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friday, february 28, 2014 volume 113, issue 107

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Friends in new places

Track and field champs

Bands perform together for first time at Vega

NU heads to Big Ten Indoor Championships


Hoop’s house


Senior forward Jordan Hooper played in her last home game of the season against Illinois and helped NU take a 72-65 win. photo by andrew barry

Zero gravity


UNL research team developing a pill that could be used to monitor astronauts’ vitals in space


Colleen Fell DN

he Microgravity Team at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is making strides in producing technology to aid in the health of astronauts – and NASA is taking notice. The team, which is a part of UNL’s College of Engineering, has been working on a non-invasive method of detecting and monitoring human vitals by means of a swallowable pill. Astronauts are currently required to wear a series of cables and wires, which limit their mobility. A team of eight plans to test the pill in May at NASA’s Microgravity University in Houston to see how it holds up in a weightless setting. Piotr Slawinski, leader of the microgravity team, said research for the project began about two years ago when he was an undergraduate student at UNL. “I had been working on the project with Professor (Ben) Terry for a long time,” said Slawinski, a mechanical engineering and applied mechanics graduate student. “We realized one of its applications might be able to be used for zero gravity.” After graduating from the university in December with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, Slawinski put together a team of undergraduate students with the help of Terry, an assistant professor of mechanical and material engineering at UNL. The team’s job is to figure how to make the device work in outer space. Before testing it in zero gravity with NASA, the team first had to determine whether it worked at all. Before testing the device on humans, it had to be tested on animals, namely pigs from UNL’s East Campus. The device is swallowed by the pig and ends up in its small intestine. The pill, made of plastic and stainless steel parts, attaches itself with tiny teeth to the intestine. Only the

cara wilwerding | dn

Weston Lewis (left) and Alfred Tsubaki, junior and senior mechanical engineering majors, are part of a team that is designing a swallowable capsule containing a sensor to measure temperature and pH levels in the small intestine. These readings may help detect Crohn’s Disease and certain types of cancer, Tsubaki said. inner part of the capsule remains attached to the intestine, while the outer shell travels through the rest of the body. Originally, the pigs had to be put to sleep before they were given the pill so they wouldn’t feel any pain. The team came up with a more cost-effective way to test the pill without having to kill a pig to do so. “There are so many animals from East Campus that are sold for meat, including pigs, and nobody really wants the intestine,” Terry said.

Using intestines from the sold pigs, the team came up with a machine that contracts them to make them behave like live intestines. “The machine kind of brings it to life,” Terry said. Slawinski said the team uses two tall pressure vessels to cause the contractions of the intestine. Once attached to the intestine, the sensors can measure anything from temperature, to blood pressure as well as check for Crohn’s disease. Terry compared the pill to a space shut-

tle, in that the pill is simply the carrier and detaches itself from the sensors. He said this could lead to more advanced ways of monitoring health issues, such as diabetes. “Imaginably, a blood glucose monitor could be put in,” Terry said. “The sensor would be virtually invisible to other people. You could live your life with it – shower, swim, snowboard, anything.” The sensor still has a ways to go before it’s used by humans. One thing that needs to be changed is the size of the pill. At about 18 mm wide and 28 mm long, Terry said it’s too large

gravity: see page 3

State senator’s bill would ban ‘upskirt’ photos Tyler Williams dn

older than 19 years old and the individual who has his or her picture taken is under 18 years A state senator is trying to make old, the photographer would be required to register on the Na“upskirt” photos illegal. tional Sex Offender Lincoln Sen. Registry. Amanda McGill in“Upskirt” photos troduced a bill that are currently legal would make the act in public places beof taking pictures cause of a loophole: of people’s private Because there’s no areas illegal in pubreasonable expectalic spaces. The bill’s tion of privacy in hearing was Feb. 20. a public place, any Taking the pictype of photography tures without conis legal. sent would result “Basically you in a year in jail or a can photograph anyMcgill $1,000 fine with inthing in public, and creased penalties for what this change further offenses. Distributing the pictures would be does is address the advances in technology that are not covered punishable by 50 years in jail. In addition, if the individual who takes the picture is photo bill: see page 3

Lincoln named top freelance city Melissa Allen dn Lincoln ranks among Los Angeles and Seattle as a habitat for freelance workers, according to a recent Nerdwallet Finance ranking. The website placed Lincoln No. 10 for freelance workers based on 2012 data: 12.1 percent of Lincoln’s households had selfemployment income, and the city’s median rent for freelancers was $595. With local resources such as the Nebraska Entrepreneurship Center in University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s College of Business Administration and FUSE Coworking in the Haymarket District, local freelancers and entrepreneurs have opportunities to consult and collaborate with each other, according to the NerdWallet Finance site. “I believe anytime we can get entrepreneurship activity going, it’s a positive,” said Sam Nelson, associate director of the Nebraska Entrepreneurship Center and assistant professor of practice at UNL’s business college. “Anytime you have folks finding problems in society and coming up with so-

lutions, we see a standard of living improvement.” The Nebraska Entrepreneurship Center helps UNL students with start-up companies and entrepreneurial endeavors. In fall 2012, the center launched the new major management in entrepreneurship. About 500 students are enrolled in entrepreneurshipbased classes through the center. Nelson said he’s seen a lot of startup companies in Lincoln come from UNL alumni. These companies include Hudl, a technology-based company that specializes in sports, which has been listed as the fastest-growing private company in Nebraska by the Inc. 5000. Hudl ranked No. 149 on a national list last year and is the biggest source of internships for UNL, Nelson said. Opendorse is an athletic endorsement marketplace in which three out of the seven team members are UNL alumni, including the CEO and the CIO. Hurrdat, another quickly growing startup in Lincoln, specializes in digital marketing through social media and branding and is located in the Haymarket.

@dailyneb |

“There’s a lot of technologybased companies, sports-based businesses,” Nelson said. “When it’s local businesses that get started here, that capital tends to flow here and continue to flow here. My perspective is, if there’s a chance to work at a startup either here or in Omaha, you’ll be headed in the right direction. ” Bob Hinrichs, one of the three partners in FUSE Coworking in the Haymarket, helped found the business a year ago, with Andy Beecham and Matt Westenburg, that focuses on providing a space for freelancers and entrepreneurs to work and collaborate. “There’s a strong trend occurring of people being more independent in the workforce,” Hinrichs said. “The economy is evolving, and it brings more financial circulation in the local economy.” One reason why Lincoln might be a freelancing hub is its geographic location, Hinrichs said. “It’s centrally located, which is an advantage for business people who travel to where they need to go,” he said. “Freelancers might (spend) time in other cities

Top 10 best cities for freelancing 1. Los Angeles 2. Portland, Ore. 3. Miami 4. Austin, Texas 5. Nashville, Tenn. 6. Minneapolis 7. Lexington, Ky. 8. Oklahoma City 9. Seattle 10. Lincoln, Neb. and call Lincoln home.” Lincoln’s low cost of living might be a factor too, he said. “The excellent quality of life that Lincoln offers and the financial value for people that live here,” he said. “It’s a benefit to live here in Lincoln and enjoy the lifestyle as an independent worker.” news@


friday, february 28, 2014





tweets of the week

This week at UNL: Taco Bell, trees and TV


Deirdre McCloskey discussion on “Crossing: A Memoir” when: 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. where: LGBTQA+ Resource Center, Room 346 in the Nebraska Union

what: Offerings of reassurance and varieties of responses from a cancer patient when: 12:30 p.m. where: Pewter Room, Nebraska Union

what: Of Japan: Warriors’ Art, Artist’s Medium, Gentleman’s Symbol when: 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. where: Pewter Room, Nebraska Union

what: Spring 2014 alternative service break application due when: 5 p.m. where: Submit to the Center for Civic Engagement, Room 222 in the Nebraska Union

what: Women’s tennis: Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Drake when: 5 p.m. where: Nebraska Tennis Center, 7600 N. 70th St.


String Demons 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. where: Duggan’s Pub, 440 S. 11th St. when:

what: Fourth Friday Coffeehouse, hosted by the Lincoln Unitarian Universalist Church LGBTA Welcoming Committee when: 7 p.m. where: Fellowship Hall, 1333 N. 33rd St. more information: Board games for adults and children

what: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast when: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. where: Lincoln North Star High School, 5801 N. 33rd St. more information: Tickets are $10 for adults

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friday, february 28, 2014


Scottsbluff Sen. John Harms wants to make sure customers know when retailers are preauthorizing their debit cards. Preauthorizing is when a retailer initially charges more than the actual price, such as when gas is purchased. The bill would require retailers to inform customers verbally or with signs. A business that fails to comply could be penalized through the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Harm’s bill, LB880, had it’s first hearing by the Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee on Monday. After discussion from the bill’s proponents and opponents, the committee took no action on the bill.

ANTI-PIPELINE BARN CRITICIZED Antipipeline barn criticized

BOLD Nebraska’s “Build Our Energy Barn,” which sits on the proposed route of TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline, was called out for not entirely using green energy. The Nebraska chapter of Americans for Prosperity said the barn used power from coal-fired power plants. AFP found the information from an energy consumption report from the Perennial Public Power District. Defending the barn, BOLD Director Jane Kleeb said the barn was used as a recording studio, which was what the energy was largely used for.


photo bill: from 1 in current law,” said John Bender, a professor of journalism who teaches media law at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. McGill said it’s fascinating that public upskirt photos aren’t already illegal. “That is the biggest comment that I hear about it,” McGill said. “Any of our privacy laws deal with the victim being in a place where they expect privacy … You add the Internet and text messaging and the ability to send those pictures all around the world, it makes it a much more serious crime.” McGill is not alone in attempting to put an end to this type of photography. U.S. Congress passed the Video Voyeurism Prevention Act of 2004, aiming to put a stop to upskirt photos. But the bill only applies to places where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy, leaving many victims of upskirting out

You add the internet and text messaging and the ability to send those pictures all around the world, it makes it a much more serious crime.” Amanda Mcgill

lincoln senator

in the cold in legal battles. “It’s more preventative for Lincoln,” McGill said. “I have not had anyone come forward to me yet about this happening to them, but it does beg a lot of other questions, and we’re trying to work out the language because there are so many different technology-related problems.” The legislature already has seen an increase in the amount of legislation regarding technology, especially the area of stalking, including updates in technology

and updated laws, McGill said. While members of the media may have concerns that this legislation and legislations similar to this could have a negative impact on their ability to film news subjects, the law is written in such a way as to nullify this concern. “I am willing to work with the media, because it’s the media’s job to report on the things that are happening in society,” McGill said. “You need to make sure that the media can tell that

story, it’s in the best public interest. It’s certainly not my intention to prevent the media from being able to show true evidence of a problem.” Bender said the law shouldn’t impede photojournalists’ ability to film and photograph in public. “There has to be a level of guilty knowledge,” Bender said. “So if a photographer accidentally took an inappropriate picture, this law would not be in effect.” news@


Whether or not Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman should drive or fly across the state has become a contentious topic in the state’s Capitol. A bill introduced by Omaha Sen. Bob Krist would allow the state to lease or buy an airplane for the governor. The University of Nebraska Foundation recently sold a plane that it had previously leased for Heineman’s use. Lawmakers gave first-round approval to the bill, in a 31-3 vote.


Renovations to the Nebraska State Capitol could cost $77 million and take nearly 10 years to complete, according to estimates from the Appropriations Committee. The renovations would include: restoring a half-century-old heating and cooling system, rehabbing windows, improving fire and safety features and making a slew of interior architectural changes. —Compiled by Daniel Wheaton, news@

gravity: from 1 for a human to swallow. “It’s fine for the pigs, but not for people just yet,” he said. The current pill only remains attached to the intestine for about two weeks – Terry said he would like the pill to last for an indefinite amount of time. Two other universities, the University of Colorado Boulderand Vanderbilt University, are currently working on a similar pill system, one that could perform minor surgeries in a non-invasive way. Colorado, Vanderbilt and UNL are working in collaboration on the projects. Terry said the other pills would have collapsible legs that would let it travel around the body while being controlled by a surgeon. Eight students and Terry will leave in May to test the pill at NASA’s zero gravity facility in Hous-

ton. After that, the team will have to write a summary report during the summer. “We’re going to see a new spaceage where travel times will be a lot longer,” Slawinski said. “It won’t be like the ’70s or ‘80s. It will probably be year-long and this equipment could help a lot. “ As for when the technology will be ready for human use, it could be years, Terry said. “Technically speaking, it could be ready in two years,” he said. “But in reality, it will take much longer.” The first trial test on the pig intestine was only last week, so human clinical trials probably won’t take place for about two more years. After that, Terry said the possibilities of what the technology will be able to do are endless. news@

UNL to offer data storage through Box looking for ways to grow,” Askren said. Contract will provide There are many different opfor filing sharing and cloud students, faculty, staff tions storage: Google files, Dropbox and with 50 GB of free Apple’s iCloud are a few. “Box is, in many ways, the easicloud storage via est to use and the most secure, and Box, Inc. Box Inc. has an interest in working with universities,” Askren said. Both Askren and Ruhrdanz said the university will continue Maddie Wurtele to look at all of its options. As of dn right now, leaders are confident that Box is the best option. Data storage can be a problem for Ruhrdanz said Box will also college students, but University help students to back up their of Nebraska-Lincoln officials are files. He said that every year, he hoping that Box, Inc. can help. sees a student who loses all of his UNL and the University of or her files from a personal comNebraska at Omaha are the new- puter. Box, if used properly, can est universities to join the online prevent that. file-sharing and cloud-contentStudents will be able to downmanagement service. The schools load Box onto as many personal entered a three-year agreement devices as they wish and will be on Feb. 1 with the able to access the company to profiles they download Box is, in vide students, fac- from any computer ulty and staff with by signing into their many ways, 50 gigabytes of account. Box will the easiest cloud storage. Box also make it easier is still in the imple- to use and the for students to mentation stage, share files and colbut the university most secure.” laborate on projects hopes to make Box with other students. available to stu“Box should ofMark Askren dents, staff and facfer a lot of educainformation technology ulty by the end of tion enhancements services cio the spring semester with how you interor by the beginning act with other stuof the summer. dents,” Ruhrdanz More than 240 universities are said. using Box, including a number While Box charges for its serof Big Ten Conference schools – vices, the fee for UNL will come University of Illinois, University out of the Information Technology of Michigan, University of Indi- Services base budget for the first ana and University of Wisconsin- year of the agreement and will Madison – have recently made Box be free of charge to students. Stuavailable to their students. dents will also be able to continue Both Chief Information Offi- using their personal Box accounts cer Mark Askren and Director of for free after they graduate. Other Communication and Operation University of Nebraska campuses Michael Ruhrdanz said they want may soon join in on the UNL/ UNL to be able to compete with UNO contract. other Big Ten schools in technol“We want to provide the best ogy. student experience,” Askren said. “We are always looking for news@ ways to improve and are always

jennifer gotrik | dn

Deirdre McCloskey, a professor of economics, history, English and communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago, speaks about the importance of integrity and creativity in economic society at the Sheldon Museum of Art on Thursday night.

Professor talks economics at Sheldon Economics professor addresses problems with Neo-Marxist, other radical economic theories Staff Report dn Neoclassical, Neo-Marxist and Neo-institutionalist views on economics are wrong, economics professor Deirdre McCloskey told the audience at the Sheldon Museum of Art Thursday. The University of Illinois at Chicago professor presented on the topic Thursday night as part of Humanities on the Edge, a speaker series launched in 2010

“As unpleasant as the ecopromoting cross-disciplinary nomic recession of 2008 was, it’s conversations in the humanities. not the big story,” she said. “The McCloskey also teaches ecobig story is that China, since nomic history at Gothenburg 1978, and India, at least since University in Sweden and is cur1991, have been growing in inrently working on a three-book come, and in an enriching way, series titled “Bourgeois Dignity: which doesn’t Why Economics all go to the rich, Can’t Explain This period which is upraisthe Modern ing the poorest World.” of very fast of the world. The problem econoic growth will Forty percent with the three of the world’s ideas, McClos- continue.” is in key said, is that Deirdre McCloskey population China and India. capital is viewed visiting professor And if we keep as the key way our wits about of improving us, this period of the economy, but capital is quickly used up very fast economic growth will with no real way of replenishing continue.” For a society to grow, it’s it. Though the capital does help bring better conditions to the important for there to be ingearea, the area quickly increases nuity and creativity amongst its in population, which lowers the people. That these ideas aren’t crushed by larger competition effect of the capital.

and that these ideas are not strangled by political red tape or environmental “green tape,” she said. If the wrong philosophies are used to fix the economy, the world could suffer, she said. “If we’re convinced that we can’t have any progress because it’s always bad for the environment or we can’t let the Third World develop because that’ll produce smoke, or they’ll compete against us so we’ve got to stop them, or any of these really stupid ideological systems that can kill the goose that laid the golden egg,” McCloskey said. “And we don’t want to kill the goose, because the poor of the world would be so much better off if we laid the goose that laid the golden eggs than if we cut her open.” news@

Show Your Red encourages student integrity Campaign uses high fives, shout outs to help students pass on happiness, good deeds Maddie Wurtele dn Outside the Nebraska Union on Fridays, Character Council members offer high fives to passing students and encourage them to pass it on. “It is just as easy to pass on a high five as it is to pass on a random act of kindness or an act of integrity,” said Greg Golden, a graduate assistant in the Center for Civic Engagement. High Five Fridays are part of the University of NebraskaLincoln’s Show Your Red campaign, which is about promoting integrity across campus. Going into its fourth year, the council is looking into new ways to grow and enhance the campaign. One of the group’s challenges is finding ways to capture something as abstract as integrity, Golden said. “This year, I feel like we are trying to be a more visible group,” said Jordan White, council member and a senior accounting and finance major. “We are outside the union almost every Friday for High Five Fridays. We have the UNL Shout Outs Facebook page and Twitter @ UNLShout_Outs for people to give positive shout outs to others they know or a complete stranger for doing a good deed.”

courtesy photo

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Character Council works to encourage and reward good character around campus. In addition to the Show Your Red campaign, there is an Integrity Wall located outside the Center for Civic Engagement, located on the second floor of the union. The wall helps recognize students who show what the council considers to be the six blocks of integrity: caring, commitment, dependability, open-mindedness, respect and citizenship. “We want all students and

faculty to show these blocks in everyday life when no one is watching because they are doing it because it is right not because they want to be recognized for it,” White said. The council said it hopes the wall will help reach the ultimate goal of a more vibrant and positive campus community where students do and are recognized for acts of integrity.

“UNL has a multitude of diverse, extraordinary students that are achieving some great things,” said Linsey Armstrong, a freshman advertising and public relations major and council member. “I believe the Show Your Red campaign will aid in recognizing these students, as well as (enhance) overall positivity on campus.” news@



friday, february 28, 2014

DN quotes of the week You don’t have to always be around people who are like minded and like you - just to be with other people and learn from them and what they have to offer.

Rachel Kocarnik

senior fine arts and graphic design major, on future collaboration

Men who are as well-educated as you are often interested in … less challenging women,” Patton writes. Huh, I always thought they had a thing for hot teachers.

Emily Kuklinski

Opinion columnist

Don’t be loose-banana monkeys; be sixpack ab monkeys.

Liza Thalken

randall owens | dn

yoga instructor

Am I a charming ladies’ man? Probably not. Would your grandma like me? Absolutely.

Mac Wall

Arts & Life columnist

When the kid puts on his greatest life achievement as a 4.0 GPA, and he’s been an All-American and MVP of the biggest event in the country, and he’s more proud of his 4.0, there isn’t much I have to do academic wise. He probably did that himself.

Darin Erstad

men’s baseball coach, on Freshman Ryan Boldt

It is so easy to think of this place as an institution where I come and teach and research and work, but in an event like, I realize how close-knit this building really is.

Gretchen Foley

associate music professor, on Team Gretchen support campaign

Paparazzi shouldn’t accost children


’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me.” While this Lady Gaga song is catchy, it’s also quite frightening. Someone stalking and pestering you until you give them what they want. Hiding in bushes, blinding you with their flashes and finding every detail with their optical zooms. Unfortunately, this is a reality for many celebrities and their families. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Well they made the decision to become famous, so isn’t this just expected?” Yes, you’re right. The celebrities chose this lifestyle, but their families, particularly their children, didn’t. They just happened to be born into this world. They had no choice in this matter, and it’s wrong for magazines to exploit photos of celebrity children. On Tuesday, People magazine and Just Jared took a stand against this issue and banned all unauthorized photos of celebrity children. The exceptions being red carpet events and other public events where photos are expected. This is a big step in the right direction. More and more celebrities have come forward to stand up for this cause. Last month, actor Dax Shepard wrote an editorial on the dangers of the paparazzi and asked consumers to boycott trash magazines like Us Weekly and Star who exploit this practice. People who read these magazines don’t always realize what’s being done to get those pictures. Shepard went into detail about what exactly his family has gone through since the birth of his daughter, Lincoln, “Since bringing her home ten months ago, there has been a car or two parked across the street from our

christiANna friedman

house, waiting at all times for us to leave.” Shepard goes on to talk about how they constantly had to cover her up in a blanket. The day she was born the paparazzi quickly found out the sex, weight and name of their newborn. Shepard writes, “We hadn’t yet shared that info with our extended family. We thought, rightly or wrongly, that it would be best at that point to announce it ourselves on Twitter to deny the tabloid the chance at an ‘exclusive.’” Tabloids take this simple pleasure away from families. They forget that there are real people behind those photographs – people who want to share with the people they love before they find out on Entertainment Tonight. Jennifer Garner has also been quite vocal on this issue and stood by Halle Berry to support a law that a convicted paparazzo can spend up to a year in prison for harassing a minor because of their parents’ profession. She said, “Paparazzi swarm, large aggressive men swarm us causing a mob scene yelling jockeying for position crowding around the kids while running over other parents and children unfortunate enough, to be nearby, including

one poor three year old who was knocked to the ground by one of our paparazzi cameras outside my kids preschool.” It’s getting out of hand. Children are getting hurt because of this. Families are getting torn up. Halle Berry once considered leaving the country because of the stress. It begs the question: Is the publicity even worth it? If anything, it makes the papers look bad. Harassing children just to get the perfect picture? If people only knew what some of the paparazzi were capable of, maybe they wouldn’t buy into the hype. The power is in the consumer. Dax Shepard and his wife, Kristen Bell, have urged people to boycott some of these classless magazines. Shepard writes, “The consumer is the only one who can put an end to this. They are the only ones with real power.” Many believe that the magazines can put an end to it, but, honestly, they just want to make money. If we boycott these magazines then they don’t win. They’ll be forced to stop sending aggressive reporters and running those photos. Even if you don’t read the magazines, you can make a difference by tweeting the magazines and asking them to stop. If everyone spoke up, it might make a difference. If parents want photos of their children out there, they should have control of it. Magazines like Us Weekly and Star need to stop printing unauthorized photos of children. Christianna Friedman is a senior secondary education major. Follow her on Twitter @ChristiFriedman and reach her at opinion@

Americans, don’t let fear of Nebraska’s happy, healthy campaigns decide your vote ratings are interdependent


motion and political affiliation have been studied a great deal recently because of the amount of fear underlying political campaigns by adversaries and advocates of prevalent national legislation. People in politics use fear to get what they want, to encourage the public to disapprove of a piece of legislation, a candidate or Washington, D.C., in general. One can tell when fear and emotion are involved in politics by a few key words and situations. The Affordable Care Act evoked fear among the American public when challengers campaigned against the bill with examples of volunteer firefighters. In a Washington Times article, opponents said the bill would require fire departments to provide insurance for volunteers, which would deplete volunteer firefighter positions in the U.S. This frightened Americans and stories such as this put the Obama Administration in a difficult position to defend their politics. Professor John Hibbing of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s political science department studied political affiliation and physiology. He studied “46 people who identified as people with strong political opinions.” He found that “those with the strongest reactions to unexpected noises or threatening pictures tended to endorse political positions that were interpreted as protective of social groups.” Hibbing found the people who reacted more to the stimuli were more likely to support policies such as defense spending, fighting terrorism and tighter controls on immigration. “People in this group are more willing to sacrifice a little of their privacy to protect the social unit,” Hibbing said. “On the other hand, the subjects who reacted less strongly to the stimuli were more likely to favor policies that protect privacy and encourage gun control.” Our environment and life experience play a role as well, not just genetic predisposition to a fear of certain stimuli. We can understand that there’s a very deep affiliation between fear and political views. Campaigns and proactive political groups also comprehend studies such as Hibbing’s and use them to gain support. Political campaigns and groups also advocate for the fear of the unknown. Many opponents of the Affordable Care Act suggested that the current health system in the U.S. is better than something we don’t know much about. Ingrid Haas in UNL’s political science department recently published a study that found “if people feel uncertain and threatened, they tend to become more entrenched in their positions and make you aggressive toward people you disagree with.” Obviously people are afraid of what they don’t

Mark Batt

understand, but sometimes it’s something they don’t want to understand. Not everyone wants to read thousands and thousands of pages on health insurance coverage and many people – I included – won’t understand every aspect of the legislation. Even if the underlying purpose of the bill has a positive outlook and direction, many people will dislike the government intrusion of bills such as Obamacare. When political opponents tag efforts with key phrases, anyone who doesn’t entirely disapprove of the legislation is given a negative connotation. The bill was passed by Congress, signed by the president and approved by the Supreme Court – making it legally legitimate. So why are people still fearful of the legislation? The House of Representatives has voted to repeal the legislation more than 40 times and many candidates and Super PACs (Political Action Committees) advocate for replacing Obamacare because we don’t know the effects it may have on the U.S., insurance companies, businesses and American families. These opponents are encouraging an atmosphere of fear. One piece of legislation won’t destroy the country. People are afraid of being negatively affected or forgotten by legislation, but public policy is meant to help people who need it. America, if you watch a commercial that vilifies the president, a political party or piece of legislation, be aware. The intent of those commercials is to obtain votes, support or money for their candidate or group. To those who want to understand the intent of the bill, read the Congressional Budget Office report on the bill and the fiscal impact. Read the bill if you have time. Read the newspaper and legislation and meet with your representatives about issues or concerns. This action may not change your beliefs, but it will give you a more objective perception of politics. Don’t let fear campaigns decide your vote for you. Mark Batt is a junior political science major, reach him at opinion@


allup recently announced that Lincoln is the healthiest small city in the U.S., as defined by having less than 300,000 residents, and the third-healthiest city in the U.S. overall. Results of this study also point to Lincoln as the happiest city in the U.S. and Nebraska as the third-happiest state. As a lifelong Nebraska resident, I was quite proud that Lincoln topped this list but not shocked. Lincoln residents, and residents of Nebraska overall, are content and happy people. We work hard, and being physically active and eating right are integral followed suit. Nebraska was ranked in the top 10 parts of growing up here. The fact that Nebraska and happiest states the last three years data was collected. Lincoln are consistently some of the happiest and Everything that makes a city happy and healthy – healthiest, though, begs the question: “Are we hap- a clean environment, access to healthcare, a hope for py because we’re healthy, or are we healthy because the future and low unemployment – are all things I’ve we’re happy?” taken for granted. People in several other Midwest To measure a city’s health, Gallup looked at rates states feel the same way, according to Gallup. Six of of diabetes, obesity, frequency of exercise, consump- the top 10 happiest and healthiest states are in the tion of produce, city optimism and the rates of uninMidwest, leading me to believe happiness and health sured residents. Lincoln had rates of diabetes more may be tied to our culture and way of life. We’re conthan 3 percent lower than the national average, obetent with the things we have and thankful for good sity rates 1 percent lower and rates of uninsured citifortune and good health. zens more than 6 percent lower. While At first, I thought that happiness those numbers don’t show that Lincaused us to be healthier – when you Are we coln is extraordinarily healthier than have a positive outlook on life, the most cities, the percent of people who happy problems associated with stress and are optimistic about Lincoln’s future as negativity are reduced. After looking because we’re a place to live is a staggering 18 perat the data Gallup collected, though, cent higher than the average U.S. city. healthy, or are we I became convinced that the two are Looking at the second-healthiest city closely related. So closely related of Boulder, Colo., shows rates of obe- healthy because that they may be inseparable – when sity, diabetes and uninsured residents we’re happy?” there’s an increase in happiness, much lower than the national average there’s an increase in healthiness and – beating Lincoln. However, residents’ vice-versa. One interesting connection in Gallup’s optimism for the city’s future was 3.6 percent lower summary of the data was that cities with a university than Lincoln, though it were the same or better in all or large academic presence continually top the lists of other categories. The data Gallup published doesn’t the happiest and healthiest – pointing out “the potendisclose how each category was weighted when figtial that local colleges can have on the local culture of uring a national average, but it seems the optimism wellbeing.” people have for the future is an important factor when Consider the low unemployment rates and the considering a city’s health. optimism of residents that affect health or the low When examining a city’s happiness, Gallup obesity and diabetes rates that affect happiness. looked at city residents’ life evaluation, emotional Lincoln, and the state of Nebraska, are some of the health, work environment, physical health, healthy happiest and healthiest places in the country to live. behaviors and basic access. To measure this, Gallup When it’s time to finally find a real place to live that’s asked questions regarding life situations, access to not a crappy apartment with your three best friends, food and shelter and satisfaction. Lincoln showed a consider staying in one of the happiest and healthiest huge increase in job satisfaction that put the city at cities in the U.S. – Lincoln, Neb. the top of happiness, according to an analysis of the Travis EUBANKS is a freshman Speechdata by the Lincoln Journal Star. Also contributing to Language Pathology major. Reach him at Lincoln’s happiest rating was clean air and water, acopinion@ cess to health care, the feeling of safety in the munity and ability to afford food. The rest of the state

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These Friends of Mine will perform at Vega on Saturday with No Tide, maker, Rust Belt Lights and Second to Last, other punk rock groups, for the first time.



op-punk’s biggest fans have returned. These Friends of Mine will warm up the stage for P fellow punk rockers, No Tide, Maker, Rust Belt Lights and

Second to Last in their first show in months on March 1. Drummer Brennan Hill, rhythm guitarist Nick Bohlke, bassist Nate Teselle, lead guitarist Sean Hansen and vocalist Collin McCarthy will play their second Vega show, debuting new material from their upcoming album. Although These Friends of Mine typically play at Knickerbockers, Hill said they’re excited to return to Vega and use its sound system. “Everything is hip there,” Hill said. “It’s all very, very nice.” The band was asked to play at Vega months ago and was already familiar with the other acts, although Hill and Bohlke said they typically research bands before playing with them. “I’ve listened to Maker, they did a split quite a while ago with my favorite band, The Story So Far, so they’re pretty well-respected,” Hill said. “It’s kind of an honor to play with Maker, I would say.” The band primarily promotes their show through social media with Facebook events, online fliers and personal Facebook messages encouraging friends and fans to come. “I would say our fanbase is pretty much 80 percent Lincoln Southeast high schoolers,” Hill said. Hill and Bohlke said they hope to see a big turnout at their March 1 show, not only for themselves but also for the headlining bands. “I hate to see when a really good band comes, especially in Nebraska, but they don’t get the turnout they deserve,” Hill said. Similarly to most pop-punk groups, These Friends of Mine play upbeat songs that they said should encourage people to dance. Hill said he hopes people who might be unfamiliar with These Friends of Mine will walk away wanting more. “A lot of people don’t know what a pop-punk show is like,” Hill said. “I feel bad for the people who don’t know what it’s like because it’s so fun. It’s a nice, loving environment.” Although the band’s album is recorded, the final touches will be put on the record before being sold at their shows. Hill said he hopes to have an album launch sometime in March and more shows in the late spring and summer. “I would love to tour this summer,” Hill said. “That would be a big goal of ours. I don’t know if that’s going to happen, but that would be awesome.” Although the boys are planning for the future, Hill and Bohlke said they’re pleased with their current fans and position. “We’re grateful to be where we’re at right now,” Bohlke said. “But we’re constantly growing.” Tickets are currently on sale for $7, while tickets sold at the door on Saturday will be $10. arts@


These Friends of Mine return to Vega to open Saturday show story by Gabriella Martinez-Garro Photo by Courtney Cain

Return to stage Theater holds musical auditions restores calm confidence Vanessa Daves DN

in a cold car) and then haul ass to the gig. The three hours I spent at Joe work were comprised of brief Wade panic attacks and reassuring mantras that I’ve done this at least a hundred times before. It had just been a while. But sneaking out of work a little early gave me the pre››Editor’s Note: This is the seccious 10 minutes I needed to run ond part of a column published through the songs one last time, take a quick swig of whiskey for Feb. 27 in which columnist Joe Wade, prepares for and performs my nerves and say a prayer to Lil B for luck. All praises to The in a local talent show. BasedGod. Day 5: The day of the My nervousness finally started to subside the moment I show walked into the Shen Café, just like they always do. The familiarI was so nervous that I had a hard time falling asleep the night be- ity of talking with event organizfore the show, but most of that ers, setting up my gear and taking a moment to take in my surroundanxiety passed after I took the ings has always helped. two philosophy tests I had loomPerforming on stage is like being over my head the next morning at church and taking a holy ing. sacrament. I just feel blessed evAs the minutes ticked by during the day my anticipa- ery time. All the eyes were on me as I walked to pick tion started to my guitar, but I swell. Show time All the eyes up never notice them. couldn’t come were on It’s kind of like a soon enough. flash of light that It’s all fear me as I walked to dulls my awareness, and loathing, but and my body does “buy the ticket, pick up my guitar, what I’ve trained it take the ride” but I never notice to. as Raul Duke, The first song I a.k.a Hunter S. them. “ played was “Friday Thompson, said. I’m in Love” by The A quick practice session during my lunch break Cure. Yeah it’s old, but it’s not too old that most audiences won’t was all the rehearsal time I was going to get. After that is a work recognize it. Like magic I got my shift, run home to pick up my guiaudition: see page 7 tar (I didn’t want to leave it out

Pinewood Bowl Amphitheater will be full of farts and burps this summer. The announcement to do “Shrek! The Musical” was made last summer by the Pinewood Bowl committee, and now, auditions are being held this weekend. “I love auditions,” director and choreographer Courtney Piccoli said. “I love to see all the new talent and I love to see all the returning talent. It makes for a great mix.” Piccoli said she will be looking for people who’re similar to the cartoon at auditions to play the characters in the show. “I want my cast members to try and embody those characters as much as they can while also bringing their own self to the character,” Piccoli said. Pinewood Bowl considers itself to be Lincoln’s original “bring-your-own-dinner” theater. The outdoor theater is inviting to families in the area who bring their children to its shows every summer to picnic and be entertained for a few hours. The Pinewood Bowl committee members make all their decisions with families in mind, executive producer Shannon Ochoa said. “Our audience is between the ages of 3 and 93,” Ochoa said. “Sometimes this is the only show that families go and see together every year, so we try to pick a show based on that.” Piccoli said she thinks people responded positively to their decision to do “Shrek,” though she said she thought people were kind of surprised such a new show was being performed. The rights to perform “Shrek! The Musical” were recently released, and Ochoa said there are

courtesy photo

Pinewood Bowl Amphitheater will host auditions for its summer production of “Shrek! The Musical” on Friday and Saturday. a lot of challenges that can come

if you go when: Friday 5:15 p.m., 6:45 p.m., 8:15 p.m. and Saturday 10:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m. Email audition@ for audition reservations

with that. They basically have to make everything from scratch, Ochoa said. They usually make their own set for their shows because the

stage they use is much bigger than traditional sets. But costumes, lighting and other tech design might be harder to come up with because not many other companies have attempted to take on “Shrek” yet. “We started buying fabric for the show back in October,” Ochoa said. “And we’re taking measurements at auditions so we can start designing and building costumes immediately.” The directors are going to send some of those measurements to California, where somebody is going to be creating prosthetics for some of the characters. They’re even having auditions a month earlier than usual this year so they can get a headstart on developing the show. Another challenge they face is

competing with the sun. “The sun doesn’t usually go down until 9:15 p.m. in the summer,” Ochoa said. “Special effects are rough that you can do in a more normal theater is more challenging for us because we can’t rely on lighting. No matter how strong our lights are, the sun is lighter.” But despite the obstacles they face, Ochoa said she can’t wait to get started on the show. Auditions will be held Friday at 5:15 p.m., 6:45 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. and Saturday at 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Callbacks will be Saturday afternoon. The show will be opening in mid-July and tickets will be approximately $10. arts@


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Life challenges player much like video games

miles rothlisberger

Video games provide similar experience to life with its tests, glitches to overcome to be successful Life presents its own challenging, sick and rewarding game. “Play the game for more than you can afford to lose … only then will you learn the game,” said former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Life is truly a little game, just as Churchill put it. Sure, the famous and successful figure of WWII may have been known to notoriously streak around his workspace in the nude without a care in the world like some political Terminator for Nazis. But he had a point. In a way, if one were to look at life just right, and if a couple cords in the brain snap like busted rope, it really can be a game. However, if life is a game, then it might just be the most sickening, sadomasochistic, infuriating and complicated game ever conceived, not to mention a seeming-

ly lame one that sucks complete octopus eggs. If one were to take the most obvious example, life, like a glitch in a broken videogame, arbitrarily doles out tragedies and sadness for no particular reason. Seriously, at times people just receive a Go To Jail card or an instant game over out of left field by some sarcastic force that calls itself “MoDR8erXxX.” Innocent people fall ill, die, suffer under extreme hardships and maybe just get dealt a crappy hand in the poker of genetics. Even if all of these atrocities don’t affect the lives of a person, there’s still a chance that a small meteor the size of a quarter will impact the earth just where that lucky person is standing. If Mario suddenly gave the character some fungal infection after all the mushrooms they jump on, it would be considered a depressing little anagram for life instead of an innocent piece of entertainment with offensive Italian stereotypes. So, if life was a video game, for example, all the reviewers would give it around, say, a two out of ten - maybe a ‘C’ grade. Even if one were to look outside of the extremes in the twisted little game of life, the routine of the average human life would be considered the most irritating and boring role-playing experience since “Farm Simulator.” To start, every single person is born into what is essentially a gigantic, five-year-long cutscene where nothing really happens besides incomprehensible dialogue and experience with colorful toys that give one helpful skills in appreci-

able Characters in the game are ating colorful things and becomneeded. A great game allows one ing transfixed to colorful things. to distance themselves from all After that, improvements are the boring elements, but real life momentously scarce. One is born craps on one’s dreams by making with little health and stamina, a world filled with thrill-seeking making it impossible to actually police officers or assassins a hellslay dragons. One needs to actually eat, drink, use the restroom ish nightmare of chaos. Then players develop into and occasionally silence mental older beings and are thrown into instability instead of give a kick to an even more punreality with steelishing landscape, toed boots like characters do in Life presents where they experience poisons such other games. Also, its own as puberty and one never truly deawkwardness with velops themselves challenging, sick the opposite genas an individual and rewarding der. At this special character at the earpoint in the cruel ly stages; parents, game.” game of life, evas well as deity-like erything is a Freeapparitions on a gigantic electronic screen influence for-All, where every misstep or wrong command can lead to a players with even more color. In pack of other players attacking environments where players are the insecurities like a mob of hysupposed to grow, their overlords teach them what appears to enas. Sadly, it seems that every be complete bull. The character event that happens is based on a “Jimmy” wants to be an astronaut dice roll and the loving embrace because he can then talk to aliens of chance; or, in other words, the and help save the world. Well, harsh and devilish hug of irony. To add insult to injury, the that’s too bad because they need to learn the human language a whole thing is really just in one’s mind. In the end, after trudging single damn letter at a time before through the stages of the teens, the fun actually comes two years one hasn’t conquered anything. past never. Everyone knows that, in a The world was never actually afgood game, no one has fun by ter them. They just thought that and, eventually, learned to shut gaining skills in speech. Every up and silence the multiple voices sane gamer learns sword throwin their heads. ing or demon exploding or someFollowing all of the boring exthing incredibly rad like that. position and melodramatic plot In the notion of young and lines, one can actually start their eager adventurers doing all the own story and be their own perawesome actions seems like a wonderful game. Yet, in reality, son. That is, they can start becomthe bland roles of the Non-Play- ing another adult in a world bus-

tling in other adults. Money, often the motivation for multiple games since the birth of “Monopoly,” really isn’t that special in the end, considering how one never really uses it for anything beyond a house and a year ’s worth of canned Spam. Using money to purchase a set of armor and longswords would be frowned upon rather than glorified because there’s no use for such items in the dull game of life. Even if one were to use them, they would never be called a moral-neutral warrior, but rather a monstrous serial killer. Even the motivation for the continuity of life’s game, a person’s personal life and job seems to be as dry as sand with their routine and blandness. Unless a person acts as a secret spy for fun, no hobby outside of building birdhouses at gunpoint would be considered intense and exciting like activities in actual games. In careers, people sometimes work in environments where the nonplayable characters yell insults at them, where tedium is only broken by the occasional late memo and the rewards for service are never ancient gold coins or the souls of enemies. If one picks to work in an exciting job, then the floodgates are opened and out come crippling handicaps. Similar to other humans, one that works as a risktaker receives only one life and can never screw up or dear God help them. They also can develop violent or depressive tendencies after committing years of service to being heroes. One must admit

that, if Link from “The Legend of Zelda” series was constantly crying and shuddering at the thought of Ganondorf kidnapping the princess once again, then there might be some odd thoughts. While it may shed light on the effects of violence, it would still make for a guilt-ridden and awful game. Finally, one can give the gift of this mediocre game to future generations, thus perpetuating the game’s lifespan by introducing new players through childbirth. Of course, this humble author must say that life’s a great experience and that he has never regretted it. Yet still, with dim childhoods and dim adulthoods in comparison to the unbounded adventures of video games or the fun little romps in board games, what makes the game of life stand on top? It could be the sense of satisfaction from moving through the so-called tragedies and dullness in order to transcend as a human being just taking in the good things in life. It could be the love and support taken and given from family and friends, an experience that outside games can only strengthen in multiplayer and yet never truly replicate with gamecreated people of their own. Those and sex of course – weird sweaty physical meshing. Miles Rothlisberger knows the answer to life fulfilment doesn’t lie in sex. Give him a high five at arts@

Homemade S’mores Cupcakes Women’s libido often equals, rivals men’s

Makes about 12 cupcakes Ingredients: - 1 1/4 cups all purpose flour - 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder - 3/4 teaspoon baking soda - 1/2 teaspoon salt - 1/2 cup (one stick) of butter; softened - 1 1/4 cups sugar - 2 eggs - 1 cup of milk - 1 teaspoon vanilla - 6 whole graham crackers (12 squares) - Marshmallow creme - 2 bars of milk chocolate (chopped into 1/2 inch chunks) Directions: 1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Line cupcake tins with paper cupcake cups. In a medium-sized bowl, sift flour, cocoa powder, baking soda and salt. Set aside. 2. In an electric mixer, beat the softened butter on medium speed until creamy. Add sugar, and beat for about three minutes, scrape the sides of the bowl after every minute or so to fully mix. Add the eggs in one at a time; make sure each egg is fully beat into mix before adding the next egg. In the measuring cup, combine the milk and vanilla together. Add the flour mixture (dry) and milk mixture (wet) alternatively into the batter, starting and ending with the dry mixture. Scrape the sides of the bowl for any butter and sugar that may have stuck to the sides. Beat mixture for two minutes or until consistency is smooth. Fill cupcake cups 3/4 of the way full with batter. 3. Bake for 19-22 minutes or until toothpick inserted into the centers comes out clean. Cool for 10 minutes on a rack or in a pan. 4. Break each graham cracker in half so they turn into squares. Put graham cracker squares on top of the cupcake, press down with a little pressure to make sure it sticks on (putting 1/4 teaspoon of marshmallow crème helps it stick as well). Add 1-1 1/2 tablespoons of marshmallow crème on top of the graham cracker (completely cover the cracker). Place small chocolate chunks on top of the marshmallow crème. Freeze cupcakes for 6-8 minutes. 5. Preheat broiler. Place tin foil on a baking sheet, then place cupcakes on the baking sheet. Place baking sheet with cupcakes into the oven, 6 inches away from heat for 30-45 seconds, or until marshmallow creme is lightly browned. Serve immediately (tastes better when fresh out of the broiler). 6. Enjoy! —Compiled by Kimberly Merk

NETFLIX Akua Dawes dN Many forget the early 2000s sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle.” With the main actors Frankie Muniz and Bryan Cranston going on to bigger and better things, the show is often living in the shadow of bigger Hollywood attractions. But the recent ending of “Breaking Bad” has caused a riff in fans’ lives, where they are lost and confused, not knowing what show to binge on next. In this trying and confusing transition period, it’s important not to forget the hilarity that is “Malcolm in the Middle.” The show centers on kidgenius Malcolm, a kid living with three other brothers (Francis, Dewy and Reese), a passive and oblivious father and a overbearing and constantly stressed mother (Lois). The boys are constantly wreaking havoc on their mother ’s life, making messes and setting things on fire out of boredom. Similar to many sitcoms the show follows the same structure each episode; one of the boys has a problem, then one of the parents has his/her own problem, and somehow these two problems never converge. It makes for a clever ending where one member of the family may be completely oblivious to

somebody demolishing a house but instead was dealing with their own disaster of a robot-killing machine, and they all meet together for dinner as if nothing extraordinary happened. Some of the best moments of the show are when the family is forced to interact with the rest of the world. It’s episodes such as these that you can really see how absolutely insane the whole crew is and how absurd it is that this kind of life is normal for them. An apt example is an episode from the second season called “Lois’s Birthday.” In it, the males of the family completely forget Lois’s birthday, and she leaves angrily to the batting cages. There the family gets together and begs her forgiveness and give her a birthday cake to try and rectify their wrongs. While it’s a touching moment in the family, it’s all happening while they crashed an 8-year-old’s birthday party and fought a gang of clowns for no particular reason. So for those of you struggling to find a new show to watch but are in desperate need to binge watch a show sans the emotional stress, “Malcolm in the Middle” is a great choice. Don’t let the age fool you, Malcolm’s humor transcends all generations. arts@

pick of the week

vulnerable. They just don’t have it easy like women do, right? But it’s not fair to assume that hannah a woman doesn’t have sexual deeads sires because she’s not visibly or openly aroused. It can be confusing to grow up in an environment that preaches sexuality in men and indifference in women. I had a conversation with another woman who, like me, thought she had an unnatuSociety’s ignorant rally high libido simply because had grown up wanting to view on women’s sex she have sex and now continues to drive create incorrect, have it often. Of course there are women (and men) who do have insulting stereotypes high libidos, but for females to have an active sex drive isn’t unnatural or unusual. Another portrayal of womAbout a month ago, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee was en’s libidos is that they are easily speaking about the Affordable turned off by nearly everything. This list of libido turn-offs on askCare Act’s impact on women, arguing that the availability of describes the libido as government-funded contracep- fragile and women as sensitive to tives is offensive to the women things like suggestions to eating healthier food. While the list has who’re “more complicated than its reasonable qualities such as their libido.” In his argument, he seems to birth control and medication side think that women who don’t want effects, diet changes, exercise and government-funded birth control encouraging sensitivity around are the ones in control of their confidence or sexuality issues, its libido. He acts like a woman’s approach to premenstrual syndrome is pathetic. sex drive misleads her, like a sex “You probably know of womdrive is a bad thing. en who suffer from PMS: they are His reasoning is a direct reflection of the common female the women you refer to as ‘The Bitch’ or ‘The Psycho.’ Their behysteria diagnoses that occurred havior is irrational, illogical, emobefore and 20th century. Although there were many tional and fraught with tension symptoms associated with female and anxiety. One minute they may hysteria, much of it was thought to seem perfectly fine, and the next be related to her reproductive or- they are a raging maniac, crying, gans, placing sexual desire on the yelling, and being irritable.” As a woman who has had list of common symptoms. Treatsevere cramps, leg aches and ments included water massages mood swings, there’s nothing (spraying water on the woman), worse than someone acting like vibrators and hysterectomies, the the reason why you got upset is removal of the womb or uterus. It sounds ridiculous that a woman’s strictly because of PMS. Most sex drive was labeled an illness, likely, there’s a reason she’s being irritable. They but society has only didn’t mention come so far since Our view of that, despite the then. bad sides to PMS, Only a few weeks a woman’s some women ago did I see an arfeel an increase ticle on The Atlantic libido being lower in their sex drive about how women than a man’s can during this time may have the same and that having amount of sexual de- also be attributed an orgasm can sires as men, if not to society’s help relieve her more. cramps by relaxApparently this is implication that ing her muscles, breaking news. a woman must which would Cultural media probably result in is partially to blame. be modest. ... a happier mood. We’ve all seen the And in turn, a The list ends women portrayed in with this gem: “A TV shows or mov- woman might be word of caution: ies as someone who more conflicted Approach things just isn’t that into you think would sex. Like sex is some- when it comes to benefit from a thing to do and get opportunities to change with tact over with, to satisfy and sensitivity. a man. Or it’s por- have sex.” You don’t want trayed as a woman to be booted hiding the fact that she enjoys sex, with the men ma- out onto the sidewalk with teeth nipulated into thinking they don’t marks on your neck.” The approach to a woman’s like it. sex drive in the list Our view of a woman’s libido is ignorant. If she doesn’t want to being lower than a man’s can also be attributed to society’s implica- have sex, it probably isn’t because tion that a woman must be mod- her libido is fragile or because she’s on the verge of tears or vioest. No visible cleavage, no sleeping around, no promiscuity if you lence, it might just be because she want to have value as a woman. isn’t interested in having sex with And in turn, a woman might be you. And getting laid shouldn’t be the only reason you’re sensitive to more conflicted when it comes to her wants and needs or whatever opportunities to have sex. It might become more of a burden to her in she may be going through. I know plenty of women who the eye of society, so she second guesses it, weighs its worth. But love sex. It shouldn’t be a secret instead of seeing that as an effect anymore that the female libido exists. Our sexual desires aren’t of our moralities, we see women as having controlled libidos, nonexistent, and they shouldn’t be treated as irresponsible urges. whereas men are seen as more animalistic. Men get erections at I guess I’m just no more compliinopportune moments, women cated than my libido, Huckabee. hannah Eads is a don’t. Men have uncontrollable freshman journalism sexual thoughts whenever he sees major. Reach her at arts@ an attractive woman. For men, their sexuality is viewed as more



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Funny pictures of Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan is the toughest. He’ll beat you up. Here are five funny pictures of him.

He kind of looks like a pirate in this one. A pirate that could beat you up.

Here, have a bite of spaghetti before Hulk Hogan beats you down.

Over there is where we’re gonna throw down.

audition: from 5 voice to crackle with emotional inflection at just the right moment during the bridge of the song. I felt like my own punk rock princess. The second song was one of my own concoctions that I adapted to play harmonica with just for this show. Throughout the week, while practicing, my biggest struggle was trying to figure out the best blend of harmony to play along with the guitar chords. My only option was to wing it by the time I had to put the harmonica in my mouth and blow. I nailed it, even matched some of the vocal melody. Now that all the applause has gone away and the adrenaline rush has started to fade I can bask in the reposed water of rediscovery. I’d forgotten how good performing feels, and, more than that, I’d forgotten how much of myself lives in those moments when I get to play. Playing music is something I don’t ever want to stop doing again. Thanks Lil B. Joe Wade is a senior journalism major and rising rocker. Reach him with a record deal at arts@

Hulk Hogan will beat your dog-gone butt.

Housing Fair

Here’s what’s left of the last guy Hulk Hogan beat up.

There’s No Place Like Home Wizard of Oz Theme

—COMPIlED BY dn arts and life staff

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 10:00 am – 2:00 pm City Campus Centennial Room

Non-paying, stressful, dead-end job The Publications Board is seeking someone who doesn’t know better to be next year’s editor of the DailyER Nebraskan. The editor-in-chief will hire, train and possibly fire the staff, proofreed everything purporting to be stories, supervise its production (or lack, thereof) and distribution, and communicate with the general manager and the Publications Board.

Win free TV’s, Luggage Sets and Much More!

The editor reports to the UNL Publications Board, must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours, maintain a 2.0 minimum G.P.A., and not be on academic probation (unlike former Daily Nebraskan editors). Applications are available at under “Work for Us” and must be returned to Dan Shattil, 20 Nebraska Union,, by noon, Wednesday, March 5.

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Roommates Roommate ads are FREE in print and online. E-mail yours to and include your name, address and phone number.

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friday, february 28, 2014

swimming and diving

2 Husker swimmers get another shot at NCAAs Sophomore Taryn Collura, senior Shannon Guy head to NCAA Last Chance Meet in Georgia Thomas Beckmann DN In a weekend that featured many breakout performances, and many broken records for career and season highs, the Husker women’s swimming and diving team finished the Big Ten Championship in ninth place. This weekend, the

strict, so we’re the closest ones to team is headed to Athens, Ga., for making it.” the NCAA Last Chance Meet. The selection process for the This meet gives the comNCAA finals are strict. petitors who weren’t Only the top 30-40 for able to make it to the each event will be seNCAAs in the qualifylected to move on, and ing round one last shot for Collura and Guy, at making it into the they still have work to field. The Huskers had do if they’re going to 10 top-16 finishes durbe considered to move ing the Championship on to the championmeet, but only two ships. They posted Huskers will represent times that were close Nebraska in Athens to making it last week, this weekend: senior and there will only be sprinter Shannon Guy minor adjustments to guy and sophomore sprintbe made in order to er Taryn Collura. make the cut. “We have a couple “For my event, I’d probably other girls who made the B cut at the Big Ten meets,” Collura said. have to drop .3 to be considered,” Collura said. “So we’re very close.” “The selection process is pretty

In preparation for the meet, it’s not going to be an intense week of practice for the girls, as they’re simply working on minor adjustments and making sure their technique is top notch. “We’re just taking another week of resting up for the meet because with swimming you can hit or miss the mark, and in a lot of cases an extra week of rest can make a difference,” Collura said. “So we’re just racing and fine-tuning everything. It’s just another week of preparation.” Despite the rest of their entire season being at stake, the swimmers aren’t going into this meet with jittery nerves, Collura said. “There’s some pressure, but we’re going into it with an open mind,” she said. “We’d like to make it, but it’s a really fast cut-off this

We’re just going to go into it with an open mind, do our best and hope we make it.” Taryn Collura sophomore swimmer

year, so we’re just going to go into it with an open mind, do our best and hope we make it.” According to assistant coach Pat Rowan, the girls are just on the edge of being ready to set the times needed to qualify. They’ll be taking some rest this week in order to set another lifetime record in Athens. “If they go a little bit faster than they did last year, then they

should be right there on the bubble for qualifying for NCAAs,” Rowan said. “That’s what we’re going down there for to give it one more shot … to put on the fast suit one more time, to go up against some of the top competition in the country and just go racing.” sports@

NU hits road for double matchup Sydny Boyd DN This weekend, the No. 50 Nebraska men’s tennis team will travel to Ithaca, N.Y., where it will take on Cornell University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology Highlanders. Originally, the Huskers were set to play Monmouth University, but because of scheduling issues, they’re now playing the NJIT Highlanders. The Huskers had a tough but productive week of practice after their successful weekend where they beat the University of Alabama-Birmingham Blazers and Georgia State Panthers. “We had a good week,” coach Kerry McDermott said. “We prepared, and we’re ready to compete this weekend.” The Huskers worked on their singles and doubles fundamentals, just repeating the necessary steps to be successful during a match McDermott said. Two weeks ago, Cornell competed in the ECAC Indoor Championships where it won its openinground match against Brown and then fell to both Harvard and Dartmouth. Cornell walked away with a fourth-place finish. “Cornell is an Ivy League school,” McDermott said. “They have had much success in the last year. In the fall, their doubles team did quite well at their regional tournament so we are expecting a competitive match.” Right now, Nebraska has its highest ranking of the season as a result of a three-match winning streak. The team took wins in meets against Creighton, Alabama-Birmingham and Georgia State. “We just always look to the next match,” senior Tom Blackwell said. The Big Red and the Huskers have met once before, with Nebraska earning an 8-1 victory on March 26, 1987, in Claremont, Calif. “We haven’t played them, so it’s awkward to say how the outcome will be,” McDermott said. “But we always treat each team with respect and understand the importance of playing hard at all times.” Cornell’s coach was able to get the NJIT men’s tennis team set up for the Huskers to play after Monmouth’s scheduling issues surfaced this week. “The coach was helpful in getting another D-1 match for us against the Highlanders,” McDermott said. “We are looking forward to the challenge.”

file photo by cahner olson | dn

Freshman Lisa Andersson took No. 3 in doubles and No. 4 in singles against Northern Iowa where the Huskers won overall.

file photo | dn

Senior Tom Blackwell helped the Huskers to another win in the season against the University of Alabam at Birmingham when he beat the Blazers’ senior Lucas Dirube 6-2, 6-2. The NJIT Highlanders are coming off of a 5-4 loss against New York Institute of Technology. On Friday, prior to playing the Huskers, NJIT will play the No. 56 Buffalo Bulls before traveling to Ithaca. “We will continue to compete hard,” McDermott said. “We’ll lay down the line no matter who we play.” The Huskers will focus on the same game plan that has led them to a successful four-match winning streak. They will attempt to clutch the doubles point early, leading them with confidence into the singles play. The Huskers will move fast and with the utmost

We will continue to compete hard. We’ll lay down the line no matter who we play. Kerry McDermott men’s tennis coach

drive and determination, McDermott said. “We need to work hard,” the coach said. “We know what kind of tennis we play; we just need to play it.” After this weekend, the men’s tennis team will return to Lincoln for four home matches. The

Huskers will play Utah, North Dakota, Drake and Wisconsin. Wisconsin is the only conference team out of the four. “It should be a good and competitive weekend,” McDermott said. sports@

NU travels for 14th annual challenge No.11 Huskers will compete against four top 10 teams in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday staff report DN The No. 11 Nebraska men’s gymnastics team heads back on the road for the 14th annual Arnold Challenge in Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday. Other teams competing in the meet include No. 3 Ohio State, No. 4 Stanford, No. 5 Minnesota and No. 8 Iowa. For the first time this season, teams will comply with the fiveup, five-count rules. Only five performances are allowed on each event for every team. The Huskers’ last time out, the team put up a score of 418.150, which earned third place in the triangular meet. The floor and the parallel bar events were the top for the squad, as they earned scores of 70.8 in both events. Junior Grant Perdue notched the top score in the meet, with a 15 on the floor exercise. In the parallel bars event, sophomore Sam Chamberlain finished with a score 14.75. Stanford, one of Nebraska’s competitors in the upcoming match, topped No. 1 Oklahoma in its last competition, as the Cardinals earned a season-high score 445.150. The Cardinals finished

Huskers attempt to maintain winning streak Thomas Beckmann DN

an entire day to rest. This will especially help those who have been dealing with injuries, and overall The Husker women’s tennis team soreness issues, Andersson said. “Having a day off this weekend looks to continue its newfound will probably just be a light hit and winning streak as it gets ready to then just a lot of resting,” she said. take on the Drake Bulldogs Friday “It’s going to be nice to be able to at 5:00 p.m., along with the Colorest in between the two days of rado State Rams on Sunday at 11:00 matches. We are going to be able a.m. The Huskers have won their to get our energy back and also recharge our mentality because it is last four games, each by three not only about how your body feels match points. Both teams will come to Lin- but also your mind.” Despite having concerns about coln, as the Huskers will play their injuries, all of the starting six ninth and 10th consecutive meets at the Nebraska Tennis Center. played in every match last weekThe Bulldogs come into this meet end, save for freshman Hannah on a five-game winning streak, in- Sulz, who had to be replaced by cluding three 7-0 victories against sophomore Lauren Wagner. Coach North Dakota, Gustavus Adolphus Scott Jacobson felt that this was the best decision for the and Creighton. The team, and it paid off Bulldogs are 5-1 We are for him as the team overall and 1-0 on went on to defeat the road. going to be Northern Iowa 4-1. Meanwhile, the “I think he is Rams square off able to get our just looking out for against the Bull- energy back. the entire team’s dogs on Saturday, best interest and and then will play health,” Andersson the Huskers in Lisa Andersson said. what will be just freshman tennis player Having the extra the fourth non-tourday off in the week nament match for will alter practice the Rams this year. plans slightly. It will allow for the The Rams are 1-1, as they lost 7-0 to Colorado and defeated Colorado team to have more intense practices early in the week, and during the Mesa 6-1. later stages of the week, they will Last week the Huskers faced off in a doubleheader against Air Force be able to lift. “We are going to have our and Northern Iowa all on the same weight lifting later in the week, and day. we will be able to have a couple of “It was tough playing two harder practices in the beginning of matches in a day, but we did really the week,” Andersson said. “It is good, and we stayed positive and still two matches during the weekenergized throughout both matches,” freshman Lisa Andersson said. end so the preparations will look “I was pretty sore after the matches almost the same.” The meets will be held at the but we got some treatments and ice baths, so now the team and I Abbot Sports Complex. After playing Drake, the Huskers will have are ready for our next weekend of Saturday off and then will square off matches.” against Colorado State on Sunday. This week as opposed to havsports@ ing mere hours to rest in between the matches, the Huskers will have

file photo by stacie hecker | dn

Freshman Travis Gollott has a career-best score on pommel horse of 13.70, a score he received against Air Force. In the Rocky Mountain Open, he got a career-best 13.75 on the vault. with each event score more than 70, with a 75.8 on floor leading the team. With a season-best score of 443.3 last time out, Ohio State has improved each of the previous three weeks. Sophomore allaround competitor Jake Martin put up an 89 in the meet against University of California,Berkeley.

Minnesota also put out its season-high performance in its last competition against Iowa and Nebraska with a score of 437.4. Junior Sean Bauer earned the event title on the floor exercise in this meet with a score of 15.5. Iowa notched a 431.4 in the meet against the University of Illinois-Chicago last weekend.

Sophomore all-arounder Jack Boyle tied a school record with his all-around score of 86.6 in the competition. Following this meet, the Huskers will finish the road schedule part of the season at Oklahoma, for a meeting with the No. 1 Sooners. sports@


friday, february 28, 2014


file photo by andrew barry | dn

Senior catcher Taylor Edwards currently has a 17-game hitting streak, the longest in school history. Edwards helped the team to a win past Boise State when she finished two for four. Edwards hopes to continue this streak against No. 13 Oklahoma this weekend.

Huskers face 2013 champions Austin Pistulka DN The No. 15 Nebraska softball team has a tall task ahead of it this weekend. The Huskers will take on the defending NCAA national champions in Norman, Okla. The No. 13 Oklahoma Sooners will try to prove why they won it all a year ago. Before taking on the Sooners, the Huskers travel to Stillwater, Okla., for a double header against the 10-5 Oklahoma State Cowgirls. The Cowgirls have a team batting average of .301 and an earned running average of 1.73. Even though the Cowgirls have solid team stats, they are not the main focus for the Huskers this weekend. Oklahoma is who Nebraska has their sights on. Oklahoma also has a 10-5 record, but is coming off a 4-1 weekend. The Sooners have a batting average of .266 and are averaging more than six runs per game. Pitch-

“There’s some natural adrening may be Oklahoma’s Achilles heel. Leading the pitching staff is aline when you’re facing an opponent that has that tradition of sophomore Kelsey Stevens. Stevens has a 2.40 ERA in just more being a national power or played in the national championship sethan 55 innings. Opponents are ries last year,” Revelle said. “You batting only .207 but when they do get hits, the hits are big. Ste- never have to work to get up for those games. You vens has given up probably have 17 extra base hits Every game to work to bring and seven home yourself down a runs in the young matters, little bit.” season. Other than Many teams Stevens, the rest every pitch, every can lose early and of the roster has swing.” shake it off as just ERAs above 4.00. being rusty or for “I know it some other reamight be intimiTaylor Edwards son, but Edwards dating to play the senior catcher said that the team national chamknows how imporpions,” senior tant every game is. catcher Taylor Ed“Every game matters,” she wards said, “but it’s a game. It’s softball. The bases are 60 feet, the said. “Every pitch, every swing, everything like that matters. It’s pitchers 43 feet away, that’s how from the beginning of the season you got to look at it.” With the big doubleheader in to the end; bottom line, everyNorman, Nebraska coach Rhon- thing matters.” Early on, the season takes a da Revelle thinks that getting toll on all players, especially for amped up is not the issue for her Nebraska because it doesn’t have team.

a home game until the 27th game of the year, the coach said. “It’s the wear and tear,” Revelle said, “and the fatigue, changing time zones, coming back late at night, I think I got to bed at 2 a.m., Monday morning and then back in the office at 8:15 a.m. They’re (the players) back in class. We really have to do some good pacing. I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck because this is our third weekend traveling by flying. Usually after that third weekend we are ready to get on a bus and just be on a bus.” The season is early for this Husker team and after a notso-great weekend, it will try to bounce back. Edwards said her team will do just that. “We’re going to bounce back real well,” she said. “We just take the competition we just had and that feeling toward top-25 teams and take that edge into the next weekend.” sports@


Nebraska bowls against 12 teams Kimberly Merk DN

person team total pinfall matches will start the individual competition on Saturday, and best four The Husker bowling team is of seven baker match play will be on Sunday. headed to Kansas City, Mo., this The Huskers were recently weekend for the Central Missouri Invitational. Twelve teams ranked No. 2 among the nation, are expected at this three-day just behind No. 1 Arkansas State. In preparation for the Centournament, some of which Nebraska faced in its last competi- tral Missouri Invitational, the Huskers have worked on sevtion in Houston. Out eral techniques durof these teams, seven ing practice in order are ranked in the top to play their best this 10. weekend. Nebraska finished “Mostly, we’ve third in its last combeen working on getpetition at Kat Klash ting our confidence out of 19 other teams back up,” sophomore that attended. TwenBeth Hedley said. ty-two teams were “We’ve had a few scheduled to play in things that we’ve rethe last tournament, ally struggled in, and but because of weathso we were a little bit er conditions on the hedley worried. All we really East Coast, a few need to have is our teams couldn’t comconfidence.” pete. Because some of Interim coach Paul Klempa the teams didn’t make it to Kat is thankful that his players are Klash, the tournament events healthier than they have been for had to change from baker format to total pinfall to determine the the past two events. “I think we’re in pretty good winner. shape here,” Klempa said. “We’ve This weekend’s format will include a five-game Baker Total worked on a lot of the same stuff and tried to develop more skills. Pinfall matches on Friday. FiveWe worked a little bit on off-the-

T&F: from 10 Wisconsin’s is ranked No. 4, Nebraska is ranked No. 21 and Ohio State No. 25 on the men’s side. No. 17 Purdue is the only other ranked Big Ten team on the women’s side. Pepin said the national rankings didn’t necessarily indicate how the conference championship would go because fewer athletes compete on the national level than on the conference level. This opens the door for teams like NU to come in and compete for first. “For our team on both sides, we’re not going to be able to rely on any three, four or five people,” Pepin said. “We’re really going to have to have a real strong team effort because we don’t have very many people that are leading events.” The Huskers are sending 64 men and women to the buckeye state. They will compete for the Huskers at the SPIRE Institute on Feb. 28 and March 1. Among them are several athletes looking to build off of success they had a year ago, as well as athletes looking for redemption after falling short at the conference meet last year. The men and women’s teams

Every tournament affects your chances. Every tournament has an impact.” Paul Klempa interim head coach

line stuff, being a more cohesive team, and there were some mental things we worked on. It was a pretty good week.” Nebraska’s competition this weekend includes a lot of top 10 teams that are also hoping for not only the No. 1 one seed in the Central Missouri invitational, but also the NCAA Championships in April. “Over half of them are really good so we have a really good competition this weekend,” Hedley said. “I think we have a really good opportunity this weekend to play really, really well.” Klempa said he thinks the team will do well against these teams that the bowlers have seen before. “It’s a good field,” Klempa said. “When you compete in the central region week after week, you see the top teams pretty

much everywhere you go. It’ll be another tough field, but I feel good about it. The team’s confident and everybody seems to be feeling pretty good about things.” The Huskers are hoping to make it to the NCAA Championships in Ohio this year, and Klempa said Nebraska will be in good shape if all goes well in this tournament. “Every tournament affects your chances,” the coach said. “Every tournament has an impact, and when you get closer to the end, those are even more important because you either bowl your way in or bowl your way out. So we’re trying to keep ourselves in it. So far we’re in, we just got to continue doing what we’re doing, and we should be fine.” sports@

file photo by stacie hecker | dn

Junior Desiré Stephens took a career-high score and second place at the Huskers’ season opener on bars with a 9.875.

Nebraska rests in preparation for its 8th meet ting together 24 for 24 routines,” Kendig said. No. 7 Huskers will Kendig said with every meet, he’s seen the girls’ confidence face Arizona State, grow and hopes it continues to do No. 14 Oregon State that. have two athletes who in Pac-12 competition haveThey been injured as the rest of on Saturday the team prepares for the meet. Junior Jennifer Lauer ’s leg was injured a couple of weeks ago. She recently had her cast reVanessa Daves moved and is able to put weight DN on her leg. Kendig said he sees that as a good sign and that it’s a The No. 7 Nebraska women’s matter of healing and seeing what gymnastics team will be compethappens. Lauer will probably be ing against two Pac-12 teams Satout for four to six weeks. urday in their eighth meet of the Redshirt freshman Ariel Marseason. tin was injured in practice on The meet will take place in Thursday when she was practicCorvallis, Ore., where the Husking on beam. Though the team ers will face Arizona State and doesn’t know the seriousness of No. 14 Oregon State. the situation, Kendig said they Oregon State’s highest score of will play it by ear to see if she the season is a 196.675, while Ari- competes this weekend. zona State’s high score is 196.200. Kendig said her back has been Nebraska’s highest score was two sore for a while now, so the injury meets ago against Penn State, is most likely a result of that. where it scored a 197.225. Kendig said sophomore HolThe Huskers’ last meet was lie Blanske is ready to have the Feb. 23 at home in breakout meet of the Bob Devaney her life. It’s her We’re Sports Center, first year performwhere they defeating all-around. interested ed Kentucky, Wis“Hollie is really consin-Stout and in putting rocking her rouBridgeport in the together 24 for 24 tines,” Kendig said. 24th annual MasBlanske said routines.” ters Classic. she feels like she Nebraska has has gained a lot of dan kendig been shuffling beconfidence this seawomen’s gymnastics coach tween being ranked son. No. 7 and No. 8 for “I’m finally the past few weeks. starting to get comThis week, junior Desiré Stefortable doing the all-around, phens said the team is hoping for and I think the more experience another win. I have, the more confident I get,” “I’m expecting it to be one of she said. “I’ve had a lot of solid our best meets,” she said. “The meets but not a really big one yet. team’s ready.” I just feel like I’m getting better The team will be starting on each meet.” beam during the upcoming meet, Blanske, senior Emily Wong so in practice the players went and junior Jessie DeZiel are all through their rotation order. Stecontenders in the all-around, phens said they’re pushing to do though last week Wong took a better in every aspect. break from vault. Last week, the “Practice was short and sweet three of them tied for the event this week,” coach Dan Kendig title on bars with a score of 9.90. said. Kendig said he’s confident in Since their last meet was on the three of them this weekend. Sunday, the Huskers took Mon“Honestly, nothing would day off, so they’ve only practiced make me happier than to have her on Tuesday and Thursday this and Jessie and Emily tie for the week. all-around title,” Kendig said. “We’re hoping everyone is sports@ rested and we’re interested in

basketball: from 10 will be defending three event titles. However, all three of the events the women won last year won’t be defended by the person who won the event. Former NU runner Jessica Furlan won the 3,000-meter event, and former NU All-American jumper Mara Griva won the long jump and the triple jump. Both graduated in spring 2013. Senior captain Patrick Raedler will defend his 2013 long jump title, when he jumped a still personal-best 25 feet 10 inches. Raedler will try to defend NU’s triple jump crown, won by former NU jumper Janis Leitis. The men will also defend their 4x400-meter relay title from last year, when they won with a time of 3:6.67. Several seniors including Chad Wright, Anna Weigandt, Anne Martin, Annie Jackson, Jillanna Scanlan, Mara Weekes, Dexter McKenzie, Tim Thompson, Ellie Grooters, Veronica Grizzle and Big Ten Track Athlete of the Week Shawnice Williams will look to finish their last indoor season well after placing in the top eight in their events at conference last year. sports@

game faded as the team finished the first half with a shooting percentage of 43 percent. The Huskers went into the locker room with a 38-31 lead. The Fighting Illini sprinted out in the second half and erased the deficit with a little more than 16 minutes remaining in the game. The duo of senior Amber Moore and junior Ivory Crawford accounted for the Illini’s nine points to tie the game at 40. After the timeout, the Huskers surged on a 10-0 run with Hooper scoring all of the points. “Jordan did tonight what she has done for the past four years,” Yori said. “She hits a lot of big shots.” With just less than eight minutes to play, the Huskers took an 11-point lead on layups from junior forward Emily Cady and freshman forward Allie Havers and a 3-pointer from junior guard Tear’a Laudermill. The Illini’s Moore drained a 3-pointer with just three minutes to play, cutting the Huskers’ lead down to two points. The Illini couldn’t hit a basket from the charity line, the

baseball: from 10 Jordan did tonight what she has done for the past four years. She hits a lot of big shots.” Connie Yori

women’s basketball coach

team missing six free throws in the final two minutes of the game. They finished the game shooting 36 percent from the line. The Huskers were able to play keep away in the last seconds of the game, and they secured their ninth consecutive win. Moore, who racked up 19 points and also dished out two assists, led the Illini on offense. Hooper finished out the game with 29 points and nine rebounds. The rest of the Husker squad said they knew they had to get this victory for their senior teammate. “We wanted to win it so bad,” Laudermill said, “Like out of this world bad.”

Nebraska will head to West Lafayette, Ind., on Sunday for the final regular season game against the Purdue Boilermakers. The Boilermakers will enter the competition looking to extend their five-game winning streak and bolster their record going into the Big Ten tournament. The Huskers are also looking to continue their nine-game winning streak against Purdue and win the conference championship. “I don’t want to get too nervous for it,” Cady said. “We’re just going to go in and practice and play the game. Whatever happens, happens.” Sports@

(14) than their counterpart. Erstad said he knows that when they get on base, they have the potential to be a threat. “They got a couple of guys at the top of the lineup that when they get on base they cause all kinds of problems,” he said. “They run all over the place.” Although they’ve only stolen four bases on their opponents, the Huskers have a speedster themselves in centerfield. Before coming to Nebraska, Boldt had a reputation for being a threat on the base paths, including an XXV IBAF Under-18 Baseball World Championships tournament record 12 stolen bases in 2012. He hasn’t shown it yet this season, however. Although he’s hitting .217 at the plate and hasn’t gotten the green light to steal yet, Boldt said he’s thankful to be a freshman starter and that he’s eager to improve his numbers this weekend. “I still got to get some at-bats under my belt and get more confidence going into the next at-bats,” he said. “It’s only going to get better from here. I’m just excited to get the opportunity to play every day.” sports@



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Senior forward Jordan Hooper was honored in senior night at the Huskers’ last home game of the season. Hooper shot 29 points to help Nebraska to its ninth-straight Big Ten win against the Illinois Fighting Illini. The game ended with a final score of 72-65.


ll Nebraska coach Connie Yori had to say after the game was Jordan Hooper. The crowd responded, as it had for the past four years.

“Hoop.” The No. 13 Nebraska basketball team defeated Illinois 72-65 in senior forward Hooper’s final regular season home game. Hooper said her time at Nebraska has helped her improve in more than just the game of basketball. “It’s been all I’ve wanted and more,” Hooper said. “It’s helped me grow as a person, grow as a player. And just have a lot of fun honestly.” Hooper struggled out of the gates by missing her first three shots. She recorded her first points with 16:13 left in the opening half, as junior forward Hailie Sample passed the ball over It’s been all the defender Hooper. She I’ve wanted to received the ball in stride to and more. It the bucket and helped me grow drained it. The Huskas a person.” ers experiJordan hooper enced trouble senior forward shooting early in the game. The squad was shooting 33 percent from the field with 13:45 in the first half. The Illini darted out of the gate, shooting 60 percent at that point. The score was 15-11, Illini. Then Nebraska’s junior guard Brandi Jeffery entered the game and provided a quick steal, layup and a 3-pointer, which gave the squad a 16-15 lead and momentum. After missing her first three 3-point attempts, Hooper drained one from downtown with just a little more than 10 minutes in the half. Hooper went on to sink two more from behind the arc in the first 20 minutes. The passing by the Huskers was creating plenty of open looks, the ball was flying across the court non-stop. The team totaled 11 assists in just the first half. Illinois had its opportunities on the offensive side, but the hot start to the

Hoop’s House Despite starting off shaky, the No. 13 Huskers beat Illinois for the second time this season 72-65. Hooper played her last game in the Pinnacle Bank Arena.

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Senior captain and jumper Patrck Raedler wants to defend his 2013 long jump title at the Big Ten indoor Champtionships.

NU has high hopes for indoor championships

“I think they need to go in thinking that they can win this Nebraska looks to thing,” volunteer jumps coach Dusty Jonas said Monday, “bemaintain its records cause I mean, why compete if from last year’s you’re not competing to win?” Nebraska coach Gary Pepin Big Ten Indoor said winning the conference titles Championships won’t be an easy task. “I think it’s going to be a really tough meet,” Pepin said at the Nebraska Tune-Up last Friday. “The Michael Shoro conference is very strong on both DN genders.” Pepin said Penn State is probThe Nebraska track and field ably considered the favorite by a team’s goal is simple – to come sizeable margin for both the men back from the 2014 Big Ten Indoor and the women. Pepin said, howChampionships in Geneva, Ohio, ever, he wasn’t ready to concede this weekend with the titles to the Nita couple of firsttany Lions just yet. I think they place trophies. “The reason After finishing that they have the need to go fourth and second meet is because respectively at the in thinking that now it’s head-to2013 Big Ten Indoor they can win this head and just beChampionships, cause one team the Husker men thing.” goes in with someand women will be body first in the dusty jonas chasing their 106th high jump doesn’t jumps coach and 107th confermean that they’re ence titles as well necessarily going as their third and to get first,” he fourth Big Ten Conference titles said. this year. The men won the 2013 The Penn State men’s team is Big Ten Outdoor Championships ranked No. 7 and the Penn State and the women won second place women’s team is ranked No. 11. in the 2012 Big Ten Indoor Championships. t&F: see page 9

Nebraska heads to 3-game series after beating Arizona Nedu Izu DN After finishing its last road trip 2-1 in Arizona, the Nebraska baseball team (4-3 overall) will travel East for a three-game series this weekend at the 4-5 Citadel in Charleston, S.C. In the Pac 12/Big Ten Challenge last weekend, the Husker offense exploded for 25 runs, including a nine spot in Game 1 to upset No. 1 Oregon State, 9-2. “It was a great win. From top to bottom in the lineup, everyone got it done,” freshman Ryan Boldt said. The freshman centerfielder picked up four hits and plated three of his teammates to increase his average nearly 100 points and his RBI total to six. The pitching staff also impressed last weekend, when they allowed the Beavers, Washington and Utah to tally just nine runs on the weekend. But in its next three games, Nebraska will have to try to win its series against the Bulldogs without the help of three of its players. For the third consecutive weekend, junior left-handed pitcher Kyle Kubat won’t travel with the team. But unlike the first two road trips, it’s not because of arm soreness, Nebraska coach Darin Erstad said. “He’s available but due to a violation of team rules he will not be traveling this week,” the coach said.

It was a great win. From top to bottom in the lineup, everyone got it done.” Ryan Boldt

freshman centerfielder

Starting junior shortstop Steven Reveles will also be unavailable for the Huskers this weekend because of an injury he suffered last Saturday against the Huskies. “He hit a double, just came out of the box and felt it halfway to first base,” Erstad said. “Hopefully (his return will) be sooner than later, but with my experience with those things, I’m going to be very cautious and make sure we have him ready for the full season.” Prior to his injury, Reveles was off to a strong start in his first season with Nebraska, recording a teamhigh four doubles, while hitting a .320 average and .480 slugging percentage from the No. 2 spot in the lineup. The player expected to take his place this weekend is sophomore infielder Jake Placzek, who has hit .231 in five games thus far in the season. But if the right-handed hitter doesn’t fit, or worse, gets injured as well, Erstad isn’t ruling out shifting

his everyday third baseman a couple feet over. “(Blake) Headley’s the next option after that,” the coach said. “They’re both capable of playing there.” The position won’t be foreign for Headly either. The now-everyday third baseman for Nebraska called shortstop home frequently during his four years at Millard South High School. So far at the hot corner this year the left-handed hitter has committed one error for a .972 fielding percentage, while sporting a .370 average at the plate. Although the Huskers are hitting .311 as a team through its first seven games, their opponents this weekend have also put up solid numbers at the plate. The Bulldogs are batting 42 points lower than Nebraska, but they do have a higher on-base percentage (.381) and have stolen 10 more bases

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Sophomore shortstop and third baseman Blake Headley has only committed one error in the field this semester, giving him a .972 fielding percentage. He also has a .370 average at the plate.

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