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Mobiles breaking

marriages Does your mother call you on your mobile phone a bit too often ever since you became a new bride? Does your newfound husband send or receive smses he does not want to show you? Mobiles have spelt doom in marriages say legal experts of Family Court Illustration : Deepak Sankpal



f you are not directly connected with a broken marriage, you would probably not bother to know that Pune has a Family Court and the number of separations and divorces are the second highest in Maharashtra. You would also not think much about the fact that over 150 fresh divorce petitions are filed in this court every month and that most involve youngsters who have been married barely six months to three years. However, just one visit to this Family Court, located near the Alka Talkies chowk, at the beginning of Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, will reveal the real truth of a city where prosperity and professionalism have reached happy heights for young professionals from all over the country. However, personal happiness and contentment in adjusting to marriage partners is at very low ebb.

When I visited it, I expected the boredom and mundaneness that one sees in other courts. However, as I climbed upstairs and went to the reception centre, the atmosphere was charged with activity. I found goodlooking, well-dressed, bright youngsters, waiting for their respective cases to come up for hearing. They were sitting in a row with their parents/ guardians, some still angry, hurt. Others seemed resigned to the idea of separation and would want to get it out of their system as early as possible. Some had come with their children, aged between one and five years. Young mothers were taking a look at the childcare room but they were not happy with the upkeep. My heart sank and I quite imagined with what fanfare their weddings must have been celebrated and with what merriment the bundle of joy must have arrived in the family. For each one of them seemed to be well-to-do.

Expertspeak: Some social solutions Instead of seeing astrological charts, the couple should undergo a complete health checkup to find out if both parties are marriageready, physically and emotionally. Couples should swap tax returns, property details, etc., frankly, to avoid bad blood later. Parents should allow So, what is the reason for marriages crashing even before they have crystallised? Life 365 spoke to legal experts who are associated with Family Courts and they chorus that the mobile phone is the biggest culprit. Let’s also see who the other culprits are…

Snooping cell phones ``Beta, what is the subzi made today?’’ asked this mother to

children to choose life partners freely, without interfering. Parents should not play the ‘caste’ card. Legal counselling in an amiable atmosphere outside a court should be considered. In the Family Court, the opinion of psychologists and counsellors should be taken seriously. her newly-wed daughter over the mobile phone. Day after day, says the officer in charge of the Social Security Cell, Pune Police, such calls carried on, driving her daughter’s marriage to the brink, as she really began feeling she was being ill-treated in her new house. Mothers keep interfering with their daughter’s lives and create havoc in their minds says the police officer. “The mobile is the biggest culprit

when it comes to broken marriages. The problem is, the daughter very often is the only child or one of two children, so mothers, instead of teaching their girls to stand up on their own and meet the challenges of life which includes adjustment (unless the case is extreme), find solutions that break marriages. Buying an apartment for the daughter so that she can be on her own or she can move in with her husband minus the in-laws is not very uncommon.” Says Aseem Sarode, a leading lawyer, “Mobiles have created unhealthy and unfaithful relationships between young couples because, besides the mother, you also have conversations between the mother-in-law and her daughter (wherever she is) insinuating against the young, new bride. Due to the SMS culture, you have couples becoming suspicious of whom and what the other is text messaging to colleagues. Mobile phones have certainly

caused a dent in marital relationships.”

Change in lifestyle Economic prosperity, wherein not only the men but young women as well, are earning handsomely and are on par in the IT sector and other professional fields, has also added to the heartburn. So, girls wonder why they should play the secondary role, when they are equal partners in the financial aspects of the relationship. >> Continued on page 5

EXTRAA If you have a problem you may contact: Social security cell, Pune Police Commissionerate: 020-26208215/26208431 PI B S Barge: 9545725000 Rama Sarode: 020-25459777 Neelima Mysore: 98220 50418

You know you’re from Pune when… Amche Pune is a city full of odd surprises; where else would one find a street full of closed shops at two in the afternoon, just because it happens to be the Puneri afternoon nap hour! Here are a few assal Puneri quirks for you...

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LIFE 365 daily all about?

Koregaon Park is still the coolest area to hang out in All the shopkeepers on MG Road recognise you when you walk past their stores All the parking attendants and beggars on MG Road also recognise you when you walk past them You love the strawberry milkshake and the Sitaphal milkshake at Fantasy You miss Barista KP. And Gazebo. And Jaws... You refer to cops as Mama

and old men as Kaka and all male shopkeepers as Boss You’ve eaten Bun Maska at an Irani cafe You've spent hours at German Bakery and have encountered the mad beggar girl with the baby who harrases everyone who enters or leaves the bakery You've also spent hours at SGS Magnum Mall, Pune Central and Nucleus You've been around on a twowheeler at least once

Just like Pune is a city that still respects values, welcomes ideas and supports genuine efforts, Life 365 is more than just a daily. Going beyond news that has already been done to death, Life 365 rejects negativity,

When you weren’t in college, you were somewhere in Inox, Café Delight, E-Square, Adlabs or NCC Your New Year's Eve is either at Bala's or Goa You got a tattoo from Sabby's You had a very boring August

sensationalism and superficiality in its columns. We are here to promote good values, good people and good work. As a cosmopolitan, commercial hub, the city today abounds with enlightened individuals, talented

2009 ‘cos everything was shut thanks to swine flu and half your friends went on holidays! You were standing in a long queue when Mocha first opened on Law College Road You go to Pasteur/Marzorin/ Va i s h a l i / O l y m p i a / G e o r g e restaurant /Cafe Good Luck/Blue Nile/ Coffee House/Manmeet/ Burger King…at least once a week You feel extra happy during Ganesh Chathurti and love the dhin chak music playing

creators and innovators, genuine activists and social groups. All inspired and inspiring citizens. Life 365 will strive to capture the mixed ethos of it all. We promise to function as a responsible and

everywhere You love to compare Camp and Deccan Pimpri, Chinchwad, Pashan and Nigdi are FAR

You associate the following words... Wada Pav – JJ Gardens Mithai – Karachi Public transport – Rickshaw Extended public transport – Six-seater rickshaw Thursday – Power cut! >> Continued on page 5

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