburg WI (Memorial Day) June *1 & 2 - Eastern Iowa Carriage Classic. West Branch, IA **8, 9 & 10 - MDDA Drive, Palmyra WI 9 - Donald Park Trail Drive *14, 15 & 16, Metamora CDE, Metamora MI *15 & 16, Columbus Horse and Carriage Festival, Columbus WI *22 & 23 - Skunk River HDT, Ames IA July ?? - Kettle Moraine Trail Drive *19, 21 & 21 - Hickory Knoll CDE, Fitchburg WI August *17 & 18 - Indian Hills HDT, Gilbert IL 18 - Robotka Trail Drive, Westfield WI *30, 31 & Sept 1 - Indiana CDE, Edinburgh, IN September *6, 7 & 8 - Villa Louis Carriage Classic, Prairie du Chien 29 - Harry Radtke Memorial Drive - Didiers November 10 - Sussex Park, Waukesha County Bold items are DDC events. * Denotes ADS Recognized Competition. See the Omnibus on the ADS website for more information: ** Midwest Distance Driving Association

Villa Louis Carriage Classic

Donna Crossman

Showcation: Sho-kay-shun (noun) Time off of work that is spent at a horse show or in a horse show environment. Showcations often financially replace a traditional vacation (for many years). I saw this on Facebook and thought that fits me so perfectly as well as some of my very good friends. This year I attended one of my favorite “Showcations”, the Villa Louis Carriage Classic held in Prairie du Chien. This event is one of the largest and most elegant of pleasure shows in the Midwest. Participants numbered 120 and came from as far west as Nebraska!

For me this is not only a vacation, but also a great social event. I love to catch up with my friends that I only get to see at horse events. If you’ve never been to the VLCC - make it one of your “showcation” destinations - it’s well worth the trip!

Andy Halbach and Eli own the Small Pony Reinsmanship class!

Did Wilson from Home Improvement makes a guest appearance at the Villa Louis Carriage Classic or was it really H.K?. (hint hint)

I’m no math wizard but about 1/3 of entries are Dairyland Driving Club members! Mike and Shelly Rider along with numerous others on the show committee work all year long so that we carriage drivers can come out to play for the weekend. The officials Ms. Mickie Bowen, Ms. Billie Hill, Ms. Mary Anne Boyden and Mr. Edward Young were kept busy judging the usual ring classes as well as cones, cross country and gambler’s choice. It would appear that the Carriage Dog Class and the Picnic Class are crowd favorites judging by the amount of spectators. Friday night is the Friday Night Fish Fry ( a Wisconsin tradition), Saturday evening we feast on Prime Rib and cheesecake for dessert - it’s a good thing that we have a cross country & cones course to walk numerous times or my ponies would be asking me to loose that extra passenger in the carriage! (for those of you who don’t know me...I drive a VSE and a small pony...alone).

December 1, 2012 Dairyland Driving Club 3

New Pleasure Show in Eastern Iowa

Laurie Renda

It's official! The location has been secured and we are planning on June 1-2nd 2013 for the 1st Eastern Iowa Carriage Classic, so mark your calendars. We will be holding it at the Catalpa Horse Park which was designed for 3 day eventing. Catalpa/Welcome.html Catalpa is a modern eventing facility situated on an expansive working farmstead in rural West Branch, Iowa, 15 minutes outside of Iowa City. The family farm dates back to the 1800s and this is reflected in many of the exquisite buildings on the grounds. Catalpa is a first-class facility that seamlessly blends the modern aspects of eventing with the farm’s heritage. They have welcomed us to hold our first Eastern Iowa Carriage Classic. Beneath the Catalpa trees, competitors can expect to find a relaxing atmosphere with ample space to move about, electrical camping and permenant stabling. The facility harkens back to Iowa's farming heritage. In dressage, competitors will drive in a grass arena, we have another arena for ring classes and plenty of areas for the obstacle classes. The warm up area abuts a long hacking lane perfect for settling the excited horse.

An offer too good to resist! Mischka Press has generously agreed to offer Dairyland Driving Club members a discount on 2013 Driving Horse Calendars – just $10 for this $14.95 value. Please send your order in soon to assure delivery in time to send on for gifts or to have for yourself. Please send your orders to: Nancy Nelson, DDC Treasurer, c/o 106 E. Park St., Westfield, WI 53964. Checks should be made out to Dairyland Driving Club. Name


Street City



Be sure to check their website for other equinerelated gifts and products,

4 Dairyland Driving Club December 1, 2012

The cross country terrain is open and inviting, moving from area surrounded by crops, to open fields, water, and through woods. The surroundings reflect Iowa's heritage, most notably a covered bridge for our cross country course and a water crossing. I am very excited to be organizing this event and look forward to all of your support.You can like us on the Facebook page for any updates. Little Larry attended a horse auction with his father. He watched as his father moved from horse to horse, running his hands up and down the horse's legs and rump, and chest. After a few minutes, Larry asked, 'Dad, why are you doing that?' His father replied, 'Because when I'm buying horses, I have to make sure that they are healthy and in good shape before I buy. Larry, looking worried, said, 'Dad, I think the UPS guy wants to buy Mom ...'

From Your Editor...

What wonderfully weird Wisconsin weather we are having this winter! I hope that everyone is taking advantage of this anomoly and being able to extend their driving season by a few weeks. My family and I have taken advantage this weather and gotten a few more projects done around the farm. My favorite has been installing rubber mats in my stalls. I scored about 50 slightly used 1” inch cow mats at an auction this spring. You would have though I just purchased the crown jewels if you saw my face when the auctioneer said “Sold” and pointed his gavel at me! I was absolutely giddy with excitement. We are putting them to good use by slowly lining the areas of major poop accumulation with the precious black rubber. My stall cleaning time has been reduced by more than two thirds!

I actually cleaned all my harness this fall before putting it away for the envitable winter. An absolute first for me. What I am hoping for is by getting all the “spring” chores done in the fall, that I will be able to attend more DDC pleasure drives in 2013. I had an absolute blast at the ones I was able to get to this past year and regret the lost opportunties to attend others. The DDC pleasure drives are a wonderful chance to get your horses and ponies out and about in a safe and supportive environment. Plus the potlucks are out of this world! Man, this club can cook! If you haven’t had a chance to attend an event yet please do! Even if you can’t bring your horse, bring your helmet and I am sure you will be able to catch a ride, and enjoy the scenery and camerdaerie that the DDC is absolutely famous for. Hope to see you out on the trail this spring,


Civil War Dance at Columbus

melanie Lichtfeld

Please mark your calendars for Father's Day weekend June 15-16, 2013 for the Columbus Horse and Carriage Festival. Help us honor those that served in the civil war. We have the Friends of the State Historical Society helping organize the event with a civil war ball/dance to be added to the 2013 activities. As one of our sponsors they will help spread the word which will help build the audience for our show. The Columbus Horse and Carriage Festival is helping educate the public on the important role that Governor Lewis and Wisconsinites had during that period in our country’s history. Part of the proceeds from this event will go to help make the Grand Pavilion handicapped accessible. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Let's make this year’s event one of the BEST! December 1, 2012 Dairyland Driving Club 5

DDC Annual Meeting Date: January 27, 2013 Where: McFarland Community Center, 5915 Milwaukee Street McFarland WI Time: 1:00 pm social, lunch begins at 2:00 pm Mark you calendars in ink for the DDC Annual Meeting. This is a great gathering of carriage driving enthusiasts from all over Southern Wisconsin and beyond. Crack open your cookbooks and whip up (no pun intended) a special something to share with your fellow drivers. Bring an item for the silent auction to help support club activities for 2013. If you can’t bring an item bring your wallet and bid, bid, bid! Don’t forget your own place setting and beverage of choice. Wine and beer are very welcome at this event. Elections One of the most important things we do at this meeting is Elect Board Members. Bio’s for candidates seeking re-election are on the next page. There is one position open with no candidate named at this time. If you are interested you may self-nominate by contacting Vice President Jennifer Thompson at 622-9190 or Come one come all and catch up with all your driving friends. It’s like coming to a fun family reunion!

Best wishes are extended to Jack Shea for his continued recovery from a carriage driving accident. The Shea family’s request is that those who know them and others who care about folks in the horse community keep Jack in their prayers. The Shea family provides continuing updates on Jack at the Caring Bridge website. visit/jacksmiracle/journal. You can access this website to receive updates on Jack’s condition and can send notes of encouragement and support for Jack’s continuing recovery. 6 Dairyland Driving Club December 1, 2012

Star Program There are so many dedicated drivers with lots of experience in the DDC, that the board of directors has put forward the new and fun Star Member Program. Plan to “STAR” this year and in years to come. Purpose of the program: To give those members who invest time and energy into the sport of driving positive recognition as a member of DDC. This would also allow new and inexperienced members to identify those experienced members for networking. How the program works: If you decide to join the program you need to keep track of your horse driving activities. There is a Star Program Log Sheet to use if you wish, or just use a calendar. Each year when you renew your DDC membership, you would, on the membership form, identify if you qualified as a “Star Member” for the previous year. The membership list on the web site would post a “Star” [*] by your name. If you have a family membership one or more of the family members must meet the qualifications. This years’ “stars” will be posted early in 2012. Program qualifications: To qualify you would have to meet one of the following during the last driving season with an equine driven unit. 1. Drive more than 50 miles accumulated for the year. 2. Drive more than 25 hours accumulated for the year. 3. Attend and drive at three or more DDC scheduled events. 4. Attend and drive at two or more ADS events. 5. Attend and drive at three horse events (open shows, parades, sleigh rally, traditional day of driving, field days, County or State Fairs, clinic lessons, etc.) 6. Mentor a youth or adult driver for ten hours or more.

Candidates For The 2013 DDC Board Of Directors Loren Gettelman lives near Hartford with his wife Marge and their son Tony. After retiring his beloved Trojan, Loren has been driving his Morgan gelding at carriage classics, fun shows and on DDC drives. Loren is always one to lend a hand at any DDC events including the safety clinics and both Midwest Young Drivers Camps. He also volunteers at Old World Wisconsin with his steady horses. Loren enjoys building horse-drawn road carts for friends and other customers. Loren and Marge set up the DDC booth at the Midwest Horse Fair every year.

Dr. Chet Thomas lives with his wife Donna near Brooklyn, Wisconsin. Chet is a retired veterinary epidemiologist with the School of Veterinary Medicine, Madison WI. Currently, he is past President of Madison West Rotary. Chet took up ridden dressage at age 48 and earned his Qualified Rider Award. He began driving in the mid1990s, and benefitted greatly from Dairyland Driving's safety driving clinics and the support and advice received from many members at the pleasure drive outings. He competes in pleasure driving shows and combined driving events at the preliminary level with his Fjord mare, Trina.

Trail Driving at Blackhawk

f December 1, 2012 Dairyland Driving Club 7

Member Memories

Sharon Makurat and Choo Choo at Harry Radtke memorial drive.

Wes Licht’s million dollar driving smile. Robotka’s

Larry Schultz line-driving at Blackhawk.

8 Dairyland Driving Club December 1, 2012

Charlene Wade and Stanley with a few ribbons.

Karen Arkebauer at the Bill Lower clinic.

Denise Marino and Todd at Blackhawk.

Is My Turnout Too Heavy? This information was gleaned from an article written by Flora Hillman, appearing in the American Driving Society’s, The Whip, April 1993 Following are several charts to help you gauge the approximate load limits per available horsepower. Results reported in studies indicated that the majority of horse/vehicle combinations fall within these guidelines. Please note that these limits will vary with driving conditions, driving habits, distance traveling and horse/vehicle conditions. Table 1: Size to Weight Charts Description Height (Hands) Approx Weight (lbs) Small Pony 9.0-12.2 450-650 Med/Lrg Pony 12.3 -14.2 650-900 Small Horse 14.3-15.1 900-1100 Thoroughbreds 15.0-16.2 1000-1250 Quarterhorses 15.0-16.2 1150-1475 Half Draft 15.2-16.3 1350-1650 Estimating your horses weight can be done by taking a measurement of the girth area, measuring the distance from point of shoulder to point of buttocks, and using the following formula: (girth inches x girth inches) x length of body = base inches. Base inches divided by 300 (+ 50lbs) = weight of horse.

The following calculation is based upon studies made in the 1800s and by conditions met in the present day. This method is to be used for ESTIMATES ONLY and should serve as a guideline and not gospel. The premise is based upon the recreational driving horse going an average distance of 8 miles in an average time of 1.5 hrs. The Maximum Gross Tow Weight (MGTW) is the weight of the vehicle plus the weight of the passengers combined. Condition A Excellent Going – Hardtop, packed gravel, or packed dirt roads, fairly flat going, excellent weather conditions

Weight of horse x 1.5=MGTW (A)

Condition B Fair Going – Traveling on grass of soft roads, hills good weather conditions stop and go traffic

Weight of horse =MGTW (B)

Condition C Poor Going – towing in deep mud, sand or snow, adverse weather conditions, excessive hills

Weight of horse X.75=MGTW (C)

Example: Your 15.3 Quarterhorse has a girth of 76” and a length of 62” . To estimate his width you would take: 76 x 76 = 5,776 5,776 x 62=358,112 358,112/300=1,193 + 50 =1243lbs Studies have shown that the above method of estimating weights is within three percent of actual weights from scales.

December 1, 2012 Dairyland Driving Club 9

The Pres Sezs... I trust you all had time to spend with family and friends during the Thanksgiving holiday. As I look back on 2012, remembering the wonderful times we spent together, one aspect stands out, “DDC camaraderie”. •

We greet each other with smiles.

• We help each other unload and load our animals and equipment. • •

We share lunches and laughter. We share stories; old and new.

• We share parts of our lives only horse people can appreciate. • We willingly share our knowledge, insights and empathy.

That’s the DDC! What great lives we have!

our 2012 a year to remember; hosts, volunteers, clinicians, participants, members and guests! Please join us at our annual meeting in McFarland, WI, Jan. 27 2013.

Happy Holidays to all! Drive Safe! Roger Roger C. Houk 414.587.5519

My sincere thanks to everyone who made

Masterson Method™ at the Midwest Horse Fair®

Madison, WI, November 8, 2012 –– Jim Masterson, creator of the equine bodywork method known as the Masterson Method™ will be sharing his insight and skills at the Midwest Horse Fair®. The expo is one of the nation’s top three-day equestrian events and will be held April 19, 20 & 21 – 2013 at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI. Masterson has had the honor of serving as the Equine Massage Therapist for the 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012 USET Endurance Teams, and for equine clientele competing in FEI World Cup, Pan American and World Games competitions. Masterson’s technique teaches a unique method of equine bodywork to therapists and horse owners, in which the practitioner recognizes and follows the responses of the horse to touch in order to release tension in key junctions of the body that most affect performance. Masterson recognized that the horse exhibits certain neurological responses to touch as it releases tension in the body. Using those responses to guide his work, he developed a system in which the horse participates in the process by showing the practitioner where tension has accumulated, precisely how much pressure is needed to release it and when it has been released. The result is an effective method of bodywork that anyone can learn to use, to improve performance while at the same time opening new levels of communication and trust with the horse. In 2004, Real Bodyworks of California released an instructional DVD, “Equine Massage for Performance Horses: The Masterson Method™.” Masterson frequently travels the world teaching the Masterson Method™ seminars and advanced courses to horse owners, trainers and therapists. Opportunities are available to work with Jim Masterson at the 2013 Midwest Horse Fair®. For additional information, visit or contact the Midwest Horse Fair® by phone at (920) 623-5515 or e-mail 10 Dairyland Driving Club December 1, 2012

Official Business

Board of Directors Meeting September 18, 2012, RodeSide Grill, Windsor, WI

The meeting was called to order at 6:41 p.m. by Vice President Jennifer Thompson. Present were Loren Gettelman, Andy Halbach, Nancy Nelson, Debi Radtke, Myrna Rhinehart, and Chet Thomas. Chet moved to approve the minutes of the July meeting approved as printed, Debi Radtke, 2nd. MC Treasurer’s Report –There is $5304.89 in the checkbook. There is $9305.53 in two CDs. The $500 contribution to the ADS Annual Members meeting has been sent. Chet moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Andy Halbach, 2nd. MC

Marti Phillips will host at their facilities all within 20 minute drive of each other. Details finalized before the Annual Meeting and presented there, and updates and promotion will be on Facebook. Young Drivers Camp – Chet reported that ADS requires a Grant Completion report, and it has been submitted to the ADS office. Andy asked if DDC can have a copy when it is finalized. The YDC did meet its budget, even though the funding was cut drastically from the proposal, through changing the schedule and initial offerings. We will send information about DDC to the YDC participants.

New Business Funding for Non-DDC events – There has been a request to put together some wording to clarify a proceOld Business dure for providing funding for events that are not DDC Star Program – After Andy proposed that a sixth way sponsored. Nancy moved that we form a committee to to qualify for the Star Program at the last meeting, to put rules and guidelines Roger, Loren, Andy, and Chet mentor or coach a youth or a beginning driver for 10 will work on an initial policy. Andy 2nd. MC. hours, there have been several people who have been Membership – Nancy reported that we are static since able to qualify. Jennifer asked what the definition of a last meeting. We have more new members than we beginning driver is. Andy said that those who qualify have had in recent years. Nancy can go through the as a Star Member are not beginning drivers. list and see who has not renewed their membership. Facebook – Appears to be utilized well by regular Nancy would like to see a Membership Chairman Facebook users. We need to add a Facebook link on to encourage membership. Jennifer wondered if we the regular DDC website. should move one Drive Co-Chairman to a MemberDairyland-Driving-Club/208530719222156 ship Chairman. Will pursue at a future meeting. Coachman – There have been a few people who have Board Member Terms – The three-year term limits stated that they didn’t think they received the newslet- were approved at the last Annual Meeting. Considerter. There has been interest from a member who might ing the current nine member board, we will elect three be Co-Editor or Assistant Editor for the Coachman. positions per year. However, the Newsletter Editor is Discussion ensued in regards to the Board of Directors not an elected position, but is appointed to the Board. position that is correlated with the Editor position and The agreed rotation is Nancy, Loren, and Chet up for how to title the positions. Nancy offered to produce election in 2013; Andy, Myrna, and Roger in 2014; the upcoming issue until we could finalize the Editor and Jennifer and Debi in 2015. position(s). Jennifer will offer the short-term proposal to finish the newsletter, and the long-term proposal to establish co- or assistant editor help. We will review this at the next meeting. Pine Lake Drive (Westfield) – There were 22 trailers at the drive, which is a super turnout! Many of the more Northern members came to this drive. Coggins papers were collected and are kept on file for the Pine Lake Camp drive. Mid-Summer Carriage Barn Tours – Andy reported that Deb Moll-Sauer, Nancy Nelson, Gary Glover, and December 1, 2012 Dairyland Driving Club 11

September BOD Minutes Continued

Annual Meeting Date – Jennifer will communicate with Jane Licht in regards to the date and the place for reservations. The proposal so far is January 27, 2013 at the McFarland Municipal Building. Drive Schedule - Debi will check with Roger and Pat Didier in regards to the Didier Drive schedule for 2013. Haflinger Owners of Wisconsin wants DDC to change the date for the Didier drive next year so that their members can come to the drive. Nancy reported that drive participants like to be greeted with information about the drive, and doing that has renewed interest in the pleasure drives. Debi is organizing pleasure drives for 2013. Clinics – Jennifer reported that HUB Club has asked

about joining forces for the potential of offering clinics. HUB Club is looking to offer a Safety Clinic. Chet moved that we support HUB Club in offering a Safety Clinic in 2013 and that would include DDC members participating in the planning. Jennifer and Chet will contact HUB Club in regards to this. There was a successful brainstorming session on how to improve the Member Clinic offering and educational experience. The Clinic committee will refine these suggestions for the clinic. Andy moved to adjourn at 8:37 p.m., Debi, 2nd. MC. Respectfully submitted, Myrna Rhinehart, Secretary

ADS Annual Meeting Fitchburg,Wisconsin, September 28-30, 2012: The ADS Annual meeting drew 135 carriage driving enthusiasts from California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington and (of course) Wisconsin. BITS Driving Club of Iowa and the Minnesota Whips and Wheels, sponsored a special lunch for the ADS Board of Directors after which everyone made their way to Hickory Knoll and Frostwood Farms for the first of the horse related educational sessions. These sessions were made possible by contributions from The Dairyland Driving Club and the Hub Club of Illinois. Jeff Rufenacht from Double D Enterprises a trailer specialist from Verona Wisconsin had a lot of great information on how to safely trailer your horses. (look of an article from them in the Coachman this spring) Becky Tenges, a Masterson Method practitioner of Horse Massage, talked to a huge group of people who witnessed the effects of purposeful contact on a horse. Jeff Morse culminated Friday’s educational sessions with his presentation, “Second Careers for Horses.” Jeff worked with Cosmos Vigilante, a primarily riding-lesson horse owned by Susie Weiss. He analyzed what Vigilante knows and how that knowledge might influence how he reacts to the different requirements of driving. 12 Dairyland Driving Club December 1, 2012

After the presentations, while some attendees tried their hand at driving the wild four-in-hand of bicycles attached to a golf cart brought by Dan and Sue Peterson, others enjoyed the delectable Wisconsin-made breads, cheeses, honey, pheasant, wine, apples and beer that filled the Red Barn. Promptly at 7 p.m. Theresa Burns sounded the coach horn announcing that dinner was being served in the pavilion. Everyone took their seats in anticipation of the bounty that they hoped would match the delectable smells wafting from the kitchen, and they were not disappointed. Natasha Grigg one of the founding members of the ADS commented that this was probably one of the finest dinners she had ever enjoyed at an ADS Annual Meeting. While diners enjoyed the wonderful food, Susan Blunck, a third-year veterinary student at the UW, provided dinner music as she fiddled her way around the dining room. After a sweet treat from Clasens Bakeryfolks gathered on the lawns surrounding the pavilion to marvel at the full moon and enjoy a last glass of wine before returning to their hotels. On Saturday Jeff Morse’s presentation on Bits and Bitting kicked off the day with an enthusiastic overflow crowd that required every spare chair in the hotel. The enthusiasm continued throughout the day as attendees enjoyed presentations by Dr. Howard Ketover, Debbie Bevan, CathyThomas, Myrna Rhinehart, Mary Ruth Marks and Lisa Singer. Mallory Gorman and Audrey Bostwick also gave an entertaining hands-on session on proper turnout for women. Many people

Member Classifieds

Got something to sell? Contact to list your driving related items. 100

word limit. Ads are FREE for members and will remain until you send me a note to take it down. So if it sells contact me to stop your phone from ringing. 2007 Sprint by Frey Carriage Company. Large Pony size 2 wheel vehicle with many extra options: spares box, marathon wedge seat and marathon shafts. Rarely used. $2600 For more info or additional photos contact Peggy Spear at 608-655-3866 or pmarszoo@ Pairs harness, like new black bio with chrome, made for a large horse. $1200. Phaeton over 110 years old, fully restored $6200. Metal wardrobe $10. Slide in camper, sleeps 5, all extras & everything works. $1000. Call Debi at 414-588-5576 or e-mail enchantment@ Robertson Seat Trail buggy built on light met- al frame, hydraulic brakes, shafts, chrome hub- caps, 11/2” pneumatic tires, vinyl seats. 82” length, 54” commented on Audrey’s lovely green suit, which she purchased at a thrift store for $8—proving you don’t have to spend a million bucks for an outfit. After all the educational sessions came the ADS Annual Members Meeting. Nominating Committee Chair Natasha Grigg presented the proposed slate of new ADS Board of Direcotor’s to the membership and it was accepted and voted in by unanimous consent. After the election the membership discussed a variety of topics including Michael Rider’s motion: “I move that the American Driving Society (ADS) cease to collect a ‘competitor fee’ for current members at ADS-recognized competitions beginning January 1, 2013.” There was much discussion and debate, with many ADS members voicing their disapproval of the fee’s implementation and the imposition it will cause to organizers. Others said they felt that, as competitors, they should be contributing more to the costs that are incurred by competition-related expenses. The motion did not pass; however, the vote was very close. Breakdown of vote: yes no abstain Members Present 26 44 11 Proxies Submitted 90 92 1 Total 116 136 12

width, 60” height, 49” track, 52.5” hub to hub, 29” wheels, 430 pounds. For horse or large pony. Excellent condition. Melanie Lichtfeld. 608-444-5333 MelL@ Buckskin Morab mare, 12 years old, 15.1 HH, rides & drives. Used for lessons, shows, carriage and sleigh service. Gorgeous. Huge potential with right owner. $3,500. Wes Licht 608-838-8178 Paint gelding, 6 years old, very gentle, halter broke only - $400 or
BO. All shots, de-worming, and dental work done in a proper and consistent manner. Jean Elmer 608-576-5425 All DDC members are invited to submit their ads for items for sale for FREE The evening concluded with presentation of the prestigious Presidents Award. The beautiful bronze relief of a tandem attached to an oak plaque was awarded to Ann Davis, an ADS Board Member for eight years, whose most recent role is that of Secretary. Ann was instrumental in the implementation of an ADS marketing plan that included the Breed Partner Program, which now includes 15 different organizations. Ann’s tireless commitment to the goals of the Society is immense, extending from articles in the Whip to organizing Annual Meetings to promoting the sport of driving to her breed association, the Friesian Horse Association of North America. The society owes Ann Davis a debt of gratitude and many heartfelt thanks for her tireless effort.

December 1, 2012 Dairyland Driving Club 13

e-mail addresses between new friends as well as special thanks to all the horse and pony owners, clinicians, volunteers and who pulled together to make this year’s ADS Annual Meeting a rousing success. Special thanks goes out to the organizing committee for making this one of the best ADS Annual Meeting in recent history. Besty Freiburger, Cathy Thomas, Myrna Rhinehart, Jennifer Thompson, Mary Ruth Marks, Dan and Sue Peterson, Donna Crossman, Sheri Haviza, Stacy Carlson, Susie Koos Acker.

Address Correction Requested 3015 Marvin Ct Cross Plains, WI 53528

The Coachman

The perfect Indian Summer weather continued through our last day of the meeting, back out at Hickory Knoll and Frostwood Farms. Clinician Lisa Singer began the day with a dressage test walk using the new Preliminary “view from A” Test 2. Next she catapulted into a detailed talk about what it takes to drive a pair. After that, attendees who signed up to take a lesson with a pair moved off to the polo field to await their turn to drive while Lisa took the others over to the cones course for her tips on how to properly drive a course. Next up on the clinic schedule was Mary Ruth Marks,bringing her infectious enthusiasm for the sport of tandem driving to the crowd. Mary Ruth shared her hilarious stories and her vast knowledge of what to do and what not to do when driving a tandem. After her talk a handful of people actually got to try to drive one of the four seasoned tandems available. The day ended with many hugs and exchanges of

12 December Coachman  

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