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Central Business Publication Monthly Newsletter For IMVU Business Owners & Customers ISSUE 01 AUGUST 2010

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Word From The Publisher

Word From The Publisher P.1 Legal Eagle P.2 Notes for Noobs P.3

Welcome to the exciting first edition of Community Business Publication, a division of CoreGrindaz. The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you informed of what is happening, both on and off C.G.Ave, in IMVU’s business world. We hope to educate you with articles like Notes for Noobs (written by SikkSwagDaGrinda), protect your virtual interests with articles like

On The Ave P.4 Off The Ave P.5 A Moment With G P.6 People To Know/Places To Go P.6

Legal Eagle (penned by AlmondJoy1980), give you insights on both your neighbors, in On the Ave, and those who are building their businesses in other realms of IMVU, in Off the Ave (both written by MRSHersheDaGrinda). And of course, as with all things CG, we will entertain you. Be sure to return monthly, or sign up for a subscription, so that you can stay up-to-date on the latest underground hip-hop. We will also have a different ‘feature’ columnist each month with a fresh perspective and different flavor. As with all our ventures, it simply wouldn’t be possible without the support of the countless avatars (and the humans behind them). Thank you for caring about yourself enough to accept nothing less than the very best and for expecting nothing less than the very best

COREGRINDAZINC, called simply daINC, is DaGrinda’s resident go-to guy. daINC can be found late nights, lurking throughout C.G.Ave and any or all of CG’s collective offices and businesses. He wears many hats and is a stickler for professionalism and respect. For more information on daINC:

from CoreGrindaz. We will continue to find new ways to educate, entertain, and elevate your

Please visit his homepage:



And check out his rooms:

AlmondJoy1980 a.k.a Joy

Legal Eagle By AlmondJoy1980 The revolution is NOW! Recently, my

Of course, you should never share your

IMVU account was hacked and I was

password. Avoid those who say they

frustrated out of my mind. I did some

represent VIP and are trying to deliver

research and made some discoveries. First, I

credits. Anyone asking you how many

found out that hacking tools are easily found

credits you have, may be a potential hacker.

on the internet, almost as easy to access as

You cannot go by their avatar names, some

porn. Unfortunately for them, they hacked

have “guest_” while others do not.

the wrong person at the wrong time—just as we were going to press. Fortunately for you, however, I am going to give you free information on some things the hacker don’t want you to know.

The nightmare can seem never-ending.

be hacked. The information can be obtained from the intended victim (asking for your passwords, etc.). On IMVU, another method is possible—private chats. That is what happened to me. I thought I was meeting with a potential client. Within 90 seconds, there were flashes of messages on the screen and it looked as if I crashed. I was hacked by a method called “Brute Force”. This can happen in private or public rooms— so beware! This method will become increasingly popular on IMVU because the hacker doesn’t have to ask you for any information. Be cautious of those posing as IMVU staff— true employees will never ever send you a chat invite. Never.

Recently Joy was hacked and almost missed the first publication of CBP. What a mistake the hackers made this time! Read her article to receive tasty morsels of information on IMVU hacking. To learn more about Joy, please visit her homepage at:

Hackers will change your homepage, close

your chat rooms, modify your inventory.

Also, you may step into her office at:

Sadly, I must rebuild from scratch. Please learn from my experience. But never fear.

There are various ways for an account to

AlmondJoy1980, called simply Joy by those who know her, is our resident Legal Eagle. She is studying real-life law, and her knowledge is invaluable. She has a law office, runs a courthouse, and is a part of the C.G. family.

AlmondJoy is still here for all your virtual legal needs.

31C.G.Ave ~ Joy’s Legal Services & Firm Should you ever need to appear in court, here’s the address: 32C.G.Ave ~ People’s Court

I will continue to stand on this fight against hackers so this game can be fun once m ore. I will fight those who could have simply bought credits like the rest of us, instead of resorting to digital thievery. Join me in the Revolution! Let’s take back our fun! Let’s stand united and force these people out of IMVU! In the event you do get hacked, call IMVU at 1 (866) 761-0975. There is no reason for you to wait up to three weeks to access your account again—I did it in under one week. Stay vigilant. Never share your personal info with anyone. Remember, you heard it from your girl, AlmondJoy1980. There are no substitutions!

MrsSwagXklusive a.k.a Goon

Notes for Noobs By MrsSwagXklusive IMVU is an experience you make all your own but learning the ropes on your own can

here. For the fellas, look up Lyry.Clean Sikk Ink by LYRYKAL—or try it on here.

be hard. But, let’s be real: when you first log on you just want to look decent enough quick enough—and without spending too many credits—to be able to jump into a chat room and start meeting people. Right? This section is just for the new avatars (i.e., noobs) - a ‘no stunt’ approach to what’s hot ,

Keep in mind the heads and skins listed here are for example purposes only, please use these examples as guides to finding YOUR




BONUS TIP!!! Customize your clean skin by adding ‘any skin’ tattoos.

and what’s not, in the virtual world of IMVU.

Now that you’re looking good, why not

Let us at C.G.Ave be the first to welcome you

head over to C.G.Ave? Just click here to see

to your new digital home.

what rooms we have to offer. We have

We all started as noobs, and we all heard the head jokes. Take a look at these examples that I personally tried on for examples of attractive yet inexpensive

something for every one, from barber shops to bowling alleys and everything in between. Let C.G.Ave be your first and last stop! ~Goon

MrsSwagXklusive, also affectionately called Goon or Goonie by her friends and family, is the daughter of DaGrinda and MRSHersheDaGrinda. Having been a long-time IMVU member, and also being a part of the DaGrinda legacy, Sikky is the perfect avatar to advise noobs on what’s hot and what’s not. Not one to conform, she will never give you generic advice on where to go or who to see or even what to wear. Instead, she will blow your mind with her one-of-a-kind outlook on fashion, entertainment, and anything else a ‘noob’ will need to know in order to have a fully enjoyable virtual life on IMVU.

If you’d like to know more about Sikky, please visit her homepage: MrsSwagXklusive

options. For the female avatars, visit the page for Star Head by MrSpHiRaNzA, it’s only 855 credits and very cute! For the male avatars, take a look at JUVI Head Male 02 Walt by Rejuvinator in the catalog, or try it on now! This is a steal at 950 credits and is very sexy for the ladies man in you. Now that your head is knocked down to size :) you need to get a more realistic skin


tone. There are too many to list, and most


skins come in various shades. Just like any


clothing items, the best advice is to try, try, try it on! For the females, a nice, clean skin example without tattoos or heavy make-up is !S! Glossy V2 Olive by Sirenize—try it on


On The Ave By MRSHersheDaGrinda Nasty Diamonds is a popular lesbian

enchanting quality I’m sure you’ll find

night club located on scenic C.G.Ave. The

contagious. If you are a lesbian or bisexual

place is mired in red lips set inside a cookie

female who likes to dance or meet and

and cream-like setting. Black floors and

mingle, you should definitely check out

many personally-designed catalogue pieces

Nasty Diamonds. Come enjoy a wild

surround this elegantly put together spot on

experience in one of C.G.Ave’s adult

the Ave.


Nasty Diamonds is well-known for its





theme nights. In the past they have had

HollywoodDivaUnique1, please go to her

hosted events involving mud wrestling,


specific colors (like All Red Night), the


occasional bachelor/bachelorette parties,

Diva’s personalized playground, just click

weddings and showers—just to name a few.

here to go directly into Nasty Diamonds.

Themed parties are thrown twice a week,

Remember, because of the adult themes

but don’t worry: they are open every single

and furniture, you must have a Access Pass


(AP) to get in. She also has an office set up

at To


where you may speak to her regarding This club caters to the lesbian and female bisexual community, with men being

having custom made furniture or rooms, just click to go to Hollywood Boutique & Designs.

allowed by invitation only. Check it out, trust me when I say you will love it. There is a VIP area and a very large dance floor located downstairs. Fantastic bright lights will keep your eyes entertained and their booming sound system will give your ears a delight as well. The club was designed with the look and feel





HollywoodDivaUnique1. “Be yourself...not someone else,” great words to live by. Fortunately, this is how this unique owner call her Diva for, as she puts it, “being

which stand out as well. This is an

Hershe is the wife of DaGrinda, but don’t dare believe that is her only role. She is a force to be reckoned with on her own. She has a great sense of humor, is easy to talk to, and is genuinely interested in each person she encounters. Additionally, she is Queen of all that is CG. For these reasons, we have asked her to be CBP’s ongoing writer for the On The Ave segment. Each issue expect to find articles/interviews of business owners on C.G.Ave where Hershe gives you insight on the owners, their products or services, as well as the public room where you may find them.

Also, you can visit her public rooms:

Diva is a self-taught deriver who loves to

stand out and, in turn, loves other things

Hershe MRSHersheDaGrinda

different is trend-setting in itself.”

other people are free to tackle. She loves to


If you’d like to learn more about Hershe, please visit her homepage:

on C.G.Ave thinks also. May of her friends

play around with bright colors and items


Miss Diva in Nasty Diamonds Club

6C.G.Ave ~ ~Club Trix 11C.G.Ave ~ daCapital Hotel

FameDaGrinda a.k.a Fame

FameDaGrinda, simply called Fame, is the son of MrsSwagXklusive and, therefore, the grandson of DaGrinda and MRSHersheDaGrinda.

Off The Ave by FameDaGrinda Although this publication comes from CG, we would like to introduce you to

open and honest communication is the key to any successful venture—including business.

businesses and owners not on the Ave as well. I caught up with Tierrney in one of her spots recently and knew she had to be mentioned in this first issue.

Fame enjoys writing, cruising around IMVU’s public chat rooms and, like all DaGrindas, holds family to be important above all else.

kick back and take a load off, be sure to check

If you’d like to get to know Fame better, or make an introduction, please visit the homepage:

out one of her fine establishments. With a

If you are looking for quality adult entertainment, or perhaps a nice place to just

She’s been a member since Oct 2009 and

motto such as, “Why not?”, there is no

has three wonderful establishments that can

wonder Tierrney, and her customers, are

be found by typing her name into the room

having so much fun on IMVU!

search page: Tier’s Nook (a strip club servicing both men and women), The Romper Room (a strip/dance club strictly for lesbians),





karaoke club). Her clubs are versatile and

To check out Tierrney’s room list, please click here. If you’d like to know more about her personally, please click here to go to her homepage.

there is something for everyone to enjoy. Tierrney

Tier’s Nook is open Weds-Fri from 8pm2am, The Romper Room is open Thurs-Sat from 8pm-2am, and Serendipity is open on Sundays and Mondays—also from 8pm to 2am. A trip through her rooms is sure to lead you to find televisions, pool tables, adult playgrounds, pretty faces, good service, and


plenty of mood lighting to help you enjoy


your drinks. When asked to describe the one thing all her places have in common Tierrney replied, “real fun and real people”. She believes


DaGrinda a.k.a G DaGrinda, affectionately called ‘G’, is the head of all things CG. To learn more about G or to initiate communication: Visit her homepage:

Moment With G

People To Know Relatives of DaGrinda:

by DaGrinda

Hershe I want to personally thank each and every person who has taken the time to read this newsletter. Everything that is a Core Grindaz enterprise is like my baby—I have given ‘birth’ to it, I nurture it, I guide it down the proper path. What I do on IMVU is an extension of what I do in real life with my other baby: Since you’ve taken a moment out of your busy life to support my venture, I felt it only right I give you here what I may not always be able to give you on IMVU—a moment with me. First, let me say that although CG is my baby it certainly does take a village to raise a child. The ‘village’ which supports CG is not comprised of only myself. There are many wonderful people who work hard to make sure this venture is a success not just for myself, but for everyone involved. My wife, Hershe, is my right hand woman. She works very hard in many capacities to help this organization grow and remain strong. Because there are so many people involved, it would be unfair to list any here because the list would out grow the space allotted for this segment. To all Core Grindaz—thank you for your continued presence, support, hard work and longevity. Without ‘U’ there could be no ‘US’, overstand?

daINC Mr. Green CG Mz. Wakeup iiiLuvie Jade Fame

Finally, if you ever find yourself wondering what is most important to da G, all you need do is find out who is my family. Hip-hop and business are, indeed, an integral part of my life. However, family is above all—even that almighty dollar. Click any name on the right to check out the homepages of my relatives on IMVU. In the meantime, don’t feel like you have to wait for the monthly edition of CBP to have a moment with G...add me to your buddy list, look for me when I’m logged in, and come on down to C.G.Ave and/or Grind City and see what all the hype is about! ~da G


Central Business Publication AUG 2010  

This newsletter is for avatars of who own, want to own, or patronize virtual businesses.