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verything I’ve done at college worth noting, I did here. I laughed and I cried. I made my best friends. I dated a guy in sports. I got pink eye, mono and bronchitis, all in one semester. I fell asleep on the management couch more times than I’d like to count. I watched the sun rise from the photo office. And last night, I signed the filing cabinet in the management office. But most importantly, I learned here. And not just about journalism, but about life too. As we always say, at its core, The Daily Orange is a learning institution and I can honestly say that I’ve learned more in these two years at 744 than I ever thought possible. Mom, Dad & Carly: Thank you for understanding that The D.O. was my life for this past year, taking a genuine interest in it and accepting that “f*ck” would become an appropriate word for the dinner table during my work rants. Knowing you were proud of me helped more than you know. Mark: Thank you for forcing me into what was probably the best thing that will ever happen to me, as much as I hate admitting you were right. You saw something in me I didn’t see in myself and I’m so glad you did. No regrets. Dara: I can’t tell you what a compliment it was when people said I reminded them of you. You were one of my best sources for advice in this job and the one before it. I hope I was half the News Editor and EIC that you were. Becca: The nights you designed News were my favorite ones. You always knew how to make me laugh, even when stories dropped and things were a disaster. Your g-chats have gotten me through some tough times. Meghin: Thanks for giving me chances and A1s when I was a freshman. I tried so hard to impress you back then; I hope it worked. Kathleen: I’ve looked up to you so much over these past few years and I’m so glad to have had you as a role model and mentor. Thank you for all of your help. Laurence: You really were the mother of the D.O. and you made me realize I could do this thing. Thanks for letting me hang out on your couch. Katie: The email you sent for the 9/11 paper made my day. Thanks for that and all of your advice. Marwa: Thank you for getting me started — hiring me as an assistant news editor, giving me my first Pan Am story and fostering my love of News. Ankur: You are The D.O. to me. I remember the first time you called me Peach; you made me feel like a part of the family at 744, and for that I’ll always be grateful. Also, thanks for saving Orientation Guide. Dave: Thank you for your constant support. I remember the first time Maddy and I met you in person: We were incredibly stressed and defeated before our dinner, but we left it bursting with enthusiasm that you instilled in us. Pete: I have no doubt you are the reason this paper comes out. Thank you for caring about The D.O. as much as you do. Mike: The number of times that I g-chatted you “people are having server problems” is probably in the thousands by now. Thanks for responding every time. I’m glad we became friends and you made your first appearance at a D.O. party this year. Chris: Thank you for somehow making my inarticulate request for cool web things into beautiful realities. Margaret: From contributing photographer to photo editor in just one year, you’ve come a long way. You’re young and still learning; don’t be afraid to ask for help. Emma: Singing with you made those late nights at In the Paint bearable. Josh: Go inside the bouncy house and you’ll go far in life. Sam Maller: Remember that day last summer you, Lizzie and I sat on the beach? I always looked back on that when the weather was shit and we hadn’t slept. Spencer: I think you made me laugh every single

asst. news editor | fall 2012; news editor | spring 2013; editor in chief | fall 2013-spring 2014

time I came into the photo office. Please stay as light-hearted and charming as you are now. Luke: Thanks for all those family dinners. Jon & Nick: Please remember that I never confused the two of you. Mara: Thanks for playing secretary on our ride back from Virginia. Chloe & Clare: My selfie queen and Disney princess. I’m so glad I was your peer adviser, EIC and, best of all, friend. You’ve made me so proud. Legendary fam forever. Natalie: I always knew I’d smile on Thursdays thanks to Cat Thursday. Andy: I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone so talented. Thank you for making my Remembrance Guide dreams a (award-winning) reality. Audrey: Calm down with the knife throwing. Thanks for helping me keep the sports guys in line. Samar: Thank you for coming to our copy chief rescue last semester. Michelle: Somehow whenever I was drunk at a party, you were sharing your wisdom with me. How’d you get to be so smart? Jackie: In your interview, you said you were in this for the long haul. Know what I wrote in my interview notes? Future D.O. Diehard. Vandy: When we asked you to come back, I thought we’d have to beg. I was wrong. Thank you for not just coming back, but for being one of the kindest people in this house. Brendan: Between News and Featch, you’ve always gone where you’re needed. Maybe next semester we’ll go on that double date. Joe: Thanks for helping to get Feature back on its feet this semester. So much of that was you. Kristin: I still miss the chirp of “Pulp!” during budget. Katie: I loved coming down to Pulp and knowing you’d have a smile and a great piece of jewelry on. Elaina: Your quiet, inquisitive nature will be missed. Have fun abroad! Jessica: I can’t tell you how much we loved your From the Studio reviews. Alfred: Third time is the charm, at least it was for Op Editor. Thanks for carrying on the important tradition of g-chat hacks. Anna: You’ll always be my baby. Come back to 744 some day. Wilson: I’ll never forget when you declared, as if it was so normal, “Yeah, I’m just not mean.” You brought so much fun and laughter into the sports office. I miss the Harry Potter references and arguments over italics. Bailey: You challenged me, teased me and gave me a hard time and I’m so glad that you did. You and I both are always up for a spirited debate, and, though they exhausted me at times, I’m glad we had our fair share of them. I don’t think either of us expected to get along as well as we did, but you made Sports a fun place to be and one of my favorite sections to hang out in. See you at Chuck’s. Jesse: You are too goddamn charming. Though I tried my hardest, it was tough to stay annoyed with you. You are incredibly talented and I know you have a lot ahead of you here, despite what you may say. I always enjoyed our late-night talks in management. Keep dancing during photo selection. Trevor: The erotic poem you read at Secret Santa will haunt me for the rest of my life. Phil: You are one of the most quietly dedicated people at this house. I’m so glad your time has come. Sam Blum: I like to take credit for you because you started in News, but I think you’re pretty talented in your own right. Please stay in your own section next semester when I’m not around to yell at you. Annie: We faced some challenges this semester — told ya News Editor was a tough one — but I’m glad that, through it all, we stayed friends and, perhaps more importantly, (legendary) family. Brett: There are a lot of great people on this staff, but you were hands down the MVP. Thanks for the snacks, Brett Roulette and one-day turnaround

stories. Jacob: So glad we got the USen uniform down — snapback and a hoodie, always. Ellen: Take your semester to breathe, but come back to this place. Maggie: Thank you for stepping up as an ANE when we needed you. You absolutely killed it and seamlessly became part of what was an amazing news team. Jocelyn: You came out of the woodwork with some amazing stories. Keep writing. Lydia: Promise to come back when marching band ends. Shawna: You were a late addition to the staff, but a great one. Dylan: I think you were born to be a reporter. You live and breathe it and that’s why you’re so amazing at what you do. You’re probably one of the best copy editors this paper has ever seen; I never worried when I knew you were around. Jess: Why are you here? I hope I answered that question sometime in the last two years. Thank you for being my rock when I was News Editor. Kill it next semester. Meg: I can’t even count how many times I laid down on the floor and you came to my rescue with a cup of tea. Thanks for helping me survive my first year in house and for educating me on all things Syracuse sports — it really came in handy. Lara: I’ll never forget the day you sent me that email saying you’d step up as Feature Editor. You quoted my letter of intent back to me, and it meant more than you know. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come and I know that you will do great things. Question everything, but remember the importance of traditions. Be stubborn, but admit when you’re wrong. Be independent, but ask for help when you need it. This is your paper now, but I’ll always be around to help you when you’re lost. Meredith: I knew you couldn’t stay away. I was glad to have you follow me as News Editor and now I’m glad to have you follow Chase, Maddy and I in management. I always found it ridiculous when someone described another person as “bubbly” until I met you. You bring so much life and happiness to this office and I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’re bringing it back to 744 next semester. I’ve loved working with you, but I’ve loved becoming your friend even more. You and your hot guy of the week got me through some tough times. Bring that back next year. Beth: I know I can always count on you, no matter

what. That’s not something you can say about a lot of people. Thank you for hating people for me, your undying loyalty, doing my makeup and letting me sit on your lap and cry. You are such a tough b*tch and I love you for it. Lindsay: You are the MVP of the apartment. You are kind and thoughtful, and do a lot of the dishes. Next year, when you’re the one who’s at The D.O. four days a week until some ungodly hour, I’ll return the favor. You are an incredible talent and I can’t wait to see what you do next semester and hear the strange noises you will make. Maddy: My NoVA girl. Management wasn’t the same without you this semester, but I still look back on our time together in the fall freaking out about various crises, talking about boys, trying to figure out our Spanish homework and reminiscing about Georgetown cupcakes like it was yesterday. You were exactly what I needed in a managing editor this fall and I’m so glad you were my partner through it all last semester. We didn’t just make a great team — we made great friends too. Chase: You’re the brother I always wanted. In the last two years, you’ve made me laugh, hugged me when I cried and put up with excessive girl talk. You’ve been such a huge part of my D.O. career, college experience and life and have become one of my best friends in the process. I’m glad to have shared the management office with you. Klinger: I don’t think either of us saw this coming, but I’m glad it did. Thanks for putting up with me, even though I fell asleep during every movie we watched, interrupted our conversations to edit stories and was slow to trust. You’ll always be the first gentleman of The Daily Orange in my eyes. Lizzie: If it weren’t for you, I never would have been Editor in Chief. Thank you for coming back, both times. I don’t think I could have done this thing without you. You were always right there — when I needed someone to binge eat with after production, when I wanted a duet partner for Dixie Chicks jam sessions and that one time I drank beer out of a shoe. You’re my twin, my other half, my best friend in this world. It’s time for us to finally say: Goodbye to you. I love you. To those of you who are sticking around, and those of you who are just getting started, promise me you’ll take care of this place. The paint may be chipping, the Sports office may have a persistent smell and there may be a crack in the ceiling downstairs, but 744 is a home that should be cherished.

April 29, 2014  

April 29, 2014