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Doll Domination by: Aya Takano

10 things every aspiring artist should know...



Doll Domination by


Aya Takano

Independent But Major Group

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Brooklyn's ca$h cow, up close and personal.

17 Redd Remy'd

Female rap artist whose style is as unique as her sound.


Kaex With his hard-hitting punch lines, it's no surprise that he's called "The Legend".

n: Get "Da Inside" o


Choo Biggz This underground star is a force to be reckoned with.


Goaldin Tone Our "Spotlight Feature" Artist Chi-town's newest, most explosive MC.


Mental Supreme


Mr. Cynclair

NYC Promoter Extraordinaire

Meet the industry A&R that's helping


artists to the next level.

How Do A&R's Look For New Talent Find out how to catch the eyes & ears of A&R's


10 Things Every Artist Should Know Helpful tips for aspiring artists everywhere.


Aya Takano Creator of Doll domination, a ďŹ ercely feminine new jewelry line.

Finding A Manager That's Right For You


How to make your search for a good manager a little easier.

Hosted by DJ Cavalier

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How do A&R's look for new talent?

These days it's harder than ever for aspiring

In addition, there are also a lot of music

artists to gain the attention of A&R's in the

magazines geared toward A&Rs, such as this

music industry.

one, that are designed to create a platform

With the swarm of demos A&R's receive

where artists can be seen and heard. It's also

everyday, it's important to know other ways

apparent that some industry A&R's tend to stay

to catch the eyes, or ears, of people in the

in communication with those that program

industry. With the Internet being the wave of

college radio stations because they usually

the future, it's a great way for record label

know what music is creating a serious buzz.

A&R's to check out new talent. Today's level

Most importantly, many A&R's look for artists

of technology is making the search for the

that are already selling albums or mix tapes

next big music star a little easier. Artists are

locally and in some cases have the sound scan

uploading their hottest MP3's to music

to back it. The first and most important thing

websites around the world and some of these

that an A&R is looking for is a hit song. They

artists are even being discovered. Another

want to hear a high-quality song that's current,

way that A&Rs discover new talent is through

catchy and has a good vibe. The second thing

recommendation by a known manager.

record label A&R's are looking for is a person

A&R's rarely shy away from established

who has that star quality: strong stage

music managers and producers that

presence and performance, style, charisma,

recommend an act because the music has

and good looks, as well as being a hard worker

already been co-signed by a reputable person

who's dedicated to making things happen.

in the industry. So the A&R will be more likely to listen to what the artist has to offer.


The third thing A&Rs want to see is an artist or band that already has a growing fan base. If you can get your whole town or city behind your music movement, it will increase your chances of striking it big. Remember it's hard to ignore the artist everyone's asking for. The fact of the matter is, if you can create a large enough following musically, these industry A&R's will be hunting you down, which gives the artist more leverage for negotiation. A classic method referred to as C.L.A.P. (Concepts, Lyrics, Attitude and Performance) has helped artists for years to accomplish their music goals once each attribute has been solidified. However, aspiring artists have to always create new and innovative ways to put themselves in front of industry A&R's. So apply these helpful tips and remember, success happens when opportunity and preparation come together as one.


A -NYCE Above & Beyond

"I did a million hits on YouTube in two days..."

Hang-glide with the Brooklyn rapper known as Al-Nyce as we pick his brain for da inside on his New Single and things to come...


irst off let's start with Your New Single "Al-

ternate Reality" What inspired this concept that's making everyone ask who's that??? "The idea came to me one day as I laid back burning some agriculture watching music video after music video. I said to myself what if all of our favorite artists decided not to chase their dreams and things went way left. That's when I knew I had to paint this picture and show people how different things can be if they don't fight for their dreams and goals." Do you think your New song "Al-ternate Reality" might rub some people the wrong way and maybe have some negative backlash??? Hip-Hop to me is about pushing boundaries. I did a million hits on YouTube in two days off this song so obviously it's working . By no means do I aim to insult anyone. In fact I'm hoping everybody I mentioned hears it, laughs and appreciates the creative juice flow. If someone were to catch feelings it would be unfortunate because their hard work and dedication to achieve their goals has helped me spread a very positive message." Where does the name Al-Nyce come from or is it just that obvious??? "I guess it's sort of self explanatory. When I would rap coming up, people would hear me and be like "Yo Al nice"!!! After hearing that enough the name just stuck. But I made it official when I realized that if I take my real name which is Alynce (like balance without the b), switch two letters around, it spells Al-Nyce and that's when I locked in."


"I had a brain aneurysm and doctors to this day still consider my situation a miracle ".

In some of your songs you mention a battle with a brain aneurysm that you overcame. Can you tell us a little about that? "Approximately 6 years ago I had a brain aneurysm and doctors to this day still consider my situation a miracle. No one in the hospital thought I would survive. Ruptured brain aneurysms are fatal in about 40% of cases and about 15% of the people with it die before they reach the hospital. I remember waking up and apparently we had just arrived at Cornell Medical Center and my family members were taking all of my jewelry off as they prayed aloud for me. It was a crazy time in my life but I can say that coming that close to death really showed me how to live. I am now the biggest advocate for brain aneurysm awareness. When It first, hit me, I had no knowledge so I figured I could sleep it off clueless that a blood vessel had burst in my brain. I slept for 2 hours as I bled in my head but I survived and this is my story.” What should the people be looking forward to next from Al-Nyce? "I have a new mixtape "The Passion Of Nyce" that is doing great. Classic SideWalk Fly Talk and of course new out of the box concepts. I’m also releasing a video for every song off the mixtape! I am working with some great new clothing companies, I have more short films in progress and I have been working with Billy Danze (member of legendary rap group M.O.P) and the Raps United Nation to help with my visibilIty from an international standpoint! And S/O to my management team IBMG #WECANTLOSE”


Fetti D'Biasi

Clothing Co.

Meet Mental Supreme the promoter,

Structure Hard Work Self Motivation Commitment Critical thinking

coordinator and host of many different showcases for upcoming artists in NYC and beyond! He has managed to create a serious platform for new artists looking to get their buzz up! Mental Supreme has been co-signed by some of the game's most elite, such as 50Cent and Snoop Dogg. If you're an unsigned artist you must understand the importance of people like Supreme, people who are willing to dedicate themselves to helping you attain your musical aspirations. On a weekly basis he is involved in a showcase known as "Training Camp" at a club called The Pyramid in NYC. This showcase gives artists the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience once a week but more importantly, it helps artists exercise their stage presence. Supreme also runs a monthly $1,000 cash prize showcase called "The Ultimate Underground Artist Showcase". Mental Supreme is all about productivity and it's that kind of will and determination that breeds success. So if you are ever in NYC and want to rock the mic, check out Mental Supreme and the many things he has going on. It may just bring you one step closer to your ultimate dream. 16



Meet the eye-catching, hard-rapping female MC known as Redd Remy'd. This Queens- bred artist has a commanding flow and she shows no signs of letting up. Redd Remy'd is always on her grind and is not afraid to take any stage by storm. This unstoppable rhyme slinger is sure to raise eyebrows and move crowds with her live performance. Full of desire, the independent artist has released a new single titled "Bubble Gum" and it's generating a buzz all over. In February of 2011, ReDD ReMy’D independently released a 20-track CD entitled ReDD ReMy’D? The Unkept Secret, featuring music production by Mark Wilson and hosted by DJ-Zeke. ReDD ReMy’D executive produced the entire project, which makes her a serious force to reckon with. With her eyes on the prize and her mind on her grind great things are sure to follow. From getting the physical CDs pressed, photo shoots and overseeing the album artwork to recording the songs and having them mixed properly, ReDD ReMy’D did everything independently. She has also received much praise as an artist from several music industry executives including Bad Boys’ A&R Senator Skid, G-Unit’s Casting Director Kevin Weekes, and others. In July of 2011 ReDD was nominated for the

Follow @ReD_Remedy

9th Annual Underground Music Awards “Best Female


Rapper of the Year”. Remember the name because you are sure to hear it again!




Brooklyn N.Y. Is legendary when it comes to dope rhyme spitters so it's no surprise that Kaex The Legend is working towards legendary status. This brash rhyme flow mixed with hard hitting punch lines is the perfect recipe for the kind of food for thought Kaex is serving up. His mix tapes hit the streets like a bolt of lighting and make it hard not to love it. Kaex is looking to raise the bar on how music is produced, written and recorded. The hip-hop scene in NYC is not what it once was but when artists like Kaex emerge it feels like there is still hope.

odu / Pr cer

People never tell you how difficult it is to succeed in the music business and for outsiders looking in, it seems like a walk in the park. The truth is it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Kaex is no stranger to the amount of blood, sweat and tears it takes to win and with a work ethic that Tupac would be proud of, Kaex is looking to run the game like an Olympic sprinter.

k o o Br

n w O s ' lyn


er /

p Rap

CHECK OUT KAEX Kaex on Facebook



If you're tired of the same MC's and want to hear something new and creative, Kaex The Legend is your man. Concepts, lyrics, attitude and performance are all rolled up into this no nonsense rap dealer!

With new projects always on the horizon, we advise that you pay attention to the kid Kaex because he is most certainly a force to be reckoned with.

18 General:

Choo Biggz Mobyn

THE TALENT IN NYC FLOWS LIKE THE NILE... As music continues to thrive, new talent continues to emerge. Some would say NYC has seen a shortage of new artists but no shortage in talent. So one must wonder - is it just scared money keeping new artists suffocated in the city trenches? Whatever the case, some artists refuse to allow circumstances to get the best of them. As hip-hop continues to be one of the biggest selling genres in music you

CHOO BIGGZ has hosted a series of shows in the 5 Boroughs of New York

shortage of friends and business associates . His affiliations range from

will find more and more rappers popping


SOSERIOUS "TL" (The Label) to the

up left and right. One rapper looking to separate himself from the rest is Choo

EARTH. ( Check It Out On YouTube ) !!! One of the biggest hip-hop moguls of

Slow Bucks Movement and the list keeps growing. CHOO BIGGZ has a


our time, 50Cent, recently co-signed Choo Biggz tweeting "Check this sh*t

crew with him that's also SOSERIOUS with acts like : Doe Staxx, Blick Obama,

out! Underground star choo biggz its

Cassius Grand, Rich Walker & Khilla

CHOO BIGGZ is working towards making his music dream a reality. His

hot! : "50Cent".

Khain Coming Soon!!! CHOO BIGGZ has teamed up with German

hardcore, inner city gritty edge and Brooklyn background are only a few of

This underground star also has connections with "Shyheim The

Producer2Deep Of AnnoDomini Records who has a strong following overseas

his advantages and he is wasting no

Manchild" (Wu-Tang/B.U), Tony Yayo (G-

with over 60 Million Plays on the 2Deep

time showing the world. Choo Biggz has energy, ambition and persistence to help

Unit) and has gotten Positive Feedback from Jim Jones (Diplomats). CHOO


him overcome the resistance. His crowd moving songs and explosive presence

BIGGZ appears to be headed in the right direction as if he were using a

are sure to make you a believer.

navigation system. Surrounding yourself

Born in the Bronx section of NYC,

Find Out More: Choo Biggz Facebook Page

with the right people in this industry is important and Choo Biggz has no


Choo Biggz is clearly a force to be reckoned with and for this hard-core street rapper the sky's the limit. So grab your surf boards and make way for this new wave known as Choo Biggz.

Helpful Tips for Upcoming Artists Everywhere!!



ith innovations in the technology of home recording, video production, digital distribution, and outlets such as YouTube and Facebook, unsigned artists have more power than ever. Which means more opportunities to have their music heard by the people without major label backing. To

Things Every Aspiring Artist Should Know

become an independent success you must be prepared to make the investment of time, energy and money. Even though you're not yet signed to a major label, you still need to do the work of one if you're serious about making it. If you are an artist that believes in your craft, then treat it with the respect it deserves. Be


prepared to put in the work to get the necessary exposure and adoring fans your work warrants. Here are ten tips for aspiring artists who refuse to let their "unsigned" status hinder their progression on the path to success.


Tell your story.

Having good music is just one piece to the puzzle when presenting yourself as an artist. People need to know who you are. Which is why every artist should have a biography. An informative, straight-to-the-point, one-page description of yourself and your music. Your bio should contain some background information about your journey so far as an artist, as well as a brief description of your sound and your influences in music. Talk about what makes you stand out from the rest and be sure to mention some of your biggest accomplishments such as industry shows performed, contest wins, radio spins, magazine or article reviews, etc. It's also extremely important to include your contact information in your bio so that it's easy for interested parties to get in touch with you.


Assemble a press kit. One of the most important things for an aspiring artist to do is to create a professional press kit. Press kits can be sent to A&Rs, independent labels, promoters, radio stations, etc. The basic components of your press kit should include a standard pocketed folder, your bio, your cd, an 8 x10 glossy photo of yourself or your group, and your business card. Also included in your kit should be a high-quality photocopy of any favorable press you've received as well as any internet video links you may have. As with your bio, your press kit should contain all contact information including your email address, website address, mailing address, and a telephone number. Having a press kit is important because it provides a more complete picture of you as an artist rather than just your bio or music alone. Sending your press kit out to more venues and promoters can get you booked for more shows, increasing your opportunities for exposure.

3 Create a logo.

The basis of coming up with a logo is all about branding yourself and your music for marketability. Your logo should be simple, yet eye-catching and recognizable. It should contain your name and should be used along with your contact info as well. There are numerous software programs and online websites that can assist you with the creative process. Once you have created a logo, you now have the power to exponentially increase your fan base. Use your logo on posters, CDs, business cards, stickers, flyers, t-shirts, etc. and let the fans do your marketing for you. You keep giving them good music, and they will keep displaying or distributing your logo, which will attract yet more fans.



Seek performance opportunities.

Every chance that you have to perform in front of an audience is an opportunity for exposure as well as a chance to work on perfecting your craft. Knowing what showcases are happening in your hometown can help you create the buzz you're looking for and get much needed support from your fellow city goers. An Internet search is one way to find shows near you, as well as contacting known venues and promoters in your area. One important thing to remember is that there is no such thing as a gig that doesn't pay. Even if you are performing for free, the value of the exposure you're getting is priceless.

5 Join a publishing company.

Every artist needs to be registered with either ASCAP or BMI. Registering with a publishing company will ensure that you receive the proper royalties whenever your song is played. Both ASCAP and BMI offer extra benefits exclusively designed to make your life as a music professional a little easier- including health insurance, numerous software programs and web tools, and discounts on everything from cd manufacturing to car rentals.


Ride the wave of digital distribution. Considering all the means and mobility of modern technology, one of the smartest things an aspiring artist can do is to load your music onto as many download sites as possible. Digital downloading is the wave of the future, and as cd sales continue to dwindle, downloading songs onto the multitudes of media outlets has become more popular than ever. By no means are we suggesting that you skip cd manufacturing completely - not everyone is as technology savvy as we may think - just be sure to cover both bases to accommodate everyone. Also, don't be discouraged by the pennies-per-download that you may receive from these sites. If you're able to properly promote your song, you can have a mass of people downloading your music, then sit back and watch the money stack.


7 Reach out to college radio.

College radio is known for having the hippest audiences and for playing new music from unknown artists. It's a good idea to find radio shows going on in your area and to send them your music and bio. When submitting music to radio stations it's best to send your most commercial, radio-friendly songs (clean versions of course). If you're submitting an entire album, it's a good idea to choose a couple of tracks to bring to the DJ's attention. DJs and industry execs tend to have a very short attention span and it would be unfortunate if they lost interest because the first couple of tracks on your album were not commercial enough for radio.

8 Coming up with capital. Doing the work of a label without the financial backing of one is no easy task. Recording an album, manufacturing CDs, marketing and promotion, show fees, it all adds up. Unfortunately, it takes money to make money. So where is all this capital supposed to come from? Well for starters, you should have a separate savings account for your music expenses and should be adding whatever money you can whenever you can. Remember, each dollar counts no matter how small the amount. Secondly, be prepared to reinvest whatever money you make from your music back into the savings account. The reality of this business is that it takes years to actually begin to see a profit so be ready for the long haul. Another way to build capital is through investors. If you know someone who has money to possibly invest in a project, approach them professionally. Have a written proposal to present them with along with your media kit. Be sure to do your research thoroughly and include in your proposal the actual numbers of the cost breakdown and what kind of return they can expect to see on their investment.

9 Know the business. Imagine being an untrained pilot jumping into the cockpit of an airplane and not only trying to get the airplane to take off, but also attempting to navigate it halfway across the world. Well that's equivalent to trying to make a music career without having any knowledge of the music business. You're not gonna get very far. It's absolutely necessary to be knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the industry, and the only way to do that is through research. There are numerous books and websites to assist anyone interested in learning about the music business. The key to success is knowing how to protect yourself and how to build the most capital. The guy that knows the business is the guy that makes the money.


Commit yourself. Trying to make it in the music business is equally as hard, if not harder, than trying to establish your own business in another field. It's gonna take all of your blood, sweat and tears to turn this dream into reality. If you're serious about making music your career, then be prepared to dedicate your life to making it happen. The majority of your time has to be spent on what you've committed yourself to. Part-time just won't cut it. You need to eat, sleep and breathe music, otherwise it may as well just be a hobby for you. But if your heart and soul are invested in making this a career and you feel that it's something you can't live without, then it's gonna take your complete focus, hard work and determination to bring this dream to fruition.


“My Mobile Fan Club” The Only Fan Club That Will Grant You The Access To Meet & Hangout with Your Favorite Celebrity. Join our basic free membership and receive updates on who will be featured next.You can be one of the first in your group to connect with your favorite celebrity and receive free giveaways. One fan from the first ten to join their celebrity club will be selected to listen in on a conversation between a VIP member and that might be that lucky fan to hear first hand from the celebrityʼs mouth to your ears Register become a member send us your most creative video clip or an email l us know what celebrity you would like to meet and why you are their biggest fan. The craziest and funniest video will be posted on MMFC home page for your favorite celebrity & the world to see!!!...Join NOW!!!

PLAN Y T E BOY OCIE S Clothing Apparel

A generation of dreamers, driven by doubt, fueled by ambition. We are all pilots living amongst our society in control of our own destiny.

At a very young age, Anthony Durrell Hall, an emerging rap artist from the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago, began learning the proverbial ropes of rap and hip hop. As a kid, trying to understand why there were so many homeless people in his neighborhood, as well as being exposed to gang violence, made him realize that he needed to develop a plan to make a better life for him and his family. Gaining inspiration from the ciphers and rap battles taking place in his neighborhood, and listening to Biggie, Tupac and Jay-Z , he decided to make rapping his career path instead of just a hobby. Learning the importance of artistic expression early, he spent his teen years harnessing that expression through his passion for music. In a short period of time, he went from rap battles for petty cash to performing for large masses of people and he quickly developed a following. “Goaldin Tone” is one of the most diverse, undeniable forces of the Chicago music scene, setting him apart from many other up and coming artists. Goaldin Tone has performed at several shows around the city including winning first place at Dunbar High School in Chicago and Avant Entertainment Showcase. He performed at Lona Lane’s Gospel Fest, and received writing credits on several Chicago artist‘s songs. Many of his songs received radio spins and he has gained attention from


fans because of his incredible stage presence, flexible song writing,logical messages, and innovative punch lines. Along with being an important factor in the Chicago hip hop scene, he also volunteers in his neighborhood with different community service and mentoring projects. He is very adamant about building, uplifting, and shaping his community to be a safe haven for everyone.

Goaldin Tone has been compared to several mainstream music artists because of his complex metaphors and his ability to tell a story through his raps. His goal as an artist is not only to sell records but to be the voice of his hood and any other people he makes interactions with on his road to success. He lives by the affirmation, “ They say success comes with many changes, but even lions know they ain’t the kings of the ocean” which is why he is prepared to stay in the lane that fits his movement. He is definitely making a huge impact in the Windy City. Put your ear to the streets…..You will hear about Goaldin Tone!!!!!

mixtape for sure! This "On

Now with his eyes on the prize nothing appears to fluster the rising spitter. This Chi-town native is always laced up with the dopest beats compliments of Danger Zone Productions (DZP), the production force behind Goaldin Tone. Because the styles of the artist and the producer complement each other so well, the recipe is creating some finger-licking food for thought. So if you're hungry to hear new music or need a talented, fully focused artist to help take your label, or showcase event to the next level, check out Goaldin Tone Chi-Town Spitter is definitely

The Radar". 28

Help us school industry A&R's on what's hot!!!

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Mr. Cynclair The Industry A&R


There is a relatively small segment of leaders in the music business world; individuals who seem able to build relationships, trusts, and rapport with almost anyone. They are able to make connections between people, creating partnerships, and alliances, and motivating forward momentum to get a collective result. Mr. Cynclair is one of those people. As the President of Cynclair Enterprise and an Executive of Sequence Entertainment Group, connecting people and driving ingenuity to get results is what he is all about. With an enthusiastic, approachable, and genuinely friendly vibe, Mr. Cynclair radiates a sincere passion for delivering value and benefits to his clients. Cynclair decided to start Cynclair Enterprise as a management consultation, marketing campaigning, artist development service company. Through collaboration, partnerships, and relationships Mr. Cynclair has been seen and heard about by many executives. The sky's the limit for this dedicated and ambitious individual. As he always says "I want to be the most important man in the music industry." He prides himself on being able to teach as much as possible of what he knows, through conversations, consultations, studies, application and experience. In the lifechanging words of his father, "To know something is personal, but to understand it means you can teach it to someone else". Cynclair was able to make some major connections in the industry thru his travels and creative marketing of his artists and company. Mr. Cynclair has worked in affiliations with BET, MTV, GSM Magazine, AM Clothing, J Records, Atlantic Records, SOny, 116th Street Puerto Rican Festival, Ocktober Music Festival 2011, "The A&R Report" on Xtreme 104.9fm Radio, Mic Barber Management,, Hot 97, Robbie Nova (Maino's "That Could Be

Us"), 50 Cent's Producer - Bang Out, iMG Recordings, Street

Mr. Cynclair's Facebook Page

King Promotions and many more...


Doll domination

Aya Takano

Hello World!!!

Meet the Swarovski Crystal Trendsetter!!

Aya Takano is her name and customizing new jewelry designs is her game.

Straight from Japan comes the creator of Doll Domination, a fiercely feminine new jewelry line that is quickly becoming the new trend among fashionistas everywhere.

After 6 years of building her brand in Japan, Aya has brought her business to the place where dreams are made of, New York City. Her adorable bling designs have attracted the attention of various clothing designers, music artists and photographers everywhere.

It's no surprise that her runway-ready jewelry

designs are now being featured in fashion shows, magazines and even music videos. Aya's passion shows in her top-quality work and this savvy business woman is well on her way to amazing heights.

Doll Domination - The name itself embodies the characteristics of the brand: feminine yet fearless. Aya's trendy designs range from chic stone-studded eyeglasses to her ever-so-popular Hello Kitty chain and piece combo. marriage of

Her high-quality jewelry is a

Japanese Deco culture and Aya's own fashion-

forward sense of style. Each piece in her collection is one of a kind and hand-crafted with her own brand of uniqueness. She uses Swarovski crystals and her signature Japanese style to put together each unique accessory.

Aya Takano's free-spirited style is a breath of fresh air to the fashion industry. This crystal-queen definitely has what it takes to make her mark in the world of fashion. And what better place to begin but in NYC?? Want to see more of this amazing access-onista? sample pieces from her collection at: To order your own custom Doll Domination jewelry E-mail:

Check out

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Finding A Manager that's right for you In the competitive world of the music industry, having the right manager is one of the key elements to a successful career. As an aspiring artist, it is important to land effective management to help you take things to the next level.  However, finding a good manager can be extremely challenging.  There are many aspects to take into consideration before locking into a business contract with a manager.   Here are a few things to think about when choosing a manager that's right for you.          Its important that you both share the same vision for your music.  Get some insight into the direction your potential manager thinks your music career should take, and be sure that it is something the two of you can agree on.   Where does your music fit in?   Who's your target audience?  What kind of deal should you be trying to land? If you two don't agree on either of those out the gate, then that manager probably doesn't get your music and is not the best fit for you.     "A good               Another important factor to consider is a manager's past manager should success.  A potential manager should be able to tell you some of the people he's worked with in the past (some names may even have a good be recognizable), and some of the things he has accomplished.   Also keep in mind that a good manager should have a good reputation.  If you know people in the music business, try asking around about your potential candidate.  If not, try doing an Internet search on the candidate and see what results you get.  You may find out what others have to say about him, what articles may have been written about him,  projects or even scandals he may have been involved in, etc.  If a manager seems to not fully disclose his history or seems to be keeping certain information under wraps, chances are he's someone you want to avoid doing business with.          A potential manager should have a vast knowledge of the music business.  He should know the ins and outs of the music industry the way a taxi driver knows the roads. He should be able to guide you along the path you two initially agreed upon, using his experience and his knowledge of the business.  Obviously no manager can promise anything as far as results goes.  However as an artist, you should expect to have a dedicated manager that's going to work hard with you to achieve success.  You also want a manager that has some connections in the music industry because in the end, it's all about who you know.  Your manager should have a list of "A manager contacts that can be used to assist in reaching the goals you've set for your music.  If he's been successful and legit in should know his prior business dealings, then people should have no the ins and problem working with him again for a new artist.          Another must-have conversation between you and your potential manager focuses on the topic of... you guessed it -

outs of the music industry."

about who you know. Your manager should have a list of contacts that can be used to assist in reaching the goals you've set for your music.  If he's been successful and legit in his prior business dealings, then people should have no problem working with him again for a new artist.          Another must-have conversation between you and your potential manager focuses on the topic of... you guessed it - money.  How much is this manager expecting to be paid? This unavoidable discussion should detail what percentage of the profit he's expecting to receive, and whether he's expecting money from any other avenues, such as a base salary in addition to percentages.  Find out whether he has standard charges for managing an artist, or whether the contract is negotiable.  The financial aspect is one of the most, if not the most, important aspect to agree upon.  Please be warned: if any manager requires money upfront to represent you, run away as fast as you can.  Chances are, that manager is a scam artist who's out to beat hungry artists out of their hard-earned cash.  Any reputable manager knows that they receive payment from percentages of your profit after they've brought something to the table.

"Your manager can potentially have a huge impact on your career, whether it be positive or negative."

He should be someone whose opinion you can respect and whose advice you can trust. He or she should be smart, well-spoken and outgoing,  and you should feel comfortable having him represent you. Ideally your manager should be one of your biggest fans because the more a persons believes in something the more passionate they become about insuring it's success.         Your manager can potentially have a huge impact on your career, whether it be positive or negative.  Be prepared when interviewing for this important member of your team.  Knowing the right questions to ask a potential candidate can eliminate a lot of the headache down the line.   Know exactly what you're looking for in a manager; have expectations but be realistic.  Again, no manager can guarantee an artist's success.   But with hard work and dedication, you and your team can build something great together. 


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Da Insider Magazine is designed to generate more exposure for new Musicians that stand out with a certain uniqueness. We have only just begu...


Da Insider Magazine is designed to generate more exposure for new Musicians that stand out with a certain uniqueness. We have only just begu...