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Friday, January 21, 2011 Vol. 2 | No. 15 | Š2011


The artistic spark

TENSION: at the Alvin Gittins Gallery Pieces from graduate studio arts students draw their inspiration from the exhibit’s title.


Yayoi Kusama: Decades: at the UMFA

Kusama is a Japanese artist famous for her intense installation pieces.

FACES: at the UMFA

this issue


“Faces� includes pieces from a variety of mediums by different artists, including Andy Warhol, Alex Katz and Robert Arneson.

On the WEB

The Runnin’ Utes newfound success will be tested by the Horned Frogs’ speed  6

NEWS Âť Black Student Union continues to fight for equality

The Red Rocks look to keep improving in the meet against No. 9 Nebraska Âť 6



BSU emphasizes diversity all year

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January 21, 2011


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6gih New exhibitions: plentiful and diverse 3

Friday, January, 21, 2011

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Galleries t

Stolen & Escaped


Horne Fine Art


Blonde Grizzly


Salt Lake Art Center


Kayo Gallery

177 East 300 South 142 East 800 South 15 East 400 South 20 S West Temple 177 East Broadway


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KIMBERLY ROACH/The Daily Utah Chronicle

“Night on the Town” is a series of paintings portraying famous Salt Lake landmarks and is on display at the Horne Fine Art Gallery downtown.

Arts Calendar FRIDAY: t t t

Darween Deez: Time: 7 p.m. Location: Kilby Court

t t t

Black Comedy: Time: 8 p.m. Location: Pioneer Theatre

SATURDAY: t t t t t t t t t

James Jordan Concert: Time: 7:30 p.m. Location: Libby Gardner Hall Momix’s “Botanica”: Time: 7:30 p.m. Location: Kingsbury Hall

SUNDAY: t t t

The Crosswalk: Time: 7 p.m. Location: Kilby Court


January 21, 2011

January 21, 2011



Stirring exhibits thrive at the U 6g^ZaOVXX]Zd >Vc6cYZghdc HiV[[Lg^iZgh J^[KYWcfki_iXkhij_d]m_j^Whji [l[djij^_ii[Wied%J^[7bl_d=_jj_di =Wbb[hoWdZj^[KjW^Cki[kce\<_d[ 7hjiWh[Y^eYa$\kbbe\[nY_j_d][n^_X$ _ji% BeYWj[Z_dj^[7hj8k_bZ_d]#j^[ 7bl_d=_jj_di=Wbb[ho_i\[Wjkh_d] Wi^em\hec]hWZkWj[ijkZ_eWhji ijkZ[dji%J^[mehZÆJ[di_edÇ]h[[ji l_i_jehi[dj[h_d]j^[d[m[n^_X_j#WdZ W\j[hl_[m_d]_j_d_ji[dj_h[jo#j^[j_jb[ _djheZkY_d]j^[[n^_X_ji[[cijecWa[ f[h\[Yji[di[%J^[[n^_X_j\[Wjkh[iWbb

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KIMBERLY ROACH/The Daily Utah Chronicle

“Tension” features work from graduate students and features a variety of mediums. The exhibit will be on display until Jan. 28 in the Alvin Gittins Gallery.


continued from Page 3

KIMBERLY ROACH/The Daily Utah Chronicle

Left: Work by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is on display at the UMFA. Below: A piece from the “Tension” exhibit.

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KIMBERLY ROACH/The Daily Utah Chronicle

“Faces” includes Andy Warhol photographs, screenprints, and self-protraits. It will be on display at the UMFA until Feb. 13.


A piece from local artist Dan Christofferson is on display at the Blonde Grizzly gallery.


Friday January 21, 2011



Scoring third conference win depends on offense ?V`Z7jaa^c\Zg HiV[[Lg^iZg


Will Clyburn goes up for a layup. Clybrun had a season low, eight points in Tuesday night’s victory over New Mexico.

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1. BYU Last Week: ( Next Game: @Wd%))@ 


2. SDSU Last Week: ) Next Game: @Wd%)-@8OK

3. Colorado State Last Week: Next Game: @Wd%))li%8OK

4. Utah Last Week: 0 Next Game: @Wd%))@J9K

5. UNLV Last Week: + Next Game: @Wd%))@ 


6. Air Force


Red Rocks look to ‘stay on top of every detail’ @ZahZnEg^XZ HiV[[Lg^iZg

Wd_[ CY7bb_ij[h WdZ i[d_eh AodZWb HeXWhji% CY7bb_ij[h# m^e mWi W i[Y$ edZ$j[Wc 7bb$7c[h_YWd ed XWhi bWij 7bj^ek]^ j^[ H[Z HeYai ^Wl[ YWf$ i[Wied#_ihWda[ZDe%((_dj^[Yekdjho jkh[Z jme X_] m_diÅel[h Z[\[dZ_d] _d j^[ Wbb$WhekdZ# Wl[hW]_d] W *0%)*/% dWj_edWbY^Wcf_edi K9B7 WdZ h_lWbi BWijm[[aW]W_dij=[eh]_W#CY7bb_ij[h =[eh]_WÅWdZ Wh[ kdZ[\[Wj[Z# i_j$ [Whd[Z W 0%/., ed j^[ kd[l[d XWhi# W j_d]WjDe%+_dj^[Yekdjho#j^[j[Wc d[mYWh[[h^_]^%7bj^ek]^i^[Z_Zdej ademi_jYWdÉjW\\ehZjeX[YecfbWY[dj YbW_cj^[jeffbWY[_dWd[l[djW]W_dij Wi_j^[WZi_djeWdej^[hheWZj[ijIWj$ =[eh]_W# CY7bb_ij[h med Xej^ j^[ khZWoW]W_dijDe%0D[XhWiaW% ÓeehWdZWbb$WhekdZW]W_dijK9B7% ÆM[Éh[ Ze_d] m[bb# Xkj j^WjÉi Wbie 7bb$7c[h_YWd HeXWhji _i Yedj_dk$ dejjeiWom[Éh[f[h\[Yj#ÇiW_ZKjW^Ye$ _d] je cWa[ W ijhed] ijWj[c[dj ^[h ^[WZYeWY^=h[]CWhiZ[d%ÆJ^[h[ÉiW i[d_eh o[Wh# h[cW_d_d] ed jef e\ j^_i beje\j^_d]im[YWdmehaWdZ_cfhel[ m[[aÉi_dZ_l_ZkWblWkbjhWda_d]i%M_j^ ed%M[Él[]ejjeijWoedjefe\[l[ho W0%0*/#HeXWhjiiYeh[ZWi[Wied$WdZ b_jjb[ Z[jW_b je X[ m^[h[ m[ mWdj je YWh[[h$jo_d] ^_]^ bWij m[[a W]W_dij NATHAN SWEET/The Daily Utah Chronicle X[%Ç =[eh]_W#[Whd_d]W0%0,'% KjW^Éifki^\ehf[h\[Yj_ed^WiX[[d Corrie Lothrop is one of the two all-around b[ZXol[j[hWdiikY^Wi`kd_ehIj[f^$ See RED ROCKS Page 8 competitors for the Red Rocks this year.

Last Week: , Next Game: @Wd%))vs. 


7. TCU Last Week: / Next Game: @Wd%))vs.KjW^

8. New Mexico Last Week: * Next Game: @Wd%))@ KDBL

9. Wyoming Last Week: . Next Game: @Wd%))@ 7_h  


Compiled by Jake Hibbard

January 21, 2011




Utes will confront talented TCU trio 7jWWV7gdlc HiV[[Lg^iZg

NATHAN SWEET/The Daily Utah Chronicle

Iwalani Rodrigues looks for a pass. Rodrigues is one of three Utes to average double digits in scoring this season.

9ec_d] e\\ W m_d Wj D[m C[n_Ye ed M[Zd[iZWo#j^[mec[dÉiXWia[jXWbbj[Wcm_bb Wjj[cfj je m_d _ji i[YedZ ]Wc[ _d W hem _d \hedje\WdWj_edWbWkZ_[dY[% J^[ Kj[i ('$0# *$* CM9  m_bb ^eij J9K ed IWjkhZWo _d W cWjY^kf j[b[l_i[Z Xo 98I 9ebb[][ Ifehji% J^[ dWj_edWb WkZ_[dY[ m_bb fhel_Z[ j^[ Kj[i m_j^ W Y^WdY[ je i^emYWi[ j^[_hfhe]hWc% Æ7doj_c[oek][jj^[Y^WdY[jeX[edJL _jÉi ]eeZ \eh j^[ kd_l[hi_jo WdZ ]eeZ \eh j^[ fhe]hWc#ÇiW_Z^[WZYeWY^7dj^edoB[lh[ji% ÆM[mWdjje]eekjWdZfbWom[bbWdZh[fh[$ i[djekhfhe]hWcWdZkd_l[hi_jo%Ç J9K (*$-# ,$'  ^Wi X[[d ed W iYehY^_d] hkdZkh_d]j^[fWijcedj^%J^[>ehd[Z<he]i ^Wl[medi[l[d_dWhemZWj_d]XWYaje:[Y% ))# _dYbkZ_d] m_di el[h Moec_d] WdZ 8OK# j^[bWijjmej[WcijeX[Wjj^[Kj[i% CkY^e\j^[>ehd[Z<he]iÉikYY[iiYWdX[ Wjjh_Xkj[Z je j^h[[ e\ j^[ X[ij fbWo[hi _d j^[ CekdjW_dM[ij9ed\[h[dY[% 9^_[\ Wced] j^[c _i ]kWhZ ;c_bo 9Whj[h# Wd 7bb$9ed\[h[dY[ ^edeh[[ bWij i[Wied% J^[ i[d_eh b[WZi j^[ Yed\[h[dY[ WdZ _i De% )* _d j^[Yekdjho_diYeh_d]#Wl[hW]_d](/%0fe_dji f[h ]Wc[% I^[ Wbie fWY[i j^[ Yed\[h[dY[ _d \h[[$j^hemf[hY[djW][Wj//%/f[hY[dj#WcWha j^WjhWdaiDe%(,_dj^[dWj_ed% I[d_eh>[b[dWIl[hh_iZejj_h_i^Wl_d]WX[j$ j[h i[Wied ijWj_ij_YWbbo j^Wd bWij o[Wh m^[d i^[mWidWc[Zj^[CM9FbWo[he\j^[O[Wh% J^[ ]kWhZ _i Wl[hW]_d] (-%* fe_dji WdZ -%- h[XekdZi f[h ]Wc[ WdZ b[WZ_d] j^[ >ehd[Z <he]i_dWii_iji%

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Developing young talent crucial for continued success 7gnVc8]dj^cVgY Hedgih:Y^idg

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January 21, 2011

BASKETBALL continued from Page 6 dedYed\[h[dY[ i[Wied 0$-% I_dY[ j^[d# J9K ^Wi ]ed[ `kij ($+ _d Yed\[h[dY[ fbWo WdZ Zheff[Z i_n e\ _ji bWij i[l[d ]Wc[i WdZ [Whd[Z W bed[m_dW]W_dijMoec_d]% J9K c_]^j X[ c_h[Z _d W hek]^ fWjY^# Xkj j^[ >ehd[Z

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REDROCKS continued from Page 6 <eh KjW^ fbWo[hi# _cfhel_d] \hec c[[jjec[[jWdZdejfbWY_d][cf^Wi_i edm^Wjj[Wcij^[oÉl[X[WjWh[j^[a[oi jej^[_hikYY[ii% ÆM[h[Wbbo`kijmWdjjeZeekhX[ij#Ç iW_Z\h[i^cWdCWho8[j^Be\]h[d%ÆM[ ademm^Wjm[mWdjjeWYYecfb_i^WdZ ^emjeZe_j%M[h[Wbbo`kijmWdjje_c$ fhel[Wc[[jWjWj_c[%Ç D[XhWiaW[dj[hij^_im[[aÉicWjY^kf W]W_dijj^[H[ZHeYaiWjDe%0#W\j[h[d$ j[h_d]j^[i[WiedWjDe%((%J^[>kia[hi Wh[ hWda[Z [_]^j^ dWj_edWbbo ed Óeeh +/%0(* #('j^edlWkbj+/%0(* #(*j^ed XWhi+/%/ WdZ(,j^edX[Wc+/%,., %?d YecfWh_ied# j^[ Kj[i Wh[ j_[Z \eh i[Y$

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Live & Work

Abroad Job Preview Tuesday, January 25 Student Union Common Room 4-5 p.m. (800) 424-8580

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FACES: Friday, January 21, 2011 this issue NEWS Black Student Union continues to fight for equality meet against No. 9 Nebraska 6 tested b...