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“The BOOK Of Books” Family Bible Game



The BOOK Of Books

Family Bible Game For

January Scripture Songs CD

Patty and I have expanded our Scripture Songs Ministry into these exciting Bible Verse Games for the whole family! The “BOOK Of Books” was designed to help in memorizing the Verses & References for each Daily Scripture Song on the January CD. Lay down Sets & Runs... Collect points and bonus points for 9 Rounds. However, a player who is behind in points can still make a quick win by a KNOCK OUT... so use wisdom, be careful, and don’t get greedy!

Enjoy, as you “Grow in Grace”,

Brother Dean Runyon _________________________________________________________

A “Bible Game” for 1-6 players...

From The Old King James Bible. There is a “Family Bible Game” that includes the verses from each of the CDs, for each month. These games are designed to build “Bible Memory Skills”, while having a great time! Be sure to check out the web site for up-to-date information on these Bible Memory Tools.

For more details about our purpose, please read our “Mission Statement” You can earn extra income with our “Affiliate Program”

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Contents 31 Bible Verse Cards 31 Matching Reference Cards 66 BOOKS Of The Bible Cards (12 of these can also be used as WILD CARDS)

Two Ways To Win 

Be The PLAYER with the most points at the end of 9 ROUNDS...

You can also WIN by a KNOCK OUT... Lay Down 6 of any one color of the “BIBLE BOOK” Cards. Start with at least 3 and add some on your next few turns... 6 & you WIN, even if you are behind in points. NOTE: Read the Variations... (at the end)

How To Set-Up The Game

 Shuffle all 128 Cards together and deal 9 to each player, face down.

Players may put cards in their hands, and begin to organize them.

Put the remaining Cards in the center of the playing area as a DRAW PILE, face down.

 Start a DISCARD PILE by turning over the TOP CARD. Leave it face up and place it next to the DRAW PILE.

The PLAYER to the left of the DEALER goes first and the play continues clockwise.

 When a player is out of cards, the round is over... Points are counted.

Note: There are, 11 each of 6 Color Cards for all the Books of the Bible. Beginning at Genesis, they are: Orange, Purple,

Green, Yellow, Yellow Red, Blue... Then, those 6 colors are repeated in that order, through to the book of Revelation! These Cards are also numbered, beginning with Genesis (1) to Revelation (66).

Understanding Sets, Runs & Splitting SETS: Play SETS of at least 2 CARDS each. These “SETS” are cards with the same number in the upper left corner. That is the DATE for each day of the month... You can find them easily.. There are only 2 CARDS for each DATE... A VERSE CARD and a REFERENCE CARD. Those 2 cards, when played to-

gether become a “PAIR” or a SET. 5 You may use the COLOR BIBLE CARD that is the same book as the reference card, as a 3rd card. This 3rd card, when added to your “Pair” gives you big bonus points. (see SCORING). You can play these 3 cards in any order. There are 12 of the Color Bible Cards that can also be used as a wild card. They are listed at the end of the SCORING section! Refer to the list and memorize them... They will bless you if you use them! RUNS: You can make RUNS from 3 VERSE CARDS in order by date: 2, 3, 4... for example! Or 3 REFERENCE CARDS in order by date: 28, 29, 30... The VERSE/REFERENCE CARDS may also be mixed (in any combination) in a RUN... Example: 1 is a verse, 2 is a reference, & 3 is a verse... RUNS may only be: VERSE/REFERENCE CARDS, OR the COLOR BIBLE CARDS, but you may not mix the two types of cards together. RUNS must always be in consecutive order. They can be as long as you want to make them. Starting with 3 as a minimum, you can add to them on a next turn. SPLITTING: The VERSE/REFERENCE CARDS have an extra blessing in store for you... Let’s say, for an example, that you have a RUN with 4 cards on the table... 19, 20, 21, 22... you draw another 19 or another 22. You can now place this new card at the beginning or the end of your run and split it, making a RUN with 3 cards and a SET (Pair) of 2 cards... Just remember RUNS must have 3 CARDS in numerical order and you figure it out as you play! You will understand the POINT VALUE of this procedure when you read the next topic... (inside)



When any player “Goes Out” ... the round is over and points are counted up. Going OUT = Bonus Points 50 100

The player who “Goes Out” first or... If the player “Goes Out” with all 9 cards

Note: All basic SETS & RUNS have a value of 50 Points... Bonus Points are earned for adding additional cards as follows:

SETS = Points & Bonus Points 50 50 50 150

1 Verse & 1 Matching Reference 1 Verse & Matching Bible Book 1 Reference & Matching Bible Book 3 Cards... Verse, Ref, Bible Book

50 75 100

3 Bible Book Cards... One Color 4 Bible Book Cards... One Color 5 Bible Book Cards... One Color 6 Bible Books, One Color = Knock Out


RUNS = Points & Bonus Points Note: These can all be verses or references or mixed... As long as they are consecutive. 50 3 In A Row... Verse And/Or Reference 75 4 In A Row... Verse And/Or Reference 100 5 In A Row... Verse And/Or Reference 150 6 In A Row... Verse And/Or Reference Note: Different Color Bible Book Cards can make RUNS... (consecutive numbers) 3,4,5, etc... 50 3 In A Row... Color Bible Book Cards 75 4 In A Row... Color Bible Book Cards 100 5 In A Row... Color Bible Book Cards 150 6 In A Row... Color Bible Book Cards

PENALTY POINTS = 5 POINTS per card... Don’t get greedy! If you hold SETS & RUNS of any combination in your hand, and a player goes out, they get bonus points and you will be blessed with PENALTY points for being greedy. 5 points per card (in any set or run) shall be deducted from your score!

*These 12 COLOR BIBLE CARDS can be used as a wild card for that extra 3rd card.

Psalms Isaiah II Samuel Jeremiah Lamentations John Galatians Nahum Ephesians Colossians I John Hebrews

On Your Turn

 DRAW only 1 Card... Either from the DISCARD PILE or the DRAW PILE.

You do NOT have to lay down this card in a SET or RUN right now. Make up any SETS & RUNS that you may have. You may hold them in your hand and try to go out with all (9) Nine Cards at one time... OR, you may lay down as many as you can on your turn.

You may also play single cards to add to the SETS & RUNS you have already played.


may rearrange your cards (on the table) on your turn to help you in building your SETS or RUNS.

 “Thou Shalt Not” pick up cards from the table & put them back in your hand.

To End Your Turn

After playing all cards that you can, or choose (sets, runs or single cards)... Choose a CARD from your hand, and DISCARD it.

Two Ways To Win 

Be The PLAYER with the most points at the end of 9 ROUNDS & WIN.

Or WIN by a KNOCK OUT...


Some Examples


PLAY LESS ROUNDS - 9 ROUNDS is the standard length for the game! You can play a shorter version with lesser ROUNDS. Any pre-determined number of rounds, agreed upon by everyone is OK... You can even play one round (one hand). Just deal the 9 cards each and DUKE IT OUT...

PLAY FOR POINTS - Use any number of points you all agree on and play to 500 or... You can even put the game on “PAUSE”. Play some of the 9 rounds, keep score, then come back and play more rounds when you have time. Eventually a player will win with the highest score OR by a Knock Out.

FOR A SINGLE PLAYER - You can have a

Run Of 6 = 150

A Pair = 50 Set Of 3 = 50

Pair With A Wild = 150

Run Of 3 = 50

great time playing to see how many points you can collect before the game “KNOCKS YOU OUT”. Read the following adaptation and play until you get “DECKED”.

For one player... Shuffle the cards. Draw 9 cards and place them FACE UP in front of you. Begin combining those cards to make SETS & RUNS. Keep drawing 1 CARD at a time and play it as you can. Place completed sets and runs to one side. Continue to add to them to make them bigger to get the most bonus points. Rearrange them when you can, because your game ENDS when YOU get DECKED... IF one of your sets of COLOR BIBLE CARDS reaches 6, then STOP... Count your points and bonus points and try again. See if you can get more points than your first game! Go ahead... Make up your own variations to this. Give yourself a million bonus points if you can sing the Scripture Song that goes with each pair!

FLASH CARDS - Separate the VERSE & REFERENCE CARDS into 2 piles and test your “Bible Memory Skills”. See if you can match them up, quote them, sing them, etc... You can even use the Verse Cards to sing-along with the CD by date! Push the repeat button on your CD player for a “Daily Song”…

6 Of One Color = A KNOCK OUT

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The BOOK Of Books - Family Bible Game - Rules  
The BOOK Of Books - Family Bible Game - Rules  

This game goes along with our January Scripture Songs CD. It is fast playing... 9 rounds for points or win by a Knock Out. Great Bible Memo...