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An NGO that empowers the city’s visually-impaired >> P4

Meet multi-talented script writer Gauri Warudi >> P9

A few ‘organic’ tips to stay healthy >>P8

K A E R B r a e y 1 r o f s ie d u t s from your Are you bored of studies after your Std X or Std XII board examination? Taking one year’s break is helpful in the long run as per The ‘Year-On’ campaign, an initiative of the NGO, Swapathgami Network SAMARTH GOYAL


ver wondered what it would be like to take a year off during your education career to explore and reflect on what you want to achieve? Do you

FRESH APPROACH want to play cricket or tennis to see if you can make it in sports or perhaps dedicate yourself to the kitchen with the intention of morphing into yet another Sanjeev Kapoor? In all fairness, one year of experimentation is probably better than being stuck in the seat of a wrong academic

course or job and cribbing later to your parents or colleague, “I never really wanted this!” Taking a break after Std X, Std XII, graduation or even post-graduation to realise you’re the Steve Jobs hidden in you or perhaps a Michael Angelo—not a bad deal, right?

a nationwide community of individuals and organisations who believe in ‘walking out’ of

conventional institutions and ‘walking on’ to discover and create their own ways of living

Test yourself z The group’s website even provides a dummy’s guide to the ‘Year On’ concept, rattling off some fresh ideas to the uninitiated. From The Leap Year Project (which is about “What would you do if YOU could take a risk to make something better? What Leap would you take?”), to try the No Impact experiment, (a oneweek-long carbon cleanse), there’s a lot on offer.

An offbeat path The largely-western concept, where teens in schools do summer jobs and activities to find out their passion, is now finding its way in our country too. ‘Year on’ as the break is called, is being advocated in the form of a campaign run by Swapathgami Network, based in Udaipur, Rajasthan. This is

and learning. The Year On campaign in India encourages everyone– young and old–to experiment with walking out and walking on in their lives. It involves students, teachers and also parents encouraging students to take on a year as a challenge to rediscover themselves. The Year On campaign basically seeks to encourage youth to consider taking a gap year for self-reflection, travel, practical experience and community engagement. It is not a gap; it is a year where students think, to decide about their lives and future. Quite understandably, when it comes to their child taking a year-long hiatus,

parents become reluctant. They feel that the children will waste time in a gap year if not supervised/controlled by a full-time teacher. The Swapathgami network wants to change the parents’ outlook with this campaign.

Here is what some students had to say about their experiences Sagar Atre who worked as a social worker during his gap year at SEARCH, Gadchiroli, >> Continued on page 5

EXTRAA To find out more about the campaign, visit http://yearon.

I love cooking for mom! A culinary role reversal was recently witnessed at the Atllantiss restaurant, when a group of 22 youngsters cooked some of their favourite delicacies for their moms Pic: Nitin Lawate


three-year-old spreading butter on toast, a five-yearold meticulously pouring lemon juice in a tall glass, a seven-year-old mixing the right amount of salt for the Bruschetta and a 13-yearold preparing iced tea and dessert—all under one roof. What unites these young culinary experts is their love for mummy! The delightful sight of 22 kids having fun with cooking was witnessed as a part of the ‘Young Chefs – Cooking for Moms’ workshop, organised by the Atllantiss restaurant, to offer young kids a unique culinary experience.

What is your

LIFE 365 daily all about?

The ‘Young Chefs’ striking a pose with their delicious creations

Celebrating mom’s efforts For a mother cooking for her kids is a daily routine –

breakfast, lunch, dinner, and not to forget the 4 o’clock snack time. To celebrate the hard work mothers put in,

Life 365 is more than just a daily that packages `life’ in its 16 pages. It is a platform to understand your city better in terms of the good work silently being done by hundreds of good samaritans. Their stories of

22 kids showed their appreciation and gratitude for all that their moms do for them. The workshop was held in the restaurant premises. The head chef Sohail Mondal and Anita Gosal, Director, Ternate Hospitality Pvt Ltd, took the kids through a culinary journey. The kids were given aprons and caps to start with and each of them had their own name tags too. The young chefs carefully watched as the different recipes were demonstrated to them. >> Continued on page 5

how they lend an extending hand could propel you to contribute your bit to the society. In this progressive city of Pune, the desire to the serve the society is very strong, as we learnt from interaction with citizens.

Do you know of a person, a group of persons, an institute, an initiative or an activity that would inspire people or promote the larger social good? Are you one of them? Life 365 offers itself as your

trusted platform to share it with others. Contact us at: or Life 365, Aaj Ka Anand building, Shivajinagar, Pune 411005.

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