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MEEK MILL Wins & Losses/ Benz & Porsches

ANARKE BLVCK Collection2.5

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MEEK MILL Is "Wins & Losses" a win for the MMG star??? COLLECTION 2.5


Clothing EXHIBIT



FEATURED ARTISTS RIO DJ LP Don Bigga Stefon Simmons Leecee Dre Keeley Bulletz Chris Paris Flamez King Just Versatil Mr. Kelly K Wize 2econd BJ Mighty Major Jaquon Lincoln Roy Young POPular Bigg Cee



ip-hop artist, producer, music label owner, and even clothing brand designer are the many artistic hats worn by this next young man. From Baltimore, Maryland to Orlando, Florida and multiple places in-between, this rising star has taken his experiences from each area and positively applied them to his creative process. He's all about his business and excited about what his future has in store, and he goes by the name of Dre Keeley.

Dre, Lil Dre, Drizz, Drizzle... the amount of names that hip-hop artist Dre Keeley is known as almost compares to the number of places he's lived. Born in Baltimore, Dre moved to Columbus, Ohio, then to St. Paul, Minnesota, then back to Columbus. After that it was off to Atlanta, Georgia, then Dayton, Ohio, then Jacksonville, Florida and finally Orlando, Florida. Growing up in so many different surroundings taught Dre to be himself no matter where he is, and also to view change as an agent of growth and embrace it. Dre has always been a fan of good music, no matter the genre. Memories of listening to smooth jazz as a kid in the car with his parents started his love affair with music. The big brother of one of Dre's middle school friends introduced him to independent rap and let them record their raps over beats. Dre soon began to meet people who had home studios and would record there, however the real magic began when he finally got his own laptop to start making beats. Luckily, no one wanted to rap over the beats he was creating, so Dre decided to spit over them himself. One song led to another, and before long the song-writing took precedence over the beat-making. Now eight years deep in his love of creating music, this clever MC is more focused than ever, and he and his team have created a company called Creative Space Productions. Primarily a music label, Creative Space also manufactures clothing and other merchandise under their brand, including t-shirts, hats and even posters. The Creative Space movement has been one of the highlights of Dre's accomplishments. Rod Judah, an artist under the label, has been grinding in the studio and is about to release an arsenal of hits. Dre Keeley himself has released his blazing hot project called "Submarine Dreams", which in his opinion is some of his best work so far hands down, and is available on all streaming sites. Dre's goals for the future are to keep making good music, focus on his brand Creative Space Productions, and to continue bringing people together that love to create and inspire. @DreKeeley (IG & Twitter) Creative Space IG: @CreativeSpaceProductions Twitter: @Crea8tiveSpace


Meet KingJust, an up-and-coming hiphop artist from Austin, Texas who has been creating and recording music for 15 years. Inspired by some of the greatest in classical music as well as Motown's greats, KingJust has a sound that is as authentic as it is unique.

As a youngster growing up, KingJust always thought rapping was so cool, and although today he's a hiphop artist himself, rap music wasn't his first love. As a five year-old, this young musician-in-themaking would only listen to classical music at night to fall asleep. So when he heard that the sixth grade orchestra of his elementary school would be putting on a special performance, the excitement he felt was indescribable.

As the orchestra closed the show with their rendition of the old hit song "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King, young KingJust felt a range of emotions intensity, peace, love, authority, but most importantly, the passion to be a part of music's magic. From the bass vibrating through the auditorium, to the audience cheering and roaring with excitement, it all played a part in a life-changing moment, one that KingJust will remember forever. At age 11, young KingJust joined that sixth grade orchestra, and by age fourteen he had written his first rap song titled, "Just a Youngsta". He quickly realized that creating music was second nature to him, and he found that he was able to write songs quickly and spit them effortlessly. From listening to Bach, Mozart and Hofman, to listening to The Temptations and Smoky Robinson, KingJust got his inspiration from these pioneers and a host of hip-hop artists. His interest in a variety of music genres resulted in his creating a sound that is unique and contemporary. Growing up in Austin allowed him to be able to relate to the underbelly of society, and use his music to "educate rather than degenerate" the minds of his listeners. With the goal of getting a bachelors degree in audio production under his belt, KingJust is definitely grinding to make sure that Austin, Texas has a permanent spot on the hip-hop map. And with the amount of talent and originality he has, achieving these goals is perfectly possible.

KingJust SoundCloud

VERSATIL Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to a dope reggaeton artist from NYC who goes by the name of Versatil. Translated to english as Versatile, the name basically says it all. Being the epitome of versatility, Versatil skillfully adapts to and creates different types of music. From reggae and soca to Latin trap, bachata, and merengue, Versatil does it all, and does it well.

B The combination of cultural experiences has definitely had a positive effect on Versatil's ability to create music. His blending of cultures has made his music rich in sound, rhythm and melody, with a style that is as complex as it is unique. With a sound that he calls "Urban Latin", Versatile is skilled at delivering different flows ranging from rapping to singing in Spanish and English and in different genres of music. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Don Chezina, Daddy Yankee, Don Omar and Zion,Versatil admits, however, that his biggest source of inspiration for music is women because according to him, "they are the most beautiful work of art". Versatil has won several music contests and has opened up for several known Latin artists including Cheka, Arcangel and Notch. He was also approached by Universal with a record deal that unfortunately fell through, but that doesn't stop Versatil from reaching to put DR on the urban music map. Check out his single "Candela", currently available for download now on iTunes.

orn in the small town of Bonao in the Dominican Republic,Versatil spent most of his youth absorbing the Dominican culture. Moving to NYC allowed him to gain a greater appreciation for hip-hop and R&B, and awakened in him a desire to express himself musically. Although music has always been a part of him,Versatile began his musical journey in the church as a back-up singer and percussionist. Attempting to freestyle outside of the church while his cousin beatboxed, and having passers-by stop to listen and applaud, was game-changing for the young musical prodigy. An unexpected break-up led to Versatil turning a poem into his very first song, and he hasn't looked back since.




LEECEE From the exciting city of Las Vegas, Nevada comes a beautiful and soulful young talent who goes by the name of Leecee. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Alicia Sanford chose her childhood nickname to use as her stage name so that her fans can feel just as close to her. Singing since the tender age of eight, this R&B princess started writing and recording her own songs when she was just 15 years old. Remaking an old Nick Jonas record into a gospel song to perform for her school's Christmas program was the beginning of an era for Leecee.

Inspired by some of the greats in old school music, the Jackson 5, Diana Ross, and Whitney Houston, Leecee has learned to appreciate the art of performing, having great vocal talent, and having a crowd-winning presence. Now thIs talented songstress creates everything from slow love ballads to contemporary R&B, and plans to make "Leecee" a household name. On the road to making her dreams become a reality, she has performed at, and won, a talent show at the West Las Vegas Theater and has performed at a number of other events as well, including singing the National Anthem for a graduation at the Cashman Center.

Shaja B

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Today the golden-voiced song bird continues to work her unique brand of black girl magic, winning over new listeners with her sweet-sounding melodies. She's had two of her songs, "Love Talk" and "Beautiful", played on HotRushRadio and she doesn't plan on stopping there. "I plan to do more performances and release more music. I just really want to focus on getting my name and face out there. I also want to be a huge role model and inspiration for black women and little black girls all over the world."


KELLY Juvenile, Hot Boys, Soulja

Slim, Curren$y, Boosie and Big Tymers... these are just a few of the big names in music out of New Orleans, Louisiana. A city inundated with rhythm and music, where street performers are part of the city's genetic makeup, New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz music and the foundation for this amazing artist and producer with a moniker for each hat he wears. Allow us to introduce you to the multitalented man with two alter-egos, Mr. Kelly the producer and Bre Michael the artist.

For the young man born under the name Brendan Kelly, being from such a vibrant city that's so full of culture, life and love was mind blowing. With street performers on nearly every corner, from tap dancers to street bands and marching bands, music and

rhythm were brought to life and celebrated all around him. Inspired by incredible, unorthodox talent, such as a drummer playing a crazy hard beat using a couple of drumsticks and some buckets, young Bre Michael learned how to make something out of nothing.

When he was five his parents bought him his first keyboard and right away he realized he had a knack for it. Nine years later, at the age of fourteen, Mr. Kelly, Bre Michael's "producer alter-ego", produced his very first track. With musical abilities that landed him an opportunity to play piano at the Royal Sonesta Hotel for the governor of Louisiana, Mr. Kelly creates a unique sound that is a combination of hip-hop and alternative rock. When this talented producer is creating a

new track, the creative process definitely plays a part in the outcome. "I focus on making the environment perfect. Dim lights, good smells, good drinks, good smoke... The mood of the room reflects the mood of the music. That part excites me the most. It really sets the pace for the track." Chill but still danceable is how he describes his vibe, with grungy, older sounding guitars mixed with modern piano sounds, synths and drums.

Inspired by artists of both rock and hip-hop, some of Bre Michael's favorites include Nirvana, Gucci, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimi Hendrix, Bryson Tiller, J. Cole, Drake, Wayne, Chance the Rapper and many more. So far he's worked with several artists: Relic, Joao, BADJUJU, Johnny Mackintosh, King Taper, Blood$hot, with bigger artists to come. His most recent show was at Chain Reaction in Los Angeles with homies from New Orleans. This musical genius has had one of his singles played on 106.1 KISS FM in New Orleans and he's also been accepted to the iWrite LA iStandard contest this September. His goal is to work with artists around the globe, one specific idea being to produce a track with MikeWill and 808 Mafia featuring Gucci and Anthony Keidis. Performing at Madison Square Garden, filming a 0 Gravity music video and providing opportunities for others are also on his list of goals. What does this exceptional musician hope listeners take away from his music? An inspiration to make music themselves, maybe an escape from the real world, or just take away a hottie from the dance floor!

Mr. Kelly's Links:




FLAMEZ Da Prince Representing BK to the fullest is a promising young artist who goes by the name of Flamez Da Prince. As a versatile performer, he stands out from the rest by not just creating hip-hop music, but a little bit of everything and of course, adding a little Spanish flavor in the mix.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Flamez Da Prince has been writing music for about 14 years now, working to perfect his craft to make it the best it can be. Initially inspired by his older brother's playful freestyling, Flamez took a liking to the art of rhyme and began to write his own lyrics. He realized he actually had a gift when a rapper that he thought was dope heard him spit and thought Flamez lyrics were dope as well. Musically, Flames Da Prince has been inspired by several big names in hip-hop, including Drake, Jadakiss, Dave East and A Boogie. This master of the mic creates music based on his experiences and the experiences of those around him, and has released his first mixtape titled "Royalties From Da Hood". His single "Calle" is currently getting radio play on ten different stations. Now Flamez has a brand new song in the works called "Mud", as well as a number of upcoming performances as he keeps grinding to get his name out there. Flamez Da Prince's ultimate goal is for the world to know who he is, and with his level of determination, it's only a matter of time before they do. Instagram Twitter Facebook

LINCOLN ROY He's a multi-talented artist and producer from Los Angeles, California who's love of music is at the center of his creativity. Growing up in South Central, LA provides the food for thought his music serves up, and the church provided the foundation for his beat-making talent. He is the artist known as Lincoln Roy. This west-coast phenomenon started producing beats in 2015, but began his musical journey around the age of 11. Like many aspiring artists, the church served as Lincoln Roy's introduction to music, and the drums were his starting point. Five years of honing his craft on the drums, plus learning to play basic chords on the piano, formed the groundwork for his budding career as a producer. In the summer of 2016, Lincoln added recording artist to his list of titles and has been growing as a musician ever since.

Creating music he describes as soulful and conscious, Lincoln taps into a variety of genres including hip-hop, R&B and even reggae. His clever, stimulating beats set the mood, while his flow and content tell the story of growing up in South Central. His music reflects life around him on a daily basis, in an area he refers to as the concrete jungle. His debut album, which he titled "Concrete Jungle", is only part one of his story. "Concrete Jungle Vol. 2 is scheduled to be released this winter accompanied by new music videos and of course, live performances. He also put together a show called "Concrete Jungle Live", where he and other artists from LA rocked the stage. His goal is to release a new project every year and to build his brand to a level that is influential, and to one day collaborate with other artists. CONCRETE JUNGLE EP LEAP OF FAITH VIDEO


K. Wize

Get to know K. Wize, a Virginia-born hip-hop artist who's on the brink of greatness... So K. Wize, tell us how you came up with the name. My mom was a heavy Black Panther follower growing up, so all of her children's names are part Swahili. The Swahili name she originally wanted to give me, began with a K, so in honor of that name I chose to put the K initial in front of the name Wize, which is just a play on spelling of the word "wise". I chose it because wisdom is something that I value as a person/artist, and something that I believe is necessary for me to constantly gain and share with my audience.

Where are you from and how has it affected your music? I was born and mostly raised in Norfolk, Virginia. I also recognize Suffolk, Virginia because I lived my high school years in that area. Where I grew up allowed me to witness different

lifestyles without necessarily being directly involved in certain lifestyles. The neighborhood I lived in as a child was an all black community but not what society would consider "the hood". On the other hand, the schools that I attended as a child were right in the middle of "the hood". When I got to high school the neghborhood I lived in was on a golf course and a lot of famous athletes lived there. Now I'm able to honestly pull from all those places and relate to different sections within the demographic that my music reaches right now.

What type or genre of music do you create? How would you describe your sound? I make Hip-hop music. I would say the sound that my camp tends to create is a little more raw; instrument and nuance driven rather than the modern heavy 808s. Extremely versatile, we use a lot of soul and gospel samples; we're not afraid to test the traditional Hip-Hop time measures and tempos. We want the vocals to make the song instead of the beat. The beat is just a bonus.

How long have you been creating and recording music? Lyrically, I've been writing since I was seven years old. Maybe a little earlier than that I started taking piano lessons, and throughout grade school I learned the violin, trombone, various percussion instruments, and did some singing as well. My dad was in a gospel group when I was a child so I was always around music. He had a home studio so myself and a friend of mine would go in the studio and play around, and one day he just decided to actually plug the mics in and let us record to a couple of instrumentals he had programmed in his keyboard. So I actually recorded my first two rap songs when I was eleven.

So at what point did you actually start to take your music career more seriously? I started seriously making music the night before my 22nd Birthday. I had no recording equipment, no studio plugs, no laptop, all I had was pages full of rhymes. At the time, I knew MacBooks were the thing to use to record on, and my friend Juan(J-Bosco), had one, so I called him and told him I had some rhymes I wanted to spit. He came over and set up GarageBand and all he had for a mic was a pair of Beats, little ear-bud headphones with the cell-phone speaker. He downloaded all the beats I asked for and I just rapped all night until my Birthday. He was like, "Yo, it's time to put VA on the map", and from that point on he became my Producer/Manager and we've been working ever since.

How do you separate yourself or stand out from other artists? I study...I study the culture, I study the players, I study the game...past and present...and I practice.

Who inspires you musically? Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, Nas, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, NWA, Eminem, Kanye...sometimes Drake, as far as Hip Hop goes...outside of Hip-Hop: Jamie Foxx, John Legend, Smokey Robinson, Michael Jackson.

What do you hope listeners will take away from your music? I want my listeners to feel the music in their souls...I want them to feel reality and hope...but I also want them to get that free-spirited and chill vibe.

What goals do you have for the future? My goals are to have a respectable and successful music career, own a couple of business chains, invest in stock, cross over from music to acting, pay off school loans, use my platform to spark the change that I want to happen here in America, write an autobiography, then write books for a living; hopefully some of them make it on the big screen...and live my life as happy as possible with my family.

What recent songs, videos or mixtape releases are currently available to your fans and where can they be heard or downloaded? Right now you can go to my webpage and download all three of my projects for free..."S.O.U.L. 2 Soul Mixtape" which was recorded under my previous alias Ray S.O.U.L., "PagesOfPain LP", and "Summer 16s Mixtape". There is also a music tab on my webpage where you can listen to older songs, freestyles, and remixes that I've released. Same for any video footage of me, just click the videos tab on my webpage. I also have 4 singles released this year ("Say Word", "143", "I never Knew Interlude", and "Waves") that are available for purchase on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play...just type in K. Wize in your search bar and enjoy. I am currently working on my 2nd Album, titled "Poetic Tissue"...there is no official release date, but we're looking at somewhere between late this year (2017) and early 2018.

K. Wize website SoundCloud: SoundCloud iTunes: Search "K. Wize" Instagram/Twitter: @kwize100

Now that the smoke has cleared and everyone knows Meek Mill is still standing, it's evident that what does not kill you only makes you stronger. Meek's ability to maintain his fan base through the feuds is a testament to his resilience and musically you can always expect him to level up as a result.


obert Rihmeek Williams was born May 6, 1987 and is best known by his stage name, Meek Mill. Raised in the rough streets of Philadelphia, he emerged on the scene as a hungry battle rapper with nothing to lose. In 2008, the self-proclaimed "King of the South, T.I., signed Meek Mill to his very first record deal. After leaving Grand Hustle Records, in Feburary of 2011, Rick Ross announced he was signing Meek Mill, along with fellow label mate Wale, to his Maybach Music Group (MMG) label. March 2011, Meek was included in the XXL's "Freshman Class of 2011". In that same year, he released his hit debut single, "Tupac Back", featuring Rick Ross, from his label's compilation album "Self Made Vol. 1". Soon after that, Meek dropped his second single, "Ima Boss", also off the same compilation, and featuring Ricky Rozay. The track did well enough to earn itself a remix, featuring T.I., Birdman, Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, Swizz Beatz and Rick Ross. The remix hit the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at #51, becoming Meek's biggest single at that time. In August 2011, Mill dropped "Dreamchasers", a highly anticipated mixtape featuring his hood famous "House Party" and special guest appearances from the biggest boss Rick Ross, Yo Gotti and Beanie Siegel to name a few. On May 7, 2012 Meek released his 2nd installment to his Dreamchasers catalog, and six hours after its release on the mixtape website, Dreamchasers 2 had been downloaded 1.5 million times. With that kind of success surrounding a mixtape, it came as no surprise that Meek was able to secure a situation with Roc Nation management. On June 19, 2012 Meek's track entitled "Amen", originally off his Dreamchasers 2 project, was released as the first single from his debut album "Dreams & Nightmares", and the album debuted at number 2 on the US Billboard 200 chart with first-week sales of 165,000 copies. In its second week the album sold an additional 41,000 copies, dropping 6 spots on the chart to number 8.

Meek put out his 3rd installment of the Dreamchasers series, Dreamchasers 3. The mixtape featuring amazing guest appearances from Rick Ross, Future, Akon, Waka Flocka Flame, Wale, Trina and Jadakiss among others. On September 29th. 2013 the mixtape was released and in November 2013, Mill announced that he was almost done with his 2nd studio album. On March 8, 2014, Meek announced that the album would be called "Dreams Worth More Than Money". Mill's album was released on June 28, 2015 and topped the Billboard 200. More than just a rapper, Meek Mill has a huge heart, and has done selfless things in the past, such as spending $50,000 to donate 60,000 water bottles to contribute to the Flint Water Crisis. After the much debated Drake drama, which put a temporary dark cloud over Meek, it was back to business with his third studio album, and he made sure to leave his listeners with an honest and engaging experience without question. Who would have thought that a random Twitter rant would turn into a enormous rap feud? No one could have known that exposing Drake for using ghost writers would be a decision that would backfire so heavily. Drake decided to respond to Meek musically, and with hard hitting tracks like "Charged Up" & "Back to Back", some thought Meeks career might be over. Standing in Meeks corner was one of the baddest females in music, Nicki Minaj, but once the rap beef seemed to simmer down the two decided to go their separate ways. Meek makes sure to address these topics on his new album, knowing that often times the best way to deal with issues is to confront them head-on.

Art by:

His 3rd and most recent album, "Wins and Losses", is an eye opening medley of dope tracks and swift lyricism. Meek opened up about his take on the album in a prior interview and he says, “I just wanted to give people a real perspective of my life, what we call wins and what we call losses. I lost my case, we lost Lil Snupe, Chino lost his brother. Where we come from, that’s a loss. When you talk L’s and W’s, you get an L, that mean you got life in jail.

It’s critical. It ain’t what they talking about.” On this album Meek still manages to make the distinction between dreams and real life. It seems Meek understands that rap is more than an opportunity to have a lyrical gunfight, and sees how it has been a savior for him from all the things that have tried to bring him down. Meek's feelings are that there’s more than one way to win, and that being "bested" in the rap arena isn’t remotely as devastating as seeing your closet friends die. The reality has always been hard, and the dreams have always been easy, but on his new album he has created a project for the ages.

Listen on SoundCloud Now!!

STEFON SIMMONS Meet Stefon Simmons, singer, songwriter and recording artist extraordinaire. Currently living in Brooklyn, NY but originally from the state of Virginia, this master of R&B and Soul has been creating original songs since the age of 13, which mostly consisted of rapping and singing while playing the keyboard. In high school Stefon, otherwise known as SOUND, joined the chorus and quickly got his first solo performance in the spring concert singing a Doo-wop tune called "Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight". Realizing the talent he possessed, Stefon began to incorporate piano playing with his singing, taking his artistic ability to the next level.

The experiences of life in various environments and maintaining relationships with diverse people led to Stefon being exposed to different genres of music and different understandings of life in general. From the streets of Baltimore to the low country of South Carolina to the suburbs of Virginia, this talented artist has taken away lessons from each area and incorporated them into his music. As far as artist inspiration goes, Stefon methodically splits them into two categories: Lyrically and melodically, he's inspired by artists such as OutKast, Corinne Bailey Rae, Phil Collins, and Miguel; Harmonically, he draws inspiration from Boyz II Men, Jodeci, Michael Jackson, and NSync among others. Stefon currently performs in an acoustic guitar-singer duo for the Hudson River Park's "Sunset on the Hudson" shows during the summer months in NYC. This superstar in the making has starred in a music video for Jayson Youngblood’s song “Help Me”, a plea against police brutality in America. His song, “Magic”, from his new EP, “Appreciated” also played on FM Radio 106.5 in the United Kingdom. This EP climbed to number 1 on Amazon Music’s Best Sellers list for Contemporary R&B Albums within the 1st week of its release in June of 2017. Stefon's goal is to have his music played in feature full-length and short films, as well as on television and in theater. He would also love to build his own band and perform for music festivals around the world. Stefon Simmons will be performing songs from his project, “Appreciated”, at the York Soul Festival 2017 in York, Pennsylvania on September 23rd. The EP is available for purchase everywhere digital music is sold. You can also stream his music on Tidal or Spotify.

Stefon Simmons SoundCloud


So tell us about the name Dj Lp, where'd the LP come from? My real name is Lisa so I got the name from my initials, but I've always been called Lp so the name seemed only right. Plus most people don't know whether I'm a guy or girl by the name. I love to walk into a gig and have people surprised I'm a female.

Where are you from originally, and what part of NY do you represent? I'm Puerto Rican but I was born in the Bronx. I was raised in Yonkers for some time and have lived in every borough except Staten Island. Usually when people ask me, "Where are you from?" I literally say "I'm from all over".

How long have you been a DJ and how did you get started? I've been Djing since 2015. Growing up I've always been that person to have all the latest music / albums / mix tapes. I used to bartend / waitress and would always become friendly with the Dj and would learn anything I could. Finally I said I can do this! I asked some Djs I became friends with and had learning sessions or would play at the club I was working at for practice until I started to get booked. I record myself all the time to go over things I did good or bad, and that's how I got great. With time I became better and better. From there I never looked back or slowed down. I take being a Dj very serious and know I can make it big! Now I'm booked all over NYC. I play all genres and play about 4-7 days a week.

What kind of music do you most enjoy playing? I love to be an Open Format Dj. I literally like to play it all! Some venues I Dj I literally have to play it all because the crowd is mixed. Those are the best parties. Everyone gets engaged and has fun. Personally I'm a fan of hip hop, trap, reggaeton and Spanish trap.

What aspect of being a DJ excites you the most? The feeling of having fun while technically working is amazing! Even the rush you get controlling the party and being in the center of it all is indescribable. I get excited to learn new techniques, work with new equipment, playing new music and dealing with artists.



How do you separate yourself or stand out from other DJs? There are many female djs in the industry, even in NY. Some are just pretty faces, and others not so attractive yet crazy skilled. I think I bring a great combination of looks and skills. I am NY's Sexiest Dj. I keep up with the best male Dj's out there. Some are even my mentors.

Who or what inspires Dj LP? Many things inspire me. New music, fashion, even hearing other great Dj's play inspires me to move up in my career. Even my growing progress inspires me and keeps the battery on my back.

What goals do you have for the future?

DJ LP SoundCloud

My career has only just begun, I have many things in the works. I aspire to be on more radio, be a tour Dj for big name artists, I even aspire to attain a Dj residency in Vegas or maybe even in Europe. New York is just where my journey begins in my eyes. I also design clothes and aspire to work on projects combining my love of fashion with music and Djing.

Are there any mixtape releases currently available to Dj Lp fans, and where can they be heard or downloaded? Anyone interested in getting to know more about me can of course follow me on Instagram or Twitter @DjLpNYC or LpDash717,on SnapChat or Dj Lp on Facebook. I'm CONSTANTLY posting my events and mix releases on social media. You can listen to all my mixes on I'm always posting mixes, most I record live from events I Dj. Every week I have something going on in different parts of the city. Definitely follow my social media pages and come out and party with me. I am super humble. I constantly have people come up to me that support me and accepted me and took me under the wing from day one, I can only say ...Thank you and I will definitely make them proud!

During fashion week, we recently got a chance to attend the new Anarke BLVCK exhibit for his latest Collection 2.5, and the event was a hit. We were very impressed and are excited to present to you an exclusive sneak peak. So without further ado, we present to you the all new

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RIO IG: @gmrs_rio Twitter: @gmrs_rio Facebook: OfficialRio_Musiq

Louisiana has brought us some of the biggest names in hip-hop, including Lil Wayne, Birdman, Juvenile and Master P. Looking to be added to that list of heavy hitters is none other than up and coming rapper RIO. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, the capital city of Louisiana, RIO has always had a passion for music. What started out as him and his homies freestyling on the porch, evolved into a much more serious endeavor for the young artist. Previously going by the stage name Yung Grind, he returned from a break from music and decided on a more original name, RIO, short for his birth name Je' Mario. Growing up in an era that glorifies drug use, murder and degrading women, RIO became the type of artist who could escape his environmental influences and create incredible music. Inspired by 2 Chainz, RIO has been creating music for 10 years and describes his sound as "down south hip hop mixed with a little something for the ladies". Being self-made is a source of pride for this starin-the-making. RIO and his team are completely independent, doing it alone and putting everything on the line to make this dream a reality. Now RIO's mission is to make a name for himself by continuing to grind hard and staying consistent. Getting signed and making money doing what he loves to do would be the ultimate accomplishment for him and his team, keeping Louisiana on the hip-hop map. Look out for RIO's new EP "Count Me In" dropping mid-September!

Coming straight from the core of the "Big Apple", midtown Manhattan, NYC, is the artist today's music industry has been waiting for. This dope MC has had to overcome major obstacles and go through real-life situations at a very early age. From an environment full of poverty, drugs, violence and gangs, this up-andcoming artist was forced to grow up fast, but he used his experiences to fuel his musical talent in a major way, and of course he goes by the name "Major".

Not only does the word "major" describe the talent of this young artist, but it's also his last name and the name people have been calling him since middle school. Growing up in the hood, Major has dealt with a lot of negative environmental factors, and has used every tough situation and sacrifice as a learning experience. Music has allowed Major to express himself in a variety of ways, creating sounds that range from soft to aggressive rapping, singing and harmonizing to come up with the perfect vibe to reflect his feelings.. Major was inspired to do music by a well-respected artist from the Bronx and creator of the "Moremula" music label, who was a very close friend of his named Christopher "Easy" Graham. More like a brother to Major, Easy listened to Major's playful ryhme-spitting and felt like he had talent and should take it more seriously. What started out as something to play around with due to lack of interest or passion, became much more deeply heartfelt following the passing away of his good friend, Easy. Feeling like he needed to carry his brother's legacy, Major has his sights locked on music and has truly grown a deep love for it. Creating music for two years now, Major's focus is razor-sharp, and it shows in the music and moves he's making. His latest track "Wrong Girl" is a lyrical banger with a sweet melody and catchy flow, and his most recent video release "Monsta" is a definite radio hit. Major released his first mixtape on September 11th titled, "Ain't See It Coming" and it's available on SoundCloud, Audiomack, and This hard-working artist has also had his music played on GotRichRadio and will be interviewed on FloEmpire radio. Major has several upcoming performances scheduled and is working hard to make a name for himself in the music industry. Getting his family out of the hood is one of the ultimate goals for Major, and some of his other goals include starting his own music label, providing opportunities for others around him to prosper, investing, donating, and of course, giving back to the community and becoming a mentor for the youth. Looking up to artists like Meek Mill and Drake, Major is on the path to super-stardom, and with the talent and selflessness that he possesses, there's no doubt that one day up-and-coming artists will be looking up to him as well.







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Comedic, graphic, confident and inspirational.... that's how this next artist describes his music. From Wilmington, Delaware, this innovative MC calls himself 2econd, and feels although there may be a top artist in the industry that's number one to a lot of listeners, he believes without a doubt that he's definitely a close second.

Being from Wilmington, an area not widely known for it's contribution to the hip-hop industry, 2econd is on the fast track to becoming a hip-hop artist unlike any other in the game. According to 2econd, his lingo, style, approach, analogies, metaphors, world view, message, rationale, perspective and voice is unlike any the global market has ever heard. Artfully balanced, without being too preachy or too hardcore, 2econd's music is made to transcend local boundaries and to resonate globally to all demographics. Making music that people truly feel is his ultimate goal, music that draws you in with his wordplay and keeps you there with his message.

2econd started out writing poems, letters, and songs, and has been writing for as long as he can remember. He realized he was good when teachers would compliment him on his writing. After writing a memoir of his life titled "80s Baby: True Story" in 2014, he decided it would be better received if told over a beat. So he revamped it into a bunch of short stories turned into songs, and he's been in forward motion ever since. To avoid sounding like DJ from the movie "Hustle and Flow", 2econd practiced his delivery using his cell phone until he developed his own character and a flow that he was comfortable with. Now this savvy mastermind is so comfortable in his creativity that he completely transforms when he gets in the booth. Anything rehearsed goes out of the window, improv takes over, and the result is out of this world. With a sound he feels is different from what's being heard in mainstream hip-hop, 2econd considers each song a narrative, using his lyrics and overall vibe to paint a picture for the listeners. His perspective is new and innovative, with a fresh voice for hiphop lovers everywhere. Listening to nothing but Tupac until the age of fifteen definitely played a part in inspiring his love of hip-hop, and due to his running the streets and selling drugs, it wasn't until he was locked in juvie that he learned about underground rappers through "Yo MTV Raps" and " The Basement". Today this up-and-coming rapper is inspired by many artists including Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Nas, DMX, 50-Cent, Dipset, Lil Wayne, and Drake. "My objective is to become the fastest rising hip hop artist ever. I want to defy gravity with an unheard of sound, and message. I want to build a platform that can satisfy my financial needs and wants, take care of my families, and their extended family. I want to create opportunity where there was no opportunity before. And I want to do this in record time because I believe in what I have to offer as a human being first and artist 2econd." 2econd is currently working on a soundtrack for his book, with a song and video to capture the tone of each chapter. He will also be rereleasing his memoir with a traditional publishing company, so the videos and song will coincide with the re-release. His new single "Chill Fam" is available on iTunes now, as well as a host of other songs that fans can check out on SoundCloud and Reverbnation. As a talented artist full of confidence and determination, 2econd has a bright future ahead of him. "Because make no mistake about it, those are my words, and this is happening. And it will happen at a faster rate than you have ever seen." Type to enter text






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aQuon Welch

Bringing back the "real" R&B to mainstream music is a talented vocalist from Peekskill, NY who goes by the name of JaQuon. With his sweet melodies and charismatic lyrics, JaQuon, affectionately known as Quon or Quony, is serving up that classic R&B vibe that music enthusiasts have been missing. For about 13 years now, this musical stunner has been creating and recording mainly R&B music. However, not wanting to put any limits on his musical abilities, Quon remains open to all types of music and describes his sound with one powerful word, "LOVE". Growing up in the small city of Peekskill, the "Don't Go" artist was surrounded by talented and gifted people.

His grandmother, who used to sing to and with him, and would also write songs for Quony and his cousins to sing, and his mother who would always sing with her son. It inspired Quon to start making music at a very young age, back when he used to record himself singing on a tape recorder, and would write poems and turn them into songs, hoping they made sense.

Listening to these recordings confirmed for Quon that he was indeed born to sing. Seeing the reactions of the people who heard him sing gave him a feeling that was priceless, and served as further confirmation of his calling to music. Music was Quon's release, and it helped him express himself in tough situations and internal conflicts. Being inspired by some of the greats in the industry, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, BeyoncĂŠ, and Brandy, Quony's goal is to win multiple Grammys throughout his blossoming music career. In addition to being a Grammy award-winning artist, some of his other goals include traveling the world, selling out arenas, providing for himself and his family, and simply continuing to make great records. And Quon is definitely on his way to making his dreams come true. He's already been a part of the "Dean's List Tour" and has even made it to the second round of auditioning for the popular singing competition "X-Factor". Quony has also done various features, sold out performance venues, and has even headlined his own shows. His debut album entitled "So This Is Love" is scheduled to drop in a few weeks, followed by an upcoming video and so much more. Music world, prepare for the storm of talent coming your way, known as JaQuon Welch.

Instagram: @JaquonSings Facebook: @Jaquon Welch Snapchat: @QuBoii91 Twitter: @JaquonSings


"What excites me the most is the change I plan on bringing with the voice that God gave me."

These are the words of an artist with music in his blood and success on his mind. The grandson of a musical legend, this young musician has "lived" music his entire

life. From being in the studio, to traveling from city to city and state to state, his early experiences played a huge part in fueling the fire of his passion for music.

Born in Newark, New Jersey, the artist known as Young POPular has lived in a number of different areas including Atlanta, Georgia and Florida. Attending multiple schools and interacting with different types of people,Young POPular is well seasoned when it comes to diversity and it's reflected in his music. As a hip-hop artist, he lays out the truth pure and simple, from the best of times to the worst of times. He writes about a span of experiences, from having money to blow, to what it's like being broke, and everything inbetween. POP has been inspired by a number of today's top artists, including Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and the late Tupac Shakur. But no artist inspires him as much as his very own flesh and blood, a legend in the world of music, POP's own grandfather, the great George Clinton himself. Having such a legendary talent as a grandfather introduced POP to music at a very early age. From learning how to break bars down, to finessing the art of stage presence, POP took it all in and now applies it to his own music career. Seeing his father's father not only make it in the music business, but become a legend of his era, has inspired POP to follow in his footsteps. Now this MC is dope in his own right and has big plans for the future. Knowing that musicians can have a very influential voice for kids and teens, he plans to use that power for positive change in the community. Being a black man and seeing the issues that plague our society, POP knows how important it is to have someone speak on behalf of the community, someone who has their best interest at heart. He wants to be that someone and use his Godgiven voice and talent to bring the change that is so desperately needed. Young POPular's latest mixtape is available on DatPiff and is titled "Weed and Coffee", and his single "Get Money" is now on SoundCloud. His upcoming EP "Wishful Thinking" will be available for download October 31, and this go-getter is also working on a new web series called "Garden State". Currently, this ambitious musician is touring with George Clinton on the "George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic" tour traveling to multiple cities around the nation, and even some international locations. Young POPular has big dreams of being the best he can for his family, but always remains true to himself, never changing no matter where he goes or who he's with. He's "POP" 24-7, and he's a true hip-hop superstar in the making.






onnie B, Don Bigga, or simply DB for short... those are the names this next hip-hop artist goes by. Straight out of Cape May, New Jersey, this performer describes his music as raw and uncut, with lyrics that are full of substance and tell a story based on his experiences. Growing up in a small town, DB has witnessed everything from drug use, guns, and violence to the hopelessness felt by most of the people, and the reluctance to change their situation. Wanting to be the exception to the norm, DB was determined to make a life for himself outside of the environment he grew up in. Initially using basketball to escape some of the stresses around him, DB eventually turned to music to help him cope and to make his voice heard. As a young man coming from a musical family, it was nothing for him to make the transition into rap music, and once he began to take it seriously he found that everyone was interested in what he had to say. "People can relate to my music because I have a lot to say and it is 100% factual." Each song DB writes is personal and created with meaning, reminiscing on the tougher times in his life. Rappers Lloyd Banks, Jadakiss, Styles P., and Fabolous are among the few artists who have inspired DB on his musical journey. But they aren't the only ones providing inspiration to this upand-coming MC. DB's grandmother played a huge part in him becoming the artist that he is, always teaching him to speak his mind. His lady "Pook Gilbert" and his brother Blue have always been there for him and pushed him to follow his dreams. His son and daughter, two obvious sources of inspiration, keep DB cool and level-headed during heated moments. Now Donnie B. is making major moves to accomplish a successful music career. He just dropped his video, “Look it Here/Casket“ and released his mixtape, “Inside View” on He's also working on an old school mixtape scheduled to drop this month. He recently performed in Tampa and Miami, Florida, and has a performance scheduled in the presence of industry A&Rs and producers in Philly this month as well. Now that Donnie B. is finally being heard, his goal is to continue grinding and to make his children proud, two things he will undoubtedly do on his path to success. "Inside View" Mixtape "My Ways" Single Instagram- @donniebigga

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Red and blue police sirens... yellow caution tape... walls of graffiti... these are all images of growing up in the South Bronx that have played a part in shaping this conscious rapper known as Chris Paris. Coming from an area that has a tendency to breed negativity, Chis Paris has risen like a rose from the concrete, wanting to create music that promotes positivity amidst the unfavorable conditions.

Like many artists and songwriters, Chris began by writing poetry, using family and his relationships with girls as inspiration. During a time when he felt lost, being in a new school, being away from his old friends, trying to find his purpose and figure out what he's good at, Chris found guidance

and inspiration in J. Cole's mixtape, "Friday Night Lights". Listening to J. Cole guided him through high school and inspired him to create music for the kids who aspire to be great, but feel limited because of their status in society, their financial situation or their internal battles with themselves.

Chris Paris now creates music that he describes as "conscious rap", with the intent to paint pictures with his lyrics and provide positive content in his music. Wanting to bring back the classic hip-hop sound of the 90s and 2000s, this innovative rapper tests the musical waters by blending that old-school vibe with today's style of harmonizing and bringing melodies into rap music. This musical prodigy finds joy in the creative process and the energy that flows everytime he writes a new song.

Chris is most inspired by the people closest to him, his parents, his sisters and his friends, but is also inspired by some of the greats in hip-hop, including Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Drake, Kanye, Jay Z, Nas, Biggie and more. Being from Monroe projects in the South Bronx, Chris aspires to achieve the success these artists have had, and beyond. Right now this hip-hop prodigy's goal is to establish his brand and make as much music as he can so that everyone knows his name. Recording new music and performing at tons of shows is just some of the things Chris' immediate future entails. He has big plans for 2018, with his ultimate goal being to allow listeners to enter his world through his music, and it's a journey of truth that hip-hop fans are definitely ready for.

Chris Paris Links:


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Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Drake, Travis Scott, Aaliyah, and Tory Lanez are just a few of the musical inspirations for this multi-genre creative artist. With a sound that he describes as "eccentric, abstract and different", this lyricist has mastered the art of crossing-over and adapting to different genres of music. From R&B and Pop, to Rap and Alternative, when it comes to music, this artist's skill set is endless... and he goes by the name of BJ Mighty. From Baltimore Maryland, BJ Mighty grew up singing and dancing and was always around music. Although he started writing music back in 2010, it wasn't until 2016 that he revisited music and began to take it seriously. Turning a negative situation into a positive one, BJ used his time on house arrest to link up with his cousin Kynty, who is an artist as well, and who produced BJ's first tracks. He recorded his first track in November of 2016 and has been recording ever since. Twitter: BJMighty_tm Instagram: BJMighty_tm YouTube: BJ Mighty

Coming up on the club scene, BJ Mighty is drawn to certain sounds and melodies with uptempo tracks and hard-knocking bass. From singing to rapping, he has discovered his own unique sound and is making the most of it on his path to success. With producers keeping him busy with new beats, BJ currently has music streaming on all platforms and has even been contacted by several radio stations. He recently released his single "CATMAN", featuring Dev DuWop and producer Librah, and his debut LP entitled, "Tape 2" is scheduled to be released everywhere on November 17th. Getting signed by a major label is one of BJ Mighty's ultimate goals, along with performing at the VMAS, Grammys, and Billboard awards. He also wants to create his own clothing brand and start a shoe line as well. With goals this ambitious, it takes a lot of determination and BJ Mighty definitely has what it takes.




ailing straight out of Philadelphia, PA is a witty up-and-coming hip-hop artist known as Bulletz Tha Juggernaut. With a unique sound that's all his own, Bulletz consistently delivers "quick on the trigger" punchlines and a charismatic flow that will grab the attention of rap fans everywhere. According to Bulletz, his clever wordplay is a result of his Philly upbringing. "Where I come from you gotta be a spitter. If you don't have bars nobody will respect you as an artist. Not in Philly. And I was raised and groomed around bars. It's just in me." His upbringing is not the only factor that plays a part in his being so well-versed. Bulletz has been honing his craft for over ten years now, writing lyrics and exciting listeners with his mastery of the art of hip-hop. This saavy MC even managed to impress Kurupt from the Dogg Pound during an impromptu listening session in a bar in Sharon Hill, PA, resulting in an invitation to record at Kurupt's home.

T. I., Snoop, 50 Cent, Eminem and Cassidy are just a few of the greats that have inspired Bulletz to become the versatile artist he is today. From traveling across the U.S. doing shows, to being featured in a number of magazines, the "Remember My Name" rapper has been on a relentless pursuit of success doing what he loves to do. With 5 mixtapes released, a "Hoodlum Gang" group album out called "Molotov Music", a single titled "Opportunity's Knockin" and more upcoming performances, Bulletz is proving that his grind is unstoppable. Now he's instilling the same go-hard mentality in his son, creating a monster as he guides him down the same musical path. Look out for Bulletz Tha Juggernaut's upcoming EP called "Carnivore The Prequel" dropping Halloween 2017, as well as a Juggernaut Nation Compilation album coming soon.

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rom a small town on the west side of Columbia, South Carolina comes a gifted hip-hop artist known as Bigg Cee. Big Daddy Kane and Kool Moe Dee are two of the epic hip-hop pioneers that inspired this up-and-coming rapper, along with the Notorious B.I.G. But more than any artists in the industry, Big Cee has been inspired by very own daughter. It's because of her that he's more level-headed and able to think clearly, ultimately changing him for the better.

Admittedly a knucklehead growing up, Big Cee spent a lot of time not being able to go out, so needing to find something to do with his time, he would often sneak and listen to Richard Pryor comedy albums. Hearing people laugh at the comedian's jokes about his struggles made Big Cee want to connect with people the same way, but on a musical level. Being from Cayce, SC he picked up a bunch of street knowledge, but unfortunately saw a lot of dreams get taken away by the streets. So wanting to do something different from the norm, he decided to try and make a better way by doing something positive. Big Cee put everything into his music, with the goal of providing hope for his city and making his future better. Once this clever songwriter started writing and recording music, he realized he was on to something promising. His homies would memorize his songs, often claiming it as their own to others, and some would even ask Big Cee to write for them. As a blossoming hip-hop artist, Big Cee writes rap music he describes as "Lyrical, witty, gritty and real". The "Lemme Be Great" artist has been featured on numerous mixtapes including "Certified Track Runners" and "Coast to Coast". His latest release 'Deztani" with production by Grammy winning Producer CoKayn, Trap Team, Lil Tray, Super-Producer K-No Flamez for Fyebeatz Gotdatheat, and King Solomon is available on all streaming and download platforms. His mixtape series "Welcome 2 Da Hood" is on, and he has other solo projects in the works as well, along with a Westside Compilation album. Big Cee's goal is to become the star he knows he is, and to be a part of the South Carolina movement in the music industry

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