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Android Application Development Fundamental

Android app development is a software stack for mobile devices including the operating system, middleware and key applications. Using the Java programming language, android SDK provides the tools and APIs necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform. Android SDK tools compile the code into android package, an archives file with an .APK extension. All code into .APK file is considered an android application development, and is the file that uses to install the program‌.

Android is a multi-user Linux system, where each application is different with the user. The system assigns each request an unique Linux user ID by default. The system sets the permissions on all files in a Google android application development so that only the user ID associated with the access request. Each process has its own virtual machine, so the application code is executed in isolation from other applications. By default, each application runs in its own process of Linux. It will start the process if the application components to run then turned the proceedings if it is no longer required or when the system needs to recovered memory for other applications.

Features of Professional Android Application Development

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Application framework Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G and WiFi Camera, GPS, compass, and accelerometer Dalvik virtual machine optimized for mobile devices GSM Telephony Integrated browser based on WebKit engine Integrated browser based on WebKit engine Memory and performance profiling, and the plug-in for Eclipse Optimized graphics Rich development environment Scope enables reuse and replacement of components SQLite to store structured data Supports audio, video and image formats

Android Development @ Perception System

Perception System is at forefront in Android development field. It has modern development center in India from where it delivers wide range of Android development services

Our Services • • • •

Android Games Development Android Application Development Android Web Development Android Software Development

Android Game Development@ Perception System At Perception System, we have well defined Android Game Development methodology, which takes care of all your Android game development needs on quality, price and technology fronts in cost-effective manner. Following is our methodology: • • • • • •

Create an effective game story and plot Create game characters and icons Create different gaming levels Final deployment Bug fixing and trial run Analyze your gaming requirement

Android Application Development @ Perception System

Our expert mobile application developers are comfortable with all the major mobile application development platforms and we have no second thoughts, about our ability to deliver you desired mobile web applications, inspite of the complexities involved. We develop mobile applications for you’re:

• iPhone


• Android


• Blackberry

•Windows Mobile

Android Software Development @ Perception System Perception System uses the latest Android software development kit to create custom software programs for development of various types of Android apps. The Android SDK has libraries, debugging programs, emulator and other tools, which enables Android Developer to customize software for mobile apps. Our Scope of Android Software Development Services: • • • •

Multimedia Banking Travel & Tourism GPS Navigation

•Personal utility tools •Online shopping ecommerce •Social networking/messaging •Fun Applications

Android Web Development @ Perception System

Perception System offers end-to-end Android web development services so that end users can avail the advantages of this open source technology and make their money go further. PS offers Android web application development services in the following areas: • Finance & Business • Travels & Tourism • News & Weather

Games • Life Sytele • Sports •

We have wide range of clients across the world

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