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It’s your brain that hears. Not your ears. Although hearing loss is most commonly considered an inner-ear problem, it is actually the brain that performs several functions simultaneously to process sound. It uses the ears to help orient body position, focuses attention on sounds you want to hear, recognizes sounds, and separates relevant information from competing noise.

The brain plays a central role in understanding and distinguishing sounds, which means better communication and a better way of life.

Call today to schedule an appointment.

Working Together To Make Our Community Better 620 Walton Dr, Farmington

573-747-4719 1185 Scenic Dr, Herculaneum

Karen Melton, Au.D., CCC-A Doctor of Audiology

Steven Wade, Au.D., CCC-A Doctor of Audiology

David Shepard BC-HIS Hearing Instrument Specialist

636-642-0129 990 Park Dr, Ste. Genevieve


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How to Choose... a Flooring Dealer

How to your local Choose guide

New flooring can transform your home. It can increase its appeal by giving it a new look. It can make rooms look bigger or smaller, lighter or more elegant. You have a myriad of flooring options, including carpet, hardwood, bamboo, laminate, stone and tile. With so many options, it is important to choose an experienced flooring dealer. You will need guidance on which brands and types are durable. Let a good dealer help you determine which flooring material will best fill your needs. When picking the best flooring and respective dealer, try not to be overly frugal. You must think about longevity. Your budget may be tight and you might be concerned about pricing, but you must get the best value possible. So be sure to look at additional support and services. Find a dealer who has a great reputation and long track record of excellent customer service. Spending extra money is worth purchasing a product from a flooring dealer you can trust. You aren’t just buying flooring. You are also creating a relationship.

What questions should I ask my associate?

1. Is this product compatible with my lifestyle? Different styles of flooring suit different types of lifestyles. For example, in areas where kids will be playing will most likely need a durable, stain-resistant floor. A sales associate can help you narrow down floor options based on. 2. Are there any hidden costs? Depending on where you purchase your flooring, things like floor padding, delivery, moving furniture and installation can cost extra. Some stores will even charge for clean-up post-installation. Be sure to ask about all potential costs associated with buying new flooring and factor them into the final price before making a decision 3. What are the product warranties and guarantees? Find out what will be included in your purchase, what will cost extra and what type of coverage you’ll receive with a warranty. 4. Are there samples available? Certain floors may look great in-

store or online, but don’t translate well once you get them home. To avoid this issue, ask to take home flooring samples. This will allow the opportunity to see how the floor ties into your current décor, as well as how it will look in various types of lighting throughout the day. This will give you a better idea on how the floor will coordinate with your room. 5. What is the installation process? Ask how long it will take to have the floor installed, what’s included and not included, what you’ll need to do in preparation for the

installation, and whether they’re able to dispose of the old flooring. 6. Are there warranties for installation? A warranty on installation can help cover problems that result from a poorly installed floor and guarantee repairs or total replacement if you’re not happy with the way your new floor looks. Check with a sales associate to see what types of warranties are available for installation.

What makes us your perfect partner We are a cooperative, a network of over 1,000 independent business owners across North america, working together to scale our buying power and knowledge to offer you the best prices, selection, and service.


Beautiful Guarantee CarPet One FLOOr & HOMe® PrOMISeS YOu’LL LOVe tHe WaY YOur neW FLOOr LOOKS, Or We’LL rePLaCe It - Free‡.

573-756-1999 00 1

See dealer for more details.


the first antimicrobial Flooring installation Process Exclusively at Carpet One Floor & Home

755 Market St, Farmington, MO 63640

Visit us at Located next to Steak ‘n Shake”

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How to your local Choose guide

How to Choose... a Final Resting Place

Have the talk of a lifetime. There are many options available in choosing a final resting place. owns and maintains the property. Does the owner/manager have experience and a good reputation?

Whether pre-planning for yourself or a family member, this end-oflife choice has a lasting impact. The decisions made will leave a legacy for the deceased and help the living go beyond the grieving process. Here are some thoughts to consider when choosing a final resting place. One of the first things to think about when selecting a final resting place is family. If you have a large number of family buried in a certain cemetery, then that would be a good place to start. If you do not have a family attachment or there is no space available, then you would need to begin to search what options are available in your area.

often as they would like easily. Once you have found that location, if time permits, visit the cemetery over the course of several months paying close attention to the care given in maintaining the property. Is it mowed often? Are roads kept in good condition? Are downed limbs and other debris taken care of promptly? As you make these observations and others you feel are necessary, inquire about who

In many cases even well-kept cemeteries may not have long term plans in place for the care and maintenance of the property. Long term planning for upkeep and improvements are important. One way to ensure that plans are in place is to choose a perpetual care cemetery. A perpetual care cemetery is a cemetery where a portion of all property sales is placed in a special fund designed to care for the long term financial needs of upkeep, maintenance, and improvements. As you explore your options for a final resting place take your time and do your homework. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Look into the history of the person or com-

When purchasing a grave space, you are purchasing cemetery property. In much the same way as conventional real estate, location is essential. A convenient location is preferable, so loved ones can pay their respects as

pany that owns the cemetery you are most interested in. Spend time talking to the property manager so you can feel at ease with your decision. Just remember if you have the opportunity to make this decision for yourself it can relieve an emotional and financial burden your family will face in the future. C.Z. Boyer & Son Funeral Homes, Inc., Hillview Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum offers your family all of this and more... • Peacefully situated 1/2 mile off “OO” Hwy on Westmeyer Road in Farmington, MO • Endowed care where present and future care of the cemetery is provided for. • No gimmicks or commissioned sales people. • Continuously family owned. • Backed by 5 generations of knowledge and funeral experience. • Convenient office locations in Farmington, Park Hills, Desloge, & Bonne Terre.


Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum An Endowed Care Cemetery

A peaceful setting just south of Farmington on Westmeyer Road


Prepayment Plans available for both Mausoleum Crypts and Grave spaces. Ask about monthly installment plans

Call Now and Ask about Our Special Fall 2017 Pricing

Hillview Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum “Family owned & operated since 1906”

Caring Experienced Professional

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How to Choose... a Funeral Home

How to your local Choose guide

Have a talk of a lifetime. Whatever your choices, whatever your budget, we are here to help you express your wishes your way. The difficulty begins with our need to deal with our own feelings of grief, while trying to figure out just how our loved one might have intended for us to proceed with this tribute that honors their life. All of us can and should help our families by writing down as much information as possible regarding the funeral service we want. Regrettably, only about 1 out of 3 will take the time to provide their family with the few basic guidelines they will need for that process to take place. Of all of those decisions that should be made ahead of time, the most important is selecting a funeral home that can provide the care and support that will best benefit your family. Choosing that funeral home may be as simple as following a family tradition or staying within the local neighborhood. Other considerations might include: Reputation and experience of owners and staff; integrity and trustworthiness of ownership and staff; cost of services and goods provided; general appearance and care of facilities; and encountering a caring, considerate approach that includes a mature and professional attitude, along with a willingness to serve. Aren’t they all about the same? No. Consider the issue of professionalism. As you do, it is important to remember that a competent funeral home’s staff will work with you throughout the visitation and service. They will also follow up and assist you with the required authorizations and legal documents that will need to be filed. Choosing a funeral home that has a proven track record for completing those requirements properly and in a timely manner

will eliminate some unwanted frustrations and headaches. Who can help me with this decision? Local clergy members, law enforcement personnel and your beautician or barber may be among those who would have helpful knowledge or opinions. Non-biased funeral directors, (they do exist), are also a great resource. What about cost? Where cost is an issue, simply visit those funeral homes under consideration, ask to speak to a funeral director or the owner. An open discussion of the cost of the services is always beneficial. The Federal Trade Commission mandates that funeral homes must provide you with a General Price List, which includes an itemization of services. Never assume that an advertised price will meet all of your expectations. Research and know the facts. Is preplanning a good idea? While many funeral homes still rely on third party professional salespersons to initiate pre-need contracts, it appears that the public is less and less in favor of this process. Speaking directly with a funeral director who is on

staff will insure that the services you request are the services that are provided. In addition, since funeral directors are seldom, (or never), compensated through commissions, he or she can often provide lower cost options. These plans are typically transferable. How important is it to prepay for the funeral services that I have planned? Each situation is different. Pre-paying for the funeral service that you have just planned is important and can provide savings by covering future cost increases. Your funeral director will arrange for this by placing your pre payment funds in a trust or by purchas-

ing a single pay life insurance policy. For those who already have adequate life insurance or other means available, pre paying may be of lesser importance. Generally speaking, while everyone should consider advanced funeral planning for themselves, it is not always necessary to prefund those plans. Ask yourself a simple question. Is my community a better place because of my funeral director? If the answer is, “Probably not:” or, “I’m not sure:” Then it may be time to reconsider your choice. Remember, supporting businesses who are strongly involved in the community where we live, helps strengthen our community.

C.Z. Boyer & Son Funeral Homes own and operate our own crematory ensuring your loved ones never leave our care. In addition we own and operate Hillview Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum in Farmington which allows us the opportunity to offer special pricing when pairing funeral services with cemetery purchase.

Funeral Planning Quick Reference Guide Legal information needed when arranging a funeral:

Symbolizing Trust & Caring Service since 1906

Full Legal Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Education & Occupation Social Security Number Parents Names Military Discharge Papers

Information needed to help complete obituary: Nicknames Immediate Family Members Names Hobbies & Areas of Interest Church Membership Awards Lodges & Organizations Military History

Personal attention is given to each family. Our experienced and caring staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Newly remodeled and expanded lounge facilities!

Bonne Terre


(573) 358-2277

(573) 431-2686

Park Hills


(573) 431-3143

(573) 562-7411

“Our family serving yours for over 100 years” 00 1

Items to consider when preparing for a funeral: Type of Service Music Selection for Service Minister Conducting Service Floral Choices Pictures to be Displayed Cemetery Information

The lists above contain information and items that will in most cases be needed when preparing to arrange a funeral service for a loved one. Whenever possible this information should be gathered ahead of time and kept safe until needed. If you would like a Free Funeral Planning Guide please contact C.Z. Boyer & Son, Inc. at one of our four convenient locations or online at

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How to your local Choose guide

How to Choose... Selecting the Right Bank

Your work hard for your money. But do you work as hard at selecting the individual or financial institution that watches your money? How your money is handled can make the difference in whether your life is easy or hard. Choosing the right bank can give your finances a much needed boost. Not all banks are the same, and not all of them offer the same kind of returns and programs for your financial needs. Choosing a bank just because of its location could mean you are missing out on some important benefits. While convenience is important, it shouldn’t be your only criteria. Consider these aspects when selecting a bank.

Interest Rates and Fees Charged

Like many other businesses, banks want to be competitive. Interest rates are one way they entice new customers. It is not uncommon for the savings account interest rates to vary widely, but the majority of institutions make adjustments according to changes in the federal funds rate. You might think interest rates are inconsequential. But when substantial deposit amounts are involved the difference can be significant. Banks are also famous for charging fees for particular transactions. For example, a checking account may only allow a certain number of checks to be written

each month before a fee is assessed. Sometimes, a minimum balance is required to keep the account active. There are also banks that offer free checking and other options. Make sure, however, that the free checking is really free. There may be stipulations such as being required to keep a minimum balance in the account at all times. Look at a fee schedule to determine if it is acceptable to you.

has a different policy about these matters. Some banks might offer overdraft coverage in the form of a highinterest credit line. Other banks charge fees each time an overdraft occurs.

Personal Convenience

Sometimes, banks provide no coverage. Be sure to research overdraft policies before making a final decision.

If you travel frequently, make sure your local or regional financial institution is a member of a national network.

Institutional Stability

Banks with multiple locations in convenient areas are important.

Also, ask about their online banking policies. Is their website easy to navigate and secure? Online banking can be a great way to pay bills and transfer money between accounts.

Overdraft Safeguards

Everyone makes mistakes. Accidental overdrafts happen occasionally. Each financial institution

These days, it is important to consider a bank’s stability. Before you entrust your money to an institution, check its history and financial condition. Typically, banks invest deposited funds under a fractional reserve banking system. Any bank with a strong balance sheet should be able to weather any turbulence caused by market corrections.

Insurance Corporation for up to $250,000 per depositor. This value can vary depending on the type and number of accounts held by a customer. Provided you understand and act within these safeguards, your money will likely be safe in a bank. That is not to say that failures are impossible. A solid bank will limit exposure to toxic assets that put its balance sheet at risk.

Services You Need

Most banks offer a variety of services. Whether you need to get a loan or open a checking account, choose a bank that fulfills your needs with the fewest fees. It should offer the maximum conveniences possible. Careful and vigilant shoppers will have positive experiences by making an effort to choose a trustworthy commercial bank.

The majority of banks are insured by the Federal Deposit

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How to Choose... Your Ophthalmologist

How to your local Choose guide

It’s important to know what to look for when choosing an Ophthalmologist. Three key factors should be present: 1. Has the Ophthalmologist been recommended to you by your optometrist or your primary care doctor? 2. Is the Ophthalmologist local? Do they provide excellent care and service? Are they available during working and non-working hours for emergency care? 3. Is the Ophthalmologist Board Certified? The physicians of Precision Eye Care meet each of the concerns above and much more! Doctors Anton Beffa, John Fitz and Michael Morris are Board Certified and are Fellows of the American College of Surgeons. Precision Eye Care provides the latest technology in surgical procedures and is currently offering Femto-Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery.

Ophthalmologists have a full medical degree along with their specialized treatment for eye care. Their extensive background typically includes four years of pre-med school, four years of medical school, at least one year of an internship and three years of residency managing diseases of the eye and performing eye surgery before receiving their ophthalmology license. Doctors Fitz, Beffa and Morris are all Fellows of the American College of Surgeons.


Ophthalmologists specialize in certain diseases and treatments such as cataract surgery, bladeless (laser) cataract surgery, i-stent placement for glaucoma, and all diseases of the eye such as macular degeneration, diabetic exams and dry eye syndrome. The Retina Institute from St. Louis is available every Tuesday at Precision Eye Care to keep your treatment close to home

and avoid travel out of town.

for your care.



If you have health insurance, check the list of doctors who are covered under your plan. Insurance companies make agreements with ophthalmologists (eye doctors) to deliver services at a prearranged price. Picking an “in-network” doctor will save you money on your co-pay and out of pocket expenses. Do you need a primary care referral to see a specialist? Contact your primary care doctor or family practitioner and have them fax us a referral

Check for the ophthalmologist that has the most up-to-date treatments. Be sure your ophthalmologist can treat your specific needs. Doctors Fitz, Beffa and Morris are able to co-manage your case with your optometrist if sent by them for your treatments or cataract surgery. Friends and family can also provide helpful advice. They can share their experiences with you.

Our gOal is tO help preserve and restOre One Of life’s mOst preciOus gifts:

gOOd visiOn

We WelcOme yOu and thank yOu fOr chOOsing us tO prOvide yOur eye care!

Retina Conditions • Diabetic Retinopathy- Disease of the retina caused by diabetes is the #1 cause of preventable blindness in adults. •Macular Degeneration- Inherited, progressive disease of the retina is also a leading cause of vision loss for adults. Advanced care for both of these conditions is offered by our doctors fromThe Retina Institute at our office.

Eyelid Surgery The normal aging process leads to eyelid drooping, outward turning, or inward turning of the lids and eyelashes that can rub on the cornea causing pain and discomfort. Our surgeons perform surgical correction of multiple eyelid malpositions.

Dry Eye Disease/ Allergy • Nearly 40% of Americans experience symptoms of dry eye on a regular basis. With proper treatment many patients note significant improvement in their dry eyes.

Advanced Cataract Surgery

Glaucoma Detection & Treatment Glaucoma is a silent thief robbing vision even before symptoms. • Glaucoma- Damage to the optic nerve associated with increased pressure in the eye that leads to permanent loss of vision. We have the most advanced computerized testing to diagnose Glaucoma. Our surgeons perform the most current surgical techniques in the management of Glaucoma

Good vision is a precious gift. Many people, especially older adults, lose vision because of Cataracts. • Cataract- Hardening & clouding of the lens. •Intraocular Lens (IOL) – Single focus lenses are called monofocal IOL’s. Advanced technology IOL’s can offer more vision options providing near, intermediate and distance vision. These multiple focus lenses are called multifocal IOL’s. IOL’s that treat astigmatism are called toric IOL’s. You can also choose to have one eye corrected for near vision and the other for distance vision, this would be called monovision. Your doctor can help you decide which option will best meet your vision goals. We specialize in providing patients with state-ofthe-art technology and a “no-shot, no-stitch”no patch surgical technique to remove your cataract.


In laser cataract surgery, an advanced femtosecond laser replaces the use of a hand-held surgical tools for the corneal incision, anterior capsulotomy and the fragmentation of the lens and cataract. If your vision is clouded by cataracts, you may actually be losing the ability to enjoy the very things that make life worth living. Speak to one of our doctors to determine whether or not Laser Assist Cataract Surgery is right for you.

Things to Remember for your visit For your first visit please bring: • Your insurance information • A list of your medications • Your old glasses • A driver since your eyes will be dilated and this makes it difficult to drive. - If you were seen previously by another eye doctor please request from that doctor a copy of your medical records to bring with you. - If your insurance requires a preauthorization from your primary care physician please obtain this prior to your appointment

140 Westmount Drive Farmington, MO 63640 00 1

(573) 756-2020 • 1-800-455-2020 •

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How to Choose a Real Estate Agency

How to Choose - your local guide

How to your local Choose guide

Reputation is a company’s biggest asset. So when the time comes to buy or sell a home you want to pick a reputable realtor and real estate agency. A good real estate agency will act in your best interests. That’s why it’s essential to find a high-quality real estate agency. Ask your family, friends and neighbors for recommendations. Their experiences will guide you toward a reputable agency. What do people say about their services?

Once you have a list of possibilities, do some research. Find out how long the agency has been in business. Ideally, you want people who know your community.

If the real estate agency is merely a side business, it might not give you the best results. Buying and selling homes is a full time job. Look on the Internet and read customer service reviews. They should also have an impact on your overall impression of an agency.

Once you have narrowed your list, contact some businesses and ask questions. You should know about their listings, fees and commissions. Choose an agency that has connections with the community, a sharp understanding of

neighborhoods that interest you, and solid contacts with other realty companies. This assumes major importance when you’re selling your current house, because the agency usually handles the sale while the realtor helps you find your new one.

Larger agencies have more opportunities to network and sell your home. They also usually have more agents, which can translate to more and faster sales. Be prepared to ask an agency the following questions if you are selling your home: -- How will you advertise my home? -- Will you use the Internet and newspapers? -- How many pictures of my house will appear online? -- On which sites will my home be featured?

-- Do you have other homes that have recently been sold in this price range? -- How long has the agency been selling homes in my neighborhood? -- What makes your agency unique?

The Road to Your New Home Nash Realty has been involved with the buying and selling of homes in the Parkland Area and adjacent communities for over 30 years. Since inception, we have been an important part of the local community and we will continue to serve all of the area’s real estate needs for years to come. We specialize in combining old fashioned service and communications with a modern up to date website in order to better assist both buyers and sellers. We appreciate the opportunity to help you in your transactions. Feel free to contact us any time.

The two biggest financial decisions you will make in your lifetime are buying and selling a home. Protect your investment and peace of mind by choosing the best and most trustworthy real estate agency you can find.

Meet Our Agents

Cary Combs, Broker/Owner 573-358-1050 Ashley Akers Sharon Allen Kelley Appollo Frank Basden Heather Brewer Donyel Burns Dale Campbell

Kathy Claywell Laura Cox Timothy Cox Erika Davis Robert Davis Ginny Donnelli Lisa Gillam

Teresa Hobbs Marvin Holmes Kathleen Kelly Carol King Martin Lerczak Mitchell Lotz

Connie Mahurin Angie Mason Mark McFarland Shirley Phares Denny Pogue Debra Pratt

William Reeder Beverly Seim Paula Vance Mary Wright Christie Yoder Cary Combs

Please contact us or any of our agents through one of our FIVE area locations. With over 30 licensed and trained agents we are proud to offer a great combination of old fashioned customer service and modern technology to handle all your transactions. Our professional up to date website along with our staff’s knowledge and experience in the Parkland Region and surrounding area, make us a great option for both Buyers and Sellers. CALL US TODAY or VISIT ONE OF OUR 5 OFFICES!

Cary Combs

We’d love the opportunity to help you and your family.

Park Hills 573-431-5000

Potosi 573-438-7653

Farmington 573-218-9599

Broker / Owner

Bonne Terre 573-358-1050

Terre Du Lac 573-358-5599

Visit us online at ...

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How to your local Choose guide

How to Choose... a Hospice

When people talk about end-of-life care, there’s a common desire – to be at peace with their decisions. It’s no surprise, because the end of life can be one of the most vulnerable and challenging times you or your loved one will face. Concerns for the comfort of a loved one with a lifelimiting illness, worries about the impact on family members, and anxiety about the grieving process all weigh heavily on your soul. That’s why choosing a hospice – the right hospice – can make all the difference! It’s important to know the differences in hospice care, because there is a difference. When you’re looking for a hospice, what you’re really looking for is a partner – a partner who’s going to be there for you and your loved one – every step of the way. You need a partner you can trust – someone who’ll provide your loved one with the same type of tender care you give them. But, what makes a hospice “good” or “bad’? And how do you make such an important decision in the midst of your family’s pain and sorrow? The reality is that unless you’ve used the services of a hospice before, you probably feel very overwhelmed and lost when it comes to the choice. While every hospice is different, there are some characteristics you can look for that will give you the best chance of finding a great hospice. For example:

The right hospice partner will have decades of experience in end-of-life care, including pain symptom management. You’ll want a hospice with a proven track record of expertise; one that’s immersed in and dedicated to the community they serve. The best hospice is the one whose staff is able to spend quality time with patients and provide critical personal care. Their staff should each have the heart of a servant, dedicated to giving your loved ones whatever they need – whenever they need it, 24/7 365 days a year. THAT’S TRADITION YOU CAN TRUST! The right hospice partner understands the emotional ordeal the family is facing and, as a result, responds to their needs in a gentle and respectful manner. Their goal will be to take away as many burdens as possible, so you can spend quality time with your loved one. Even though this is an overwhelming time in your

lives, the right hospice should always strive to instill a sense of calmness whenever possible. THAT’S COMPASSION YOU CAN COUNT ON! The right hospice partner is one whose focus is always on human beings – not dollars and cents. They will not refuse services to anyone who qualifies, regardless of their ability to pay. For their staff, hospice work is so much more than just a job. They believe in their heart they were divinely led to provide this special kind of care, and doing anything else just doesn’t feel right. THAT’S DEDICATION YOU CAN DEPEND ON!

ing for life’s final chapter, helping them find peace – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Tradition you can trust. Compassion you can count on. Dedication you can depend on. THAT’s Serenity HospiceCare!

What DO you look for when it’s time to call hospice? A trusted reputation. Spiritually-based devotion. A “mission over money” attitude. Choosing a hospice is one of the most important decisions you and your loved ones will ever make, so trust your family to the area’s resource for expert care and counsel-

“Peace Of Mind When It Matters Most” How is Serenity HospiceCare Different? It is important to know the particulars of hospice care, because there is a difference. Established in 1989, Serenity HospiceCare is the most experienced local hospice, providing the best possible care for the whole person: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Decisions about your care are made right here, with you, not by an out-of-state corporation. Our board of directors is made up of people who live, work and worship in the counties we serve.

Non-Profit (Serving All, Regardless of Ability to Pay) • Free-Standing • We see our patients as many as five times each week • Spiritually-Based • 24-Hour Crisis Response “Hospice isn’t really the end of life. For my dad, it was the

“When my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer, a co-worker told me Serenity HospiceCare were the ones I needed to call. There’s so much more they can do and can offer. Without Serenity HospiceCare, my dad would not have been able to live as good a life as he did. Just knowing Serenity HospiceCare is in our community helping families just like mine brings joy and comfort to me. In my eyes, Serenity HospiceCare is the only hospice care.”

bill’s daughter 00 1

(573) 431.0162 (800) 876.0162 • “Serving all, regardless of ability to pay.”

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Medical Arts Clinic

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