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om, Dad, Maama, Boompa and Shashi: Thanks for always supporting me, and understanding when I only call once a month or can’t come home for a holiday. I know, selfishly, I don’t say it enough, but thank you. None of this would be possible without you. Cindy: Thank you for always being there with a pitcher of Miller Lite waiting on the counter every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. None of this would be possible without you either. Wilson: We did alright, huh? It was a pleasure running shit with you in house, on the football and hoops beats and on 2K14 at home. Thanks for balancing out my personality — all charges excluded — and always being there to approve of my impulsive, and often mildly reckless, ideas. From Senior Sundays and Lucy’s Mondays to Flip Night Wednesdays and Chuck’s Thursdays — plus a slew of dive bars up and down the East Coast — there’s no one else I’d rather grab a beer, or three, with. Curt: You’re a living legend, my friend. I don’t know of another D.O. friend who’s embraced the lifestyle and culture more. From racing down the roof of the Flint stairs freshman year to drop-kicking the bush in front of the house this fall (sorry, Big 8), we’ve shared more shenanigans together than anyone else — and those are just the ones I can remember. When I walk at graduation in a couple weeks, know that I couldn’t have done it without you. Austin: You’ve been missed here every day this semester, but I know you’re bound for a huge rebound next year. I’m so proud of all you’ve done these last couple months. Thanks for making college fun (miscarriage excluded), and hopefully we’ll get one last Newport weekend in this summer. Jesse: You’re as talented a writer as I’ve seen come through The D.O. since I got here, but more than that, you’re a fierce friend and a great motivator. Damn, was it fun to work together on that zone series. Long live sports shotguns and tweet time schedules — they’re in your hands now, buddy. Klinger: Life is silly, man. I hope your sabbatical this year was just as productive as mine was. I can’t tell you how pumped I am for you to be back in house. You deserve everything coming to you — and I’m sure there’ll be plenty. Trevor: It was a pleasure covering and editing with you this year. Your mannerisms are irreplaceable, as will be your place at The D.O. next year. But the people will always be there for you, and you’re going to the f*cking Boston Globe! Kill it, and grab a blueberry ale at Beerworks for me when you get the chance. Phil: I remember sitting down with you at Varsity last year and talking about your future here. So, so glad it’s finally panning out — and even more glad that you’ve become more bold. Thanks for being the best copy editor in the country. Here’s to smoking a few more celebratory Black and Milds before the year is out. And don’t be afraid to swing big next year. Sam: I see a lot of myself in you: witty, hard working and brash. You’ll get yelled at here and there for it, but I’m glad to know there won’t be many arguments left off the table these next couple years. Glad to be the one who brought you in house. I hope that lived up to what you wanted me to write about you. Schneidman: Way to work your butt off this year. Proud to see you get in house. Make the most of it, and make sure D.O. Sports stays a fun place to work. The future of D.O. Sports: Work hard, play hard. Make your staff your friends and push each other to be great. Lean on those around you and those who came before you. My phone is always on and my email is always open — and

if I don’t respond, pester me until I do. Tony: From my first read to the long hours spent brainstorming story ideas in Bird, you hooked me on The D.O. and journalism more than anyone else. Thanks for being a great mentor, and now a great friend. Brett: Remember Marjory Elwell? Kuba Kotynia? A day in the life with Luke Jensen? I know I always will. You gave me my first story and my first beat, and never let me finish a story without taking something new away from it. Thanks for opening the D.O. Sports’ doors to a scrubby, naïve freshman. Hope I did OK this year. Cohen: Thanks for bringing me in house, man. It seems like so long ago, but you trusted me with a spot in the office even after I showed up late to the first Sunday meeting (thanks, Treds) and missed like five different spellings of Pasqualoni in football guide (we can share the blame on that one — never was good at that). Mark: Thanks for all the help and feedback coming up through the ranks. It’s too bad we never really got to produce a section together. I really would’ve liked that. Katie: Thanks for believing in me sophomore year. It made me work harder and, ultimately, become a better journalist. One retweet, though, may have pushed me even farther #thatscommitment. Treds: Ducks fly together. We made one hell of a team as copy editors, and tennis beat writers of course. Hope our paths cross again. You’ve been missed. Propper: Your passion was infectious. You made everyone around you work harder. Whether it was SU Athletics or a line of metal chairs standing in your way, there was no doubt you’d do your damndest to get through them. Ryne: I know sometimes it’s hard for others to tell, but thanks for caring about my future. Thanks for coming out to Thornden to shoot a basketball around with me last year and listening to my semi-coherent ramblings. Ditto to my last line toward Mark. Conor, ALJ, Gelb, Andy, Thamel, Carlson…: The list goes on. And on. And on. I wish I had the room to thank you all individually because you deserve it. Thanks for always being there to answer a call or an email. I wouldn’t be here without you all. Spencer: Road trips with you and Wilson were some of the best weekends of my year. You’re one of a kind, and we were lucky to have you. Seegz: You’re as relentless a reporter as I’ve ever met. I wish I had more time to work with you these last couple semesters, but know you’ve only got more strong stories coming. Trust yourself. And relax — I recommend seeing Spencer about that. Annie: You’re smart, witty and well versed in making something out of nothing. Your ability to come in every night and keep plugging away was incredibly impressive. Have some fun next year. Liz: Thanks for preventing me from being the biggest D.O. alcoholic of our era. Marge: Sorry for being an assh*le, and thanks for putting up with me. You stepped into a huge position as only a freshman and showed some serious grit. Dealing with a house fresh off its biggest f*cking over of the year wasn’t easy, and you did really well. I know you can pull Photo together. The reins are yours. Lindsay: You’re tough as nails, and I think you’ve got the creativity and willingness to try new things that will push the design of The D.O. to the next level. Chloe, Clare, Mara: You three are incredibly fun, and I’ve had a blast watching each of you grow at The D.O. I love that none of you were never ever fazed by Sports. Chloe, I’ll miss your constant smile (and the Mom Meister, of

asst. copy editor | fall 2011-spring 2012; asst. sports editor | fall 2013; sports editor | spring 2014

course). Clare, I’ll miss your spelling ability — not as much as the rest of design, though. And Mara, I’ll miss your sass — kerning will never be the same. Mettus and Nick: You guys came in this semester and killed it. Mettus, you’re as funny as they come and I’m pumped you’re moving to Sports next year. Nick, I’ll make sure the guys send a few more faceoff stories your way. Water fountain: Thanks for providing the post-pup food quenching that has supported Sports for years. You’ll forever be the secondbest fountain on campus (after Sims, third floor). Kristin, Joe, Vandy: Thanks for making Featch a fun place to walk through this year. Sorry for stealing the spread from you here and there. Natalie: I pride myself on perception, but after this whole semester I still feel like you’re somewhat of a mystery. Thanks for all the cats (hoping this runs next to one) and I forgive you for kicking me. Chris Voll: You killed it this year. Thanks for always being there to pull together an alternative story format, or plan the umpteenth project attempt. We had the best college website in the country and that’s 100 percent to your credit. Alfred: I can’t say I’ve ever met anyone like you. You have a great sense of sarcasm and a strong News sense. But most importantly you kept edit board light and (generally) short. And for that, I am eternally grateful. Berner: The house wasn’t quite the same without you this semester. Glad we got to reconvene at parties at your house. Again, sorry about the window… and the fireball… and the shed. Chase: Your photo background was integral in keeping the paper moving forward this semester. Sorry for always complaining about how much money everyone else made (Note: this doesn’t mean I don’t think there are some alterations to be made). Looking forward to seeing what you do next year. Newman: Thanks for being The D.O.’s unofficial Jewish mom, because everybody needs

one of those. I’m really happy you decided to come back next year, and know you can not only redefine the managing editor’s role, but help fix up the News section and keep everyone well fed. Lara: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Trust the team you’ve hired around you. And don’t put yourself above anyone else. You’ve got the makings of a revolutionary EIC. I’m really excited to see what you can do. Ankur: We did it, buddy. Media Cup was glorious, and knowing we walk off as champions together makes it all the more sweet. It’s a night that will go down in D.O. infamy. Also, can you record your starting lineups one more time? I need a new phone ringtone. Seneca: Thanks for getting us in shape for Media Cup … “To the baseline!” Audrey: It still seems like you came to The D.O. out of nowhere. Thanks for being my deskmate and knife buddy, and an unofficial member of the Sports staff. I had no idea what I was getting into when I interviewed you over Skype this fall. Hopefully there are more good times to come. Lizzie: I honestly don’t know how you do what you do every night. This paper would never get put out without you, and these last two semesters, for me, wouldn’t have been the same without ya. There’s no one I would rather have been a veteran with. As you say, an era of D.O. history dies with us. Casey: You were so worried about having to argue with me. Sorry if I underwhelmed. Thanks for always having an open door and never making snap decisions that management teams sometimes have to. It meant a lot, and made The D.O. a fun place to work. For an only child, you did a great job of working with others. Marwa: Sometimes I wonder how and why you put up with my madness. Too many times I forget to thank you enough. But I wouldn’t have made it through this year, or last, without you. Hopefully there are many more years we’ll get to spend together. I love you.

April 29, 2014  

April 29, 2014