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LETTERS Stop giving money to other countries & take care of Americans



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To the editor, Can someone explain to me why President Obama is saying we MUST raise HIS spending cap so we can pay our dictatorships bills? And Mr. President is unwilling to negotiate that issue with Congress! Yet President Obama continues to allow farm subsidies to be paid to millionaires every year. And President Obama allows oil companies to make billions of profit each year but many pay NO taxes? And the auto industry that collected billions of dollars in taxpayers money to avoid failure get special treatment on their taxes? President Obama says if the spending cap is NOT raised then things like Medicaid, Social Security, military paychecks wlll be withheld as well as other government programs! Will Congress not get their paychecks? Then I read of Sen. John McCain on a committee that is trying to find a way to provide “New Aid to Cairo”, Egypt to the tune of $480 MILLION additional funds. Now this money is to go to Egypt President Mohamed MORSI who once was a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood that is a very anti-Israel

and anti-United States group. Newspaper articles say Morsi told Egyptians they should nurse their children on the “hatred for them, for Zionists, for Jews. They must be breast fed hatred”. MORSI said the Zionists were PIGS and BLOODSUCKERS. Morsi also called President OBAMA of the U.S. of America a LIAR. Then low and behold he becomes president of Egypt and now the Taxpayers of America are sending him money! Remember how the U.S. supported Osama bin Laden with money and weapons before he turned on U.S. and destroyed Thousands of People in his attack on the Twin Towers and other fatal attacks around the world? When will the PEOPLE be able to elect lawmakers who will stop worrying so much about giving money to other COUNTRIES before taking care of AMERICA and American taxpayers? It seems to be IMPOSSIBLE! Imagine what $480 MILLION DOLLARS they want to send to Egypt will do to help people of the United States of America! Jim Martel Gilford

Granting raises to county employees will boost local economy To the editor, The article about the county budget in Tuesday’s Laconia Sun paired well with the letter by Curt McGee in the same issue. The “problems” seem to be the proposed increase of 8.9 percent in the 2013 county property tax and the authority of the County Commission over specific line items in the budget. Reneging on the three percent merit raises for eligible county employees would not solve the unacceptable increase in the property tax. But granting the $95,000 in raises that we are talking about here would actually help those employees while boosting the local economy. The employees who received those raises would surely be spending that money here. As we know, the spending we all do in the community, buying goods and services, gets magnified in the local economy.

Using more of the fund balance, as Mr. McGee suggests, would have the desired effect of lowering the proposed county tax so that there would be little or no increase over last year’s rate. The debate would properly center around how much of the fund balance to use to lessen the impact on the tax rate. Property tax problem solved? I think not. So what is the real “problem” here? To me, an outsider, it appears that some members of the County Convention want to exert their political power over the County Commission at the expense of the deserving county employees, regardless of whether that would solve the property tax issue or not. It won’t. Anne Rogers Meredith

This is not about politics, but about truth & character. Period. To the editor, Mr. Earle’s most recent letter goes from the sublime to the ridiculous. He begins by making light of my reaction to his slanderous lies, in which he makes unsubstantiated accusations, attributed to me, with the intent to purposely undermine my integrity and call my character into question. He rationalizes his falsehoods by stating that I may not have made these statements, but “lumped” me in with a few other “leftists” who make these “claims”. Then he states, “Maybe not, but he damn sure said some of the others ...” — what others? If we are to believe Earle’s warped sense of logic, are we to accept, based on Earle’s conservative views, that all conservatives contributing to this forum are prevar-

icators? Rather than having a “meltdown” as he asserts, I find his attacks on me humorous and losing touch with reality. He whines about me calling his character and credibility into question, but has no qualms about maliciously misrepresenting my views. Earle, in his tunnel vision, fails to see that this is not about politics, but about TRUTH and CHARACTER. I’m sure that the correspondence between Earle and myself has provided readers of this forum with comic relief, but I agree with Mr. Baldwin — enough is enough! Earle may want to carry on, but this is my last letter in reference to this subject. L. J. Siden Gilmanton

The Laconia Daily Sun, January 18, 2013  

The Laconia Daily Sun, January 18, 2013

The Laconia Daily Sun, January 18, 2013  

The Laconia Daily Sun, January 18, 2013