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October 11, 2007


By Kimberly Carroll/For the Daily Titan

ries through with many who visit “You-Pick” farms. Mothers Deborah Young and Jen Ira brought their 6-year-old daughters to Tanaka Farms in Irvine to pick pumpkins and give them an outdoor experience filled with life lessons and exercise. “I try to support those ideas that not everything is just dropped off at the store and picked up and consumed, that it takes a while for things to grow,” Ira said. Picking pumpkins from a field can truly become a family tradition, Sanders said. “It’s kind of a sterile thing to walk into a supermarket and buy your pumpkin from the produce department,” Sanders said. “[It’s a] lot more fun to get it right out of the field. Young said the experience of picking pumpkins from Tanaka Farms in Irvine also made her think of a traditional Halloween by reminding her of the movie, “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” “When I think of picking a pumpkin, I think of [that movie],” Young said. But “You-Pick” pumpkins and apples aren’t just activities for families and children. “The same experience that families want to do with their kids ... groups of college kids love to do as well,” Riley said. “They’ll come out and take all their pictures and ... get on stacks of pumpkins and take photos and a hay ride, or any number of activities.” Once home, Sanders said, the activities don’t have to end. Freshly-picked apples are most often used for pies and for making cider. Sanders said he prefers a blend of apples for cider. He also recommended a firm apple like a tart Granny Smith or a sweeter Winesap variety for baking, or a mixture of the two types to create a pleasantly unique taste. “It makes a nice blend, the tarts and the sweets together,” Sanders said. But even with all the activities that can be done with each of the apples and the pumpkins, the main appeal of these trips for people like Desimone, Ira, Riley, Sanders and Young as well as other costumers is the open air and the great outdoors. “[It’s] the perfect place to enjoy a weekend,” Riley said.


By Anthony Purnel/For the Daily Titan

Clockwise from top: A little girl that picks the best apple to take home while visiting Oak Glen with her parents at the apple grove. Natalie Gazdak shows off the pumpkins she picked at the Tanaka Farms in Irvine, California. Tracy, a cashier at Los Pios Rancho in Oak Glen sells a customer some pumpkins. She is happy with the days turnout, saying “It was a really good day to come out to Oak Glen.”

By Anthony Purnel/For the Daily Titan The little boy helps his family by picking up a pumpkin at Oak Glen hoping to find just the right one to take home . Like many other children, he samples the weight of every pumpkin he finds.

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