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December 22, 2017

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Home of the Week.... 1004 West Ridge Rd, Bonne Terre

Beautiful 3 bedroom, 3 bath home on 4.510 acres in a peaceful subdivision just outside the Bonne Terre city limits. This home has been tastefully done with lovely ceramic tile, hardwood floors, stainless appliances including a convection oven, quartz counter tops, under & over counter lighting, and island in the kitchen. Enjoy the spacious master bedroom and fabulous master bath with tiled shower and jetted tub. The family room on the lower level with wet bar is the perfect place to entertain family or friends. For outside enjoyment you will find a large partially covered deck or take advantage of the large patio and stone fire pit. The home has a two car attached garage, wired for heat and a 28 x 32 detached garage with heat and ceiling fans. There’s something for everyone to enjoy in this immaculate home from the open floor plan, gorgeous fire place, picture perfect views and open skies to watch the stars. The home has been well landscaped & has raised garden beds.


573.747.8099 573.327.8300



e I’ll do th you! for running


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1136B N Desloge Dr. - Desloge

Daily Journal Weekly Real Estate

Holiday decorating | PUlling it togetHer


he best christmas decorations work together to form a spectacular theme that builds excitement and anticipation for the holiday. From the tree topper to the tablecloth, your home’s holiday theme should have a consistent color, story and design to help stylishly celebrate the season.

Switch things up this year by doing something different. you are sure to create special moments and lasting memories along the way.

cozy coUntry

Flashing lights and singing chipmunk ornaments should be nowhere near your country-themed christmas. ‘tis the season to pare down and get back to the basics. that means swapping out your string of chaser lights for a strand of popcorn. or replacing your standard glass ornaments with natural elements such as pine cones, cranberry twigs and dried fruit. For some extra county charm, wrap your presents in brown paper and tie them with string or ribbon. and a country theme isn’t complete until you immerse yourself in the experience of an old-fash-

ioned christmas by sitting around the tree as a family, spending time together without televisions, smartphones or tablets.

Victorian cHriStmaS

a Victorian theme ditches the holiday’s traditional red and green colors for a more soft-hued assortment of purples, blues and greens, accented by silver or gold. it is a throwback to the Victorian era and its lavish, overstated design styles. layer your christmas tree in white lights and crystal ornaments to achieve the Victorian look. Use thick, shiny paper to wrap your gifts for under the tree to create a stunning combination. display fresh or silk flower arrangements around your home and load your mantle with oversized stockings.

you and your family will be swept away to the more romantic, charming era throughout the holiday season.

PerSonal tHeme

if you choose to put your own spin on your holiday decorating theme this year, what better way than to incorporate some personal touches? you can sprinkle your tree with small framed cutout photos of family members or cover your mantle with heirloom items that hold special meaning. choose colors that you like and see what works together. your personal holiday theme is, after all, yours, so be creative and fearless when it comes to pairing traditional decorations and homemade ones.

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choose a theme

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Holiday decorating | do it yoUrSelF


decorating diy

he do-it-yourself christmas has taken full force as americans look to tighten their decorating belts for more spending on gifts and trips.

Plus, it can be just plain fun. With more and more ways to be creative in designing ornaments and wall art, homes everywhere will be filled with diy pieces as they ring in the holiday season.

coUnt doWn to cHriStmaS

People young and old love counting down to the day when Santa will arrive with his sleigh full of presents. and you can help liven up the countdown by putting your own spin on the advent calendar with a few simple items around the house. gather and fill 25 containers or bags with holiday treats (no peeking). then cover them with holiday designs or decorations and number them 1 through 25. Stack them up or put them in a line, and let the countdown begin.

table decorationS

if you’re planning a big holiday bash – whether formal or informal – the table can be your greatest playground for decorative creativity. you can easily transform your dinner party into an elegant dining

© Fotolia

experience by setting out fancy silverware and plates, designed with a holiday theme, of course. Scatter ornaments and glitter throughout the middle of the table to create a magical backdrop for a four-course dinner. or layer the table in vari-

ous holiday-themed craft paper for a more child-friendly version of the sit-down party.

Holiday craFting Party

if you’re looking to turn your diy ornament-making into a

fun-filled event, why not make it a party? Set up a few tables with glue, scissors, ribbon, Popsicle sticks and differentcolored paper, and invite over your friends with small children. the fun part will be seeing what they come up with as

their holiday craft. Send your guests home with their creation, a festive bag of candy and a special holiday present, and you’ll be the talk of the town.

6419 Dunn Rd. • Desloge, MO 63628

Farmington • $116,500

3 BEDS 2 BATH Agent: Sharon Keathley • 330-1423


Park Hills • $79,971

3 BEDS 1 BATH Agent: Darrell Biri • 701-3948


Bonne Terre • $315,000 4 BEDS 3 BATH Agent: Darrell Biri • 701-3948


Park Hills • $19,900 2 BEDS 1 BATH Agent: Doug Gunder • 631-4970


Desloge • $149,950 4 BEDS 3 BATH Agent: Doug Gunder • 631-4970


Bonne Terre • $55,000

3 BEDS 2 BATH Agent: Linnae Thomas • 631-8579


French Village • $110,900 2 BEDS 2 BATH Agent: Sharon Keathley • 330-1423


Farmington • $258,000

4 BEDS 3 BATH Agent: Linnae Thomas • 631-8578


Farmington • $40,000

4 BEDS 2 BATH Agent: Sharon Keathley • 330-1423

For Agent or Listing Information please call 431-1700

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573-431-1700 or Toll Free: 1-877-876-SOLD


Daily Journal Weekly Real Estate

A-1 ReAlty

Daily Journal Weekly Real Estate

Holiday decorating | g r e e n e ry

Friday, December 22, 2017  PAGE A6


christmas tree trends

f there is one symbol of the holiday decorating season, it is the christmas tree. and though the tree itself hasn’t changed much over the years, the way we decorate it sure has.

From the early – and dangerous – tradition of stringing trees with wax candles for a couple of hours each night, christmas trees of today are layered with decorations and lit up at all hours.

in Bloom

Want a high-end design with a fresh look? think flowers. Stunning silk flowers scattered throughout your tree will give it a layer of petal perfection sure to garner some extra attention this holiday season. you can track down silk flowers at your local craft store. mix up garden roses, magnolias and hydrangeas to match your overall color scheme for a well-balanced look. topping the tree with a thick strand of ribbon or tinsel will provide a striking finish.

glaSS Ball ornamentS

are you thinking bright and shiny this year, or modern and muted? Big, small or somewhere in between? glass ball ornaments come in a variety of finishes, colors, sizes and shapes to add a designer touch to your tree. For a traditional look, stick with solid ornaments in the recognizable christmas colors such as red, white, silver and gold. if you’re feeling more adventurous, many ornaments are designed with graphics and more updated color schemes. a balanced mix of violet and bronze ornaments, for example, will stand out nicely from the green of your tree.

go all natural

Bring nature into your home this holiday season with an all-natural christmas tree. elements such as leaves, nuts, pine cones and winterberries will make your tree appear like it would in the middle of a forest. add a few metallic finishes or an array of jingle bells to give the natural look a contemporary twist. you can even choose your favorite wild animal to highlight. Specialty stores carry artificial yet beautifully designed birds and snow owls that can make for the perfect finishing touch for a naturally themed tree.



573.747.8099 573.327.8300

1136B N Desloge Dr. - Desloge


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Abe Aubuchon



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Vicky Crocker

Vicky Crocker Realty is a top producing non franchised Real Estate office in the Mineral Area, helping clients buy and sell property within St. Francois County and surrounding Counties. We are dedicated to achieving results and providing exceptional service. If you are in the market to buy or sell a home, we’ve helped hundreds of families reach their real estate goals, and we want to help you too! Whether you are buying or selling, contact us today 573-327-8300, we have full time agents eager to help you!

Daily Journal Weekly Real Estate

e I’ll do th you! for g n i n n ru

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Holiday decorating | traditional claSSicS


the christmas Wreath

oliday decorating enthusiasts know that the days of hanging the store-bought wreath on the outside of your door are gone.

the plastic, uninspiring versions just don’t cut it. today’s wreaths are infused with personality, craftiness and attention to detail. We use color, nature, paper and bows to dress up the decorative pieces that adorn our doors, walls and fireplace mantles. and pulling off a highend wreath design is a snap. you can create a wreath worthy of a decorating magazine in just a few short steps: • Paint your pine cones: gluing a few pine cones to your wreath is a great way of adding a natural touch, but consider painting them first in a rich, metallic red to really make them pop off the green backdrop of you wreath. • Add a Christmas card: affix a christmas card to the middle of your wreath for a unique touch. the card will scream “home for the holidays” to your guests and provide a paper element to your wreath. laminate the card or spray it with a coat of sealant to help it stand up to the wintertime weather.

© Fotolia

• Curled paper: And speaking of ways to incorporate paper into your wreath, you can use scrapbook paper strips to make a version that can last forever. choose colorful paper with

various patterns, cut into strips and curl them into loops by tightly wrapping them around a pencil. glue your strips to a foam craft circle, alternating colors for an interesting look.

• Square wreaths: christmas decorating is all about being creative. What’s more nontraditional than a square wreath? Build your own square-box form out of thin plywood and secure

various leaves, berries, glass ornaments and ribbons. • Spray glitter: We could all use a little more glam in our holiday decorations, right? add a bit of shimmer to your

wreath this year with spray glitter. you can choose two different colors of spray to give your wreath a balanced appearance while also making your design shine.

Daily Journal Weekly Real Estate

Holiday decorating | candy

Sweet tooth decor

PAGE A9  Friday, December 22, 2017


e all find our sweet tooth during the holiday season. With candy canes and chocolates seemingly around every corner, can you blame us?

the best thing about candy at the holidays – besides its taste, of course – is its ability to serve as a deliciously beautiful decorating item. From hard candies to chewy taffies, sweets are just more tools in your creativity toolbox. Bright colors allow for playful combinations with flowers or silk on the table, or with ornaments and garland on the tree for all ages to enjoy.


these versatile little candies are great for decorating because of their various shapes and sizes. they come in the traditional disc-shaped mint or the soft, chewable type. they also can be found in the form of a rod or in thin hard-candy strips. grab a large vase and fill it with four layers of peppermint candy varieties. Use the vase as a table centerpiece on top of a red or white tablecloth. the colors will work together to create sweet and stunning piece sure to catch the attention of your sweet-toothed guests.

gUmdroP WreatHS

multicolored gumdrops can make for a vibrant wreath perfect for a playroom or family game space.

© Fotolia

Start by purchasing a foam or plastic form from a craft store and then hot glue candies to it from the inside out. continue gluing until both the front and sides are completely covered in candy. Since this is a child-related project, get them involved by having them unwrap the

candies while you operate the hot glue gun. you can also have the young ones tie on the ribbon at the end of the process and find a place to hang it.

Baked cookieS

cookies make not only a sweet treat for the holidays, but also a fun decoration. mold ready-made dough into various shapes such as stars or snowflakes by using cookie cutters – and don’t forget to punch out a

hole with a straw before cooking. leave the cookies you’ll use for decorations in the oven a little longer for easy hanging and durability. once the baking is done, tie a ribbon through your cookies and use them as tree ornament or within a decorative display.

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Holiday decorating | Planning aHead


Hosting the Perfect Party hat is your version of the perfect christmas party? Friendly banter and joyous laughter over the background sound of subtle holiday music? tasty appetizers followed by a delectable main course?

Sounds great in theory, but planning and execution are entirely different things when it comes to holiday parties. the key to staying on budget and avoiding stress is all in the preparation. So once you decide to host a holiday bash this year, the planning has officially begun. Start making your to-do list (and checking it twice, maybe three times) to make sure your party goes off without hitch.

to do liSt

• Choose the location, theme and date. • Create theme-related invitations. • Invite friends and family members. • Plan the food and drinks. • Send out e-mail or social media reminders.

VariouS tableS

depending on the size of your get-together, you will likely need multiple stations for the various parts of your party. you can set up a buffet table and a bar area in close proximity to each other. this will help give guests a central place to go for their meals, snacks and drinks. a table dedicated to gifts also is also handy, especially if your tree is already covering multiple presents for your family. Have your guests label their gifts and stack them on the table for easy

© Fotolia

access. this will keep items organized as your party starts filling up.

Party tHemeS

there are countless reasons to celebrate christmas and just many ways to do so. For childfriendly parties, you can create a get-together filled with baking

cookies or wrapping gifts. appetizer parties offer the perfect way to get together with your adult friends for great food, drinks and

conversation. if you have any talented singers in your circle of friends, have them belt out some carols around the piano and watch it turn into a fullfledged sing-along.



Cell: 573-225-0374

Cell: 314-223-0488

Cell: 573-783-0260

Realtor® Sales Associate

Realtor® Broker Associate



#17091134 219 Redbud Dr FREDERICKTOWN


#16079657 Tract 1 Hwy F & 72 FREDERICKTOWN

#17077260 • 1104 Madison 255 • FREDERICKTOWN

Updated 3 bedroom 1 bath farmhouse on Castor River. This home features all the modern convenience such as central HVAC, vinyl windows, updated electric & metal roof while keeping the rustic charm of living in days past. The outdoor wood furnace will keep the utility bills at bay while heating the home & hot water. 32+/- acres includes multiple springs, pasture and wooded ground. Perfect for horses, livestock or hunting. Small barn, chicken coupe & outbuildings are already in place for your homestead lifestyle or mini-farm. Relax & enjoy the view from the back porch while watching deer and wildlife daily.


#17084398 • Hwy E • FREDERICKTOWN

96+/- ACRE WORKING CATTLE FARM - Currently supporting over 30 cows, this farm is fenced, cross fenced, has good grass, year round creek and stocked, spring fed pond. Complete with a catch pen and barn with alley way and head chute inside, equipment shed with electric and a workshop. Multiple building sites, state highway frontage and some of the prettiest views in this part of the county.



#17077163 • 402 Lincoln Dr • FREDERICKTOWN

#17074046 • Cap America Dr • FREDERICKTOWN

#17046352 • Madison 537 • FREDERICKTOWN




Low maintenance, two bedroom home feature original pine trim, doors and cabinets. Spacious laundry room, sun room, newer vinyl replacement windows and central HVAC. Detached 12x28 garage, shaded yard and a good garden spot. Would make a great starter or retirement home, currently producing a nice rental income.

12 acres joining the city limits of Fredericktown. Frontage on Hwy 72 & Cap America Dr. All utilities on site or near by. Lots of potential for multi family or commercial use. Owner may divide, additional land available.

489 +/- acres of rugged & secluded recreational land. Ridges & hollows full of mature timber, wet weather creeks and unique geological features accessed by a mile long deeded easement set the stage for an adventurous getaway. Miles of ATV trails and signs of abundant wildlife show the promise of a true hunting haven with a little work.

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Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas full of memories! $17,500

Realtor® Broker Associate

Daily Journal Weekly Real Estate

Gabe Swinford



Daily Journal Weekly Real Estate Friday, December 22, 2017  PAGE A12

573.747.8099 573.327.8300

e I’ll do th you! for running




Pilot Knob / $113,900

Well cared for 2 bedroom, 2 bath home on large lot with detached garage and 2 car carport. This home features a covered front porch and large deck with privacy fence. The 2,000 square feet of living space includes a large living room, family room with fireplace and spacious sun room, giving you plenty of options to entertain family, friends or just relax.


Bonne Terre-Desloge Area / $172,900

Custom details abound in this meticulously cared-for home, conveniently located in a quiet neighborhood. This custom-built home includes crown molding, vaulted ceilings and archways that provide architectural interest in main living areas. Beautifully crafted vinyl shutter blinds are professionally installed throughout. Enjoy the expansive master suite with a jetted tub and two walk-in closets.

Doe Run / $84,900

This property is truly a must see! Conveniently located minutes from Farmington this property offers the privacy and gorgeous views you are looking for while offering a location close to all the Parkland has to offer. With 12+/- acres this mini/hobby farm has everything you need to live off the land, including electric, well and septic, plus the seclusion of living in the country.


Park Hills / $69,500

Unique 3 bedroom home with large living room and family room. The home has a large kitchen with separate dining room. The Multi levels provides plenty of space for all family members and lots of room to spend time with those near and dear to you. Additional features include a partial basement, storage building, attached garage, carport, large yard and cottage which is currently rented.

17056931 Terre Du Lac / $229,000

1136B N Desloge Dr. - Desloge

Potosi / $249,900

Stunning 2 story home sitting on 3.1 acres with heated above ground pool. The main level has a beautiful entry foyer, large living room with fireplace, spacious kitchen with lots of cabinets, island/breakfast bar, dining area, so much space to prepare & serve meals for family & friends.The kitchen has an adjoining dining area & a separate formal dining room to fit all your needs.

17062612 Leadwood / $79,900

Great investment opportunity. 2241 square feet, 3 unit apartment building. Each unit has 2 bedroom and 1 bath and provides washer & dryer hook up. The owner has installed central air, some carpet and storage sheds. These units are all electric. Call for more details. All measurements stated herein are approximate.


Fabulous home on Lake Carmel in sought after Terre du Lac. If you are looking for a primary residence or a weekend get away home, call today to see this lake home on a double lot! Multiple families can enjoy time at the lake, as this home features 2 kitchens!! Walk out to the deck from your living room or master bedroom and relax and enjoy the awesome view.

Terre Du Lac / $234,900

Gorgeous 3 bedroom, 3 bath home on 3.06 acres in private location. This lovely home has a spacious living room with wood burning fireplace and separate dining room both with beautiful floors. The large kitchen has eye catching cabinets, lots of counter tops and pantry, a great place to prepare meals for family and friends. The large master bedroom with adjoining bath has jetted tub.

16066927 Farmington / $129,900

Location, Location, Location! Looking for a condo that’s close to the conveniences offered in town but when you arrive home you’re still able to enjoy peace and quiet? This condominium offers plenty of room to enjoy the company of your family and friends in the large living room, spacious kitchen and separate dining room.

Vicky Crocker Realty wishes everyone a safe and Merry Christmas!!