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Newlyweds AT H O M E


When we met newlyweds Craig and Kate Hoekstra in their Sioux Falls, SD split-level home, they were very much newlyweds. Only four months into their marriage, the couple (Craig an accountant for DGR Engineering, and Kate an attorney for South Dakota Advocacy) could hardly take their eyes off each other, and their love permeated throughout the kitchen as we sat down for our interview. They seemed to have it figured out, with two TVs in their living room (one for sports and one for shows) and a shared appreciation for off-the-wall décor (like a plant that resembles a human). The key to this beautiful union was our favorite: Laughter.

How long have you been together?

What did you do?

Kate: It is two years this past January.

K: He took me out to dinner at Trattoria Fresco in Sioux City, IA and then to a Mannheim Steamroller concert. I swore he was going to take me to a Musketeer’s hockey game or something, so I made sure not to wear heels.

And how did you meet? K: One of my friends is now married to his cousin, so we met at a going-away party for them. Craig: We were playing bean bags out in the backyard and weren’t on the same team, but we were next to each other. K: I was flirting [laughs]. Who asked out who? K: My friend told me that Craig wanted my number, and I was like, "Okay, matchmaker, whatever, go ahead and give it to him." And then Craig texted me right away. I think I sent him several hints over text, like, "Hey, look what I’m doing right now!" He finally asked me out, and we went on our first date.

How did it go? K: Pretty good… [Both laugh] K: Craig was pretty quiet. We were both so nervous that it was pretty silent on the way there. And then we got stuck behind a train right before we got to the restaurant, and I was like, No! C: It was like, Oh shoot, I already ran out of things that I planned to talk about before dinner… How did the proposal happen? C: [Looking at Kate] You had work training, so we were coming back, and the next day we were leaving for Argentina – a friend of mine was getting married. We were


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