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national dessert day

SWEET DREAMS 4 treats to try from Syracuse-area bakeries

Text and photos by Katherine Sotelo asst. feature editor

National Dessert Day is celebrated Oct. 14, and there are plenty of bakeries in Syracuse for those passionate about satisfying their sweet tooth. Whether you love chocolate or need a vegan fix, here are five desserts from area shops:

for the pumpkin lover

BONUS: It’s all vegan.

From the first bite this cupcake exploded with sweetness and flavor. The cupcake’s consistency was squishy and moist, with the mini chocolate chips adding an extra texture between pumpkin and cinnamon flavors. Pumpkin flavored everything is everywhere, so I would say this is probably one of our best sellers right now. The actual cupcake itself has pumpkin puree in it, so it’s not just the frosting. The frosting itself has cinnamon, so it has a kind of cinnamon-nutmeg flavor to it. — Joel Capolongo, Co-owner What to get: Pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake What you’ll spend: $3.50 ($3.75 after tax) Distance from campus: 0.5 miles

Strong Hearts Cafe 719 E Genesee St, Syracuse, NY 13210 315-478-0000

for the doughnut devourer Baked fresh every morning, this seasonal good had a light and airy consistency that was amplified by the crunchiness of the cinnamon-sugar glaze. We have the sweet potato doughnut all day, all year-round. It’s fairly spiced, has nutmeg, a little bit of clove and a little bit of ginger in there. It’s baked then it’s put in a light cinnamon-sugar glaze that goes over it. — David Zaczynski, Co-owner/Baker What you should get: Sweet potato doughnut What you’ll spend: $1 (no tax) Distance from campus: .9 miles

Picasso’s Pastries and Cafe 466 Dell St, Syracuse, NY 13210 315-474-1700

for the brownie bad*ss Try this chocolate confection. With the slight tang of salt and super sweet frosting, the walnuts in this brownie were the best part, adding the needed crunch with their roasted flavor. It’s scratch brownie that’s topped with our own scratch recipe icing. It’s difficult for people to duplicate, because it’s not a box mix, it’s not something you can get out of a bag; it’s our own scratch mix. It’s nothing of mass production; we’ve stayed using this mix for over 60 years and it hasn’t changed over the years. — Michael Rothfeld, Owner What to get: Chocolate brownie What you’ll spend: $1 (no tax) Distance from campus: 0.3 miles

Harrison Bakery 1306 W Genesee St, Syracuse, NY 13204 315-422-1468

for the cannoli connoisseur Although this cannoli’s shell lacked a satisfying crunch, the homemade ricotta cheese was thick and creamy enough to pack the usual flavor of a cannoli. The chocolate chips were the real game changer, though, that sets it aside from the rest. We have over 200 pastries here, but in the chocolate chip (cannoli) there’s a ricotta cheese, we dip it in the chocolate chips and dip it into confectionary sugar. We have our own recipe to make the cheese. The cannoli’s been around for a long time, a lot of people have them. We’ve had them ever since I can remember. It’s just something people enjoy. — John Pappas, Co-owner/Baker What to get: Chocolate chip cannoli What you’ll spend: $1.95 (no tax) Distance from campus: 7.7 miles

Geddes Bakery 421-423 S Main St, North Syracuse, NY 13212 315-437-8084

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Oct. 14, 2015  

Oct. 14, 2015