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Friday, January 29, 2010

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Friday, January 29, 2010

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U has plenty of scholarships to go around

‘Rye’ author J.D. Salinger dies at 91

By Michael White Combine our nation’s dire economic state with the rising cost of tuition at the U, and it’s a wonder that more people don’t take advantage of the great number of scholarship opportunities and financial aid made available at the U. It’s free money, after all. According to the U’s website, estimated tuition at the U for full-time students is $4,864 for residents and $15,282 for non-residents. These numbers do not include books, supplies or living expenses. Although this is cheaper than many universities, it is still an enormous amount of money to most people. Who couldn’t use a little help? The types of scholarship opportunities are varied and the list is long. The U offers numerous scholarships based on merit, academic promise and financial need. There are also many private scholarships available. “From our office (financial aid and scholarships) there are over 350 scholarships based on donor funds,” said Angela Wimmer, manager of scholarships in the financial aid office. Most departments on campus or their respective colleges offer some sort of scholarship opportunity to both resident and non-resident students. These scholarships are easier to attain than you might think. “The hardest part in obtaining scholarship funding is doing your own research and complying with application deadlines and requirements,” Wimmer said. You do not have to be the greatest student on campus or in dire finan-

By Michael McFall and Jake Hibbard J.D. Salinger, the reclusive author best known for the book The Catcher in the Rye, died Wednesday morning at age 91. Joseph Bradbury, a senior in English, said what he liked most about Salinger was how he shunned the “superstar lifestyle” that some authors become enamored with after becoming famous. Although Bradbury wasn’t a big fan of The Catcher in the Rye, he named his dog Esmé, after one of Salinger’s short story characters. “I really appreciated his acute understanding of what literature was,” Bradbury said. “I appreciated his simple prose.” Like many Americans, Shane Hawthorne, a senior in pre-medicine, discovered Salinger through The Catcher in the Rye in his high school English class. Hawthorne enjoyed the book, his own life and personal development sharing parallels with main character Holden Caulfield, a teenager experiencing the world after leaving a prep school. The Catcher in the Rye was one of the few books Salinger published before disappearing into seclusion, refusing both public appearances and publication for the past 45 years. “I wish we had more of his writings,” Hawthorne said. Someone in Salinger’s family should publish his unseen work, he said. “He’s probably been writing a lot,”Hawthorne said. “It would be interesting to see what other treasures there are.”

cial need to receive a scholarship. Depending on your need, “$300 to $2000 may be awarded,” according to Wimmer. Many require only minimum credit hours and decent academics. Yet many scholarships are going unused even as tuition rises, according to John Francis, vice president of academic affairs. Students just aren’t applying. The money allocated for scholarships and aid is meant to be used, and if it isn’t, it goes to waste. More students should take advantage of this great opportunity to reduce the cost of their education. Although applying for financial aid can be a real pain sometimes, the results justify the time it takes to go through the process. Many scholarships offered at the U will cover a majority of a student’s tuition—some will even cover it all. Some scholarships will even help pay for living expenses. The list of scholarship opportunities is long, but the application process is easier than you might think. Next semester before paying tuition, every student should stop by the financial aid office and check out the possible scholarships offered. Students may be surprised to find out that they qualify for not just one but numerous scholarships, reducing the cost and financial burden that comes every semester with tuition. Let’s face it, tuition isn’t going to go down anytime soon, so why not make it a little easier to pay the bill? m.white@


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Friday, January 29, 2010


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Utah Season Stats Washington No. 3 49.033 48.900 48.958 49.100 195.992

National Ranking Vault avg. Bars avg. Beam Avg. Floor Avg. Total Avg.

No. 24 48.350 48.117 48.517 48.725 193.708

THIEN SOK/The Daily Utah Chronicle

Utah’s Beth Rizzo performs during her exhibition floor routine Friday night against Georgia. A strong Utah showing on the floor helped defeat the defending national champions. The Red Rocks will take their No. 3. ranking to Seattle to take on No. 24 Washington tonight.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Both Cougar teams finding ample success on the court

BYU, Utah looking to rebound from losses

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UTAH vs. BYU Who has the advantage? FREETHROW PERCENTAGE



UTAHThe Runnin’ Utes are ranked second in the Mountain West Conference in free-throw percentage at 73.7 percent, having made 309 out of 419 shots from the charity stripe. Utah has two players averaging more than 80 percent per game. Jason Washburn and Luka Drca average 85.7 and 82.8 percent, respectively.

UTAHUtah is sitting secondto-last in the conference in field goal percentage, shooting 43.6 percent. Washburn is the only Utah player shooting about 60 with 62.1 percent. David Foster is next for the Utes with 57 percent.

UTAHThe Utes are ranked fifth in the conference from beyond the arc at 31.9 percent. Utah is being led by Carlon Brown, who shoots 38.5 percent. Marshall Henderson is second for the Utes with 33.6 percent.

BYUThe Cougars lead the MWC in field goal percentage as they shoot 50 percent from the field. BYU has six players shooting above the 50 percent mark and two shooting above 60 percent. Lamont Morgan Jr. leads the way with 70 percent and Noah Hartsock shoots 61.5 percent. EDGE: BYU

BYUThe Cougars are also ranked No. 1 in the MWC from threepoint range with 41.6 percent. Fredette leads BYU in three-point shooting at 46.7 percent, followed closely by Michael Loyd Jr. with 46.4 percent. Haws also shoots more than 40 at 42.8 percent. EDGE: BYU

BYUThe Cougars lead the conference in free-throw percentage having made 365 out of 470 for a 77.7 percentage. Jimmer Fredette is ranked first and Tyler Haws is ranked second in the conference with 90.3 and 88.4 percent, respectively. Jonathan Tavernari also shoots above 80 at 86.7 percent. EDGE: BYU

REBOUNDING UTAHThe Utes are averaging 34.3 rebounds per game. They are eighth in the conference with 9.7 offensive rebounds and fifth with 24.6 defensive rebounds. Kim Tillie and Foster lead the Utah rebounding efforts with 5.8 and 5.2 per game, respectively. BYUThe Cougars lead the conference in defensive rebounds with 27.4 per game and fifth in offensive rebounds with 10.5, for a total of 38.5. Tavernari, Hartsock and Haws are tops for BYU with 4.9, 4.8 and 4.6 per game, respectively. EDGE: BYU

DEFENSE UTAHThe Utes lead the conference in blocked shots per game averaging 6.6—a full two blocks ahead of the rest of the conference. Utah’s average of 6.4 steals per game is good enough for seventh in the conference. Foster leads the team in blocks with 4.3 per game and Drca leads in steals with 1.6 per game. BYUThe Cougars are fourth in the conference in blocked shots with 4.2 and are second in steals with 8.4. Hartsock leads BYU in blocked shots with 1.45 per game, and Jackson Emery leads in steals with 2.66. EDGE: UTAH


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Utah Season Stats 68.8 .436 .319 .737 34.3 12.2 13.4 6.4 6.6

Points per game FG% 3-point FG% FT% Rebounds per game Assists per game Turnovers per game Steals per game Blocks per game

BYU 82.7 .500 .416 .777 37.9 16.7 12.3 8.4 4.2

LENNIE MAHLER/The Daily Utah Chronicle

The Utes will have their hands full Saturday in Provo trying to knock off the 12th ranked Cougars in a place few in coach Dave Rose’s era have. BYU has a 76-3 record at home under Rose.


Friday, January 29, 2010


Utah to focus on first-half play 8dgW^c<dY[gZn HiV[[Lg^iZg 7\j[h W i[YedZ$^Wb\ Yec[$ XWYa m_d M[Zd[iZWo# j^[ KjW^ mec[dÉi XWia[jXWbb j[Wc _i *$* _d Yed\[h[dY[ fbWo WdZ ^Wi W Y^WdY[ je `kcf kf _d CekdjW_d M[ij 9ed\[h[dY[ ijWdZ_d]i m_j^ W X_] m_d IWjkhZWo W]W_dij 8OK% @Wd_jW 8WZed fbWo[Z W X_] heb[ _d j^[ ]Wc[ M[Zd[iZWo m_j^('fe_dji#[_]^jh[XekdZi# \ekh Wii_iji WdZ j^h[[ ij[Wbi# Xkj edY[ W]W_d _j mWi AWb[[ M^_ffb[m^ejeeaY^Wh][WdZ b[Zj^[Kj[ijej^[_hj^h_bb_d] ^ec[m_dm_j^),fe_djiWdZ ('h[XekdZi_d^[hj^_hZZek$ Xb[$ZekXb[e\j^[i[Wied% :kh_d] j^[ Òhij [_]^j c_d$ kj[i e\ j^[ i[YedZ ^Wb\# j^[ Kj[i jeea W d_d[$fe_dj b[WZ# +'$*(#m^_b[edW)'$0hkd% Æ?j _i _cfehjWdj j^Wj m[ YWc[ ekj _d j^[ i[YedZ ^Wb\ m_j^ j^[ [d[h]o WdZ m[dj ed j^[ hkd _dij[WZ e\ j^[c#Ç M^_ffb[ iW_Z% Æ? j^_da _j mWi l[ho_cfehjWdj\ehkijeYec[ ekj m_j^ j^Wj hkd W\j[h ^Wb\$ j_c[%Ç 8WZedÉiX_]][ijfbWoiYWc[ Z[\[di_l[bo Zkh_d] j^[ hkd# m^[d i^[ ^WZ j^h[[ ij[Wbi j^Wj b[Z je W gk_Ya i_n fe_dji edXh[WaWmWobWo$kfi% ÆM[ Wh[ W i[YedZ$^Wb\

j[Wc#Ç iW_Z 8WZed% Æ? ZedÉj mWdj je X[ `kij W i[YedZ$^Wb\ j[WcÅj^Wj ^Wb\j_c[ jWba `kij ][jijeki?]k[ii%Ç Moec_d]hWbb_[ZXWYajeh[$ jWa[ j^[ b[WZ# +*$+)# ed W 0$) hkde\_jiemd%8kjKjW^^ki$ jb[Z je h[Yel[h j^[ b[WZ `kij *' i[YedZi bWj[h WdZ d[l[h jhW_b[ZW]W_d#]e_d]edjem_d ,+$*.% KjW^ ^Wi X[[d ijhk]]b_d] _d j^[ jkhdel[h YWj[]eho j^_i i[Wied# Xkj _d j^[ Moec_d] ]Wc[# KjW^ jkhd[Z _j el[h W i[Wied$bemi_nj_c[i% ÆJ^[ i_n jkhdel[hi mWi ^k][ \eh ki# X[YWki[ ÒdWbbo m[ m[h[dÉj jWa_d] (, je )' Wjj[cfji WmWo \hec ekh$ i[bl[i #Ç iW_Z ^[WZ YeWY^ ;bW_d[;bb_ejj# KjW^ m_bb \WY[ W ^kd]ho 8OK j[Wc j^Wj _i Yec_d] e\\ W jek]^ ,.$-' ^ec[ beii je D[m C[n_Ye ed M[Zd[iZWo% J^[ 9ek]Whi Wh[ ed[ ]Wc[ W^[WZe\j^[Kj[i_dj^[CM9 ijWdZ_d]im_j^W+$)h[YehZ_d Yed\[h[dY[fbWo% 8OK _i b[Z Xo C_dZo 8ed$ ^Wc% J^[ `kd_eh ]kWhZ b[WZi j^[ j[Wc m_j^ ((%0 fe_dji f[h ]Wc[% I^[ _i Wbie i^eej_d] `kijb[iij^Wd+/f[hY[dj\hec Ò[bZ ]eWb hWd][# *, f[hY[dj \hec j^h[[$fe_dj hWd][ WdZ /-%. f[hY[dj \hec j^[ \h[[$ j^hemb_d[% J^[9ek]Whi^Wl[jmeej^$

[h fbWo[hi j^Wj Wl[hW][ Zek$ Xb[ Z_]_ji _d iYeh_d]# ]kWhZ @Wpc_d[ <eh[cWd m_j^ ('%) WdZ \ehmWhZ 9eh_Wdd MeeZ m_j^('% J^Wdai je _ji jef i^eej_d] f[hY[djW][_dj^[CM9++%* f[hY[dj #8OK_ij^[i[YedZ$ ^_]^[ij iYeh_d] j[Wc _d j^[ Yed\[h[dY[ m_j^ -0%( fe_dji f[h ]Wc[ WdZ ]_l_d] kf `kij ,-%*#m^_Y^WbiehWdaii[YedZ _dj^[CM9% KjW^_iÒhij_diYeh_d]Z[$ \[di[ Wi m[bb Wi Z[\[di_l[ Ò[bZ ]eWb f[hY[djW][# ]_l$ _d],+%,fe_djif[h]Wc[WdZ Wbbem_d] _ji effed[dji je i^eej*+%-f[hY[dj\hecÒ[bZ ]eWb hWd][% >em[l[h# j^[ Kj[i hWda [_]^j^ _d iYeh_d] e\\[di[Wj,.%)% 8OK ^Wi Wl[hW][Z W ()%/ fe_djl_Yjehoj^_ii[WiedWdZ KjW^^WiWl[hW][Z)%.% J^[a[ojel_Yjeho\ehKjW^ m_bb X[ je Yedj_dk[ _ji jek]^ Z[\[di_l[ fbWo m^_b[ Yedjheb$ b_d]j^[XeWhZijeibemZemd j^[ ^_]^$iYeh_d] 9ek]Whi% Oekd] fbWo[hi m_bb ^Wl[ je Yedj_dk[ je ij[f kf WdZ ^_j ef[di^ejiiej^[iYeh_d]Zk$ j_[i ZedÉj \Wbb ieb[bo ed j^[ i^ekbZ[hie\AWb[[M^_ffb[% J_f$e\\_ii[j\eh*f%c%IWj$ khZWo _d j^[ >kdjicWd 9[d$ j[h% Z%^f[]i\p7 Z_ife`Zc\%lkX_%\[l

LUCAS ISLEY/The Daily Utah Chronicle

After defeating the Cougars in both matchups last season, the Utes are determined to follow up those back-to-back wins by continuing their streak over BYU on Saturday in the Huntsman Center.

How do you view the BYU/Utah Rivalry within your sport? Elaine Elliott- women’s basketball- “It’s the same for every sport. Everyone feels the same way about it. Everbody wants those Ws and it’s no different in women’s basketball.” Elaine Elliot

Blake Burdette- rugby- “The game is absolutely huge for us. It’s so much more than just another BYU-Utah sporting match. In fact, the BYU-Utah rugby rivalry is the biggest rugby game on any level in the country.”

Blake Burdett

Mat Iandolo- women’s tennis- “Until a few years ago it didn’t mean much, but two years ago we beat them twice and we hadn’t beaten them once in 30 years, so we’ve turned the rivalry around. It means something to me as a Utah coach.”

Matt Iandolo

Jim Boylen- men’s basketball- “It’s an honor and a privilege to play in a rivalry game. Not everybody has a natural rival, not everybody gets to play in a rivalry game; I think it’s great.”

Jim Boylen

Friday, January 29, 2010



Women, men hit the road for ITA kickoff 8dgW^c<dY[gZn HiV[[Lg^iZg

8ej^ j^[ K c[dÉi WdZ mec[dÉi j[dd_i j[Wci m_bb ]e ed j^[ heWZ j^_i m[[a[dZ\ehj^[_h?J7A_Ya$e\\M[[a$ [dZ% 7bj^ek]^ Xej^ j[Wci m_bb X[ ed j^[heWZ#j^[De%-)mec[dÉij[Wcm_bb ^[WZje8[ha[b[o#9Wb_\%#m^_b[j^[De% ,*c[djhWl[bjeAdenl_bb[#J[dd% J^[c[dÉij[Wc_iYec_d]e\\Wl_Y$ jeho el[h KjW^ IjWj[ bWij m[[a[dZ _d m^_Y^`kd_ehIj[f^[d@WYeXiYb_dY^[Z j^[cWjY^\ehKjW^\hecj^[De%-i_d$ ]b[iifej% J^[ Kj[i m_bb dem fbWo ed[ e\ j^[ X[ijj[Wci_dj^[dWj_edIkdZWom^[d j^[ojWa[edj^[De%,J[dd[ii[[Leb$ kdj[[hi)$' Wj)f%c%;J% ÆM[ Wh[ [nY_j[Z je fbWo _d j^[ DW$ j_edWb?dZeehiW]W_dijed[e\j^[X[ij j[Wci_dj^[Yekdjho#ÇiW_Z^[WZYeWY^ <%:%HeXX_di% J^[m_dd[he\j^[KjW^li%J[dd[i$ i[[ ]Wc[ m_bb fbWo j^[ m_dd[h e\ j^[ cWjY^X[jm[[d De% +/ L_h]_d_W 9ec$ cedm[Wbj^ *$'  WdZ De% +* Iekj^ 9Wheb_dW '$(  _d j^[ Y^Wcf_edi^_f cWjY^CedZWo%J^[jmebei_d]j[Wci m_bbWbiefbWoCedZWo_dj^[YediebW$ j_edcWjY^% J^[ mec[dÉi j[Wc ($(  _i Yec_d] e\\e\WZkWb$cWjY^m[[a[dZbWijIWj$ khZWoWdZIkdZWo_dMWi^_d]jed%J^[ e


Kj[iX[WjMWi^_d]jedIjWj[,$)edIWj$ khZWoXkjbeijjeMWi^_d]jed-$(% @kd_eh;l][d_WAhokY^aelWYb_dY^[Z j^[cWjY^W]W_dijMIK\hecj^[De%+ i_d]b[iifej% I[d_ehi ;h_d Cedied WdZ 7dZh[W CWk]^Wd i[Ykh[Z j^[ ZekXb[i fe_dj \eh KjW^ W]W_dij MWi^_d]jed IjWj[ \hecj^[De%(ifej% 7bieYedjh_Xkj_d]jej^[Kj[iÉm[[a$ [dZ m_d# _d Xej^ i_d]b[i WdZ ZekXb[i fbWo# m[h[ ief^eceh[i 7dWijWi_W Fkj_b_dW WdZ B_iW @e^died WdZ \h[i^$ cWdFW_][C_b[i% JeZWo# j^[ mec[dÉi j[Wc m_bb \WY[ De% * 9Wb_\ehd_W ($' # \ebbem[Z Xo [_$ j^[hDe%,/IWYhWc[djeIjWj['$' eh De%-'9ebehWZe($( edIWjkhZWo% ÆM[Éh[beea_d]Wjj^_ikfYec_d]jh_fWi Wdeffehjkd_jojeYecf[j[W]W_dij9Wb_$ \ehd_W#Ç iW_Z mec[dÉi ^[WZ YeWY^ CWj ?WdZebe% ÆJ^[o Wh[ ed[ e\ j^[ fh[c_[h fhe]hWci_dj^[Yekdjho%J^_im[[a[dZ m[Wh[Wbie]e_d]je][jjejWa[Wi^ejWj [_j^[hIWYhWc[djeIjWj[eh9ebehWZe%Ç J^[cWjY^W]W_dijj^[=ebZ[d8[Whie\ 9Wb_\ehd_Wm_bbijWhjWj((f%c%FJjeZWo% J^[d j^[ m_dd[hi e\ j^[ KjW^ li% 9Wb_\ehd_W WdZ j^[ IWYhWc[dje IjWj[ li%9ebehWZecWjY^[im_bbfbWoIWjkh$ ZWoWj)f%c%FJ% J^[bei[hie\Xej^cWjY^[im_bbfbWo IWjkhZWoWj((W%c%FJ% Z%^f[]i\p7Z_ife`Zc\%lkX_%\[l


Swimmers to test mettle against SEC Arkansas <gZ\EZiZgh HiV[[Lg^iZg J^[ KjW^ mec[dÉi im_cc_d] WdZ Z_l_d]j[Wcm_bbjWa[edj^[De%(07h$ aWdiWiHWpehXWYai_d<Wo[jj[l_bb[#7ha%% ed IWjkhZWo% J^[ HWpehXWYaiÅ^Wl_d] dejYecf[j[Z\ehjmem[[aiÅWh[Yec$ _d]e\\W(..$((/beiijeDe%(/C_iiekh_% I_jj_d]Wj,$)#j^[É8WYaim_bbX[beea_d] jeim_\jbofkjWmWoj^[\eh[_]dCekd$ jW_d M[ij Kj[i WdZ ][Wh kf \eh j^[_h I;99^Wcf_edi^_fi%8kjWi_j^Wff[di# j^[Kj[iWh[Wbiebeea_d]je`kcf_dje j^[bed]$WmW_j[ZYed\[h[dY[Y^Wcf_ed$ i^_fim_j^Wieb_Zh[]kbWh$i[WiedÒd_i^% 7dZm^Wjceh[YWdoekWia\ehj^WdW bWj[$i[Wiedhemm_j^Wjef$)'j[Wc6

M_j^ edbo 8OK h[cW_d_d] ed j^[ h[]kbWh$i[WiediY^[Zkb[#demmekbZX[ j^[j_c[je_cfb[c[djfeij$i[WiedijhWj$ []o%Kdb_a[Wbeje\Yebb[]_Wj[ifehji#j^[ h[]kbWh i[Wied _d im_cc_d] Ze[i dej Z[Y_Z[\Wj[%J^[X_]j_Ya[jb_[i_dgkWb_\o$ _d]\ehj^[D977JekhdWc[djXWi[Zed f[h\ehcWdY[_dj^[Yed\[h[dY[Y^Wcf_$ edi^_fi%I[j\eh<[X%)+#j^[CM99^Wc$ f_edi^_f m_bb jWa[ fbWY[ _d EabW^ecW 9_jo% J^[ Kj[i Wh[ i_jj_d] _d Ò\j^ fbWY[ _dj^[CM9m_j^Wh[YehZe\.$,Å+$*_d Yed\[h[dY[Åm_j^8OKYedj[dj[Zboi_j$ j_d] _d Òhij m_j^ Wd kdZ[\[Wj[Z el[hWbb h[YehZe\('$'% >em[l[h#j^[Kj[i^Wl[W\WlehWXb[ [dZ$e\$o[Wh iY^[Zkb[ je YhWmb ekj e\ h[]kbWh$i[Wiedjh_WbceZ[%



Friday, January 29, 2010


Under construction â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Homewreckerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; charms, but seems unfinished BVg^`dCV\Vh]^bV HiV[[Lg^iZg J^[h[Ă&#x2030;idej^_d]X[jj[h\ehĂ&#x2019;bccWa$ [hij^Wdjeh[Y[_l[Wfei_j_l[h[WYj_edje j^[_hmehaedj^[[l[e\_jifh[c_[h[#WdZ \ehJeZZWdZ8hWZ8Whd[i#j^[Xhej^[hi WdZZ_h[Yjehie\j^[hecWdj_YYec[Zo Ă&#x2020;>ec[mh[Ya[h#Ă&#x2021;j^_i_i[nWYjbom^Wj^Wf$ f[d[Z% J^[YhemZWjj^[WbceijiebZ$ekj i^em_d]Wjj^[F[[hoĂ&#x2030;i;]ofj_WdJ^[Wj[h _dE]Z[di[[c[Zjej^ehek]^bo[d`eoj^[ \kd#b_]^j$^[Whj[ZĂ&#x2019;bcZ[Xkj_d]_dj^[ Ă&#x2020;345Ă&#x2021;YWj[]ehoWjIkdZWdY[%J^[iocXeb 345ijWdZi\ehĂ&#x2020;b[iij^Wd[gkWbi]h[Wj[h j^WdĂ&#x2021;WdZ_iWd[mIkdZWdY[YWj[]ehoWi e\j^_io[Wh\ehĂ&#x2019;bcicWZ[edWXkZ][je\ kdZ[h,''#'''% Ă&#x2020;>ec[mh[Ya[hĂ&#x2021;_iWijehoWXekjC_a[# WbeYaic_j^edmehah[b[Wi[\hecfh_ied# edWi[[c_d]bocedejedekiZWoe\hek$ j_d[^eki[YWbbij^Wj_iikZZ[dbojkhd[Z kfi_Z[ZemdXoCWh]e#WpWdo\h[[if_h_j

m^eĂ&#x2030;iYedl_dY[Zj^Wj^[hXeo\h_[dZ_i Y^[Wj_d]ed^[h%;db_ij_d]C_a[je^[bf ^[hfbWoZ[j[Yj_l[ed^[hXeo\h_[dZ# CWh]e[dZikf][jj_d]C_a[_djeWbbiehji e\jhekXb[\hecbei_d]^_ilWdjejWa_d] ^_cjeWZhk]Z[Wb[hĂ&#x2030;i^eki[WdZĂ&#x2019;dWbbo [dZ_d]m_j^iec[kd[nf[Yj[Zh[ikbji% :[if_j[X[_d]i^ej_dedboj^_hj[[d ZWoim_j^jmeYWc[hWi#Ă&#x2020;>ec[mh[Ya[hĂ&#x2021; Z[b_l[hiWdZ_iWZ[b_]^jjemWjY^%J^[ Y^[c_ijhoX[jm[[d7dib[cH_Y^WhZied# m^efbWoiC_a[#WdZ7dWH[[Z[h#m^e fbWoiCWh]e#ZhWmij^[WkZ_[dY[_djej^[ ijehoWdZa[[fi_j_dj[h[ij_d]j^hek]^ekj% Fbki#H[[Z[hĂ&#x2030;iY^WhWYj[h_i[YY[djh_YĂ&#x2026;[l$ [hoj^_d]i^[Ze[i_ikd[nf[Yj[Z%?dWd_Y[ YedjhWij#H_Y^WhZieda[[fi^_iY^WhWYj[h ieZemd$je$[Whj^j^Wj^[^Wioekheej_d] \ehC_a[j^[m^eb[j_c[#^ef_d]iec[$ j^_d]m_bbWYjkWbbo]eh_]^j\eh^_c% J^[cel_[Wbie\[Wjkh[iW]h[Wj iekdZjhWYaZed[WbceijYecfb[j[boXo cki_Y_WdJeZZId_Z[h%>_ihWcXkdYj_eki ]k_jWh#^Whced_YWWdZXWd`eYecX_dWj_ed


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