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Nitin Lawate

BEAT WATER CRISIS Water crisis in Pune has triggered off directives to citizens by Pune Municipal Corporation to avoid water wastage. Sunil Bhoite’s innovative Jal Genie seems an apt answer for your plants SHEHNAZ CHAWLA

Fill it,

forget it (your plant will be watered 24x7)


pending a majority of his time amidst the endless blue carpet of the ocean doesn’t stop marine pilot Sunil Bhoite from constantly thinking green when he is on land. No wonder then that he has come up with a very innovative and environmentfriendly water solution for your plants. His brainchild, the Jal Genie, is a creative contraption, a unique, water-efficient subirrigation system that will take away your worries of watering plants frequently. Moreover, the innovative device dramatically reduces maintenance cost, stops water wastage, and even dispenses the adequate amount of water to the plants. For the last six years, Sunil Bhoite and his wife have been running a garden accessories store called ‘Landscape and Garden Essentials’ at The Enchanted Gardens in Pune. Over the course, Sunil has come

across a lot of customers who love the plants and the pretty planters that go with them, but are often hesitant to take one home. The primary concerns, he reveals, ranged from the technical queries such as ‘When do I water the plants?’, ‘How much water?’ to the domestic issues like ‘What if I don’t have the time to water them?’, ‘What happens when I go on vacation? Also, Bhoite realised the dilemma faced by city-dwellers during water shortage in summer. In the summer, watering plants becomes high priority and keeping them alive is equally important. It was then that he started racking his brains. “To address these issues, I started studying the self-watering systems. I did not find a particular system which was suitable to dry Indian conditions, or something that could be used with any type of container (plastic, fibre, ceramic, terracotta, etc.).” >> Continued on Page 5

How does Jal Genie work? z Practically zero runoff through drain holes z No drain holes required for indoor use, thus eliminating pot trays z Watering interval can be increased to as much as two to four weeks z Substantial labour and maintenance costs are saved due to reduced watering frequency z No adverse visual impact, unlike other visible over the top watering systems z Installation in new and existing planters (indoor and outdoor) and plant beds z Used with any type of container, decorative or regular z High quality product with a long life z More than 95 per cent of water put in is used by the plant z Virtually eliminates loss of water due to evaporation

Copter rides to offer aerial view of forts DHEERAJ BENGRUT


uneities will now get an opportunity to see the aerial view of Sahyadri mountain ranges and magnificent structure of various forts around Pune. Until now, trekkers in the city were limited to hosting adventure tours to the forts. Now, however, Giri Darshan Trekking Club and Rotary Club of Pune Midtown have opened up an entierly new, thrilling adventure avenue to nature lovers. In a first-of-its-kind

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initiative in the city, the Club has launched helicopter tours to forts in Maharashtra. There are, in all, 340 forts in Maharashtra, including various types such as the Jaldurga, GiriDurga, Vandurga and Bhoikot. The project enables fort entusiasts to have night camps, study the history of the fort and base many other activities around it. The numerous trekking clubs and organisations, which are already hosting visits and adventure camps to these historic points, will now have a chance to enjoy a bird’s eye

Pay to fly z One hour ride z Rs 15,000 per person. z Half an hour ride Rs 12,000 per person. z Giri Darshan Trekking Club: 9850520058/020 24483822

Just like Pune is a city that still respects values, welcomes ideas and supports genuine efforts, Life 365 is more than just a daily. Going beyond news that has already been done to death, Life 365 rejects negativity,

sensationalism and superficiality in its columns. We are here to promote good values, good people and good work. As a cosmopolitan, commercial hub, the city today abounds with enlightened individuals, talented

view of the forts. Giri Darshan and Rotary Club organised and successfully completed the pilot run of the project, on March 25. The occasion was graced by around 15 visitors. Starting from a Bavdhan-based private helipad, the troop enjoyed an aerial view of the Raigad fort, Torana fort, Tikona fort and Pune’s very own Sinhagad fort. The helicopter is capable of accommodating three people at a time, including the pilot. The group is confident of hosting around ten rides a day. Giri Darshan’s director

creators and innovators, genuine activists and social groups. All inspired and inspiring citizens. Life 365 will strive to capture the mixed ethos of it all. We promise to function as a responsible and

Satish Marathe and Rotary Club’s Suhas Patil were the forerunners in bringing this project to life. “We’ve been hatching this plan since years. To be able to view these awesome man-made creations in their complete glory is an amazing experience not to be missed,” explains Marathe. He further stresses that the group doesn’t stand to commercially benefit from the tours. Ride categories: z Rajgad fort, Raigad fort, Torana fort and Sinhagad fort z Tikona fort, Lohagad fort, Visapur fort and Duke’s Nose.

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For full access, please subscribe to hard copy of the newspaper. Available in Pune and PCMC area. Please call on 8806 365 365 for more infor...