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Celebrities June 30th, 2013


An Oron man singularly endorsed Akpabio, it’s time for our reward Michael Okpo Onofiok pgs. 44-47




My advice for upcoming artistes? Go back to school

– Hiphop rave, Rasqie His stunning resemblance of American Pop icon, Usher Raymond overshadowed his singing abilities when he stormed Nigeria’s music scene a decade ago. Not withstanding, the handsome dude gained his own fair share of music lovers with his hit track, ‘Soji’. The song elevated him to an enviable position and reckoning, far above his contemporaries. Born Abdul Rasak Lawal, but known as Rasqie, he was a prominent act at major national music concerts. However, when the music industry took a twist in mid 2000s with the entrance of more upcoming music acts, Rasqie was not there to complement his early fame. The ‘Mukoko’ crooner was cornered recently and he talked about his decision to try his hands in other businesses and his much anticipated return to the studios. Now CEO, DaFlava Entertainment, Rasqie, a devoted Muslim married a gospel artiste and ‘Atobiju’ crooner, Monique, talks about his wife’s relationship with Mike Abdul’s Spaghetti Records. Newswatch Celebrities’ SOLA SANUSI spoke with him recently.


ou don’t seem to be active in the music industry again Do we still have a music industry? I don’t think we have an industry here. Even Ghana has an industry that is buoyant. The industry we have is frustrating these days. Everything is now based on money. You go to radio stations and all the DJs and presenters ask for is money. They don’t even listen to your song. A small boy who was still in high school when I made my name will tell me to give him money to play my song. What is the effect of this on the industry? It has given opportunities to quacks. A lot of ‘Yahoo Yahoo boys’ who know next to nothing about music have dominated the scene, why? Because they make fraudulent money and pump it into the industry just to become popular. They sing jargons which they call music and the DJs feed the listening public with that. This is why you can

hardly hear good music on our radio because they have been paid to feed us with this jargon. I have paid my dues and I believe I remain one of the tested and trusted hands in the business of making good music. What is the difference between when you started and now? When I dropped ‘Soji’ then, I didn’t even had the money to produce promo CDs, but, because the industry at that time encouraged creativity, I made it. The few copies we printed went round the whole radio stations. I never gave money to anyone to play that song. The industry was good then and the thinking was right. The situation is different now. To me, we don’t even have an industry. That is why some of my colleagues whom we started together are no longer in the industry. They can’t even feed themselves again. Are you still making money from music? Aside what my wife (Monique) is


doing, I am not making money from music. I just took the decision to go and make money outside music for a while and return later. I don’t want music to kill me; that is why I stepped aside to rebuild and come back. The truth is whenever I decide to come out, I know the right people to work with. My latest song: ‘What is this?’ was produced by Sammy Young, mixed and mastered by Sheyman. It’s ‘banging’ seriously on radio stations because this is what I know how to do best. Earlier, I dropped ‘Sharperly.’ I am planning to shoot a video now. At the same time, I want to travel out. I am even scared of shooting videos these days because the rush for shows that come with the videos, sometimes affects my day to day activities. I don’t do music alone anymore. I have other things I do. You know the fame that comes with dropping a video can be distracting. Remember when I dropped ‘Mukoko’ video, a whole lot of noise followed it. How do you advise upcoming artistes when they come to you? When upcoming artistes come to me for advise, I ask them who their fathers are, or if they have somebody in their

family who can give them as much as N5million to be able to continue their music career. If they say no; I just advise them to go back to school because, I would have been in trouble if I had not gone to school. What is the gain of quitting music for such a long time? During that period, I was able to push my wife with the help of God to stardom. Today in the gospel music industry, she’s the rave of the moment. ‘Atobiju’ is highly spiritual and a lot of souls have been blessed with the song. I was able to achieve that because I stepped down on my own activities to push hard on her and with God, we got the desired result. What is new about Monique now? She’s got a new track featuring Bouqui titled: ‘Oti sure ju’ (It’s certain). She’s also featured on ‘Mo rire’, another track by Mike Abdul. We are equally working on dropping her video album. Why is Monique no longer on DaFlava Records label? DaFlava Entertainment is strictly a secular records company. She does gospel and we think she should be on a gospel records platform. That is why we




this WEEK Kween returns with Wanna Luv U

Celebrity women with low cut trademark – pg.s. 50-51 – pg. 53

Suspenders for men! – pgs. 48-49 decided to put her on Spaghetti Records, which is a gospel outfit, owned by Mike Abdul, who is also a friend. I am also involved in Spaghetti Records. So, what is that money spinning job

that has kept you away from music all these while? I am into events planning which is still industry related and I am into oil and gas.

Juju act,Yetty Swift arrested over death of 18-year-old

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On ofi ok

It’s a duty for Uyo, Ikot Ekpene people to ensure an Eket man succeeds Akpabio

Michael Okpo Onofiok, a maritime expert cum politician, has been in the political horizon of Akwa- Ibom State for two decades. He is now gunning for the governorship seat of the state in 2015 on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP. In this interview with Bimbo Ogunnaike, the astute politician speaks on his ambition and other issues. Excerpts:


our senatorial zone, Eket is jostling to produce the next governor of Akwa Ibom State. What are your people doing to realise this ambition? Eket Senatorial District is the biggest senatorial district in the state. We have 31 local governments in AkwaIbom State. Eket Senatorial District has 12 local governments and Ikot Ekpene has 10 while Uyo has nine local governments. In Eket, we have largely populated areas like Mkpat Enin Local Government Area; it is the biggest with

14 wards. Orun Anam and Essien Udim local government areas have 13 and 11 wards respectively. So we are not at a disadvantage and if we are, why are they looking for us? It was mere political gimmick then when they said, ‘Oh, this number is inconsequential; we may not even need you when we want to take another shot at the Government House.” But we discovered that it is not true, they need us. The economic base of Akwa- Ibom State lies in Oron in our Senatorial Zone. That is the goose that lays the golden egg. The entire five local

governments of Oron nation accounts for 76 per cent of crude oil found in the state and another 10 per cent from Ibeno and Eastern Obolo local governments all in Eket senatorial District. Why are you running for governor of the state? The reason why I am running for the number one seat in Akwa- Ibom State is the inspiration from God. Apart from this, Akwa-Ibom, as you may well know was created in 1987 and since that time, no indigene of Eket Senatorial District has ever got to the office of the governor

of the state. Since the creation of the state, only Uyo and Ikot- Ekpene senatorial districts have produced governors with each serving two terms. Since 1987, the people of Eket Senatorial District have not been given the opportunity to produce governor of the state. 1hail from Oron and we occupied five local government areas out of the 12 and we are about the biggest clan in the state. The rest of the local governments within the Eket Senatorial District are predominantly the Ibibios who are also in Uyo Senatorial District. So, if you




On o f i o k

take the Oron people out, it is as good as saying Uyo or the Ibibios have produced governor for the state. Governor Victor Attah of Ibibio extraction came to power in 1999 and ruled for eight years when the Oron man was the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, chairman. When Attah left, the current governor, Godswill Akpabio, took over in 2007 and he is there till date, hoping to go in 2015. Governor Akpabio is from Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District. So, it is rightly the turn of Eket Senatorial District to produce the next governor of the state if we are to go by senatorial politicking. But originally, in the document where Akwa-Ibom was created, we have three major ethnic nationalities- the Ibibios, the Annangs and Oron people. When Attah came in he respected what we have in that document. What was in that document? The document contains how political offices are to be shared among the ethnic groups in the state. It is a sharing formula of how political or elective offices are shared or allocated in the state. We respected that. Attah came out with the system of 3:2:1 ratio. A ratio of three for the Ibibios, two for the Annangs and one for Oron man. When Akpabio came in, he started it very well. He followed that ratio and we knew this from offices that were created or

established in the state. that endorsed Attah, Joe But, all of a sudden, what Atting and Tony Emenyi we are hearing now is are now late. Also, we senatorial zoning. But have an Oron man who the original way is for singularly endorsed the Orons to get a shot, Governor Akpabio to not Eket Senatorial Zone. office. And that was xxxxx I am from Oron and I am Otu Ita Toyo, former very qualified to contest State Chairman of PDP. for that seat. I have been So, what are we talking around with the people about? It has now and I am a grass root come to our turn and politician who has the they are talking about required credentials numerical strength. Let to run for this coming them respect the mutual governorship election. agreement that we had So, what are you trying over the years that has to say to the people of kept the state together the state? by first giving the ticket We should look beyond to somebody from the the political sentiments right area. when it comes to zoning But the new song in arrangements. Let us the state now is that the look at it from the moral perspective. race for the governorship seat should From the moral point of view, is it fair? be open for candidates from the three The Oron man was the party chairman districts, not to your district alone as and if you have reduced the party to you postulated. one man in the state, then it would have It is only people who are out to do meant that an Oron man singularly mischief that will say that. There is endorsed Attah twice for office. An nobody from Eket Senatorial District Oron man was the party chairman that will come out and say openly that when Attah contested in his first term. the field should be open for everybody That arrangement was repeated for his to come in. It is not so, it is not done, second term. The two party chairmen you will be cheating against God and

even nature. The Ibibio man has taken his turn, the Annang man is in the office and it is now the turn of the Eket Senatorial Zone and indeed an Oron man to produce the next governor of the state and you are now saying the field should be thrown open for everybody. That is not done. It is against the principle of equity and justice. If this principle of equity and justice is applied, it automatically becomes a duty for Uyo and Ikot Ekpene senatorial zones to come together and ensure that Eket senatorial Zone takes the governorship seat in 2015. We have been agitating for this and I have been in the forefront and I have published a lot of things in the media concerning this zoning arrangement. We have held summits, conferences on this issue, and recently, all the paramount rulers and their subordinates led a delegation to see the Oku Ibom, who is the highest traditional ruler in Akwa Ibom State on this matter that power must shift to Eket. And the monarch made a pronouncement in newspapers, the local tabloids within and around the state that Attah and Governor Akpabio must respect zoning. I am not sure if he was actually referring to Attah, former governor of the state because Continued on page 46




Ono fi ok

Akpabio has rekindled hope and confidence in the people of Akwa Ibom Continued from page 45

it was Attah who initiated this zoning arrangement. When he was leaving office, he went to Ikot Ekpene and addressed the people, everybody and told them that at his going that power would shift to Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District. And he went further by saying that an Annang son would be the next governor because he knows that even in Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District, there are no Ibibios. That was why he said an Annang son would be the governor. That is how Attah started it. It is Akpabio who has not really come out to say this

is how it is going to be. But with time, I know that he is going to tell the people the truth. He is just saying that he was not a product of zoning but a product of the people. Yes, that sounds well to anybody because zoning or no zoning, you are a product of the people but here is something that was agreed initially. If Governor Akpabio was not a product of the people, then a lot of people from Oron would have also contested that election against him. What programmes are you going to put in place for the people of the state if voted into power? I try to avoid going to the people to

tell them one thing or development of our things that they have been estuarine and inland waterways from Oron hearing time after time. I ferry point through believe in projects that are Ibeno to Ikot Abasi visible and are achievable. and also northwards I have looked around the state, felt the pulse of the through Okobo to people and I know what Uruan, Itu and Essien xxxxx they want because I have Udim for cabbotage been with them all my and inland waters life. When I left my state, maritime activities. We I only went to school have a lot of navigable abroad and came back to inland waterways in the this country. I know that state and we are going the people are suffering; to develop them. As about 90 per cent of the soon as we developed people of my state are the waterways even living below poverty up to 30 per cent, you level. In education, we are sure that you are are very backward and going to employ about 20,000 people and be the unemployment rate is able to put food on quite high. I will restore the tables of about five sanity in our society; the thousand families. This integrity of our young men and women will be restored by is just 30 per cent development of our providing quality jobs and programmes. inland waterways, not to talk of the I am an active mariner and I will devote offshore or the shipyard or the deep most of my time into developing the seaport. I am going to really concentrate maritime sector in the state. The three on the maritime sector to open up a cardinal projects in my agenda are new economic frontier for the state to




generate revenue and also to generate employment. My other agenda is to set up and organised social welfare security scheme to create jobs, payment of stipends and care for the unemployed, non pensionable retirees and the less privileged. So, my number one project is to cater for the well-being and the entire welfare of the people by initiating a socio-welfare security scheme. And that is one thing that cuts across all genders, age groups, and sectors of the economy. And that is one project that creates employment and generates revenue as well because you give out and then you pay back. The private sector will be involved in it, individuals are involved and government is also involved. The last but not the least of my agenda for the people of the state is embarking on massive industrilisation and development of seaport, ship maintenance yard, surface rail system, quality motorways, setting up of sea foods processing plants, provision of uninterrupted power supply and setting up of cottage and agro-allied industries. Apart from that, education, health, industrialization, security of investors

and their investments and other things are part amended constitution of my priorities. I am of the party, power going to tackle this from shift or power rotation, day one headlong. I am whatever you call it, going to transform Akwa has taken a central xxxxx Ibom State if voted into stage. They are going power. That is my dream. to discuss extensively. If Still talking about my zone is not given the zoning arrangement, if at opportunity to produce the end of the day your the next governor, it will zone is not given the be very unfortunate. But opportunity to produce I know the party will not governor as you and do that. others from your zone What is your are envisaging, what will assessment of Akpabio you do? administration in the That will be unfair. I last six years? have been promoting the The man is correct activities of my party, when he says he is the the PDP.I promote the initiator of uncommon activities and agenda transformation. That of Mr. President wherever I go either is very correct. Governor Akpabio has in private or in public. I know that rekindled hope and confidence in the the President is the leader of the party people of Akwa Ibom State. He has done and I know that we have the National a lot in the area of road construction. Working Committee, NWC and the Without having good roads which are Board of Trustee, BoT of the party requirements for industrialisation, then who are already looking into this you have not started at all. So, he has issue painstakingly. I know that in the

On o f i o k

given us those infrastructures and he is working on linking water to every home at the moment in Akwa Ibom State. He is also working seriously to ensure that Ibom Power Plant becomes functional. These are all the infrastructures we need to make the state progress. He is indeed initiator of uncommon transformation. Going by the array of aspirants jostling for the office, do you think you have a chance? Everything depends on how you carry out your campaign. I also know deep inside me that it is God that gives people authority; it is God that makes leaders. These include people like Bob (Senator Effiong Bob) who has been a senator and Toyo has been a state party chairman but I had also been a party chairman myself in the past in the Alliance for Democracy, AD. I have contested election in the past and won on the AD platform and served for three years as a councilor. I have gone back to school and I am now more exposed and even more Akwa Ibom than some of those people jostling for the post. So, I stand a very good chance of winning the race.



SUNDAY NEWSWATCH, JUNE 30, 2013 ...with Olaide Sotunde

Suspenders for



hey have been in existence for over 300 years. At the core, they are simply fabric worn over your shoulders to help hold your pants up from the front and the back. The fashion piece is always attached to the waistline of the pants being worn with them, yet there are two primary ways of attaching suspenders to one’s pants. Suspenders are at their best in formal settings when worn with a crisp white cotton shirt and a pair of jet black dress pants – either plain or lightly patterned nothing too ostentatious. Patterned suspenders worn over a well-worn t-shirt with work pants or jeans also contributes to a more subversive, masculine look

Important rules to wearing a suspender • Always match your belt with your shoes This is a good rule to follow and it keeps things simple. It’s best to stay with traditional colors such a black, dark brown or a rich tan. Other colors will be difficult to match, and generally speaking, should be avoided. • Wearing Suspenders and a Belt Suspenders hold your pants up. So do belts. Therefore, you don’t need both. More importantly, you don’t want to wear both — not only is it an obvious fashion error; it creates three sides of a square around the middle of your body.







Celebrity women with low cut trademark


he hair is said to be the crown on the head of a woman. Hair, it is believed, add to the beauty of every woman. Some women have hair in abundance while some have it scanty, but with the help of hair extension, both sets of women now appear delectable. But some women are not just comfortable with long hair or full hair and like some of them will argue, they want to be able to rinse their hair any time they have their bath. Some went into it because of chemical damage caused by the choice of the relaxer they used, maybe due to imitation. Some of Nigerian women have even made wearing low cut fashionable as it is gradually becoming a fad among women, especially the aged, who have started suffering from hair loss due to old age. Some women, especially the ones on the big side adorn low cut to look trim. Newswatch Celebrities SOLA SANUSI brings you celebrity women with low cut.

Kemi Otegbade


he number one woman at Heartlink, a PR company, Kemi Otegbade is known to wear a low cut hairstyle. Blessed with a good height, the cut has helped tone down her height with her trademark low cut.

Peju Agunbiade


igerian born UK based sex therapist, with a programme running on air in UK called: ‘Let’s Talk about Sex’ became an accidental low cut wearing lady because of an unfortunate incident at the salon that resulted in her hair loss. She was encouraged by her husband to go on low cut and ever since, she has not regretted the decision. Hers is a last skin cut. Peju also has a team of followers of her programme in Nigeria.

Chika Ike


his leggy and beautiful screen diva is known for hair extension and braids till a movie role made her cut it. The movie role, we learnt made her smile to the bank, but reversed to her preferred looks shortly after. Chika, as she is fondly referred to by her numerous fans, has been going about with a touch of elegance.

Obiageli Ezekwesili


by Ezekwesili, as she is fondly called, or ‘Madam Due Process’ as she is more well known during the tenure of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who later became the minister of education is also known to wear a low cut. Could hers be religious, one couldn’t really say because she is a pastor with The Redeemed Christian Church of God. She is also a Vice President with The World Bank.

Dr. (Mrs) OkonjoIweala


he Minister for Finance and leader of the economic team of Nigeria, Dr. (Mrs) OkonjoIweala has been known to wear low cut long before she became the Minister for Finance during the regime of former President Olusegun Obasanjo. Anytime the finance minister isn’t putting on Ankara attire with her trademark gele, she appears with her greying hair, cut low. She was with the World Bank before she got the call to come and serve her fatherland.

Joke Silva


eteran thespian, Joke Silva, a few years back, decided to go on low cut to change her look. Though, at times you see her with long hair, don’t be deceived, it’s all hair extension. The haircut so fits her that it took some age off her and she carries it gracefully.



hidinma attain stardom with her participation and later victory at one of the editions of Project Fame. The songstress with a unique voice, some months back, joined the league of low cut wearing celebrity women. The reason she gave for doing this, she claimed was because she wanted to look simple and also have a unique look that will stand her out in the crowd.




Celebrity women with low cut trademark Chief (Mrs) Kemi Nelson


he frontline female politician and a one-time Commissioner for Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation in Lagos State has been known to go around in low cut as against the societal norm of women wearing long, straightened or weaved/ plaited hair. Kemi Nelson has been rocking this unique hairstyle for over two decades now

Onyeka Onwenu


Catherine Edoho

he lady of songs, Onyeka Onwenu has been known with her Afro haircut since the early 80s when she ventured into the Nigerian music industry. If you had ever seen her wearing long hairs, it probably, was a costume for a movie as she is also an actress of repute.


he ex-wife of Who Want to be a Millionaire anchor man, Frank Edoho, is known to wear her hair trimmed so low and this has made her appear smart. The Cameroon born lady was once with the Nigeria Television Authority, NTA, Lagos, where she was one of the presenters of AM Express.

Queen Ayo Balogun


he Queen of Juju music’s trade mark style is her haircut which she has stuck to, according to her, due to the nature of her job, which she says does not give her time to go to the salon. Hers is a skin cut that shows her skull.

Toyin Adegbola


his fair complexioned thespian with the Yoruba movie industry has been known to wear a low cut hairstyle for ages now. According to her, it is more comfortable and keeps the heat away. Toyin Adegbola’s low cut is with baby curls.

Taiwo Ajai-Lycett

Funke Moore



his old, but not tired screen diva that has flown the Nigerian flag abroad, doing what she knows best - interpreting scripts, also wears a low cut hairstyle. Taiwo AjaiLycett has equally made her mark in acting in the local scene.

he is a regular face on Lagos State owned television station, LTV8. Funke Moore is the manager, News and Current Affairs with the state station. She also anchors a social diary programme on the TV station. Funke Moore is known with her ever shining low cut hairstyle.




Adeoye Bayo

y t i r b e l Ce

Top contenders battle for Ogun Labour Party guber ticket


rom all indications, strong politicians in Ogun State will be battling for Labour Party gubernatorial ticket in 2015. Celebrity Take Out gathered that some aggrieved politicians from different parties in the state are now pitching their tents with the party and they are all jostling for the number seat in the state. Some of those who have made their intention known are a member of the Federal House of Representatives from Egbado South/Ipokia Federal Constituency, Hon. Abiodun Isiaq Akinlade, PPN candidate in the last governorship election, Gboyega Isiaka Nasir, a member of Ogun State House of Assembly, Hon. Remmy Hazzan, and former Deputy Governorship Candidate under the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in Ogun State, Tunde Oladunjoye

At home with Toyin Adegbola


oyin Adegbola, popularly known as Asewo to re Mecca is no doubt, a household name in Nigeria movie industry, especially in the Yoruba movie world, where she calls the shot. The light complexioned actress spoke with Bayo Adeoye. Tell us a bit about your background I had always wanted to be a nurse, although I had been acting since my childhood, from about five years old to be precise. Back then, we used to play on the streets, build houses with sand and cook with milk tins. (Laughs) So, due to my childhood admiration for nurses, I tried gaining admission to a nursing school in Osogbo, but I wasn’t admitted, so I proceeded to the Technical College in Osogbo, where I studied Electronics. I left for London in 1979 for more training in Electrical Electronics and I graduated in 1982. Meanwhile, all along, I had been acting with a school drama group, between 1978 and 1979, and I represented my school in various drama competitions across different states. After I finished in 1982, I sought employment at various broadcasting houses, which was during the regime of the late Chief Bola Ige, the then governor of Oyo State. My elder brother, Chief Ebenezer Babatope, happened to be the Director of Organisation of the then Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) and he took me to Dr. Yemi Farounbi. So, he asked him to employ me since they were about to establish a television station. So, that was how I started working at the then New Dawn Television that later became the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS) and was opportune to be one of its pioneer staffers. How did you get into the acting professio? While I was at the New Day Television, now Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS), we used to do in-house drama and I was also a co-presenter of a programme with Lere Adewunmi. It was during one of these shows that I was discovered by Mr. Tubosun, who encouraged and invited me to be part of his new movie. So, I started going to locations and was always seeking permission from my bosses at BCOS, or make arrangements with my colleagues, so that my absence would not be felt. Then, it was not in the form of the home videos we watch nowadays, it was optical films, so that was how I started acting professionally. Later, when I started starring in several optical films, I decided to concentrate fully on acting and therefore after spending 10 years at BCOS, I left in October 1992. How has it been so far in the acting profession? They are almost the same. Without broadcasters, there won’t be artistes. The media is an integral part of the entertainment industry. They both work hand in hand. Acting is just an extension of broadcasting. Due to my passion for acting, I have been coping well and enjoying the profession. Memorable movies you have acted in? I can remember vividly the movie that brought me into the limelight; that was Asewo to re Mecca by Oga Bello. I have also starred in various films ranging from optical films, stage plays and a lot of home videos. So, I can’t possibly count the number of great movies I have acted in, but I thank God for how He has helped me over the years. What are you working on now? I am working on a movie, Osomo, it is a film weaved around the usage of traditional herbs for the treatment of various ailments, Olunroye (Antar Laniyan), a herbal traditionalist is a influential figure in town because of his success in healing with herbs. He suceeded in making a name for himself in the art, but his death led to total abandonment of the practice, and generation after generation suffered because of various ailment that proved untreatable. This is because, western medicine, at times, lacks the potency to treat some diseases. This went on until the arrival of a descendant of Olunroye who starts the treatment with herbs and succeeded his grandfather.

Black Pope drops ‘Life is a challenge’ video …acquires new Toyota Jeep


ew rap star,Chris Alia, better known as BlackPope has released the video of his latest single, ‘Life is a challenge’. The unanticipated single, which the singer dropped after a ghastly auto crash claimed his Liberty Jeep last December. Shot by Naija’s youngest cinematographer, Sanusi Shina, the 20-year-old video director, was not lacking in ideas while interpreting the lyrics of a hard core rapper in the mould of BlackPope. He exhibited lots of creativity in taking shots, angles, locations and characterization. Young Sanusi is no doubt, a threat to the more established Akin Alabi, Clarence Peters, Emeka Obefe, among others. BlackPope has been touted as the man to give rapper Phyno a run for his money in the art. What Olamide is to Yoruba rap; it can be conveniently said BlackPope is to the Igbos. His powerful delivery of rap lines was evident in the new single which also features sonorous female singer, BUK. Meanwhile, BlackPope, who lost his Liberty Jeep last December, has since acquired a new Toyota Jeep. He took delivery of the expensive 4 Runner Jeep some weeks back. The new video is now on cable and terrestrial televisions across the nation as the artiste plans to shoot more videos, including his hit commercial single, ‘Amaka’. According to the singer, he plans to do a re-mix of ‘Amaka’ with Ghanaian rapper, Sakordi before shooting the video.

Bashorun Nzeribe bags Phd in Law


s a successful trader that deals in computer equipment and stationeries, many of his friends taunted his decision to return to the classroom at over 40 years of age. But Bashorun Innocent Nzeribe took the sneer in his strides; sat for, and passed the mandatory JAMB that ushered him into the University of Lagos. His dream to become a graduate of one of Nigeria’s universities had earlier been cut short because of the several strikes that almost marred his zeal. The dogged goal getter did not let that deter him; and before anyone could say jack, he enrolled at the prestigious University of East London where he continued with his Law course and also pursued his Masters degree and now Phd. Today, the Lagos socialite is now proud of himself and he is so vast about law that he now eats, sleeps and wakes in law. Bashorun Nzeribe can stand among other top lawyers in the country.




Juju act,Yetty Swift arrested over death of 18-year-old



agos based Juju artiste, Yetunde Agboola, better known as Yetty Swift, was last week, arrested and detained by the Police in Ikorodu area of Lagos. The singer, well known for her hit track, ‘Lagbo Yetty,’ became a guest of the men of the Nigerian Police Force, following the death of an 18-year-old lady, simply identified as Blessing at her office in Ikorodu. The deceased, a phone seller, who operates a mini kiosk within the ever busy Lagos road where Yetty’s office is also located, was electrocuted after she had contact with the outer metal on the air conditioner from Yetty’s office. The lady, we learnt died on the spot and Yetty, alongside her landlord were arrested and detained by the Police. The unfortunate incident occurred on Sunday, June 9, 2013 and Yetty, who was arrested the following day, spent three days at the police station in Ikorodu before being transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, where she spent another 24hours before she was released on Thursday 13, 2013. When contacted, the bereaved singer said, she feels sad over the loss of life but being incriminated in the incident made her even poignant. She said: “It is a sad experience for me. I had been operating from that office for a while now and I had no knowledge of any electrical fault on the AC (air conditioner). The shocking news I received was that, somebody rested on it and got electrocuted. It was quite unfortunate and I commiserate with the family of the young lady who died.” On how the matter was latter resolved, Yetty gave kudos to the Police and the family of the deceased when it was established that, she had no knowledge of the faulty air conditioner, “some people claimed that, severally they have informed my PA about the faulty air conditioner and it’s electric shock, but, she (the PA) never told me about it until this happened,” said the singer, who also alleged the rivalry between her and another Juju artiste, Saint Janet played a part in her detention by the Police. For sometimes now, the two notable singers have been at loggerheads over allegations of hijacking show venues. The latter, Saint Janet has courted attention in the last few years following her love for lewd lyrics. The idea which has given her negative popularity has made her public enemy number one, as parents forbid their kids from listening to her music or going to her shows. On the other hand, Yetty Swift has enjoyed steady growth and popularity with her unique blend of Juju with classical Pop.

IK Ogbonna, Adokiye, Yvonne Nelson spoil school pupils with gifts


hree of Nigeria’s finest society figures in actor and model, IK Ogbonna, internationally acclaimed songstress, Adokiye and Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson shone like a million stars recently. Known to have succeeded in their chosen fields with several evidence s to prove, the trio decided to give back to the society that made them recently when they visited Courage Primary School, Ikota Village, Lekki/Ajah, Lagos State, on a charity work. Determined not to be deterred by many earthly factors, they defied a heavy downpour, muddy paths and had to walk in gutters to reach their goal, the pupils of the school. As part of the events of the day, the famous trio gave out several gift items. Other offerings made to the pupils of the school included stationary items such as erasers, pencil, rulers and several others. The finest hour and talking point for the day was however the financial gift presented to the school, reported to be a handsome amount of money that left the teachers mouth agape. The pupils; subsequently enjoyed themselves with their high profile guests, as they engaged in several activities together, including a photo session.

Kween returns with Wanna Luv U


ears after her Kweendomcome, and after a calculated re-positioning-sabbatical, Nigeria’s Pride and Africa’s AwardWinning Songstress, Kween has re-emerged with a brand new, street-smart Single - Wanna Luv U, and this is official. Produced by Fiokee, and released under Ruff Sounds Production, Wanna Luv U is a danceable departure from the neo-soul artiste the diva celebrated as. It’s African Pop. It’s hypnotic. And Kween is excited about it. ‘With this new joint,’ Kween explains, ‘I hope to announce to the world, the beginning of another Kween-Reign. With the single, I not only Wanna Luv U, I also ‘wanna’ show you I can rock your party; I ‘wanna’ prove I can raise the roof of your dance floor. I ‘wanna’ demonstrate I can light up showbiz stages anywhere in the world, and I ‘wanna’ reassure I can be in your sound speakers and you’ll want to turn up the volume.’ Wanna Luv U was released midnight Wednesday (and simultaneously, too) on popular radio Stations, online, and on Callerback tunes with the support of N-Tyze Entertainment, Kween’s new management company.

Access Events Centre beckons


owards adding to the socio-economic development of Ibadan, Oyo State and Nigeria as a whole, a new events centre for all socio activities and religious programmes now beckon s in the city and it will be opening for business soon. The new place, Access Events Centre, located at Iwo Road, Ibadan, according to the proprietors, Rev. Phillip Olusegun & Rev. (Mrs.) Grace Adedokun the Events Centre, a double-deck, would possess all modern amenities, including uninterrupted power supply, constant potable water, fully equipped conveniences, well-fitted seats for over 300 guests, impregnable security, adequate parking space, well ventilated, double-deck hall, among others.





Laide Sotunde

ommunication skills are especially important when you are in a life-long relationship. A lot of people believe effective communication is a preamble to healthy relationship, which is indeed true. As long as you know how to get things straight to the person you are going to be with all your life, you are on a safe island. If you aren’t great at expressing, here are ways you can enhance your communication skills. Learn how to talk to your partner without the breakout of a conflict. Communication is essential to make sure you understand the feelings and gestures of your partner. Lack of conversation between partners can be the first warning sign. Numerous studies demonstrated the importance of the secret language of various couples. The communication tips for lifelong relationships below provide you with a few strategies on how to find the best tone with your husband

Communication tips for life-long relationships

Listen Carefully Being a good listener is a real quality especially when it comes to romantic relationships. Those who can not only talk to their partner but also have the power to pay special attention to what the other has to say will definitely get the welldeserved appreciation. Transform Complaints into Requests This is one of the greatest secrets of a lifelong relationship. Ask your partner to do something rather than blaming him for neglecting his duties. Adopt a gentle tone and try to speak like a friend and not as a supervisor. Ask What You Need Improve your relationship by asking what you really need. Those who refuse to communicate their feelings will definitely lose the chance of living in a fulfilling and harmonious relationship. Embrace an open-minded attitude and speak out about your plans, needs and wishes. Focus on the Good Stuff Learn the art of controlling your breakouts. Focus on the good stuff and appreciation to make sure your partner will understand the weight of your complaints. Avoid delicate situations by using the most efficient communication tools. Give Your Partner What You Want to Receive It is logical and works miracles with a relationship. Keep in mind that it is important to behave the way you wish your partner would treat you. Proceed the same way in the case of arguments and difficult situations. Body Language The kind of body language a person has has a great impact on the kind of impression he/she makes. If you look bored or frequently look away in the middle of the conversation, the speaker

is likely to never attempt talking to you again. By such gestures, you are giving visual clues to the speaker that you are not listening or are absolutely uninterested. Maintaining an eye contact with the speaker helps establish a foundation for excellent conversation. Ask Open-Ended Questions Asking open-ended questions gives the opportunity to the speaker to express in full detail. For instance, if you ask a close-ended question that only demands a yes and no will make it seem like the conversation is being controlled too tightly. Pay attention to the emotions If the speaker is communicating his/ her expressions, it is important to pay attention to the emotions and respond accordingly. Make sure that the emotions are acknowledged and not ignored

Why you must have early morning passion


eeking a healthy boost to kick-start your day? Look no further than the bedroom. Adults who make love first thing in the morning apparently not only feel more upbeat for the rest of the day, but also benefit from a stronger immune system. Research suggests that adults who begin their day this way are healthier and happier than those who simply opt for a cup of tea and some toast before heading out of the door. For many couples, a spot of early lovemaking is perhaps, the last thing on the mind as the whole family rushes to get dressed and leave for school or work. However, both common sense and scientific research shows, that morning sex can work wonders for a relationship not to mention grant health benefits for both partners as they indulge in a little steamy action before they get out of bed. So here are five great reasons to tempt you and your partner to early morning sex starting from now. You’re full of energy Morning is the time when you are full of energy; after having a good night’s sleep of at least seven to eight hours, your body and mind are rested and consequently, you feel highly invigorated, all of which is great news for sex. On the other hand, if you have been slogging for 10 hours at the workplace and then doing endless rounds of domestic chores not to mention helping the kids with their homework, you cannot wait to crash by the end of the day. When both your body and mind are way too stressed out, it is highly unlikely you or your partner will be in a mood to enjoy sex. For this reason, early morning sex makes a

great option to have some fireworks with your partner. However in order to enjoy the experience, make sure you and your spouse go to bed at a reasonable hour the previous night so that you don’t feel groggy or cranky in the morning with just a five hour-long sleep. It peps you up for the whole day One of the best effects of early morning sex is on your mood that remains upbeat for practically the whole day. You not only feel elated at having had an intimate session with your partner, but feel invigorated enough to be able to tackle whatever challenges the day may have in store for you. Researchers think that is because they absorb the hormone prostaglandin, which is only found in sperm. Actually having sex inhibits the production of cortisol, a hormone which increases in your body when you encounter a stressful situation. While cortisol may help you combat the stress, too much of it over a long period can lead to headaches, muscle pain and other unspecified pain. It responds to your body clock Most men wake up with an erection in the morning. This is because while men sleep, the testosterone that they will use for the upcoming day accumulates. So from the time they wake up, men have roughly a three-hour window when they are brimming with peak levels of testosterone. Recently, studies have come up which reveal that women too are primed to feel their energetic best in the morning. According to a new study from Harvard University, the circadian rhythms of women ensure that they are biologically designed to be energized in the morning but totally beat before going




great ways to relieve stress


Laide Sotunde

to bed. Thus even though the male and female body clock may not always work in tandem, in this instance both you and your spouse can make use of an early morning to get steamy with each other and then ready for the day. It keeps you healthy Like any other vigorous physical activity, sex burns calories and thus acts as a great work-out routine. It uses every muscle group in the body and gives the heart and lungs a high-octane aerobic work-out. A typical romp in bed is estimated to burn around 300 calories an hour. Thus apart from bringing you close to your beloved, sex helps you to maintain an ideal weight which in turn prevents a host of health problems like diabetes, hypertension and heart conditions. And if you can get this great work-out in the morning, you are bound to experience all its positive effects throughout the day. These are hormones which act as natural painkillers and thus help ease everything from arthritis to migraine. Women who have regular sex in the morning may also experience various benefits of the hormone estrogen which is released during an orgasm. Estrogen is great for healthy-looking hair and skin besides for diminishing the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome. It revs up the immune system If you are looking for a cure to combat frequent colds and flus, look no further than your bedroom. Researchers believe that sex two to three times a week boots the iga – the immune system’s first line of defence in the human body, And when you get a dose of your natural immunitybooster the first thing in the morning, you stand a great chance at being protected from various infection-causing germs in the environment

tress seems to play a major role in today’s fast-paced society. With the way our society is, every one tends to suffer stress related conditions. Overbearing workloads can leave us feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything we need to; the traffic is even making matters worse. Unfortunately, stress can also cause major health problems such as headaches, backaches and increased blood pressure. The ability to relax and rejuvenate promotes vivacity and liveliness. Boosting your immune system is an important part of feeling youthful and maintaining your health. Here are ten healthy ways to relieve stress and leave your body feeling relaxed and refreshed. 1. Take a warm bath - It’s a proven fact that warm water relaxes your body muscles and rids your body of stiffness and sore joints. Immersing yourself in hot water before bedtime causes your body temperature to rise, which enhances your ability to fall asleep faster. Also, by adding Epsom Salts to your bath (which are made of the mineral magnesium sulfate - a sedative for the nervous system), your skin will absorb the magnesium sulfate which sedates the nervous system and relaxes muscles. Soft music and candlelight is always a nice touch, too. 2. Massage therapy - Massage plays an important role in training the body how to relax and getting rid of muscle knots. If your significant other isn’t willing to participate in a little massage therapy, there are plenty of spas where you can spend an hour or two pampering yourself. Some massage therapists even have hot tubs that they place you in prior to your massage to loosen up your muscles. 3. Yoga and stretching - Yoga trains you to build up a natural response to stress and bring the relaxed state of mind into your everyday life. The slow movements and controlled positions of yoga improve muscle strength, flexibility, breathing, blood circulation and promote mental focus and calmness. Stretching also reduces tension and anxiety and slows down your heart rate. 4. Music - Whether you realize it or not, music plays a big part in our lives. How many times have you exercised and felt motivated by a fast-paced song on the radio? Now, if that song were switched to a Celine Dion ballad, you can bet you wouldn’t be running as fast on that treadmill. Listening to relaxing music is a great method of reducing stress and relieving anxiety. The calm, soothing sounds will reduce your tension, blood pressure, and promote feelings of tranquility. Be aware of how you feel when you hear certain songs, and keep listening to the ones that produce a relaxing effect. 5. Exercise - Regular physical activity strengthens your muscles and releases endorphins, which reduce pain and induce euphoria, therefore improving your mood and mental concentration. Even if you dedicate fifteen minutes a day to dancing around your house or riding a bicycle around your neighborhood, you’ll find yourself feeling less stressed. So, not only is exercise good for the body, but it’s good for the mind, too. 6. Sleep - Getting enough sleep is crucial to your health and has a huge impact on your stress levels. Lack of sleep can leave you feeling cranky, absent-minded

and you may have difficulty concentrating on everyday tasks. When you sleep, your body and immune system have time to rejuvenate. Aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night because sufficient sleep benefits alertness and memory. 7. Sleep naked- It’s easier to adjust your comfort zone with sheets and blankets you can pull up or throw off rather than a long nightgown or a pair of fleece pajamas, the idea is to make the adjustment in a way that rouses you from sleep the least 8. Take a vacation - I know, not all of us can afford to hop on a plane whenever we feel stressed, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t create a mini-vacation of our own that’s affordable. Instead of wishing you could escape to a tropical city, try opting for a realistic vacation instead. There are many places you can try without having to travel out or spending so much. Find a relaxing yet fun spot near you that you can venture off to for the weekend for some peace and quiet. 9. Make a to-do List - Sometimes, the burdens of everyday life can be a bit overwhelming at times. I usually find myself getting stressed when I have too much to do and not enough time to finish everything. Whenever this happens, I sit down and write out a to-do list of everything that I need to get accomplished. That way, I know I won’t forget any tasks and as I begin to cross off each item one by one, my stress slowly begins to dwindle. 10. Read a book - There’s not many things that are more relaxing that sitting down and letting nothing else into your mind except for the words on the page of a good book. Reading is a way to escape any stress in your life, educate yourself and keep your mind active.

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Closing ceremony of the summit on Maritime Safety and Security in the Gulf of Guinea in Yaoounde

Sola Bodunrin Sanusi

5 easy ways to make your pregnant wife happy


Heads of state and governments of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the gulf of Guinea Commission (GGC)

President Goodluck Jonathan (r) accompanied by President Paul Biya of Cameroon (l) and the Minster of Interior, Comrade Abba Moro, addressing newsmen. Photos: State House

Courtesy visit on Osun State governor

his is yet another response from a follower of this column and I think this is what women would like to read and maybe, work on their hubby to do and even more. Enjoy it. There’s nothing like a few pregnancy hormones to ruin a perfectly good relationship. OK, ruin is an overstatement, but the husband, or partner of a pregnant woman walks a very fine line when interacting with her, especially at night after a long day work, child-rearing and lifewrangling. In this vein, I’ve come up with a list of five things every pregnant woman wants their husband or partner to do. * Take out the trash - No, it’s not a guy/girl thing, it’s a SMELL thing. Pregnant women don’t like nasty smells. Nothing smells nastier than the trash. And don’t wait to take it out until it’s been stuffed down five times and is literally bursting at the seams. Take it out now. • Make dinner often to assist her - See, I’m not even saying all the time, or even most of the time, just more often. Truth is, a lot of time, cooking sucks when you’re pregnant. I don’t know why, but after you immerse yourself in the aroma of dinner for 45 minutes, it often becomes completely unappetizing to eat. This happens a lot less often when someone else is doing the cooking. • Ask before you eat - Whether it’s the last garri, the last piece of chocolate, the last scoop of ice cream, the last meat in the pot, DO NOT eat it until you have asked, in a

L-R: Former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-kayode, Governor, of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and Barr Femi Faturoti during the former ministers’s visit to the governor

CIBN visit to UBA Plc

Otunba (Mrs) Debola Osibogun, FCIB, 1st Vice President, CIBN & Chairman, Planning and Organising Committee of CIBN 50th Anniversary, presenting a souvenir to Mr. Phillips Oduoza, FCIB, Group Managing Director/CEO, UBA Plc (right) while Dr. ‘Uju Ogubunka, FCIB, Registrar/CEO, CIBN watches

voice loud enough to be heard, if that is OK. • Buy flowers or small gifts (or whatever small gesture it is that makes her feel loved) - While there are many reasons to feel sexy and special as a pregnant woman, there are many things about being pregnant that can really bring a woman down. The more nice little things you do, the more those unsexy pregnant thoughts will recede into the background. • Give her a foot massage - If my husband were to give me a foot massage every night, I just might– might–forgive him for impregnating me in the first place (just kidding!). But seriously, the extra pregnancy weight does horrible things to one’s feet and even a five-minute foot massage does wonders. What about you? What simple things could your partner do for you, to make being pregnant a little more bearable?

Celebrity 30 06 2013