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In harmony with nature, In the essence of nurture, In respect of culture. Daintree Wellness Spa is a unique body, mind and soul experience, harnessing the rainforest’s natural vitality to create a healing environment unlike any other. The Daintree rainforest is 135 million years old and home to the spiritual ancestors of the Kuku Yalanji tribe – rainforest-dwelling Aboriginal people who named this place i.e. 'Wawu-karrba' which translates to healing of the spirit. This place name has become a part of our spa philosophy. With approval from the Kuku Yalanji elders, our spa treatments integrate the wisdom of ancient cultures, medicines, spirituality and healing. In a world rapidly losing its Indigenous traditions, we seek to preserve them.

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Julma (Jul-Ma)

Julma at the Waterfall

Meaning: Massage

Immersed in the ancient rainforest, surrounded by nature, allow your body and spirit to relinquish to a truly amazing treatment.

Now is your special time. Revitalize with a massage tailored to your specific needs. Our qualified therapists use a combination of Eastern and Western techniques to help your body de-stress, release muscle tension and rebalance. The human touch will allow you to escape into deep relaxation. Return to embrace the world with renewed vitality.

60 minutes 90 minutes 4 Daintree Wellness Spa

60 minutes 90 minutes

$180 $240

*24 hours notice required, weather permitting

$130 $190 Daintree Wellness Spa 5

Kodo Massage – (Ko-do)

Walu BalBal (Wa-lu Bal-Bal)

This rhythmic body massage is inspired by traditional Australian Aboriginal techniques which work to balance and re-align energy flow, enhancing mind and body wellness.

Meaning: Shine Face

Using a combination of pressure points and spiralling movements to both ground and uplift, the Kodo massage works to relieve muscular aches and pains while leaving the body renewed and refreshed. A blend of native aromatic oils is prescribed to address your individual needs – to rejuvenate, harmonise or detoxify. 60 minutes 90 minutes

6 Daintree Wellness Spa

$130 $190

Our unique spa facial will transport your senses. Close your eyes and voyage to a time when sacred rainforests harboured ancient wisdom. Let therapeutic botanicals purify, hydrate and refresh your skin. This treatment incorporates a deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask, massage and moisturising finish. Your Walu is more than skin deep!

60 minutes


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Dukal & Jina (Dugal & Jinna)

Kambarr (Gumbard)

Meaning: Top to Toe

Meaning: Ochre

Become grounded with an invigorating foot treatment, and relaxing hand, arm and head massage. Clear excess stress and tension with our foot ritual. A thorough soak, polish and massage softens and soothes the skin whilst re-aligning your overall energy. Achieve an ultimate feeling of balance with a head massage and nourishing Quandong hair mask.

A sensory journey like no other. Enjoy the sensation of warm oil being drizzled over the body, followed by an exhilarating exfoliation, warm mud wrap and nourishing hair treatment. Be swept away to another dimension under the rain shower to emerge renewed and refreshed.

60 minutes

8 Daintree Wellness Spa


60 minutes


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Milka-Marri (Milgah-muddy)

Wawu Bubu (Wa-wu Bu-bu)

Meaning: Peaceful and Content

Meaning: Spirit of Earth

Find peace, be still ... retreat into bliss. Evoke the rainforest spirits with this unique treatment which focuses on the all-important extremities. Slip into tranquillity with our foot treatment, spa facial and hand treatment. Indulging these upper and lower zones induces a sense of euphoria, leaving the body and mind soaring into a deep mediative state.

Revive your body, mind and spirit with a sensory journey. Surrender yourself to a full body exfoliation, rain therapy and massage. Drift into your own time and space. Evoke the rainforest spirits with this unique treatment, which will help you become awakened, balanced and ready to re-embark on life‘s adventure.

90 minutes

10 Daintree Wellness Spa


90 minutes


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Walbul-Walbul (Wal-bull Wal-bull)

The Dreaming - Li‘Tya

Meaning: Butterflly

In the beginning was the Dreaming, the unseen vibration of creation, the sacred source from where all things arise. Relax, revitalize and rejoice with Li’Tya signature treatment to reconnect the body and mind from head to toe. The ritual includes Li’Tya Miji Jina foot treatment, Li’Tya Mala Mayi body wrap, Li’Tya Kodo body massage, Li’Tya Paudi head massage, Li’Tya Mirri facial and Li’Tya Miji Polama hand treatment. Surrender yourself to the ultimate renewal through the powerful properties of nourishing Australian native plant essential oils and extracts, cleansing earth ochres and purifying desert salts. These deeply therapeutic treatments embrace traditional Aboriginal healing techniques to nurture, revive and restore. The Dreaming is a truly all-encompassing treatment journey. Served with a Dreamtime Tropical Fruit Platter

Embrace nature’s transformative powers with our signature wellness treatment. Enjoy a soothing massage and a tingling full body exfoliation, then surrender to a nourishing head treatment while cocooned in warm mud. Finally, emerge from your experience with healing rainforest water. We liken this treatment to the brilliant transition of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Spread your wings and fly...

120 minutes


3 hours 12 Daintree Wellness Spa

$395 Daintree Wellness Spa 13

Additional Indulgences


Additional Indulgences can be added on to any of our treatments.

We have a network of local practitioners who offer a wide range of therapies. Sessions/treatments are available on request and subject to availability. Please ask if there are any other treatments you would like to explore which are not listed below.

Julma (massage) Warra-Wayjul Bananga (purely bathing) Foot Ritual (soak, exfoliation & massage) Hand Massage Mini Facial Additional Indulgences (30 minutes)

$75 ea

Meditation Chi Gong Stretch Yoga Pilates Nutrition Iridology

Reiki Lomi Lomi Shiatsu Bowen Therapy Crystal Healings Art Therapy Colour Therapy

Additional Enhancements Additional enhancements can be incorporated into any of our treatments. Quandong hair mask Cherry Alder mixed with oil Foot Relief (foot mask in massage or facial)

Additional Enhancements

14 Daintree Wellness Spa

$35 ea

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Spa Etiquette A treatment at the Daintree Wellness Spa is your own unique, personal journey, which can be modified for your specific needs. Choose a journey from our spa menu or allow our therapists to tailor a treatment which reflects your present mood and desires. To avoid disappointment, we recommend you reserve your spa treatment/s when booking your accommodation. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time, freshly showered, wearing the robe and slippers supplied in your bayan. Our therapists are trained to drape correctly to ensure your comfort and privacy so you can enjoy your treatment without clothing. If you are pregnant, please mention this at the time of booking (all our treatments are suitable during pregnancy with minor alterations). Any health issues should be recorded on the consultation form and discussed with your therapist. As a courtesy to all our clients all treatments will be completed as scheduled. Therefore, arriving late will impact on your treatment time. A minimum of 12 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule a treatment. Cancellation or change within this time will result in a 50% fee being charged. “No Shows� will incur full treatment fee. 16 Daintree Wellness Spa

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Get yourself indulged with Wellness Spa Services in Daintree  
Get yourself indulged with Wellness Spa Services in Daintree  

Get yourself indulged with wellness spa services in Daintree rainforest. With Daintree EcoLodge & Spa, experience the spa treatments like b...