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a note the school’s website Thursday afternoon in an attempt to reassure parents and students there was no danger. “We understand that some of you have concerns regarding a rumored threat of school day disruption tomorrow,” the statement said. “We can assure you that we have checked every lead on this and found it to be just that – a rumor. We expect to have a safe and happy Patriot’s Day and look forward to seeing you all in your team attire tomorrow!” “It was a rumor that was going around the school,” Kennett High principal Neal Moylan said. “We found it to be nothing more than a rumor.” Moylan would not comment on the precise nature of the rumor, but he said it had made its way to students as well as staff. “There was a certain degree of angst among the kids,” he said. The school resource offi cer brought the issue to the attention of the Conway Police Department. “We take the report of threats to the the student body and the school very seriously,” police spokesman Lt. Chris Perley said. Officers were able to fi nd

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attack she met Ramsey on a dating website called Plenty of Fish and that they had broken up and got back together several times. On the night of the attack, Dec. 13, 2010, the victim said she planned to have a relaxing evening with Ramsey and her dog at his West Side Road apartment in North Conway. At the time, she was getting over a cold and he offered to cook dinner for her. After dinner, she took a bath and changed into her pajamas. It was then a small argument got out of control. The victim indicated the argument was about Ramsey's plan to attend law school. Judge Steven Houran struck the testimony about Ramsey wanting to go back to school after Clayman made an objection and Boone withdrew the question. "I don't mean anybody did anything wrong, it's just a matter of what evidence is and is not admissible," said Houran to the jury and the victim. "The substance of the argument is not what you're here to decide. We're going to skip that over." For similar reasons, the defense cut

out who the rumors pointed to, and police spoke to the person allegedly responsible for the threat. “There was no credible threat,” Perley said. “No crimes were committed. No threats of crimes were made.” Neither police nor school offi cials would not comment on whether the person questioned was a current student or not, but according to Perley by the end of the investigation it was clear this was a misunderstanding, an instance where someone’s words were misinterpreted when taken out of context. The effort to reassure people, meanwhile, apparently worked. Moylan said attendance on Friday was about average, that the rumor did not result in lots of absences. On Monday both police and school offi cials were pleased with the outcome. People were vigilant, Perley said. They reported suspicions, which is what police want people to do. “That’s our job, to figure out if there was anything to it.” School board member Dick Klement echoed that assessment. "Everybody’s doing what they’re supposed to be doing," he said.

the victim off several times in her testimony. During the argument, the victim said she went back into the bathroom to change into her street clothes in preparation to leave the apartment. It was then, he allegedly trapped her in the bathroom, choked her with his hands, beat her and gagged her with her own curling iron. She recalled being beaten while her body was perpendicular to the bathtub. "I had zero doubt in my mind that I would die on his bathroom fl oor," the woman testifi ed. "That was the most horrible helpless feeling." She alleged she couldn't scream because he damaged her throat with the curling iron. At times she lost consciousness. She alleged the beating went on for about 30 minutes. All the while he allegedly screamed, "I'm going to kill you." Deputy county attorney Susan Boone described the alleged attack as a "savage, sadistic beating, that led to her being unable to speak normally for quite a period of time and left her covered with bruises, sore, in pain and in fear for her life." see RAMSEY page 10

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The Conway Daily Sun, Tuesday, February 7, 2012  

The Conway Daily Sun, Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Conway Daily Sun, Tuesday, February 7, 2012  

The Conway Daily Sun, Tuesday, February 7, 2012