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Daily Journal Weekly Real Estate


January 12, 2018

Daily Journal Weekly Real Estate

A Realtor® can sell your home faster and for more than you could yourself. Leaving you more time to enjoy your life.

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If you’re one of the five million people who list their home for sale this year, the National Association of REALTORS® wants you to know that when it comes to selling a home, you’re better off using a REALTOR®. Someone who can get the job done in half the time, and can sell it for more than if you sold it on your own. That’s because REALTORS® are experts they have extensive experience staging the home, showing it and attracting qualified buyers to view it. Work with a REALTOR®, a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, they can explain options in your area that best fit your situation. To learn more, visit Figure based on The 2007 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.


Mineral Area Board of REALTORS®. Farmington, MO 573-756-5576 ©2008 National Association of REALTORS®




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Cell: 314-223-0488

Featured ProPerty oF the Week! #18001691 • $89,900 Madison 219 - FREdERiCKToWn

This 55+- acre wooded property is what you’ve been waiting for! County road frontage, multiple home sites, and electric nearby. Easy rolling terrain with a mixed stand of hardwood timber, great locations for a pond & easily accessible around the perimeter by vehicle. This property has great potential to subdivide or to be as secluded as you want. All this, 5 miles from town can’t be beat at this price.

Daily Journal Weekly Real Estate

a DIaMOnD In THe real esTaTe rOugH

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HOW TO PICk THe PerFeCTly IMPerFeCT FIxer-uPPer By Jesse DarlanD CTW FeaTures

you’ve found that fixer upper of your dreams and you’re ready to put in an offer. But despite your vision of what the house could be, there’s still some fixing up to do before it’s ready for move-in. sure it’s a little scruffy now, so how can you look past the flaws and find the “good bones” within? We consulted some experts to find out how to tell a diamond in the rough from a money pit. “as a home inspector, I’m not able to

open up walls, so I’m just looking for clues,” says sean Thompson, a licensed home inspector and owner of Thompson Home Inspection in Portland, Ore. according to Thompson, most problems in older or rough-around-the-edges homes can make themselves known through clues. you can check for these problems yourself when you visit the property for a walk-through. start by giving the foundation a quick once-over to check its fitness. “Walk around and through the home, looking at floors and checking outside for foundation cracks,” Thompson says. Most homes settle over time, so any cracks along the edge of the foundation are not an immediate cause for concern, but if you see cracks wider than a quarter of an inch, there might be deeper issues. “a home inspector can advise you

“Walk around and through the home, looking at floors and checking outside for foundation cracks.” sean THOMPsOn

lICenseD HOMe InsPeCTOr

if you need a further evaluation by a licensed foundation company,” says David Wilsey, owner of a 2 Z advanced Home Inspections in Charleston, s.C. Foundation problems can be fixed, but potentially can be a costly repair, and you should consult a contractor for an

estimate before jumping in. after taking a look at the foundation, it’s time to check the roof. Of course, you won’t be able to go up on top of the shingles yourself. Wilsey points out that climbing on a weakened or unstable roof can cause further damage – before the home has even been purchased. Instead, grab a flashlight and take a look in the attic. What you want to look for is any sign of moisture. If you see dark patches on the wood in the attic, the roof is not What you want to look for is any sign of moisture. If you see dark patches on the wood in the attic, the roof is not doing its job to keep water out. “In Portland in winter, we deal with a lot of mold,” Thompson says. “so you’re looking for white staining, black stains, or anything that looks like it might be organic.”

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Five steps

to A successFul reAl estAte Flip

hat’s a flip? Buy cheap, renovate and resell for a profit. Are you thinking about embarking on a real estate flip? whatever you do, don’t go into it blindly. take the time to plan your project and learn about this type of real estate transaction in order to avoid making rookie mistakes. here are the most important steps to follow to turn your project into a resounding success. 1. Find the perFect property The first step is to find a suitable property to flip. The challenge is to find a good deal, wherein you acquire a property that might require some major renovations but that has great potential to be resold at a decent price. it is also essential that the property is located in a desirable neighbourhood. in other words, you need to know the market in order to identify what constitutes a good selling price. After all, the purchase price largely determines the achievable profit on resale, which is generally about 10 to 15 per cent. you’re going to be looking for the lowest possible prices, so start your search with properties that owners want to sell quickly. 2. do your cAlculAtions Before you buy, you should evaluate all project expenses, including the costs of purchase (purchase price, inspection, lawyer fees, transfer taxes), possession (mortgage, property taxes, utilities,

insurance, snow removal) and selling. don’t assume that you’ll be able to sell the property without a real estate agent. obviously, you should also evaluate the costs of the renovations. to do this properly, ask a general contractor to visit the property with you. he or she will estimate the work required and the associated costs. however, bear in mind that renovations usually involve a few surprises, so leave some leeway in your budget for unforeseen expenses. Also, be careful not to do too much in the way of renovations; if you want to recover your investment when you sell, don’t exceed the potential value of the property. A licensed appraiser and a real estate broker can help you evaluate the resale value of the property once it has been renovated. 3. Find FinAncing contact a mortgage broker to determine your borrowing capacity. do you have the required down payment? can you get a loan to finance the renovations? Are you eligible for some subsidies? Are you thinking of going into a partnership for this project?

4. Ask ABout current regulAtions And get insurAnce Make sure that the work you want to undertake will be accepted by the municipality concerned. Ask about the necessary permits, and make sure you understand the impact of the flip on your taxes. insure your investment and check that the professionals with whom you are dealing have all the necessary permits. 5. do As Much work As you cAn, then delegAte of course, your project will be more profitable if you do as much of the work yourself as possible. however, you must be able to acknowledge your limitations and find competent professionals for tasks requiring special expertise, such as electricity or plumbing. real estate flips are demanding and stressful, with the possibility of overloaded credit cards, water supply cut offs and the risk of selling at a loss. Are you mentally prepared for the challenge? if so, dive in!

thinking about buying a townhome, condo, or other multifamily residence? attached home living can offer a lot of perks, including little to no upkeep required and not having to worry about leaf and snow removal. But choosing a unit without giving serious thought to its placement within the building can

result in serious buyer’s remorse. Consider the risks when you share walls with neighbors in a multifamily development: pick the wrong spot, and unwanted noise, ugly views, privacy problems, and more may plague you. “With single-family detached homes, at worst you have a neighbor who’s noisy or whose property is an eyesore. But if you own a condo with a neighbor above who’s training for a tap-dancing competition, you’re going to go insane,”

says Chris taylor, broker with Bostonbased advantage real estate. Picking a unit prudently is essential, agrees Genevieve Wilner, agent with Monument sotheby’s international realty in Baltimore, “not only to ensure that you’re happy living there, but to get the best resale value when it comes time to sell.” adriana Mollica, realtor with teles Properties in Beverly hills, has several

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BY erik J. Martin CtW Features

criteria she asks her attached home shopper clients to ponder carefully, including: • Accessibility – Think twice about a unit that’s a far walk from your parking spot and resident amenities. • Common walls – Corner unit condos and end-of-group townhomes are more private and desirable. • What’s above and below – Top floors are pricey but preferred because no one lives above you. avoid living directly below a common area like a rooftop deck or directly above a hightraffic noise nuisance such as a garage gate.

knoWinG What to Consider BeFore PurChasinG a toWnhoMe, Condo or MultiFaMilY hoMe Will save You MaJor headaChe as a hoMeoWner

Daily Journal Weekly Real Estate

Choose Your unit WiselY



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573.747.8099 573.327.8300

e I’ll do th you! for running




Pilot Knob / $113,900

Well cared for 2 bedroom, 2 bath home on large lot with detached garage and 2 car carport. This home features a covered front porch and large deck with privacy fence. The 2,000 square feet of living space includes a large living room, family room with fireplace and spacious sun room, giving you plenty of options to entertain family, friends or just relax.


Bonne Terre/Desloge Area / $172,900

Custom details abound in this meticulously cared-for home, conveniently located in a quiet neighborhood. This custom-built home includes crown molding, vaulted ceilings and archways that provide architectural interest in main living areas. Beautifully crafted vinyl shutter blinds are professionally installed throughout. Enjoy the expansive master suite with a jetted tub and two walk-in closets, one of which was built as a safe room.

Bismarck / $152,500

MAKE OFFER! Looking for a business opportunity, look no further! 5,000+ square foot building previously operated as a bar, rental hall and liquor store. The property comes with new electric grill, double pizza oven, large smoker, 2 walk in coolers, new 6 burner gas cook stove, pool tables and much more. The property is currently licensed for alcohol and convenience store sales.


Park Hills / $69,500

Unique 3 bedroom home with large living room and family room. The home has a large kitchen with separate dining room. The Multi levels provides plenty of space for all family members and lots of room to spend time with those near and dear to you. Additional features include a partial basement, storage building, attached garage, carport, large yard and cottage which is currently rented.

17058113 Bonne Terre / $329,900

1136B N Desloge Dr. - Desloge

Bismarck / $69,900

15 beautiful acres to build your new home. Every view from your new home will be picture perfect with amazing scenic view. This property is also great for horses, cattle, and other livestock.

17072273 Potosi / $249,900

Stunning 2 story home sitting on 3.1 acres with heated above ground pool. The main level has a beautiful entry foyer, large living room with fireplace, spacious kitchen with lots of cabinets, island/breakfast bar, dining area, so much space to prepare & serve meals for family & friends. The kitchen has an adjoining dining area & a separate formal dining room to fit all your needs.


Upon arrival you will be in awe of this beautiful brick/stone home which has been beautifully landscaped.Large stone pillars draw immediate attention to the amazing detail of this home & set the stage for the entrance to your dream home. Fabulous approx 4600 sq ft home sits on 4.68 secluded acres just outside Terre Du Lac & has the convenience of Terre Du Lac access & utilities.

Farmington / $129,900

Location, Location, Location! Looking for a condo that’s close to the conveniences offered in town but when you arrive home you’re still able to enjoy peace and quiet? This condominium offers plenty of room to enjoy the company of your family and friends in the large living room, spacious kitchen and separate dining room.

14053885 Farmington / $750,000

Location, Location, Location!! Approximately 24.77 acres at the edge of town. Farmington area is growing leaps and bounds, don’t let this opportunity pass you by! This property is currently not in the city limits, but possibly could be annexed into the city. Numerous possibilities, retirement community, residential lots, apartments, condo’s or even commercial.

Let Vicky Crocker Realty do the running for you!

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Because replacing a roof starts in the thousands of dollars – and goes up in price from there – you might want to consult with a licensed contractor before proceeding further. Now it’s on to the home’s plumbing, which is more difficult to check. Because pipes are (usually) enclosed within walls, visually inspecting them is hard to do. “But what you can quickly assess is the water pressure,” Wilsey says. Turn on the taps – sinks and showers throughout the home – and see if there’s good flow. Wilsey also suggests taking a look under the bathroom cabinets or kitchen sink. Look for obvious stains from leaking water. If you notice any metal pipes with rusted joints, that’s a sign that the pipe is slowly deteriorating. Open a nearby faucet and see if any orange water comes out. “If it has low flow and orange water, you have pipes that are at the end of their life or close to it,” Thompson says. Because it can be so destructive, replacing pipes is an expensive repair. While lead pipes are very rare, they’re not unheard of in very old homes. “The pipes themselves, if you can locate it, is not a hard thing to identify,” Thompson says. Lead pipes

are a smooth, dark metal, but they’re soft. If you can take a screwdriver to it, you can scratch it pretty easily. The electrical system should be one more thing to check. If a home was built before the 1920s, you may have old knob-and-tube wiring in the walls or attic. Homes built after that date often will have ungrounded wiring, which can be a fire hazard if enclosed in a wall along with insulation. Also, you’ll want to pay special attention to any DIY “modernizations” that a past homeowner might have undertaken. These are rarely up to code. Look in the attic for dates of manufacture stamped on wires. Those will give you a clue as to when the electrical system was worked on. “I’d advise you to ask the homeowners to provide permits for any work they’ve done,” Thompson says. If you find wires with dates of manufacture that are newer than any work permits, it’s likely that you’re looking at some While none of this is a substitute for a proper home inspection, taking a look around can give you a few clues as to whether your fixer-upper is worth the investment. What you do next is up to you. © CTW Features

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Deb Goodson, Broker-Owner

107 Strauss Dr. Park Hills 573-431-9654


Fredericktown - $115,000

Secluded community very close to down town area, churches, and shopping. Attached garage with ease of access to kitchen area and no steps. Large laundry room with washer and dryer. Galley style kitchen with nice bar area and all the appliances stay. Laminate flooring throughout living room and dining room. Large master suite with walk-in closet. Office area that could be a nice guest area also along with second bedroom and full bath. Step out of the dining area to screened porch for evening relaxing or that afternoon brunch with your friends. This is would be a great place to retire and let someone else worry about yard work. Call today for your personal showing.


Bonne Terre - $110,000 Step inside this well maintained, 2-story home built in 1915. Fresh paint, newer siding, furnace, air conditioning and hot water heater all new within the last 2-3 years. Sale includes a Rainsoft water softener. Original slate roof, level fenced yard and a wrap around porch. There is plenty of room in the eat-in kitchen, as well as a large pantry. Laundry is on the main level inside the half-bath. Basement has been used for storage, walks out into the level, fenced back yard.


Park Hills - $159,000 This home is ready for the family that enjoys entertaining and being together. Wonderful open floor plan with large kitchen area that has center island just ready for sitting and conversation Area that could be a great breakfast seating or eat in kitchen Hardwood floors throughout formal living room and the family room with see through fireplace.


Farmington - $269,000

Joanna Gains style has inspired the decor of this house!! New family room has great shiplap walls and a gas fireplace. It opens onto the composite deck and into the chain link fenced backyard. The kitchen is equipped with new stainless appliances which include a gas range for the chef! The hall bath has been renovated with wood look tile and quartz vanity and shiplap accent wall. The master ensuite has a jet tub, separate shower, and double vanity. The hardwood flooring in living, dining and family rooms complete this interior package. Now, the attached 2 car garage is large enough to park your long bed pickup, the 30 x 40 garage/workshop is insulated and heated. The fruit trees are just beginning to bear fruit (apples and pears are Deeelicious) and there is garden area established for you. This home has so much to offer that you just need to get out there and take a tour today!!


Farmington - $159,000

Long time owner has taken VERY good care of this home and is searching for someone to love it like they have. 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath brick ranch home has open flow from kitchen to living/ dining room. The ventless gas fireplace will keep you toasty on those cold winter nights or just to take the chill off. Lots of storage too! Full finished walkout basement has a wet bar, new carpeting, and a cedar lined closet. The 12 x 16 ft storage shed will stay as well. Lots of insulation will keep the utilities down too! Pride of ownership shows!


Park Hills - $134,500

From the minute you step into this Sparkling entrance, you will want to call this HOME! Gleaming oak staircase takes you up to an office, loft, bedroom and 1/2 bath. The elegant living room has custom unique ceiling with crown molding and gas fireplace. From there you have the HUGE recently remodeled kitchen has plenty of space for ANY sized table. The master bedroom has wood flooring and the master bath is just so nice. Sunroom is off kitchen and accesses the private landscaped patio area. Laundry room is just off kitchen as well for easy access. Anyone will be proud to own this lovely 4 bedroom 2.5 bath home!!

Personal Service From Professional Agents

If you’re worried about a low appraisal affecting your real estate transaction, preparation is the key, according to Frank gregoire, former chair of the National Association of Realtors appraisal committee. Both buyers and sellers can take steps to remedy the situation. Here are his tips: Advice for sellers: 1. If the appraised value is unacceptable, cancel the contract and put the property back on the market. A new buyer, new lender and new appraiser could deliver different results. 2. Offer to pay for a new appraisal. Request that the buyer change lenders, preferably to a lender that has closed deals in the building, or neighborhood. 3. Contact the state regulatory board and file a formal complaint against the appraiser if there is reason to believe the appraiser acted unprofessionally or made egregious errors. 4. Do your homework. Know what other units in your building, subdivision or neighborhood have sold for and ask your real estate agent to provide printed materials detailing those sales. 5. Provide the appraiser with all offers received to show market demand, if multiple bids were received. 6. get a pre-listing appraisal. Hire the best appraiser you can find before listing the property. When the lender’s appraiser comes, hand your professional appraisal report to him for guidance. Advice to Buyers: 1. Buyers can cancel the contract without penalty as long as the contract is contingent upon the property appraising for contract price. 2. The buyer could use the appraisal as leverage to negotiate a lower price. 3. The buyer has the right to request a copy of the appraisal and challenge the appraiser’s report with new data. 4. Buyers should always use a preferred lender for condo developments and new housing developments, to decrease the chance of underwriting and appraisal mistakes. © CTW Features

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“Purchasing a unit that is completely beautiful and renovated on the inside but located within a building that looks like it’s slowly deteriorating is not a good investment.”


• Outward exposure and views – Windows, bal- price, and reserved indoor parking alone can cost $20,000 to $50,000 extra,” says Robyn Porter, conies, patios, or terraces facing south are ideal Realtor with W.C. & A.N. Miller in Bethesda, for maximum sun exposure. Vistas of nature, Md., who recommends passing on units situated parks, scenic grounds, or open space are coveted, near the trash chute, laundry room, building front while views of streets, highways, building exteridoor, elevator or that face ors, a cemetery, or some public another building. eyesore are not. Also, give pause to home“In addition, pay attention owners/condo association to the condition of the comrules that may make it diffimon areas and building extericult for you to make improveor,” Mollica says. “Purchasing ments inside your residence, a unit that is completely beauthrow a party, or resolve a distiful and renovated on the pute with a neighbor. inside but located within a “Ask to see the association’s building that looks like it’s slowly deteriorating is not a bylaws and documents so you good investment.” understand what’s allowed Leave no stone unturned, and not allowed,” Taylor says. notes Wilner. “Find out what you need to “Remember that higher abide by when making alterafloors may have more desirable tions to your property. What views, but may also have a sigregulations are in place to nificantly longer elevator ride,” handle noise disturbances or privacy issues? How are comshe says. “People with dogs or mon area repairs determined? limited mobility may find a Are there predetermined quiet ground floor unit near the hours or restrictions on smoklobby best suits their needs. ing or excessive visitors?” And those who want more priLastly, when touring the vacy may need to add window ADRIANA MOLLICA, ReALTOR unit and building, aim for a treatments to a ground floor few return visits so you can unit and should look closely at view it at different times of the unit’s balcony, which may the day. abut neighboring balconies.” Prepare to pay a lot more for coveted addresses “If you see a unit at 1 p.m. on a Wednesday, like a corner unit, penthouse condo, or end-ofchances are most people will be at work. Try to group townhome — sometimes 40 percent more also see it after regular working hours and on (or higher) than a typical unit, Wilner says. weekend to determine if the neighbors will be In the Washington D.C. area, “each floor you noisier at night and on days off,” Taylor adds. © CTW Features go up can add $5,000 to $10,000 to the unit’s


Daily Journal Weekly Real Estate


Daily Journal Weekly Real Estate Friday, January 12, 2018  PAGE A10


yOu WanT

By Jesse DarlanD CTW FeaTures When buyers find a home they want but the price isn’t quite what they want it to be, what are the best ways to go about getting the best possible price? We spoke with some experts to learn their secrets. unless you’re talking about an all-cash transaction, the final price of your home will translate into a certain monthly mortgage payment. so keep that in mind as you talk about your payment. “We always say, ‘you live in the payment not in the price,” says Carrie Faletti, a real estate agent with atlanta Fine Homes sotheby’s International realty. “Meaning the lender may approve you for a sales price that does not equate with what you are comfortable paying each month.” you can consult an online calculator to estimate your monthly payments based on a certain price. ( and Zillow both provide popular options.) “While realtors aren’t mortgage professionals, they can provide general guidelines to their clients and direct them to reputable lending institutions, from which buyers can choose a lender to get preapproved,” says Bob Oppenheimer, 2017 president of new Jersey realtors. a good starting place for your negotiations is trying to determine the true value

of a home. If you’ve ever purchased a car, you’re probably familiar with Kelley Blue Book values. While it’s harder to pin down the “fair market value” of real estate, there are ways to figure out what a home is really worth. every home has two values. There’s the market value – what the collective active buyers are willing to pay. Then there’s the value to the buyer. Buyers will be the one to sets limits on when a home is no longer worth the price for them. It’s conventional wisdom that sellers whose properties have been on the market a long time are open to negotiation, but our experts say that’s not always true. “sometimes, it means that the seller is far too stuck on their price,” says scott Troxel of Keller Williams realty nashville and the 2017 president of the Greater nashville realtors association. “sometimes it means they can only sell at that price because of loan balance.” Most sellers will eventually understand they’ll need to negotiate if they want to sell their property. The timeframe, however, is dependent on the local market. In a strong market, just a month can be enough to prove to a seller they aren’t priced realistically you can also negotiate the closing date. “It all depends upon who has the power in the transaction,” Troxel says. When there

are competing offers, the seller controls the closing date. If it’s a buyer’s market, then the buyer has a stronger say in the closing date and it can be negotiated.. There’s also a convenience factor. “If For first-time homebuyers that aren’t yet versed in the intricacies of all of the systems that make up a home, asking the seller to make repairs might give some peace of mind. But if you’re looking at a short closing period, scheduling a contractor to make those repairs can be difficult. Our experts cautioned against approaching this process as an opportunity to squeeze the price down further. “I don’t recommend going into an agreement with the idea, ‘We’ll just work the seller down more in the inspection.’ I believe it’s important to act in good faith,” Troxel says. Trust is a vital part of the transaction – trust between the seller and buyer. “The more that trust is broken, the greater the breach of trust grows.” “repairs are best negotiated when the solution is black and white, say a faulty GFCI outlet or a broken garbage disposal, because the repairs are straightforward and we can easily test whether or not they’ve been properly addressed,” Faletti says. some things shouldn’t be negotiated. “Don’t compromise on your house wants and needs to buy a home with a bad floor

plan or funky features,” Troxel says. after all, a bad floor plan means that you’ll have trouble selling the house yourself down the line. Bad floor plans can’t be undone without radical work, so don’t compromise there. Other things like furnishings can be negotiated into the transaction. Oppenheimer has seen buyers ask for anything from patio furniture to a chandelier the seller was planning to keep, or even paintings. “you may find especially with older sellers, that they may not want to be burdened with removing furniture and will even lower the price for the buyer to keep it in the home,” Oppenheimer says. Our experts also suggested buyers should be willing to negotiate above the list price. “Far too many first-time buyers walk away from a deal over $1,000 or $2,500, and don’t get the house they really want,” Troxel says. “later on in the process, they realize how they were far too focused on winning the negotiation and being tight with the money.” Faletti agrees. “all buyers and sellers should forget trying to ‘win’ and keep in mind that this is a negotiation, meaning that there must be give and take on both parties sides,” she says. If people are unwilling to compromise, deals never work. © CTW Features



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Cell: 573-783-0260

Realtor® Sales Associate

Realtor® Broker Associate


Realtor® Broker Associate





#18000281 •Hwy 67• FREDERICKTOWN

#18000272 • 409 Marlowe St • FREDERICKTOWN




2000 sq. ft. full brick home on a double lot. Very unique with tons of character. Needs lots of work but is defiantly one of a kind. Motivated seller, make offer.

4 +/- acres with two older homes, a couple outbuildings and frontage on Old HWY 67 in Cherokee pass. The buildings are in poor shape but, the land lays well, has great access and visibility from Hwy 67. Great opportunity to own a nice tract of land in a developing area.

Older 2 bedroom home on 75x90 lot. Needs lots of work, rehabbed or tear down and start from scratch? Motivated seller, make offer!

#18000257 • 510 Albert St • FREDERICKTOWN

Daily Journal Weekly Real Estate

Gabe Swinford

#16023931 • Off Hwy F • FREDERICKTOWN


#17077163 • 402 Lincoln Drive • FREDERICKTOWN




40.91 wooded acres with NO RESTRICTIONS! Located on a black top road close to hundreds of acres of government land, Castor River and only 5 miles from town.

Need a little more room for your stuff? 40 x 60 pole style building sitting on .48 acres, 14x14 storage area with concrete floor, good entrance with 100’ of Hwy frontage and joins a year round creek. Would easily convert to a shop building with the addition of doors and a concrete floor.

Low maintenance, two bedroom home feature original pine trim, doors and cabinets. Spacious laundry room, sun room, newer vinyl replacement windows and central HVAC. Detached 12x28 garage, shaded yard and a good garden spot. Would make a great starter or retirement home, currently producing a nice rental income.


20x26 SHOP

#17053374 • 1672 County Road 924 • PATTON

#17061211 • 1055 East Hwy 72 • FREDERICKTOWN

Spacious 4 bedroom country home on 3 acres! Open main living consists of a kitchen to die for with walk in pantry, large dining, living room & maple floors throughout. Large master suite with 2 additional bedrooms, full bath & office/den finish out the main level. Plenty of natural light is provided by skylights, windows and French doors throughout the home. Walkout basement features a family room, one additional bedroom, a bath and large utility room. Another finished room in basement is currently being used as additional sleeping space complete with closet. The tuck under garage is climate controlled by the home’s HVAC system, making it perfect for keeping that car warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Located in Northern Bollinger County.

Well maintained 3 bedroom home, just outside of city limits! This home is as clean as they come, featuring wood floors, granite counter tops, and updated lighting. The basement and breezeway provide a ton of storage space along with the 20x26 shop out back. The yard work won’t take too long, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the covered 12x16 deck. Don’t miss out on this great home in a fantastic location!

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40.91 ACRES


573.747.8099 573.327.8300


Daily Journal Weekly Real Estate Friday, January 12, 2018  PAGE A12

e I’ll do th you! for g n i n n ru

1136B N Desloge Dr. - Desloge 17093125

Bonne Terre • $247,900

Beautiful 3 bedroom, 3 bath home on 4.510 acres in a peaceful subdivision just outside the Bonne Terre city limits. This home has been tastefully done with lovely ceramic tile, hardwood floors, stainless appliances including a convection oven, quartz counter tops, under & over counter lighting, and island in the kitchen. Enjoy the spacious master bedroom and fabulous master bath with tiled shower and jetted tub. The family room on the lower level with wet bar is the perfect place to entertain family or friends. For outside enjoyment you will find a large partially covered deck or take advantage of the large patio and stone fire pit. 17080623

Newly constructed home with 2443 sq feet of living space and a full unfinished basement. This is a must see home with the spectacular 33x28 great room, something you just don’t see every day. The open floor plan shows off the large kitchen with slate cabinets, large pantry and comes with all appliances. In addition the custom large island with breakfast bar will make gatherings with family and friends absolutely perfect. The home has 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths, large closets with adjustable shelving and Jack & Jill baths making this a very unique and family friendly home. You will be in awe the moment you step in from the large beam to all 6 panel solid doors. The oversize two car garage with paved driveway makes entering your home a pleasure.

Terre du Lac • $214,900


Bonne Terre • $329,900

Upon arrival you will be in awe of this beautiful brick/stone home which has been beautifully landscaped.Large stone pillars draw immediate attention to the amazing detail of this home & set the stage for the entrance to your dream home. Fabulous approx 4600 sq ft home sits on 4.68 secluded acres just outside Terre Du Lac & has the convenience of Terre Du Lac access & utilities. The living room has hardwood floors, 13’ vaulted ceiling & eye catching stone fireplace.A spacious master bd rm with coffered ceiling & master bath with beautiful cabinetry, Jacuzzi tub & large custom tiled shower. The beautiful kitchen has Corian counter tops, custom maple cabinets, new stainless appliances.