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The health magazine for Body, Mind & Motivation Volume 3 – Issue 4 – Winter 2011

Published quarterly by the Lewiston Tribune and the Moscow-Pullman Daily News




Lewiston’s Brad Howey was in the prime of life when the unpredictable disease hit Winter 2011





Winter 2011



Balance – volume 3, issue 4 – Winter 2011





Those with the disease note it is unpredictable, sometimes progressive and often strikes people in their prime




Trainers share the most common workout myths


IMPACT RUNNING Area runners share thoughts on treadmills



DANGEROUS COSMETICS Online cosmetic treatments promise much, but experts warn of possible consequences



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Lewiston Tribune staff writer Cody covers weekend news and writes a weekly column “Street Beef.” He maintains his fitness with an aggressive regiment of freestyle napping, amateur gluttony and occasionally lifting weights, and light cardio in a pinch.

Letter from the


Lewiston Tribune staff writer Oregon native Kevin Gaboury covers education and social issues for the Tribune. He stays active by running, hiking, snowboarding, biking and backpacking.


Daily News staff writer Kelli covers the city of Pullman and Whitman County. Because she lacks basic hand-eye coordination skills, she enjoys no-contact sports such as snowboarding, mountain biking, yoga and the occasional half marathon with her older sister.


Lewiston Tribune staff writer David has been regional roving reporter for the Tribune since 1978. He is still trying to find his way around. In his off time, he tried to write a book and no one bought it.


Lewiston Tribune staff writer Sandra covers the cops and courts beat full time for the first time in her 39 years at the Tribune. She enjoys rafting and four-wheeling.


Daily News staff writer Brandon Macz is the Slice editor for the Moscow-Pullman Daily News. He believes good nutrition is just as important as exercise and healthy snacks can help avoid binging on meals.


Daily News staff writer Katie covers Washington education for the Daily News and has lived in Moscow since August, and she already has grown to love the community on the Palouse. From running to biking to backpacking she is looking forward to exploring the area more in the months to come.


Editor Hope. It’s the promise that comes with every new year. Hope also is what people like Brad Howey and Gayle Thompson, both of Lewiston, hang tight to in their fight against multiple sclerosis. This unpredictable disease has hit many in our region. The cover story for this issue of Balance takes a close look at the signs and symptoms of MS and also puts a face to the often progressive autoimmune disease. This issue also provides some seasonally appropriate stories for those looking to get in shape through exercise and even shares some healthy recipes for snacks to eat as football fans watch their favorite college bowl games and the playoff scraps in the lead up to the Super Bowl. And for those of us entering our mid- to later years, you can hear from medical experts on the importance of regular physical exams and when you should consider certain tests to watch for things like cancer. Heading into 2012, we hope the readers of this section have the tools they need for a happy and healthy new year. As always, please share if you have a story idea. I can be reached at or give me a call at (208) 848-2294.

Lewiston Tribune staff writer Kerri covers Asotin, Clarkston and Garfield County for the Tribune. She tries to stay healthy by running, playing tennis and eating lots of vegetables.

KRISTEN WHITNEY Daily News staff writer

Kristen Whitney is the news clerk at the Moscow-Pullman Daily News. To maintain a healthy life style, Whitney runs with her dog, Kingston, and eats lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Lewiston Tribune staff writer Elaine started reporting at the Tribune in 1991 and has covered the business beat since 2000. She’s an aspiring distance runner who cut 10 minutes off her half marathon time in October.

JESSE HUGHES Graphic designer

Jesse has worked for the Daily News and Lewiston Tribune since 2008 in the advertising department. He and his wife try to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and stay active by walking, hiking, and being kept on their toes by two boys.



Craig Clohessy City Editor Lewiston Tribune Balance is published quarterly by the Lewiston Tribune and Moscow-Pullman Daily News and printed at the Tribune Publishing Co. Inc.’s printing facility at 505 Capital St. in Lewiston. To advertise in Balance, contact the Lewiston Tribune advertising department at (208)848.2216 or Advertising Director Fred Board at, or the Moscow-Pullman Daily News advertising department at (208)882.5561 or Advertising Manager Craig Staszkow at Editorial suggestions and ideas can be sent to Tribune City Editor Craig Clohessy at or Daily News City Editor Murf Raquet at


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Winter 2011



Fact or fiction? Balance

Trainers share the most common workout myths BY CODY BLOOMSBURG


said. That holds especially true for melting away the midsection, the two said. “It’s the first place that puts body fat on and it’s the last place to take it off,” Robbins said.

chines, help strengthen stabilizer muscles as well as major muscle groups.



To lose weight you have to starve

he path to fitness is beset on all sides Both Tyson and Robbins said this is the by the inequities of genetics and the worst idea for steady weight loss. Crash tyranny of fast-food commercials. diets put your body in starvation mode, No. But place faith in false ideas about exerTyson said. Not only will your metabolism cise and one’s workout goals could truly be slow down, causing you to burn less fat, but put on a road to nowhere. This is true, Tyson said, if you want to your body will also start cannibalizing its Here are five myths that local profesfeel awful. own muscle. sionals say they run into while shepherding We’ve all heard it time and time again: Not to mention the fact that odds are people through the valley of fitness. “You are what you eat.” the hunger fast will break with a binge. Cliches are terrible and worse when And when it does, all the extra calories they’re right. Tyson said empty calories will be dumped right on top of a slug-slow from junk food aren’t going to give people metabolism that’s going to squirrel away fat No. what they need to get through the day. like so many stacks of old newspapers on “You can do a hundred-thousand sit Likewise, Robbins said at best it’s a that TV show “Hoarders.” ups, it won’t give you abs,” Anthony Robbreak-even situation, and the exercise will bins said. help offset some of the nutritional malfeaRobbins owns World Class Fitness in sance. No. downtown Lewiston and has competed in body building since the 1980s. Although “People love to get on that treadmill he has taken his training to the extreme for and just live on it thinking they’re going to No. the sake of competition, he has spent years get ripped,” Lewiston Gold’s trainer Derek helping people shed pounds to get into a Schmidt said. healthier lifestyle. “That’s definitely a myth,” Robbins said. Sole reliance on the treadmill to get the Out and out, Robbins said this is the Lean muscle burns more fat, he said, and job done just doesn’t jibe, Schmidt said. most common myth people believe. Often lifting helps speed up the metabolism after Hearkening back to the sentiments of times when people first come to his gym the initial soreness passes. Robbins and Tyson, he said a clean diet is they ask to see the machines that target the Likewise, people can lift for different paramount — fat not eaten is fat not stored. abdominal muscles first. looks. Robbins and Tyson agreed free What’s the most common excuse Anthony As Robbins has to counsel his clients, weights aren’t just for meatheads. Robbins of World Class Fitness and Bob Tyson the most important piece of equipment is Different set and repetition ranges can of Gold’s Gym hear from the clients they train? the fork if it’s six pack abs the person wants. be tailored to goals. – Not enough time to exercise. Bob Tyson, a certified trainer at Gold’s They also said free weights, unlike maGym in Lewiston, agreed. Tyson got into the gym after a career as a music teacher Ronald W. Alm, D.P.M. and said what goes in must come off and cutting calories is the best way to chisel out Diplomate American Board of Podiatric Surgery • Board Certified Wound Care Specialist. a six pack. • Injuries/Sprains • Diabetic Foot Care Along those lines, Tyson also said at the • Nail Problems • Heel Pain top of his myth list is the idea that a person • Bunions/Hammertoes • Orthotics/Flat Feet can come into the gym for a couple weeks and get in the kind of shape they want. Evening Appointments Available “It’s not going to happen over night,” he


As long as you workout you can eat whatever you want


Sit ups burn belly fat


Weight lifting is only for bulking up, not for sliming down


Running is all you need to get ripped

Foot & Ankle Medicine & Surgery

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(Left) Bob Tyson, a personal trainer at Golds Gym, works with a client with some free weights. Lewiston Tribune/Steve Hanks

Moscow 208.882.3513

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Lewiston Tribune/Kyle Mills

Personal trainer Jake Cawley works with Andrea McCartney at Anytime Fitness in Lewiston.

With a little help from my friends Workout partners can provide extra push needed to stick with it

to go further. ing on you, it’s more gravity pulling you “If you’re working out all by yourself, toward the gym.” you can push yourself really hard if Craber agrees with this sentiment. “You’re so much less likely not to you’re motivated,” Craber said. “If you have somebody saying, ‘We can do two show up because there’s someone there BY KEVIN GABOURY waiting for you,” he more,’ that’s an extra “When you have a buddy and said. “You’re being 20 percent. It proyou’re both planning on meeting pushed a lot harder tarting a new workout program vides a shore against at the gym, it makes it more or getting back into an exermental fatigue.” than you’d push difficult to not show up. When cise routine can be a difficult Accountabilyourself.” you have somebody counting proposition for anybody. It can be even ity is another major A partner can on you, it’s more gravity pulling also help with tougher alone. benefit a workout you toward the gym.” While it’s a matter of personal prefpartner can provide, specific workouts, Jake Cawley erence, local fitness professionals agree said Jake Cawley, a such as negative sets a certified personal trainer at when your muscles there are some serious advantages to certified personal Anytime Fitness in Lewiston are too fatigued to working out with a partner. The average trainer at Anytime do positive sets, Craber said. Negatives person working out alone can keep up a Fitness in Lewiston. fitness routine for a few weeks if they’re “When you have a buddy and you’re are the lowering positions of a lift and use up to 60 percent of your strength, really motivated, said Clarkston certiboth planning on meeting at the gym, he said. In addition, a partner can help fied personal trainer Russ Craber, but a it makes it more difficult to not show up. When you have somebody countyou remember what lifts you did last partner often provides that extra push




time to avoid repetition, he added. When looking for a workout partner, it’s best to find someone with a similar schedule as you and similar fitness goals. “If one of you is trying to lose a lot of fat, and the other is trying to gain muscle, you can get there, but not as fast,� Craber said. Having similar fitness levels can be important depending on what your individual goals are, Cawley said. It’s important to hash these out before beginning an exercise partnership. Andrea McCartney of Lewiston said working out with a partner is the best route for people who are just getting into fitness. “It’s vital for my motivation,� she said. She usually works out with her friends, but has also found partners online.

the perfect workout partner. Bulletin boards at local gyms often have notes posted by people looking for workout partners, or you can post your own. The Internet is also a valuable resource. McCartney said she’s found partners at and — a website sponsored by Anytime Fitness. Facebook, Twitter and Craigslist are also frequented by people looking for a workout partner.

Other websites include and www.myworkoutspot. com. Before beginning a routine, it’s important to make sure you and your partner are on the same page, Craber said. “Sit down with your partner and decide on a program together that you can stick to for three months,� he said. “If they start to fool around, drop them.�

 $"" #!"#!"#$"!#!!"!$!" #!"""" $""( $#"&$"# $#'$(%%!$"

(' $$$!  (' $$$! $+")#$ & $"" !!  "" $)##!'$!'$!%!#"!#"% "#!##!!&# $"" #!#"#"#!"!%"

“Sit down with your partner and decide on a program together that you can stick to for three months,� he said. “If they start to fool around, drop them.�




Russ Craber Certified personal trainer in Clarkston

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“Friends are the best motivation,� she said. “You can have friendly competitions.� Due to the endorphins released during exercise, you also build stronger bonds with the people you work out with, Cawley said. “When you have somebody there with you, you can ride off each other’s energy,� he said. “A partner can also give you external feedback. ... Sometimes it helps to have a partner standing right there with you saying adjust this, or adjust that.� You also don’t need to feel obligated to work out with your partner for the entire time at the gym, Cawley said. If you’re short on time, doing different workouts and switching off can help you get done in half the time. If you can’t get your friends motivated, there are several outlets to finding

Day/Night Care & Respite Stay (,  $*%)-%$)) )*$/*%+(/-!%("%$(

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The great cardio face-off Elliptical vs. running: Who loves your heart more? BY KRISTEN WHITNEY


ny exercise is better than no exercise, but when choosing between two effective forms of cardio; which is better, the elliptical machine or good old-fashion running? “Try jogging and try the elliptical, and you’ll see a difference,” said Annie Rench, director of personal training at North Idaho Athletic Club in Moscow. “You’re going to get more bang for your buck running and running hard,” Rench said. “Heart health, lung health, better cholesterol, all come along with that.” But others say it depends on the heart rate you consistently maintain, especially

“Osteoporosis is a serious issue for women, even if it doesn’t run in their family, and to maintain bone density ... you have to do high-impact exercises.” Annie Rench Director of personal training at North Idaho Athletic Club in Moscow

for those who already have injured joints. Still, Rench said, in addition to torching more calories, running also offers long-term health benefits for bones. “Running is a high-impact exercise,” she said. “Osteoporosis is a serious issue for women, even if it doesn’t run in their family, and to maintain bone density ... you have to do high-impact exercises.” Rench said although staying active is important in general, working on bone density earlier in life can have a significant effect later. “Down the road, as we get older, that’s the difference between a broken hip or not,” Rench said. “That’s the deal breaker between if you can live alone or not.” One reason people may not get as good



Moscow-Pullman Daily News/Geoff Crimmins

Owner Amy Paul demonstrates an elliptical machine at North Idaho Athletic Club in Moscow.

of a workout using the elliptical, Rench said, is they don’t push themselves to work at a hard enough resistance level. “Its not like a magic formula, it all comes down to heart rate; the higher it is and the longer time, the more calories you’ll burn,� Rench said. Rench also warns against following the calorie count provided by any machine, be it a treadmill or elliptical. The machines’ calorie counters are highly inaccurate and tend to overshoot the real number, she said. “You should probably cut that number in half.� Rench said. “If it doesn’t know your heart rate, how could it possibly know how many calories you are burning?� For those serious about weigh loss, Rench recommends investing in a twopart heart rate monitor, consisting of a chest-strap transmitter and a wristwatchlike receiver, to track one’s heart rate accurately. Levi Frasier, a physical therapist at The Institute of Physical Therapy and Fitness in Lewiston, said if used properly, the elliptical can be just as effective as running. “We go based off of heart rate, so you can be working just as hard, but you don’t feel like you’re working as hard because you don’t have the same amount of force on the joints and ... without that impact, your muscles don’t feel the same response,� Frasier said. Frasier said the elliptical is also beneficial for runners to give their joints a break from the strain that running can cause. “It really depends on the situation,

Photo courtesy of THINKSTOCKÂŽ

Annie Rench, director of personal training at North Idaho Athletic Club in Moscow says that in addition to torching more calories, running also offers long term health benefits for bones.

you can develop overuse injuries, from the ground being at a slope,� Frasier said. “With an elliptical you’re decreasing the joint reaction force, and it decreases the force through the knee and hip joints.� Depending on a person’s injury, Frasier may recommend the elliptical as a transitional tool into upright exercise, following biking and other low-impact activities. In addition to those that have suffered

an injury or have poor joints, the elliptical is recommended for those too unfit to run or for those who simply hate running. “Exercise is hard and for people to adhere to it long-term, you have to make exercise a long term goal and you have to find a mode of exercise you can stand, maybe not like, but stand,� Rench said. “If you hate running, find a different mode or you’re going to quit.�




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  <<<<<<<<<< '%,0(;%'

  Winter 2011


Lewiston Tribune/Barry Kough

Eddy Chapman can look outside at the snow, ice and cold winds of winter as she runs on a treadmill in the Regence/Cambria gym at Lewiston.

Indoorsvsoutdoors? 14


Area runners share thoughts on treadmills

job, Sanchirico said. He can spend eight to 10 out on a treadmill and running outside aren’t hours moving from one life-and-death decision identical. to another. “We’re talking is it cancer? Is it not? Typically people average about five more BY ELAINE WILLIAMS When to biopsy. When to not.” heartbeats per minute outside on flat terrain, Ard runs three or four times a week, not even when factoring out variables such as movhe treadmill keeps Eddy Chapman on training for races. “I’m trying to avoid having a ing at different speeds, Lynch said. track in the depths of winter when temheart attack,” said Ard, 46. But what pushes people into the elements peratures dip and daylight grows scarce. might not have anything to do with how many If he’s on a treadmill, he’s focused on the “It’s a great way to build up your speed digital screen that shows data like speed, calories they’re burning. because you can control your speed much distance and time, a thought pattern that leaves Paul Sanchirico, a Lewiston radiologist, more easily than on the road,” said Chapman, a and David Ard, a veterinarian and owner of plenty of room to dwell on how tired he is, Ard Lewiston distance runner whose best marathon Southway Animal Clinic in Lewiston, both said. “It just seems like an eternity of time.” time is 3 hours and 29 minutes. He’s tried watching television, but the noise shun treadmills. Avoiding extremes in the weather is a key from the treadmill is so loud he can’t follow a “I always run outside,” said Sanchirico, advantage to running treadmills instead of program. Outside he picks a destination as a whose best marathon time is 3 hours and 48 outside, said Doug Lynch, a physical therapist goal and then returns. minutes. “I don’t have a treadmill and even if I at Gritman Therapy Solutions in Moscow. His three- to five-mile runs provide lots did, I would still run outside.” Being hit by a car, falling on ice and tripping of distractions, Ard said. He watched the Sanchirico, 36, might choose big hills one on uneven ground are among the risks for day, then go to Sweeney Track at Vollmer Bowl construction of the bathrooms at the Southway outside runners that rise in the winter when boat launch and anglers bringing back their in Lewiston another day to climb stairs and they’re more likely to be traipsing along roads catches in the Snake-Clearwater Steelhead complete timed sprints. Or he might leave in the dark, Lynch said. from Normal Hill and go out to the Clearwater Derby. “It’s always interesting to see how many For Chapman, manager of public affairs at Casino and back. kids are out (at the Mtn. Dew Skate Park) dinhealth insurance provider Cambia, it’s more king around even when it’s 28 degrees.” The activity helps mitigate the stress of his about comfort. Her routine is to run in the early evening. This time of year that involves diving into freezing temperatures from a warm house along streets where the illumination comes CHIROPRACTIC HEALTH CARE FOR ALL AGES from street lights, passing cars, houses and the •Most Insurance Accepted including Medicare moon. •Family and Prenatal Care It gives her a break from about three courses •Now providing care in Pomeroy at 496 Main St. she covers with a partner. “It really helps you stay connected with your exercise if you can keep going all year long,” said Chapman, 52. Dr. Terri Drury Aside from dodging Mother Nature, the Palmer Graduate springy surface of treadmills reduces the stress joints experience from the impact of running, 1303 6th St., Clarkston, WA • 509-758-0660 Lynch said. Treadmills, however, aren’t the only way to prevent sore knees, hips and feet, Lynch said. Other strategies include using a track with a 525 S. Main • Moscow, ID 83843 • (208) 883-8315 shock-absorbing surface and wearing supportive shoes that fit correctly, Lynch said. And taking to the treadmill doesn’t prevent Register with a friend for an Intro. Beginning all injuries, Lynch said. class & you both receive a 15% discount. Monotony can overcome runners who sometimes fall off the machines as their minds Beginning, Gentle, Level 1,2,3,4, Restorative & P Pre-natal. t l 20 years iin our currentt llocation. ti drift, Lynch said. “They get tired and they don’t Gift Certificates Available PLEASE VIEW OUR SCHEDULE ONLINE AT turn down the speed because they’re trying to 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE & TRAINING MOSCOWYOGACENTER.COM meet a goal.” The potential for getting hurt aside, working


Dr. Terri J. Drury

Elm View Chiropractic Clinic

3 2 7 2 2 2 L 5 _ 11

Moscow Yoga Center

Winter Session Jan. 9 - Mar. 10

January Special

Winter 2011


Studies show benefits of being active while undergoing chemotherapy, radiation

something very difficult psychologically as The group stipulates that the research well, and we know exercise helps to reduce is relatively new and requires more evistress.” dence before it is considered conclusive, but It also can help with insomnia, something Michele Dickison, an oncology nurse at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Lewiston, Dickison said a lot of cancer patients experiBY KATIE ROENIGK ence. Often, people who feel nauseated by said the findings make sense. their treatments are tempted to spend most “The one thing that consistently proves of their time sitting n the past, it has been common for many true to help patients “The one thing that consistently still, which leads to oncologists to advise their patients to rest battle fatigue is proves true to help patients battle as much as possible while undergoing mild-to-moderate restless nights. fatigue is mild-to-moderate treatment for cancer. But that concept may be exercise,” she said. “You just get in exercise.” changing according to London-based charity Encouraging a this terrible cycle,” Michele Dickison Macmillan Cancer Support, a group that sick person to do Dickison said. “Then an oncology nurse at St. Joseph encourages people to stay as active as possible anything other than they’re depressed, Regional Medical Center in Lewiston during and after cancer treatment. rest may feel counterthey’re not going out The idea has gotten more attention lately intuitive, Dickison said, but exercise can be — exercise is a way to combat all of that.” due to the publication of studies that demon- good for someone undergoing radiation or It can be especially helpful to go outside for a walk or even a jog, she said, since strate the effectiveness of exercise in battling chemotherapy for many reasons. For one, sunlight and fresh air can do a lot to fight defatigue and depression — common problems exercise bolsters the immune system and so for people battling cancer. And MCS cites can help the body better cope with treatment. pression and fatigue. Even doing something studies showing that exercise could lower the “And cancer is not just a physical disease,” simple like lifting small weights while sitting risk of cancer recurring. Dickison continued. “These people are facing at a table can help.




“The person who doesn’t do anything is just losing muscle mass almost moment by moment,” Dickison said, adding that movement also increases circulation and speeds the removal of waste products from the body. Having worked with cancer patients for almost 20 years, Dickison acknowledged that some people are simply too ill to exercise while being treated. But she said new methods and medications are constantly being developed to help minimize side effects like nausea and vomiting. “That gives us a chance to talk about exercise,” she said, recommending that people contact their doctor or physical therapist before developing a workout regimen.

AFTER TREATMENT For some people, it is impossible to exercise while undergoing cancer treatment. If the diagnosis requires surgery, for example, the patient may need to be immobilized for several weeks after the procedure to allow his or her body to heal.

That was the case for Bill Jackson, 65, of Moscow, who had two emergency surgeries this year after doctors diagnosed him with multiple myeloma in January. He also was treated with radiation and chemotherapy. “I was just in really bad physical shape,” Jackson said, describing not only the effects of chemotherapy but also the pain of recovery after surgery. His exercise during those periods was limited to occupational and cognitive therapy, and Jackson said he lost a noticeable amount of strength throughout the year. “I’d been totally de-conditioned,” said Jackson, who before his diagnosis would exercise on a stationary bike, treadmill or elliptical machine two or three days each week. “Now I had this inability to really move around. ... It was just very difficult to move; I didn’t have a lot of ab strength.” His doctor recommended physical therapy after Jackson’s cancer was declared in remission this fall. He began small with Medicare’s Home Health Care service, but in August Jackson started attending twice-

weekly sessions at Moscow Mountain Sports and Physical Therapy to work on his overall mobility, balance, strength and stamina. The process was slow at first, with abdominal pain preventing Jackson from taking more than one or two steps initially. But after several months of hard work Jackson said he has noticed marked improvement. “There’s a huge difference in my condition now,” Jackson said in December. “I went from being almost immobile, to now I can walk without my walker.” By spring, Jackson hopes to be back at his regular gym, using the treadmill or riding a stationary bike just as he did before his diagnosis. But for now he is thankful that he can join his wife for an afternoon running errands in Moscow. “I’m making good progress,” Jackson said. “And it’s very important to my physical recovery. ... I really need to do this.” To learn more about the MCS and the benefits of exercise during and after cancer treatment, visit Home.aspx.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Fully staffed and ready to meet your needs. FOR A BETTER LIFE.

St. Joseph Outpatient Rehabilitation welcomes new therapists to our team! Jamie Jares, OTR/L, Will Wainwright, DPT, Lindsay Anderson, DPT, Corey Hale, MHS CCC-SLP, Allison Roberts, OTR/L

St. Joseph Outpatient Rehabilitation | 1250 Idaho Street., Lewiston | 208.799.5219 | Winter 2011


The face of


Those with the disease note it is unpredictable, sometimes progressive and often strikes people in their prime

mild, such as numbness in the limbs, or se- there is a relatively high rate of MS in this vere, such as paralysis or loss of vision. The region, as compared to the southern United States. progress, severity, and specific symptoms “I would say the most likely explanation vary widely from one person to another. is our population is mainly of northern Howey, now 45 and living in Lewiston, is one of approximately 400,000 Americans European ancestry, and they have the highwho have the disease. “Mine is progressive,” est rates of MS,” Cooke said. “It is much BY KERRI SANDAINE less common in Africa and Asia. The other he said. “It slowly marches on.” Gayle Thompson, 61, was diagnosed six reason is our northern latitude. There are lower vitamin D blood levels in this region years ago, but the Lewiston native believes rad Howey was working 60 hours because of decreased a week in his dream job as a school she has had MS since “We have some good drugs sunlight. Genetics play junior high. The sympmusic director in Sitka, Alaska, now. None of the drugs cure a significant role in MS, when he first noticed something was toms began appearing the disease, but they do help but it’s a complex diswrong. after she became ill with decrease progression.” ease and we still don’t In his early 30s at the time, Howey rea fever. Dr. N. Roger Cooke know why people get it.” calls how his left foot would catch on runs “I was very athletic,” neurologist at the Providence There is no cure through the park, causing him to trip. After Thompson said. “After Multiple Sclerosis Center in Spokane for MS, but a variety lunch, he was exhausted and could barely that, I couldn’t chin of treatment options are available. Howey make it through choir practice. myself and I had a shuffling in my legs. I is on Copaxone, and Thompson is being A spinal tap and MRI at the Mayo Clinic couldn’t tolerate heat. I collapsed on the treated with interferon beta injections. in Minnesota revealed an answer: multiple track in 10th grade. It was always blamed “A lot of research is going on,” Cooke on a virus.” sclerosis. said, “and several new oral drugs are comDr. N. Roger Cooke, a neurologist who A chronic, unpredictable disease of the specializes in the disease at the Providence ing out in the next two years. We have central nervous system, MS often strikes some good drugs now. None of the drugs Multiple Sclerosis Center in Spokane, said people in their prime. Symptoms may be




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Having multiple sclerosis has slowed Brad Howey down, but not his outlook, and heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s still active and involved in music. 328592L5--11

Winter 2011


on under the surface.” MS is a big block in the road that can’t be moved, Howey said, but it’s important not to let it become your whole life. “You have to lift your eyes to the skyline and look beyond that,” he said. “MS is a disease. People are a miracle. You can’t let it define you.” Howey and his wife, Dwina, have four children. He had to give up teaching, but he hasn’t lost his passion for music and he’s writing a dissertation for a doctorate degree through the University of Idaho. MS has made writing a slow and difficult process. “Cognitive fog is very frustrating,” he said. “It’s one thing for your body to stop working like it should, but when your mind doesn’t work like it used to, it can be demoralizing.” Still, Howey said he doesn’t like to comLewiston Tribune/Steve Hanks Gayle Thompson of Lewiston. plain about his lot in life and tries to focus on the good things. “Since I don’t work now, I can dedicate my time to staying in cure the disease, but they do help decrease MS can wipe a person out with fatigue, the best condition I can and taking my weakness and pain. progression.” meds,” he said. “I am so grateful for that.” Howey exercises, lifting weights at the Cooke has been treating people with MS He’s also thankful for the help he gets at for 36 years. His general recommendations gym, and watches what he eats, focusing on home. “Family means everything,” Howey foods that are low in saturated fat. include eating a balanced diet, exercising, “Sometimes our staying at a normal weight and no smoking. “You have to lift your eyes to the said. “They’re your “Pacing is important,” Cooke said. “You whole goal in life skyline and look beyond that. MS is support group. My have to know your limits and not overdo is to look normal,” a disease. People are a miracle. You wife is amazing and very supportive. You he said of MS. “On it. It’s important to be physically active can’t let it define you.” can’t do this without the inside, you’re and stay socially engaged. Stay hydrated Brad Howey, 45 someone.” doing back flips, and cool. I almost universally recommend of Lewiston His advice for wondering if you’re people around here take vitamin D-3, at people who are newly diagnosed is to do as going to get to the bathroom on time or least 2,000 units per day.” much as you can, while you can. Both Howey and Thompson say they’ve fall. We tend to judge people by how they “If you can walk, you better walk the hell had to learn how to balance their lives and look. What you see isn’t always the whole out of walking,” Howey said. “It’s important not push it on their good days. Otherwise, picture. With MS, there’s a lot more going

Multiple sclerosis is classified into four types, characterized by the disease’s progression: z Relapsing-remitting MS — RRMS is characterized by relapse (attacks of symptom flare-ups) followed by remission (periods of recovery). Symptoms may vary from mild to severe, and relapses and remissions may last for days or months. More than 80 percent of people who have MS begin with relapsing-remitting cycles. z Secondary-progressive MS — SPMS often develops in people who have relapsing-remitting MS. In SPMS, relapses and partial recoveries occur, but the disability doesn’t fade away between cycles. Instead, it progressively worsens until a steady progression of disability replaces the cycles of attacks.



z Primary-progressive MS — PPMS progresses slowly and steadily from its onset. There are no periods of remission and symptoms generally do not decrease in intensity. About 15 percent of people who have MS have PPMS. z Progressive-relapsing MS — In this relatively rare type of MS, people experience both steadily worsening symptoms and attacks during periods of remission. Source: Mayo Clinic,

to do everything you can do. Stay inspired. It’s so easy to get down, and depression is a side effect of MS. Whether it’s reading a book, going to worship or fishing, you have to find things that light your life.” Thompson also believes it’s important to keep moving, eat right and find activities that bring you happiness to stave off the nagging depression that typically goes along with MS. “I like scrapbooking, gardening and flowers. I swim in a friend’s pool. My husband has taught me to cook and can our food.” Her husband has been a blessing in sickness and health, she said. Thompson found out she has MS just 10 weeks after she and Glenn Thompson were married at Orchards Community Church in Lewiston. “My husband is a compassionate, caring soul. No matter how I look or feel, he always looks at me as his beautiful bride. That makes it easier for me to live with this.” In addition to Glenn, she has three bonus sons, a daughter-in-law and granddaughter who bring her much joy. “I trust my physicians, and I have a good support system — God and my church family and friends. It takes a lot of courage to live with this disease and for families and friends, too.” After 38 years as an office nurse, Thompson retired in May and applied for disability. At her retirement party, Dr. James Fisher and his wife presented her with a brand new Mustang to thank her for 22 years of faithful service at his medical practice. “I marvel at that goodness and kindness everyday,” she said. “I wanted to work until I was 66, but I knew in my heart it was time.” Now she’s trying to learn balance and pacing as she copes with MS and its side effects. Some days are easier than others, but Thompson is confident she’ll persevere. “I have the will and the courage to finish the race,” Thompson said with a smile. “I may be in a wheelchair, but I will keep fighting as long as I can.”

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Snack your way to BY VERA N. WHITE


ith the new year upon us and bowl games still to watch, I thought it appropriate to provide readers with a few healthy recipes suitable to enhance any appetizer table, especially if you’re interested in keeping your metabolism moving. VERA WHITE The recipes are from a new cookbook titled, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Glycemic Index Snacks,” by Lucy Beale and Julie Alles. Loaded with more than 240 recipes to fulfill your every craving, this book gives you everything you need to know to snack your way to better health. “Yes, you can eat delicious foods, feel satisfied, and lose weight,” authors note. Since it is time to be making a list of those New Year’s resolutions, you might want to have a copy of “Glycemic Index Snacks” on hand for when you need a little something to refuel and recharge, but want to get into a bikini by summer. The glycemic index is a time-tested way to eat healthy. You’ll keep your blood sugar and insulin levels in a healthy range. You’ll

be less likely to gain weight, and most likely, you’ll even lose weight as you eat low-glycemic snacks. Can you think of a more positive way to start 2012?

Hot Chili Cream Cheese Dip z 1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil z ½ cup yellow onion, finely chopped z 1 teaspoon minced garlic z 1 15 ounce can chili with or without beans z 1 cup salsa, your preference z 1 3-ounce package low-fat cream cheese, cubed z 1 2.25 ounce can sliced ripe black olives, drained z 8 6-inch corn tortillas In a small skillet over medium heat, heat extra-virgin olive oil. Add onion and garlic and saute for 5 minutes or until tender. Stir in chili, salsa, cream cheese and olives. Reduce heat to low, cover and cook, stirring occasionally for 15 minutes or until heated through. Serve with corn tortillas. Store leftovers in the refrigerator and reheat on the stove or in the microwave. Yield: 4 cups — 8 snack servings. Serving size ½ cup dip, 1 tortilla. Each serving has 138 calories, 4 g fat, 7 g protein, 1 g saturated fat, 19 g carbohy-

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drates, 3 g fiber, glycemic index: low; glycemic load: 8.

Monterey Jack Tacos z 3 canned green chiles (your choice of heat) z 1 tablespoon butter z 1 small white onion, sliced z ½ cup Monterey Jack Cheese, shredded z 6 6-inch corn tortillas Cut chiles into thin strips. Set aside. In a medium skillet over medium heat, heat butter. Add onion and cook for 4 to 5 minutes or until softened. Stir in chile strips, and top with Monterey Jack cheese. Cover, reduce heat to low, and cook for about 2 minutes or until cheese melts. Scoop chile mixture into tortillas, fold into tacos, and serve. Yield: 6 tacos — serving size 1 taco. Each serving has 112 calories, 6 g fat, 4 g protein, 3 g saturated fat, 13 g carbohydrates, 2 g fiber, glycemic index: low; glycemic load: 3. White is arts and senior editor who writes weekly Cookbook Corner column and Recipe Roundup blog for the Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

Coconut Island Shrimp z 1 pound large raw shrimp (about 24) unpeeled z 2 egg whites z ¾ cup unsweetened flaked coconut z ¾ cup whole-wheat breadcrumbs z 1 tablespoon Caribbean jerk seasoning z 1 teaspoon paprika Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Coat a wire rack with cooking spray, and place inside a 15 x 10-inch jellyroll pan. Peel shrimp, leaving tails on, and devein. In a shallow bowl, whisk egg whites until frothy. In a separate shallow bowl, stir together coconut, breadcrumbs, Caribbean jerk seasoning and paprika. Dip shrimp, 1 at 1 time, in egg whites and dredge in coconut mixture, pressing gently with your fingers. Arrange shrimp on the wire rack. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes or just until shrimp turn pink, turning once after 8 minutes. Yield: 24 shrimp — serving size 4 shrimp. Each serving has 169 calories, 5 g fat, 19 g protein, 4 g saturated fat, 11 grams carbohydrates, 2 grams fiber, glycemic index: low, glycemic load: 4.

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No Bake Cranberry Balls z ¼ cup honey z ¼ cup molasses z ½ cup peanut, cashew, or almond butter z ½ cup dried cranberries z ½ cup pumpkin seeds z 1 cup nonfat milk powder (not instant) z ½ cup shredded coconut (optional) In a large bowl, combine honey, molasses, peanut butter, and pumpkin seeds. Knead together, adding enough milk powder to form a stiff but not crumbly dough. Shape into 24 balls, roll in coconut (if using), and chill. Yield: 24 balls — snack servings 12. Each serving has 209 calories, 9 g fat, 10 g protein, 3 g saturated fat, 24 g carbohydrates, 1 g fiber, glycemic index: low, glycemic load: 10.

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Creating an

‘applementality a day’ Getting kids to eat fruits and veggies doesn’t have to be a battle BY KELLI HADLEY


t’s a common parenting practice, but asking a child to try “just one bite” can be counterproductive in developing their preference for healthy foods. “Children aren’t born with a preference for bitter, they’re born with a preference for sweet and salty, so they have to develop those preferences for more bitter foods on their own,” said Samantha Ramsay, assistant professor and director of coordinated programs in dietetics at the University of



Idaho. said national and state Similarly, Ramsay said, any kind of school lunch standards trade-offs or bribing will only reinforce a have requirements in child’s distaste for a food. categories such as calo“If you are rewarding or making ries, protein, iron and contingencies, it creates a preference for calcium, in addition the food you’re rewarding with,” Ramsay to certain amounts of said. “Then the child sees the food you’re vitamins A and C. trying to get them to eat as a lesser prefer“So there can’t be ence. So if you’re trying to make a child more than 30 percent eat their broccoli so they can have ice of calories from fat, cream, you’re actually creating a stronger and then in Idaho we preference for ice cream.” actually have standards It can be tricky, Ramsay said, but for sodium, fiber and getting children to like healthy foods cholesterol as well,” is all about modeling, availability and Hoff said. exposure. From birth to age 5, she said, Hoff said in the Lewguardians can set a foundation by creatiston School District, ing an environment where children can they serve a five-item see, touch, taste and understand different lunch and students are ways that fruits and vegetables can be required to take three, prepared. one of which must be “So you can teach them through an entree. School ofcooking activities, getting them involved ficials obviously can’t in menu planning and food preparamake students eat tion, taking them shopping or having a anything, but Hoff said garden,” Ramsay said. “Letting them have it’s not uncommon for the opportunity to be a little uncertain students to take a full It is important for children to eat healthy food, including fruits and vegetables. about a food, but still being supportive by meal and choose the ... setting fruits and veggies up to be the healthier items. “Even in foods that kids initially don’t good guys.” Hoff also said each grade typically eat, if they reintroduce them from time to Setting a child’s foundation for healthy receives at least a basic amount of nutritime in a different way, that could be succhoices can start even before birth, Ram- tion knowledge, though one of the biggest cessful,” Hoff said. “Maybe you put it in a say said. influences comes from watching their soup or a casserole, but kids often need to “In utero, how a mom eats can guardians. be reintroduced numerous times before change the flavors “It’s essentially they develop a taste for something.” “It’s essentially up to the child, in the amniotic up to the child, but Ramsay said peers are also a large but kids will follow what they see at fluid,” Ramsay said. kids will follow influence on a child’s personal choices at home. So if parents are providing a “Breast feeding can what they see at school. Having adults present at the table variety of fruits and vegetables in also expose infants home,” Hoff said. for all mealtime settings is important the household, and eating them for to different flavors. “So if parents both for teaching and safety purposes, she snacks, kids are more likely to do What you really are providing a said. that on their own.” want to do the first variety of fruits “If you keep offering it and keep makJodi Hoff few years is lay and vegetables in ing it available, maybe eventually they’ll food service supervisor for down that foundathe household, and put it on their plate, but not touch it,” Lewiston School District tion for them to eating them for Ramsay said. “Then maybe next time have an interest in a variety of foods.” snacks, kids are more likely to do that on they’ll smell it but not taste it. It doesn’t Because that birth-to-5 age range is so their own.” mean children can’t learn to like someimportant, an emphasis must be placed in Like Ramsay, Hoff said preparing thing when they’re older, but it’s much elementary schools to encourage healthy foods in a variety of ways can help change easier to establish it right from the start eating habits. Jodi Hoff, food service how a child feels about a certain fruit or so they develop a positive relationship supervisor for Lewiston School District, vegetable. with food.” Winter 2011


Pretty but


Online cosmetic treatments promise much, but experts warn of possible consequences BY SANDRA L. LEE


o it yourself injectable cosmetic treatments available on the Internet have potentially serious side effects, up to and including death, according to a Lewiston physician. The injections are supposed to provide the same benefits as Botox, which is used to erase wrinkles, but handled improperly may impair vision, cause an eyelid to droop, or lead to drooling or difficulty chewing, said Dr. Sandra Lotstein of Ultima Medical Spa and Laser Center. She has been doing Botox injections for almost seven years, she said, and trials now are being conducted on a Botox cream. It has certain advantages, such as no needles, but the same concerns of



permanent damage, she said. Rarely, how much and where to use it apply. bleeding can occur or there can be infecThere have been cases of paralysis affecting breathing and leading to death, tion, but even if it seldom happens, it’s important to know what to do, she said. Lotstein said. “It’s not something just It’s illegal to buy medications without anybody should get their hands on.” a license, and felony charges could be Too much around the lips can lead brought by a medical board, Lotstein to not being able to drink, drooling and said. Only a couple companies have Fedinability to form the mouth into different shapes, going so far as having to lean eral Drug Administration approval, and back to put things in the mouth and keep how it is dispensed is regulated. But perhaps them there, she “If you get it from overseas, we more important, said. Injecting too don’t know what’s in those bottles.” people can’t be much in the muscle Dr. Sandra Lotstein sure of what in front of the ear of Ultima Medical Spa and Laser Center they’re getting by the jaw can imwhen they buy on the Internet, she said. pair chewing and the ability to eat. “If you get it from overseas, we don’t And improper injections in the neck know what’s in those bottles.” may affect the ability to breathe. The medication can “drift” if it’s The first Botox she purchased from a improperly placed or if too much is used, medical supply outlet, she said, looked like an empty container because it was and video instructions are no replacefreeze dried. It had to be mixed properly ment for training and practice, Lotstein and used within four hours unless spesaid. cific preservatives were added. Many of the impacts will wear off in Cosmetic treatments are being sold several months but there also can be

under various names, and some apparently are derived from the botulism toxin from which Botox is obtained, according to a search of the Web. But not all botulism is equal, Lotstein said. A television talk show a few years ago showed what happened when someone used botulism toxin intended for research purposes. Patients ended up in the hospital, she said. Any kind of medical treatments for cosmetic purposes, including body shaping, should be done carefully and with good medical supervision, she said. Some people may be tempted by a lower cost online, but treatment costs have gone down in recent years, she said. She charges by the unit of medication used, although some physicians charge for an area of treatment. She charges $12 a unit, and a frown between the eyebrows may take an average of 28 to 32 units. On the other hand, someone who has one eyebrow higher than the other may need only two units. Lotstein generally advises new patients that treatments may need to be done every four months, depending on the size of muscles and how much they frown, but after a year, a person may get the same results with treatments every six months.

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Cosmetic injections are supposed to provide the same benefits as Botox, which is used to erase wrinkles, but handled improperly may impair vision, cause an eyelid to droop, or lead to drooling or difficulty chewing.

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Get checked out Doctors recommend regular physicals and tests BY DAVID JOHNSON


he reminders are everywhere this time of year — get your annual flu shots. But health experts say potential flu patients would be wise to consider more sweeping prevention and early detection measures. Annual physical checkups, say doctors, still offer the best hedge on continued good health and longevity. Regular snoozing will also help. “Get your eight hours of sleep every night,” said Dr. John Grauke of Moscow, a family and sleep medicine specialist. “As for checkups, the main thing is that it depends on a person’s age and their risk factors.” Routine tests for all, depending on age, include blood pressure checks at every doctor visit, blood work annually, an EKG at age 50 to establish a baseline and follow-ups every two to three years,



fecal occult blood tests for detection of colorectal cancer, and a colonoscopy at age 50 with follow-ups depending on risk factors. “Ultimately, it comes down to putting people in the categories that they fall into,” Grauke said, “and then assessing their level of health or lack of it based on those criteria.”

There is a measure of debate among health experts as to how often certain tests should be conducted. The bottom line is to consult with your personal physician, establish a baseline and then create a wellness plan geared to prevention, early detection and treatment. “The important things are age related. If it’s a woman, her greatest risk is breast

scrutiny. cancer,â&#x20AC;? Grauke said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;So we start doing â&#x20AC;&#x153;But it is a good thing to have as a piece mammograms at 40 and recommend that of information along with a digital rectal a woman have yearly mammograms and exam,â&#x20AC;? Grauke said. The information, breast exams. We recommend that both in the hands of a competent clinician, men and women have a colonoscopy at he said, results in a better age 50.â&#x20AC;? chance of finding the cancer Women are also advised than not. â&#x20AC;&#x153;So I still think itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a to have pap smears and valuable tool to assess a manâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pelvic exams at least every wellness or lack of it.â&#x20AC;? three years, or more often if Medications should be risk factors are high. reviewed with your doctor If a woman or man has at least every year during a history of smoking, then a wellness exam. Diabetics lung cancer becomes the who advance in age need to highest risk, doctors tend have the disease monitored to agree, especially if the more often with medications person continues to smoke adjusted accordingly. into elder years. Annual dental exams and â&#x20AC;&#x153;For men itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a prostate cleaning should be coupled exam,â&#x20AC;? Grauke said of Dr. John Grauke with eye exams every two the important, but someyears, more often if problems what controversial cancer detection test. The value of so-called PSA develop or persist. Sexual activity can also translate to a (Prostate Specific Antigen) test levels as need for closer medical exams, especially an indicator of cancer remains under

Wishing you a safe and Happy New Year!

for women. â&#x20AC;&#x153;For a woman, the frequency of her physical examinations is a function of her sexual activity,â&#x20AC;? Grauke said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;So a woman who is ... monogamous might need a physical exam every three years, whereas a woman whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s had multiple partners needs an exam every year or every time she changes partners.â&#x20AC;? Knowledge of family history is key. Cardiac disease, cancer, lung problems, diabetes and other diseases tend to move through generations. Habits, like smoking, drinking, and even whether seat belts are used, figure in a healthy future, Grauke said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You want to be encouraging positive behaviors, exercise, having weight in proper category for your height, eating nutritious meals, having eight hours of sleep each night.â&#x20AC;? And yes, Grauke said, get those flu shots. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I recommend the flu shot, I recommend childhood immunizations, I recommend the pneumonia shot by 65.â&#x20AC;?

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6  /+#//6#4'01,+ 444!,*Joint Commission accredited


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Pain doesn’t mean gain Knowing limits can prevent exercise-related injuries BY BRANDON MACZ


hether you are using this winter to gear up for a race or just to get back into shape, the potential for overexertion and strain is always a possibility. Deciding when that sore leg or arm needs proper diagnosis is just another exercise along the way to wellness.

Exercise and soreness go hand in hand Tom Williams started competing in triathlons four years ago after watching his wife at Ironman in Coeur d’Alene. He had competed in marathons before that. “I basically got tired of watching her do it, and decided I wanted to give it a try,” he said. “After I did my first one, I kind of got hooked.” Combining running, biking and swimming into a sport takes its toll on all parts of the body. Professional triathletes “walk along the razor blade,” said Williams, pushing their workouts and performance to the physical threshold. PAIN – see PAGE 32



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19. Fain 21. Supports trestletree 24. Parian Chronicle discovery site 25. Greek famous for fables 27. Farcical afterpiece 28. Dispatches by mail 29. Hall of Fame (abbr.) 31. Aah 32. Unnaturally pale 33. Before 34. Fixed in one’s purpose 39. Madames 40. Frosts

41. City drains 42. Baseball playoff 43. Cruise 47. Steeple 50. Precipitation 51. Ancient Greek rhetorician 52. A unit of two 53. Viewed 54. Taxis 55. 4840 square yards 56. London radio station 58. Perform work regularly 60. Longest geological time

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HOW TO PLAY: Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

Puzzle Answers on p.34


CLUES ACROSS 1. Easy as 1-2-3 4. Goat and camel hair fabric 7. A women undergarment 10. British bathrooms 12. Assemblages of parts into one entity 14. Semitic fertility god 15. Dull & uninteresting 16. Yemen capital 17. Stare impertinently 18. Banished persons 20. Heart failure & energy supplement 22. Reduction in force 23. Women’s ___ movement 24. Polynesian wrapped skirt 26. Double-reed instruments 29. Own (Scottish) 30. Summer window dressings 35. Many not ands 36. Paddle 37. Being a single unit 38. Silly behavior 44. Insecticide 45. A blank area 46. Reduces stress 48. Morning moisture 49. Tear away roughly 50. Elevated CLUES DOWN 53. Cristobalite 1. Vestment worn by priests 56. Baseball’s Ruth 2. The trunk of a tree 57. Indian monetary unit 3. Transmission line cable 59. Contest of speed 4. Freshwater duck genus 61. Having a slanted 5. Bulk storage container direction 6. Oil obtained from 62. Gross receipts flowers 63. A river in NE Spain 7. Shopping containers 64. The brain and spinal 8. Abnormal breathing cord (abbr.) 9. Brew 65. Dynegy Inc. on NYSE 11. Bake eggs in their shells 66. Japanese monetary unit 12. Serviceable 13. A person in the navy 14. A child’s slight injury



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A light warm-up before a workout like jogging or using a stationary bicycle will warm the body through increased blood flow and keep muscles from cooling and tightening, which can help prevent strain.

“Other times you won’t notice it for a day or so.” Larry Ohman, physical therapist and owner of the Institute of Physical Therapy in Lewiston, said a good rule-ofthumb is to monitor aches and pain for three days, and to seek medical advice if there are no significant signs of improvement. Any area that shows signs of swelling should be looked at by a physician or physical therapist as soon as possible, he added. “As a general rule, 72 hours is a good guideline,” he said of aches and pains. “If you rest and maybe ice (the sore area) and do some basic things for 72 hours ... it should settle down.” When dealing with pain brought on by physical activity, Ohman recommends the RICE method – rest, ice, compression and elevation. Icing an afflicted area helps to decrease inflammation while heat is good for stiffness and increasing blood flow.


While some may feel the urge to get to get it checked by a physician or physi- fit fast, Williams said avoiding strained cal therapist. You want to kind of wait Williams, assistant dean for the Unimuscles, general soreness and long-lastversity of Idaho’s College of Science, said until that sharp pain goes away. As long ing damages means cautiously determinas you can still feel the pain, you might he doesn’t worry about winning triathing one’s limits and gradually building lons and focuses more on personal goals. want to take it easy.” from there. That’s good advice, according to Tracy The key to avoiding serious injury “The main thing is just to recognize Collins, head athletic trainer at Lewiswhen competing or just working out is what is a reasonable amount of trainknowing your limits and pacing yourself, Clark State College. She said definite ing,” he said. “Each week, give your body issues will be apsaid Williams. But exercising undoubta little bit of time “A lot of people will describe parent, and people edly will lead to some soreness. to recover... Don’t pulling a muscle like a cramp that should listen to “I finally figured out that there’s usuworry about being doesn’t go away. If you feel an their bodies. If ally something that’s aching a little bit,” too slow. Just pick immediate pull or a strain in a said Williams. “The real trick is trying to acute pain or soremuscle, that’s when you need to stop something and ness last longer figure out, ‘Have I really injured myself start it, and don’t an activity.” and does something need to be rested, or than several days, be afraid to go Tracy Collins she said seeking am I just tired and a little bit sore?’ That slow.” head athletic trainer at Lewis-Clark State College medical advice is a can be a little bit tricky.” Williams said good idea. If he can walk without a limp or do a switching exercises is also helpful, such “If it comes on pretty quickly, you simple task like opening up a door withas working on legs one time and arms the out severe pain in his arms or shoulders, probably have done something like next. “That’s the good thing about triathWilliams said it’s a safe bet the soreness is pulled a muscle,” she said. “A lot of people will describe pulling a muscle like lons,” he said, “there’s always something nothing more. “If you’ve got a pain in your knee that a cramp that doesn’t go away. If you feel you can do.” an immediate pull or a strain in a muscle, isn’t just an ache or a soreness ... if you Collins recommended increasing acthat’s when you need to stop an activity. can walk on it, then you might not need tivity gradually to avoid problems. PAIN – from PAGE 30



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He added people should alternate the “If you’re starting a new exercise intensity of their workouts. program, the first advice is to make sure “It’s a good thing to follow a heavy your fitness program is cleared by your workout with a lighter workout the next medical physician,” Collins said. “Be smart about what you’re doing and how time,” said Ohman. “If you try to hit two or three strenuous workouts in a row, often you’re doing it.” Stretching before a workout has long it’s going to be too much and your body is going to start to break down.” been encouraged. He said the “What (stud“If you try to hit two or three no-pain-no-gain ies) are finding is strenuous workouts in a row, it’s philosophy is a stretching after going to be too much and your body dangerous one: your activity is is going to start to break down.” “Really, what’s actually more benLarry Ohman happening someeficial,” she said. physical therapist and owner of the times is that Ohman said Institute of Physical Therapy in Lewiston (muscle) tissue’s a light warm-up breaking down.” before a workout like jogging or using Williams said he’s using this winter a stationary bicycle will warm the body through increased blood flow and keep to workout at a more leisurely pace. He is signed up for a September Ironman muscles from cooling and tightening, competition in Wisconsin. which can help prevent strain. He doesn’t plan on winning, he said, Like Collins, Ohman said workouts just reaching a healthy goal. should be followed by stretching, as “I figure out about what I can do. I well, and even more after strenuous know about how my times are going to exercise.

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LIVE LONG!! – LIVE HEALTHY!! 1) Do an exercise almost everyday that increases your heart rate for at least ten minutes. 45 minutes to an hour six days a week is ideal. Consider using a heart rate monitor. Talk to your doctor about what exercise program would be right for you but everyone should do some exercise at least six days per week. 2) Eat a well balanced calorie restricted diet emphasizing whole grains, green leafy vegetables and fruit. Eat the fruit instead of drinking the juice. Eat 2 fish meals per week. 3) Always use your seat belt. Don’t drive tired. Avoid distractions like cell phones while driving. 4) Vaccines are safe and have saved millions of lives. Get influenza, pneumonia, zoster and other vaccines as recommended by your doctor. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after contact with other people such as shaking hands. Wash uncooked fruits and vegetables. Make sure ground meats are well cooked throughout. 5) If meat, bread, pills and the like ever stick or stop after you swallow consult your doctor. If you have heartburn or indigestion more then once per week or use medication ever day to control your heartburn, talk to your doctor about checking for risk of esophageal cancer. If you suddenly develop “indigestion” or chest pressure it may be your heart: CALL 911! 6) Get a colonoscopy at the age of fifty or earlier if there is history of colon cancer or colon polyps in your family. Colon cancer is a completely preventable cancer that causes tens of thousands of deaths every year. A colonoscopy totally eliminates the risk of colon cancer, with rare exceptions. 7) Red blood with bowel movements often is bleeding from a tumor of the colon! Talk with your doctor about any blood associated with bowel movements, urination or coughing. 8) Work with your doctor to strictly control any elevation in blood pressure, blood sugar, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and body weight. 9) Work with your doctor to detect cancers early. Get a mammogram or a prostate check at the recommended times. Avoid exposure to the sun; wear a hat and use at least 30 sunblock if you must be in the sun. Never use tanning booths. Have any mole or sore on the skin that has changed or does not go away checked by your doctor. 10) If you smoke or use tobacco products, STOP!! Talk to your primary care doctor about help in stopping smoking now! 11) If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation. Don’t drink every day and never average more then 2 drinks per day. Perhaps red wine is the healthiest of alcoholic beverages. 12) If you take medications always either know what your medications are and why you take them or carry a list with you. Make sure all your doctors and pharmacist know what you take and check for interaction; this includes supplements and over the counter medications. Take your medication as prescribed. Discuss any change you want to make with your doctor. Ad sponsored by Lewis Clark Gastroenterology, PLLC 329331L5-11






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