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I wrote this this summer while performing jury duty... 4 hours of Jury Duty. A quick look into my mind while I performed an American duty. Please enjoy. I haven't proof read this since I wrote it this summer. - Jillian k// tigerbutter It's like a giant sociology or psychology experiment. One room containing over 150 strangers randomly chosen from around Multnomah County an area encompassing around 466 sq miles and 759,256 people. From 8 am to 5pm we sit and wait. Some folks are called forth to serve on the honorable jury board for a misdemeanor case. But for the most part, this day is spent lounging in squshy leather chairs, purchased with funds derived from former jurors who donated their days pay of $13 USD back to the courts. 0800-1000 This day begins with a hilariously campy informative video entailing the details of our jury service. included are a few choice judicial esque vocab words thrown in for educational purposes. For instance, we are alerted that the beginning of this process will include a prescreening. This essentially means prior to your trial you must sit with a group of 6-12 strangers and give personal details of your life, through random questioning by attorneys. "We are looking for people who are honest, fair and non biased." Im shocked at the perfect juror description and how it parallels my own excellent attributes as a citizen of the universe. However, I wish to be dismissed and already have planned stratigzed answers to several of the questions which I may be faced with in the prescreening. For instance, my father and brother are in the police force, and and my sister just got unfairly convicted of a DUI. According to my google search of, how to get dismissed from jury duty, these answers will assist me in appearing biased.

1000-1100 We get a break. I leave to get coffee in at the Court Coffee coffee stand in the lobby of the court house next to the metal detectors. While standing in line I was able to enjoy the scenery of soon to be criminals entering security dressed to the nines in sharp suits with touches of bling on the cufflinks and ear lobes. These statuesque fellows each have a supportive (girlfriends/wives/baby mommas/sisters) in tow, making a statement in stripper heels, glam nails and on point fresh weaves. They make their way to the court room. I wonder if I will meet them again, as a deciding vote in their future. The lady in charge of the coffee stand is fascinating. She is completely blind, and has the most acute sense of touch I have ever witnessed. I had her a 5$ to pay for my latte. She feels the embossed ink of the bill, places it in the register and returns to me perfect change. I have renewed faith in the adaptability of the human species. 1100-1200 More people are called to a new case on the 7th floor. Our crowd continues to thin. I think this could be a good way to meet people, or the start of a c list rom-com movie. hot girls name called. hot boy notices her. he is called too. they serve on an intense three month long dramatic case and fall in love overcoming various cliche obstacles. It is rather meat markety in this room. Further thoughts cause me slight panic knowing that my full name may be called in front of these people. Thanks given to my hard to spell polish last name making Internet stalking more difficult.

DW | Daily Weekend  

Jan 2014. Vol 2. Issue 1. Inspire & be inspired by: DAILY WEEKEND An insight to the human spirit. How delightful!

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