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Hazing “Hazing that causes or permits an individual, with or without consent, to engage in activities that subject that individual or others to risks of physical injury, mental distress, or personal indignities of a highly offensive nature, in connection with recruitment, initiation, or continued membership in a society, fraternity or sorority, club, or similar organized group whether or not recognized by the University.� [Instrument of Student Judicial Governance, §II.C.1.f] STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA HAZING LAW 14-35. Hazing; definition and punishment. It is unlawful for any student in attendance at any university, college, or school in this State to engage in hazing, or to aid or abet any other student in the commission of this offense. For the purposes of this section hazing is defined as follows: "to subject another student to physical injury as part of an initiation, or as a prerequisite to membership, into any organized school group, including any society, athletic team, fraternity or sorority, or other similar group." Any violation of this section shall constitute a Class 2 misdemeanor. (2003) 14.38 Witnesses in hazing trials; no indictment to be founded on self-incriminating testimony. In all trials for the offense of hazing any student or other person subpoenaed as a witness in behalf of the State shall be required to testify if called upon to do so: Provided, however, that no student or other person so testifying shall be amenable or subject to indictment on account of, or by reason of, such testimony. (1913, C. 169, s. 8; C.S., s. 4220.) Questions to ask to determine if an act or event may be considered hazing (taken from (1) Is alcohol involved? (2) Will active/current members of the group refuse to participate with the new members and do exactly what they're being asked to do? (3) Does the activity risk emotional or physical abuse? (4) Is there risk of injury or a question of safety? (5) Do you have any reservation describing the activity to your parents, to a professor or University official? (6) Would you object to the activity being photographed for the school newspaper or filmed by the local TV news crew? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," the activity is probably hazing. To report an incident . . . Possible violations may be reported anonymously on the anonymous hazing hotline or by calling Jenny Levering at 962-8298 and leave a voicemail or message, or email The name of the fraternity/sorority must be indicated to begin an investigation.

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