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traight out of the Northeast section of the Bronx comes a talent unlike many we encounter in the streets. His unique sound and witty wordplay sets him far apart from the copycats flooding the underground scene. Meet ?uestion - artist, songwriter, producer & Internet radio personality. Contrary to his name, his lyrical skills and radio-ready songs leave no question that he is what the rap game is missing. His love for hip-hop and his ability to make a worthy contribution to this genre is clearly evident in his music, and new listeners are sure to become fans.

Q uest, born DeShaun Gales, was

introduced to music at a very young age by his uncle, who was an established jazz bassist for Thelonious Monk, one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time. So although Quest grew up on Bronxwood Avenue, he spent his summers in California alongside jazz legends such as Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Marla Gibbs, and of course, Thelonious Monk. These early encounters with such legendary musicians had a huge influence on his musical ambitions. However it wasn't until his teenage years that Quest discovered rap was his forte. After hearing a recording of a friend's rap over an old school beat, he decided that he wanted to record a song as well - and it was then that Quest's love affair with hip-hop began.




Quest began writing rhymes and

honing his craft by battling other rappers throughout NYC. He soon became notorious for his punch lines, metaphors, and clever wordplay and even caught the attention of a few notable personalities in the industry including DJ Clue, Fabolous, Dame Dash & Diddy. Throughout the years a few offers were made, but never came to fruition. After a failed attempt to close a deal with Roc-A-Fella Records, Quest took a hiatus to focus on his personal life.

! Now Quest has returned to the rap

game with a vengeance, and his music is his pistol. His new single Bout 2 Set It Off is a catchy but hardcore clubbanger that is sure to get the crowd moving, and 3am On Bronxwood is just one of the gritty, hardcore freestyles on his recently released mixtape By Any Means (available for download on datpiff.com).

S ince his return to music, Quest

has been involved in a host of recent events. He was a featured artist in "Bring Da Drama On the Runway" in July 2013 and was also selected to perform in July's Coast 2 Coast Live Showcase, NYC Edition as well as the Unsigned Celebrity Concert Series in NY. He made a special guest appearance on Starliners Radio Show, 91.3FM in NYC and on Get At ‘Em Radio Show at skliveradio.com. Quest's grind, along with the quality of his music, leaves little doubt that his success in the music industry is imminent.

! In addition to making music, Quest is

tackling the music industry from another angle as well. As a co-host of an up-and-coming live-streaming Internet radio show called Right Now Internet Radio, Quest delivers enormous amounts of energy and charisma to the hosts' panel. And knowing that music and fashion go hand in hand, he also created a biweekly sneaker blog titled You Ain't Got These On, which showcases

exclusive sneaker selections that will make a debut or rerelease in the market. Quest proves to be a multi-talented artist who's passion and persistence will not allow him to fail. With his impeccable flow and personality to match there's no doubt that we're going to be seeing much more of him so BX stand up! Cuz when it comes to the future success of this artist, there is no ?uestion.

Want to know more about ?UESTION??


Facebook - www.facebook.com/iamquestrow Twitter - @iamquestrow Sound Cloud - www.soundcloud.com/iamquestrow You Tube - www.youtube.com/iamquestrow Instagram - @rowboy_quest


Mixtape download - http://www.datpiff.com/uestion-By-AnyMeans-mixtape.492829.html

The Path To Excellence


From Sociology Major to Hip-Hop Extraordinaire... Junior year at the University of Washington is when the spitter known as Coop began to take his love for Hip-Hop music seriously. After receiving his degree in Sociology, Coop moved back to Federal Way where he spent most of his younger years. There he was able to connect with local producers such as 99 & Dupre, which was also an inspiration for the release of his mixtape "KillemAll Volume One." With so much wit and wordplay in one project, Volume One can be viewed as his best work to date. Combining raw edginess, aggressive lyrics and a brash approach, Coop managed to put together a serious musical composition. The process of creating this project took almost four months, but upon its completion it was evident that Coop had to flood the music scene in Seattle. Opening up shows for artists such as Kid Ink, Juelz Santana, Nipsey Hussle &

Mike Studd during the the release of his "KillemAll Volume One", proved to be a great opportunity for him to generate an even greater level of exposure. Coop's next wave of inspiration would come when he landed in Sandy Springs, Atlanta for five weeks. This transition would also provide him with the opportunity to contemplate his next major move musically. Some nine months later, Coop presented the release of "KillemAll Volume Two" (Summertime Edition) and it was on. He decided to take a bit of a different approach than he did with the first, giving it more of an album feel in regard to his beat selection. By collaborating with producers such as Five Star, Most Wanted & Dupre, an ageless project was born - a project that is quite possibly the best mixtape to ever come out of Federal Way, Wa.

After the release of "Volume 2" Coop had one thing in mind and that was to enter the new year a bang. With that said, Mr. KillemAll dropped a nine-track EP titled "Seattle Rain." The EP was given a speedy release to keep the momentum going from the Summertime Project. In "Seattle Rain" Coop managed to capture a somewhat dark and gloomy quality, his objective being to offer his listeners a vibe opposite from the "KillemAll Vol. 2 project." Currently, "Vol. 3" is officially under construction and will be available Thanksgiving Day. "I won't reveal too much", says Coop in reference to his latest venture, "except that there will be features and a heavy beat selection to help complement this project!" KillemAll Coop is so dedicated to his craft that we see nothing but great things unfolding in his very near future...


Brooklyn stand up for the "All My Life" MC known as Convo. This NY based rapper has wit and a rhyming flow that can easily go from 0 to 100. Rapping over hypnotic beats, Convo has managed to fuse great production with pure lyricism. Every rapper from NY wants to bring NY back to the rap game but contrary to that belief, it has never left. Convo is looking to add to the fabric of NY rap with his own unique approach to music. Inspired by his struggle, Convo is now more motivated than ever to push all boundries and become a household name. With only six years of creating music under his belt he seems to have a really good grasp on song structure, concepts and vocal delivery, putting him right in position to do big things!

They say greatness happens when hard work and opportunity meet so the artist known best as Convo is putting in the work to ensure his spot in music's Hall Of Fame. His ambition to become an accomplished artist will prove to be a great feat, but one that is extremely attainable. Convo is no stranger to the street and on his song "Who Rollin", he reminds you of that. This track has a no-nonsense beat fused with some very serious lyrics from Convo and his featured artist Block Bishop. Free and clear of restraints, Convo is also able to flip the script and give you a song like "One Night Stand" where the focus is on a beautiful woman and himself being in her town for one night, so they spend it together.

No matter what direction Convo's music is coming from he has managed to pull listeners in and make them want to hear more. It's the fans that keep him going, and the people that love his sound just seem to keep growing. Always ready to take the stage, Convo rocked the house at Summer Fest 2014 for over 300 people. Also in the summer of 2014, Convo performed for the legendary Video Music box, in addition to hitting up open mics in between, so 2014 proved to be a very productive year for him. With 2015 upon us Convo is working towards building his buzz and solidifying a recording contract with a major record label. His objective is to be in a place where he can make the best music to his full potential and be able to share it with the world. Convo definitely has something to say and with his swagga on a hundred, he is surely one to watch.

: @Convo718 @Con.vo Check out "One Night Stand" (official video!!!) Check out "Who Rollin" (Official Video!!!)


eet the self-made rap distributor ready to take over the industry. His name is BL Da Lyfe and he's spitting with a seriousness that will take you places. Born in Muskegon, Michigan, BL Da Lyfe has always had music flowing through his blood stream. His dad was a drummer and the times he got to hang with him at the local concerts and rehearsals would prove to be very influential on BL. Wanting to be a musician for as long as he could remember, BL not only moves you lyrically but also has flows that switch up like the gear shift in a Porsche 911. With songs that give off an anthem feel and have hard knocking beats, BL proves to be a great stock to invest in. Having served 10 years in the Michigan penitentiary, BL can honestly say he's experienced Da Lyfe on a couple different levels. After being incarcerated it was not clear if BL would truly take his first love seriously, but time would soon tell. For BL Da Lyfe it got to a point where he decided to put his priorities in order and succeeding in music was at the top of his list. Now with so much musical heat and a stage presence that would make anyone a believer, BL Da Lyfe has all engines going and the sky seems to be too low to call it his limit. Serving hard time more often than not gives people time to reflect and view life from a completely different perspective, allowing one to make the necessary positive adjustments to go forward in life. BL is no exception to that theory and has completely emursed himself in the business of giving people music they can not only relate to, but also be inspired by. With songs like "Let Me Know" and "Street Lyfe/ My Lyfe Story" you're able to really gauge where

BL Da Lyfe has come from, where he's been and where he's headed. His heavy vocals intertwined with gritty street beats is a combination that is helping this street king corner the market. Michigan has been the home to some of the most talented musicians, actors and athletes for what seems like forever and now it's time to make some room for BL Da Life. If there's anyone who doesn't need your co-sign it's BL and that's simply because with or without it he is going to make it his business to win. BL Da Lyfe is certainly on track to do something very special so keep your ears to the street for the "Let Me Know" artist because you don't want to be the last to know!

Twitter: @breadfyrst IG: @streetlyfe231 Http://soundcloud.com/collinsbotney Http://www.reverberation.com/streetlyfedawestsydekid http://facebook.com/mrdontdoubtme.collins



What are you waiting for?

NAS FOREVER Mr. Illmatic to Stillmatic is Still At It

The King Of Queens It is clear as day that the man first known as Nasty Nas is a living legend in the world of Hip-Hop music. He has helped the Hip-Hop culture evolve into what it is today and we all have him to thank.... The career of Nasir Jones, the rap genius known as Nas, began in 1992 when he was featured on Main Source's track "Live at the Barbeque", but by the time his debut album "Illmatic" was ready some 2 years later (1994), he had taken the music industry completely by storm. With classic albums such as "Illmatic" and "It Was Written" (just to name a few), the Queensbridge native has skyrocketed into rap's elite Hall Of Fame. With his uncanny lyrical ability to give his listeners a unique, gritty, inner city perspective he also managed to comfirm his lyrical skill for storytelling. It wasn't long after Nas' personal success that he decided to form the ultimate rhyming crew "The Firm", which consisted of Nas, Foxy Brown, AZ and Nature. Although they only released one album, it shook up the music industry. Through the years Nas has remained a major influence on the music culture and deserves all of the accolades he has been awarded. With so much success in music, it came as no surprise that Nas would soon co-write and act in the classic film "Belly". This urban drama gave Nas yet another platform to show

people another side to his greatness. Nasir Jones is a true entrepreneur that wears many hats. He has his own record label, retail sneaker store and he is Mass Appeal Magazine's associate publisher. As a Def Jam Recording artist Nas is still a relevant force to reckon with. MTV once ranked Nas No. 5 on their list of the Greatest MCs of all time and in 2012 The Source Magazine ranked him No. 2 on their list of Top 50 lyricists of all time. Guess it's safe to say that Nasir Jones aka Nas is in just about everyone's top 5 rappers of all time and if he's not, you might want to revisit his catalog of music because It Ain't Hard To Te!. One of the most memorable moments in Nas' career was the epic Nas Vs. Jay-Z moment that made everyone stop and pay attention. This was a battle of wit and it was no holds barred. These two pillars in the Hip-Hop community went toe to toe publicly and the gloves were clearly off. Trading shots back and forth turned into full out diss records when Nas released his album "Stillmatic" in 2001 which took off thanks to songs like "Ether" and "Got Yourself A Gun". Some would say it was that song that won the battle for Nas. Critics gave Nas the thumbs up for the "Stillmatic" LP and yet again the The Source magazine awarded it a perfect 5 mics. Since then Nas Escobar released his LP "God's Son" in 2002 which was a top 20 album praised by critics and fans alike. The "God's Son" LP contained the very popular single "Made You Look" and another top 20 single "I Can". Nas put in more work two years later in 2004 when he released the double cd "Streets Disciple" which popped in the 5th spot of the billboard 500. This was destiny unfolding as Nas reached his 7th certified platinum album in a row, which by the way featured his dad and jazz musician Olu Dara on the track "Bridging The Gap". With so much success surrounding Nas it would seem inevitable that he and Jay-Z would put the rap beef to rest so they could focus on joining forces, showing just how strong a unified front could be, and they did.

In 2006 the differences between the two rap stars were officially settled, and with Jay-Z working as president of Def Jam Recordings at the time, it wasn't long before Nas signed to the legendary label. Nas's first album under the Def Jam umbrella was "Hip-Hop Is Dead", which not only earned him a Grammy nomination but also topped the billboard 200 chart. In 2008 Esco released his album "Untitled" and despite the controversy surrounding the album cover it went on to become the rapper's 4th number one debut. With Nas being the trendsetter that he is, he decided his next album would be different from the rest by incorporating reggae music to his Hip Hop resume. He decided to collaborate with reggae music star Damien Marley for the album "Distant Relatives". This 2010 collaboration reached number 5 on the charts and proceeds from the sales were donated to help build schools in Africa. In 2012 Nas released his 10th album "life Is Good" in which he came off as lyrical as ever with a slew of features. This thoroughbred has created a snowball effect in music that is now rolling over anything in his path.



From the street to the suite...

Model Citizen

Newsletter BEAUTY IS HER NAME... New Models are born everyday but very few have the ability to completely take the fashion world by storm. Icons such as Tyra Banks and Naomi Cambell just to name a few, have helped to pave the way for new faces and although nothing comes easy, some people have the ability to make it seem that way...


A t the tender age of 17, she already stands almost 6-feet tall. She's already ripping runways and inspiring photographers with her e!ortless ability to strike couture poses with every camera flick. Allow us to introduce you to the fresh new face that has fashion insiders buzzing, Niyna. Best known to her friends and family as Nu, she remains grounded but refuses to settle for less. It's pretty clear that it won't be long before modeling agencies like Wilemina, Ford and Elite catch wind of this young fresh new face. It's no surprise that her mother once modeled, but now the torch has been passed and it is burning brighter than ever. " Niyna is highly observant and is like a sponge when it comes to absorbing fashion, so it's no surprise how fast she's picking up on how the industry works. There seems to be no question that this future super model was born to do this - even amongst her peers there seems to be a general consensus." Gracing catwalks in NYC, Niyna has been fortunate enough to experience and utilize one-on-one advice from fashion icon Miss Jay, most notable from Tyra Banks' Americas Next Top Model, and now her stock is even higher. " New York has given birth to some of entertainment's biggest and greatest stars. Soon we'll be able to add another name to that list because there are certain forces that remain unstoppable. It's not often you find people with a passion for their art that burns so deeply you can see it in all that they do. Niyna just happens to be one of those people. Whether she's modeling a new designers garments or taking long strides down catwalks during fashion week, you can bet she's committed to giving her all.

A great diet and vigorous exercise routines are two key attributes that keeps Nyina's model physique in its best shape. Now working closely with photographers, fashion coordinators, directors, producers, stylists, make-up artists, and other models it's pretty evident that her time is money. It's only a matter of time before she's traveling to go-sees with her portfolio knocking the socks o! clients on an international scale." Flawless make-up and amazing hair styles at her finger-tips makes it almost impossible to outshine this natural beauty. When Nyina isn't posing for fashion photographers with perfect back drops she's likely to be found backstage making a quick change into her next garment at some fashion show, all the while maintaining her poised appearance and composure. " Nyina knows that the fashion world has been known to eat models up and spit them out so she's learning from the mistakes of others and keeping people like her mom close to her. People often think the life of a fashion model is a walk in the park but it's quite the contrary. There is a lot of work involved but for a dedicated model like Niyna... sky's the limit."

They say if the shoe fits wear it... Well in this case it's a sneaker! But not just any sneaker... it's a Louboutin sneaker! The red bottom sneaker has been a favorite amongst rappers such as Kanye West, Pharrell, Jay-Z and many others like Juelz Santana and Fabolous.


For years people have complained about everybody wearing the same sneakers, but thanks to Louboutins pricing on their famous red bottom sneakers, you will be hard pressed to find someone with the same footwear as you. And the traditional red bottom separates this particular sneaker from all the others. http://us.christianlouboutin.com/men's.html!

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t's one of the most cliche theories attached to becoming successful in the music industry. While the theory rings true, it can also be somewhat misleading by implying that an already existing connection is necessary. Sure it's nice to have an uncle who works for a major label or a homie from the old hood who's now a big time DJ, but these situations are rare. That's why knowing how to develop and maintain relationships with the right music industry contacts is so important.!


Creating connections can boost your career immensely by opening up and presenting new opportunities. Having the right industry connections can help you find management, find the right producers, get more shows, build your fan base, and even find musicians with whom to collaborate. Many artists that have become successful have done so by using their contacts wisely, and proactively seeking to gain more. Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to make the most out of your contacts. !

Have a concise plan. Before reaching out to any industry contact it's important to know who you should be contacting and why. Think about what each person specializes in and how they can help you. For example, if your contact is a writer for a well-known music magazine, then obviously your intentions would be geared toward increasing your exposure using their audience. Know what you're gonna ask of a specific contact and be clear. Before reaching out plan ahead - think carefully about how you will communicate your goals and your vision for the near future. Know what you're talking about! Even do a little research if you have to. The adverse effects of a bad first impression are usually irreparable. !

Be proactive. Artists with a good feel of how the music business works know the importance of actively seeking connections with people in the industry. A growing contact list is always a step in the right direction. It's about physically being in the scene - networking, performing in and attending shows, being present at certain events and workshops and basically just making your presence felt. Personality matters! Put yourself out there. Introduce yourself and get to know people. Meeting face to face trumps any email or phone call. Find out where they are, meet them, and give them a reason to remember you. !


Make it personal. So now that you've met some new people, added some more contacts to your list, the next step is actually reaching out to them. You may have been fortunate enough to get a cell phone number, however more than likely your first mode of communication will be via email. And a sure-fire way to have

your email ignored and sent directly to the trash is by doing what's known as blanketing. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, it simply means writing one basic, generic email and CC-ing it to all or several of the contacts on your list. To avoid being sent to the spam folder personalize your emails! A personal email addressing only one contact specifically will increase your response rate tenfold. Impersonal emails are far less likely to get a response than those that are personalized. Refer to your contact by name straight out the gate. Be sure to mention a personal interest in what they do and let them know what inspired you to reach out to them. Connections won't take you seriously unless you have a genuine reason to be contacting them. Also, keep in mind that in business, connections between people are mutually self-serving. Both parties enter the relationship for their own potential gain. Therefore it would be wise to mention what you have to offer them as well or how they can benefit from the connection.

Be professional. When making that initial impression it's important to give off a sense of professionalism. As previously stated, knowing what you're talking about shows that you're genuine and serious about taking things to the next level. Showing a person that you're making things happen on your own is also a plus. People are more inclined to help someone who shows initiative and proactivity. Also, be confident, but not arrogant. Don't imply that your music is the best thing ever or expect that they'll be jumping for joy after hearing your music. Be realistic. Don't ask them to move the sun, moon and stars because you feel like you're the next "Usher". Be nice, be friendly and most of all, be respectful.You never know how much power someone has and if you're a jerk to just one, others in the industry will definitely find out.

From contact to connection. Just having someone's contact info stored on file isn't good enough. Music industry contacts need to become meaningful music industry connections. Turn those first meetings into relationships and maintain them! One way to open the lines of communication is by asking for feedback. This implies that you're humble enough to accept critique or guidance, and that you respect them enough to hear their opinions. In addition, try to stay in

touch on a consistent basis. Keep them updated on moves you're making, projects you've completed or about new events and opportunities. But don't just make it about you. Congratulate them on something they've accomplished. Compliment them on something they've done well. Occasionally reaching out is a great way to begin building important connections, but don't overdo it by harassing.

A true connection doesn't happen overnight. Simply exchanging contact info with a person doesn't automatically make it a connection. It's the development and maintenance of the relationship that renders a connection useful. Once you're able to master the art of gaining, developing, and maintaining a connection the potential benefits are endless.


R U O Y _ S O H


WHOS_YOUR_STYLIST Swagga on a hundred,Thousand Trillion..

Fashion Alert

CONTAGEOUS Contagious, as defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, means catching, transmittable, and communicable, which best describes the artist know as Patrick Durandisse, aka Contageous.


ontageous's style of rapping makes it pretty clear why that's his monika. Born and bred in Nyack, NY with his eyes on the prize, is spit fire kid better known as Contageous. As early as the age of three, he had a deep-rooted love for music. Contageous' connection to music began when his mother placed a radio in his crib to keep him company and soothe his soul. Who knew that would be the start of something that would follow him for life. Unlike a lot of artists, he is a self-taught keyboardist who loves every facet of music. From the strings to the horns, classical to old school R&B, Bach to Barry White, Contageous' eardrums are very well versed. It's that kind of music that has helped him nurture the passionate connection with music he has today. Now as a rapper, publisher, and enterpreneur, Contageous has his sights set sky high. With his inspiration stemming from his uncle’s band, and neighborhood friends who were doing their own thing in music, Contageous knew exactly where he belonged. His fast paced and compelling journey through the craft, creativity, style and substance of verbal authencity has put him in the perfect position to destroy anyone in his path and conquer all.

@CONTAGEOUS At only eight years old he started rhyming, and by the time he was 11, he was deejaying. That seemed to work out pretty well for him because by thirteen he was spinning at parties for eighteen year olds, yet it still wasn’t enough – he longed to make his own beats. Not allowing anything to impede his progress, Contageous kept pushing and by sixteen he was combining his lyrics with beats he made on his keyboard for the exact sound he needed to convey his message. It wasn't long before he began to shift his focus and enrolled at the Institute of Audio Research, where he was educated in the art of engineering. This gave Contageous a more in-depth understanding of the inner workings and technical aspects of music production. Although his initial entry into the music industry didn’t pan out, it did nothing to dissuade him from his pursuit of being an established artist. The time came for him to focus on his solo career, and in 1999, he wrote his first solo album entitled, “Key to Life". In 2000, his second album titled “Dedicated” was an instant hit with his fans. Once his solo career was in full swing his creative flow was unstoppable. In 2009, his third album “Convict to Corporate”, and fourth album “The Cure” hit the airwaves and gained popularity with radio stations and everyone else that was in ears range. With Contageous putting in so much, but not reaping many benefits, he then decided to take time off from music to reevaluate his goals. Fast forward to 2013 and he’s back – not to make up for the lost time, but to get what he deserves and to start a new chapter in his relationship with music. He is now inspired, motivated and driven to start his own label and production copany. Contageous is now looking to expand and expound on his God given talent, and utilize his versatility to bring back what he truly appreciates and listens for in music. Quality production, precise musical arrangement and overall creativity is what Contageous is looking to capitalize on while remaining the trendsetter he is. Contageous’ style is orignial so keep a look out for his next album entitled “The Check Up” which will debut in 2015.

Contageous YouTube

Contageous Website

HEARTBREAK MELLZ Spread love it's the Brooklyn way...


he borough of Brooklyn NY has always been notorious for its ability to give birth to great MC's. This Brooklyn-bred artist is no exception. Quamel also known as HeartBreak Mellz is Hip Hop to the core. Since he was a kid his Mom would always play music around the house, and on family road trips to kill time they would Rap or sing along to R&B songs. HeartBreak Mellz began his journey rapping at the age of 20 with two friends from his neighborhood. He later decided it was time to go solo, creating a new team known as The In Crowd. This Brooklyn ambassador for music is very passionate and has the drive of an 18-wheeler. "If I don't feel the beat in the 1st two seconds of hearing it I can't rap to it. Everything I write comes from the heart, I want the name HeartBreak Mellz & The In Crowd to live forever and be a staple in Hip-Hop for generations to come". The dedication he gives to his brand of HipHop music is not only commendable

"A strong work ethic and strategy will determine how far you get in life". but it's necessary because in an over-saturated market only the stongest survive. Those willing to push all boundaries and go against all odds will truly have the best shot, and HeartBreak Mellz is looking to do just that. According to him, "A strong work ethic and strategy will determine how far you get in life." With his most recent debut E.P "Heart Of A Champion", HeartBreak Mellz aims to deliver an exciting sound with his own original distinctive view points. After releasing his single "Curren$y" produced by Inkomplete Beatz, featuring NY rap group Da YoungFellaz, Heartbreak Mellz was able to gain the attention from a few popular music blogs & other media outlets. This type of exposure is priceless when you're looking to create a nice buzz. It's not hard to tell that this Brooklyn MC has no plans on letting up until his music is in heavy rotation. Along with PaperHouse management backing him up, Mellz is humble and prepared to win his fans over one at a time.

If you think you have what it takes to be featured in Da Insider Magazine Log on to www.daindustryinsider.com to find out how you can be featured!



FRED MILLA Chicago, Illinois is definitely in the building as we present to you the rapper, writer and performer best known as FRED MILLA. The very versatile Fred Milla is now up to bat and it looks like he's swinging for a grand slam home run. Not afraid to bare his feelings in a very lyrical fashion, Fred Milla manages to show you who he is on a number of levels. The poetic pimp certainly has an ear for songs that appeal to both men and women. Music is something he has been drawn to since the tender age of 7 and by the age of eleven he was in the studio writing and recording. One year later he found himself in two groups by the names Domination Lique and Fatal Lique with hopes to one day be on the big stage. His ambition for music from a young age put Fred Milla ahead of the pack and ready to share his gift with the world. Looking to establish himself as a solo artist, Fred Milla really began to focus on his sound by dedicating more of his time to his art. With Hip-Hop a part of his everyday routine it wasn't long before he developed his own style and sound. When Fred Milla is rapping, his objective is to give anyone within ears-length an in-depth visual lyrically. Being creative comes naturally for the Illinois native and it's evident when listening to is music. Incorporating his life's experiences into each verse allows Fred Milla to get his truth across and because it's so real it makes him and his music very easy to relate to.

As a youngster Fred was a big fan of some of Hip-Hop's most influential artists such as Nas and 2Pac, as well as two artists branching off his very own family tree. His two older brothers were a major influence on Milla's sound and his message. Being the second youngest of seven children meant Fred had to be smart, clever and most importantly a gogetter. Even through an unstable childhood, Fred has managed to persevere and become the only male in his family to graduate high school while maintaining his positive perspective on life. The "Ride With Me" rapper is independent, humble and absolutely determined to take his music to the next level. Milla is a natural born talent motivated by the mediocre music of today. Fred's new album entitled "Dooms Day" is officially under construction and the blueprint is set. This "Doom’s Day" album is about the rise of a new king whose music reflects honesty, inspiration and quality control. Fred Milla lets his lyrics speak for itself so it's clear who one of the next rising stars propelling out of Chicago will be. In Fred Milla's words, life has made him wiser and music has made him stronger. Understanding what it is to have a good work ethic from a young age is one reason Fred Milla will keep his advantage. He also understands two very important principles, patience and consistency. With his highly anticipated "Dooms Day" album™ (Death To The Skinny Jeans Era) on the way, Fred Milla is looking to drop early 2015 independently on his very own imprint Chi-Star Music™. Single titled "Late Night Session" Feat. Shawnna & Ricco Maze out now on iTunes.

Twitter: @fredmilla INSTAGRAM: @therealfredmilla http://facebook.com/fredmillamusic

THE SURGEON On The Rise If you're in need of new music allow us to introduce you to The Surgeon. This rap slinger was Born in the hustlers capital, Harlem, NY and raised in the gritty streets of Astoria, Queens New York. Growing up as a kid, The Surgeon would begin honing is craft by listening to some of hip-hops most elite such as Nas, Busta Rhymes, Tupac and Mr. "I Ain't No Joke" Rakim. In 1996 he relocated to East Windsor, NJ and did not forget to pack up his love of music to take with him. From the tender age of ten, The Surgeon has been into poetry so it came as no surprise that it has evolved into writing rhymes. ! During his high school years is when the Surgeon really started paying attention to lyrics, listening to music from artists such as Big Pun, Big L and Jay-z. This opened his eyes and gave him an even greater respect for the art of lyricism, motivating him to dig deeper within himself to reveal a more lyrical MC. Now known for his clever word play, fast flows and lyrical presence, The Surgeon is putting in the work needed to take him to the next level in this music industry. He has gone from rapping with his friends to becoming the rapid-fire, one man lyrical assult weapon he is today.! The beauty in this business is that sometimes you get to enjoy the road to success with your family. In The Surgeons case his sister T. Roberts, CEO, and Vice President Muhjahid Islam started the independent label Kimsha Records LLC and signed him to keep business in the family. The Surgeon is currently in the recording studio creating his latest work of art. His new LP entitled "Methods of Operation" is due out this fall and we are definitely looking forward to it. With the possibilities being so endless The Surgeon really has nothing to lose and everything to gain. With new music on the way and new showcase events lined up, we expect this isn't the last we've seen of "The Surgeon".

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What are "Work-for-hire"


One of the most important issues for musicans and songwriters is the accurate payment of royalties generated from the use of their works. However, when you pay someone to write or create something for you, do not assume that you automatically aquire copyright ownership of the work. Payment does NOT guarantee copyright! Just because you've paid for a service does not mean that you own the product or the proceeds from the product. Whether you're paying a songwriter, a producer or even a graphic designer - each contributor continues to have ownership over whatever original product they created. So how can you own all of the content on your tracks without having to do all of the work yourself? Introducing... the "work-for-hire" agreement.

Copyright So what exactly is a "work-for-hire" agreement? A work-for-hire agreement essentially states that a person or company who commissions work from another individual retains actual ownership and is, in fact, considered the legal author of the work. In lamens terms, the person who was hired to create the work gives up all publishing rights. The actual creator of the work has no rights to payment beyond what was promised in the initial work-for-hire agreement. The work is to be treated as if it were authored by the hiring party. The original author may or may not be

publicly credited for the work, but the fact remains that they have given up their publishing rights. There are some limitations as to what works can be claimed using a work-forhire agreement. A work-for-hire agreement can only be claimed for works that (1) were created by an employee during their time if employment or (2) were specially ordered or commissioned from an independent contractor for use as a contribution to a collective work OR as part of a motion picture or other audiovisual work, such as a screenplay.

Such an arrangement may sound unethical or even illegal, but the fact remains that under U.S. Copyright Law (and copyright laws in many other nations), such practices are allowed, provided that the terms are spelled out in a written agreement. Take a company such as Microsoft for example. Many of their programmers work to create new software or operating systems, however Microsoft retains ownership of all programs created by their employees. Or when songwriters are hired to write jingles for commercials, they are given a onetime compensation, and they give up all rights to the song they wrote and the proceeds generated.


In the end, having a work-for-hire agreement can be practical for both parties. Not only does it clearly establish the creator's compensation for the work performed, but it also minimizes the hiring party's exposure to liability from the other creative forces behind the work. If you are the person being commissioned to create something for another person or company, be aware of what it is you're agreeing to before signing any documents. If you have a problem with receiving one flat fee and signing over your ownership of the work, then you may want to discuss co-ownership very early in the process. As far as work-for-hire agreements go, they are an easy and preemptive measure of avoiding very difficult and expensive problems down the line.

"Essentially when someone writes and copyrights something like lyrics or a music score they own it and have rights to it. They're allowed to do pretty much whatever they want to do with that piece. They are allowed to exploit and use the piece to generate income because they own the copyright to the piece. Work for hire is an exception to that rule."

! music-law.com

Alabama's Own

They say that many are called but few are chosen. For an artist to succeed in this industry they must be passionate about their craft. When you can hear the passion from an artist as they spit their dreams and hardships over hard knocking beats, you can't help but connect with them.

Meet the multi-talented artist

known as FAME. His Hooligan Muzik is making noise all over and Da Insider has the exclusive! Born Durrell Briskey in Montgomery, Alabama, this southern wordsmith has already traveled the world with the Marine Corp. With his knowledge of the world it's no surprise that it reflects in his music. Even at an early age FAME has had the ability to forecast that there would be days that he would only have himself to rely on. Through all of life's adversities FAME has managed to press on, with everything to gain..

Being able to express himself lyrically seems to come pretty easy for the Alabama native. Raised in a single parent household, it was evident that he would have to find his own way and music has been the perfect compass. Losing several loved ones, including his cousin, pushed him to the limit so in 2006 he started his label Money Made Music group. FAME felt that with all he had been given, it was only fitting that he give back, so his objective for the label was to offer as many young black males as he could an opportunity to have their voices heard. Southern rappers have been proven to have some greats among them, so it's no surprise that FAME is on the rise. It's his positive messages, like his track "Next To Kin", that gives you the measure of the man. FAME has brought DJ Jelly from Southern Style DJ's (of ATL) on board to create the "Gold Rush Mixtape series, which is being viewed as classic. FAME's music onslaught seems to resignate easily because it reflects the everyday struggle. As his notoriety builds off his musical compositions, such as "In the shadow of an Icon" (from Thug life army Records), along with the "Gold Rush series 1& 2", nothing seems to stand between FAME and his impending success. With the new year upon us, he is set to release his biggest project to date “Hooligan Muzik�, which is highly anticipated! As FAME's Hooligan movement continues to paint the picture of hope for those in less fortunate situations, it's evident he sees that the possibilities are endless.

“My Mobile Fan Club” The Only Fan Club That Will Grant You Access To Meet & Hangout with Your Favorite Celebrity! Join our basic free membership and receive updates on who will be featured next. You can be one of the first in your group to connect with your favorite celebrity and receive free giveaways! One fan from the first ten to join their celebrity club will be selected to listen in on a conversation between a VIP member and that celebrity...you might be that lucky fan to hear first hand from the celebrity’s mouth to your ears! Register to become a member and send us your most creative video clip. Let us know what celebrity you would like to meet and why you are their biggest fan. The craziest and funniest video will be posted on MMFC home page for your favorite celebrity & the world to see!!!...Join NOW!!!


NATFICIAL Time for some Mind Elevation.... Meet Natficial Fellowmen, a poetic, introspective thinker on a mission to give his listeners positive, influential music. His unique rhymes serve as a vessel to speak to the community, using his life experiences as a compass. Though born in Louisiana, this lyricist is a true New Yorker at heart. Being raised in Brooklyn and the Bronx, where he still resides, has played a huge part in shaping and cultivating the man that he has become. But that's not all that's influenced Natficial. The five years that he served in the penitentiary for armed robbery and grand theft auto has definitely helped to mold him into the conscious rapper he is today. Working through the hardships during his bid and the trials and tribulations that followed has made Natficial a stronger, more positive individual. It was then that he decided to embrace his talent and love of rap music and take it to the next level. Perfecting the craft of creating what Natficial refers to as "Mind Elevation Rap" is now his focus. One of his His song "Burning Skies" addresses social issues most thought-provoking tracks "CSK", an such as homelessness, incarceration and instrospective look into his views on life, is just the tip unemployment. Currently, Natficial is working on two of the Natficial iceberg. major projects - "Golden Pen Project" and "Prophet Monastery Music". But his writing doesn't stop there. Not only is he a lyricist, but he's a soon-to-be author as well with his very own book in the making. In addition to reaching out through his music, Natficial finds other ways to give back to the community as well. He's passionate about participating and helping out at shelters and volunteering in soup kitchens throughout NYC. It's pretty evident that this conscious MC-slashhumanitarian has paid his dues and now strives to exude his positive energy into the universe. Natficial says, "My plan for the future is to keep

making positive influential music and to keep mind elevating, mentally and physically."

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Da Insider Magazine is designed to generate more exposure for independent hip-hop and R&B artists that stand out with a certain uniqueness....

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