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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Great Outdoors

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2 Grande Prairie DailyHerald-Tribune Herald-Tribune •• Tuesday, Tuesday, April 2 Grande Prairie Daily April19, 19,2011 2011

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trailers and RVs fill the spaces at the Rotary Campground as the facility is used by those vacationing in the Swan City, those using RVs as temporary housing, and travellers passing through en route to points north and south of the Swan City.

GP becoming tourist destination Study shows the vast majority of GP visitors – approximately 76% – are Albertans, with 19% coming from the rest of Canada, 4% from the United States, and 1% from overseas. Remo Zaccagna Herald-Tribune staff The tourism sector is well on its way to becoming the fourth pillar of industry in the region, according to a study released by the Grande Prairie Regional Tourism Association on earlier this month. The study, undertaken by Burlington, Ont.-based Econometric Research Ltd., showed that more than 581,000 people visited the Grande Prairie region in 2008 (the last available data from three surveys done by Statistics Canada) and spent a shade less than $111 million. A visitor is defined as any nonresident of the Grande Prairie region - classified as Census Division 19, which stretches from the B.C. border to the M.D. of Smoky River, and includes the MD. of Sad-

dle Hills and M.D. of Peace – to have visited on at least a day-trip and spent mone y on a n ything from restaurants to concerts to accom modations. Ken loudon It was the first study of its nature commissioned by the GPRTA, and president Ken Loudon said the results should alert local operators to the importance of the industry to the area. “Look at the contribution that we’re bringing to the local businesses, restaurants, hotels, stores, and all the attractions that we have,” Loudon said. “For them to realize the impact of dollars that are actually being infused into the community, it’s quite staggering

quite frankly. “This is going to spark people’s enthusiasm to recognize that there is so much more to be gained.” Dr. Atif Kubursi, who put the study together, said by its nature, tourism is an example of income elasticity. “W hich mea ns if income increases by 1%, tourism expend it u res t y pica l ly i nc rease by more than 1%. And when income declines, tourism declines by more than the decline,” he said. Therefore, he said, within the context of where the economy was headed in 2008, the figures mean that as the economy regains its vigour, tourism numbers should increase in lock step. And that’s music to Loudon’s ears. “It was actually one of our lowest industry years, and so it gives us a

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phenomenally solid and realistic baseline,” he said. “From that baseline, when things are up, we know that these numbers are going to go higher than what we have already had. “And considering the year of 2008, the numbers that we have been presented with speak huge volumes of the economic impact to this region.” T he st ud y showed t he v a st majorit y of v isitors – approx imately 76% – are Albertans, with 19% coming from the rest of Canada, 4% from the United States, and 1% from overseas. In terms of expenditures, the numbers broke down similarly, with Albertans spending $75 million, other Canadians $23 million, Americans $10.5 million, and overseas visitors $2 million. A majority of Albertan visitors were between the ages of 25 to 44, while the rest of Canada came from an older demographic. Virtually all American visitors were older than 35. The specificity of the study will be an invaluable tool for local operators in terms of marketing themselves in the future, said tourism association director Andy Doucette of Ramada Inns & Suites. “I think the best way to use this informat ion is just to become smarter about spending dollars,” he said. “In the past, I know a lot of the hoteliers in town would just split up their marketing budget and try to cover as much ground as possible, but with this analysis, we should be able to better target a market that has potential and just makes us become smarter spenders.” That sentiment was echoed by Jason Halwa, GPRTA vice-president and operations manager at Country Roads RV Park.

“Now we at least have a base to go on to whom we can market to, who we’re spending these marketing dollars on,” he said. “Before we were ma rket i ng blindly, you have whatever amount of money that you have to put out there and you don’t k now who you’re marketing to. You’re just hoping that you catch somebody that’s going to stop.” “This will bring RVs and people here, put them in beds, and put them in the parks.” Walter Paszkowski, County of Grande Prairie economic development officer, said the report will benefit the county in its efforts to market its attractions, such as the future Pipestone Creek dinosaur museum, to an outside audience. “The county is very interested in developing this and has worked very closely with the tourism people here through the years, but it’s something that’s moving along, and ultimately at the end of the day this will really be a major step forward,” he said. Kubursi said the study took three months to complete, and includes the creation of software for the GPRTA to use in future analysis. “They can use it in the future to assess any impacts of any event or program. So it is much more than just a report. The report is just an application of the system,” he said. Loudon could not give exact figures as to the cost of the project, but said the time was right for the GPRTA to undertake such a report for the first time. “This whole thing came about because we as an organization were restructuring and reevaluating everything that we’re doing and said ‘we need to have more facts and details.’ Let’s get the job done and let’s get it done right.”

Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune• •Tuesday, Tuesday,April April19, 19, 2011 2011 Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune


Where to play this season? Pipestone Creek Park

Supplied by GPRTA

Muskoseepi Park

Located in the heart of Grande Prairie, Muskoseepi Park offers close to 445 hectare of urban park, w ith a 20 k m trail system, and eighteen other amenities that provide entertainment, recreation, culture and leisure opportunities. Watch for the entry sign titled “Centennial Park.� Outdoor spring and summer activities include cycling, water activities, golf, hiking and wildlife viewing.

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Kleskun Hill Park

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Wit hin t he park, t he Ka k wa River cascades 30 meters over Kakwa Falls, rushes through a 4 km canyon and then plunges over a second set of falls. Access to the falls is via a 20 km unimproved trail suitable only for hikers, horseback riders, or ATV.

Located on the south side of the city, South Bear Creek offers visitors a perfect venue for the athlete in your family. Offering a golf course and multiple baseball diamonds. The park is also the home for t he annual Grande Prairie Summer Slam Festival.

Located in the city, Lions Park offers visitors a perfect venue for a family fun day. With numerous slides and swings, Lions is a great place for all ages. Lions Park is also the home for Kidâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day.


Kakwa Park

South Bear Creek Park

Lions Park

four-year-old April Neilson-fry was all about just how high her mother, Anna Neilson, could send her flying at p Grande prairieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s park. the Ă&#x2039;j9XY swings prove to be a popular nP\Xistop at the park with her. 





The Hamlet of La Glace traces its roots back to the early 1900â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Folklore has it that it was named after Chief La Glace who drowned in 1909 in nearby Valhalla Lake while t rapping musk rats. The Hertitage Park has beautful brick pathed gardens, and a cairn that is in memory of the well-respected native leader, and the many pioneers of the area.

Located 25 km west of Grande Prairie and north off Highway 43. This park is operated by the province and offers 103 forested campsites, seasonal interpretive programs, and a beach with change houses, boating, picnicing, birdwatching, fire pits and berry picking. Guided tours are available on the trails of the park through out the summer.

A d a y u s e r e c r e a t io n a r e a located on the south banks of the Wapiti River, 15 minutes south of Grande Prairie. The stately poplar and spruce trees which tower overhead offer a sheltering welcome to family and group picnics. Summer hiking trails, firepits, picnic tables. Lots of wildlife.

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La Glace Heritage Park

Saskatoon Island Provincial Park

Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien Park


ing native prairie and badland areas. Walk the 1km trail trough the grasslands or take a tour of the pioneer village.

A 2 0 m i nu t e d r i v e w e s t of Grande Prairie off Highway 43. Pipestone Creek Park is the second richest known deposit of dinosaur fossils in western Canada. In addition it is the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest site of the Pacyrhinosaurus.


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4 Grande Prairie DailyHerald-Tribune Herald-Tribune •• Tuesday, Tuesday, April 4 Grande Prairie Daily April19, 19,2011 2011

Where to cast a line this season? Supplied by GPRTA


Spring Lake

Spring Lake is a small stocked lake located about one and a half hours drive from Grande Prairie. Go west from Grande Prairie to the Wembley corner, north to LaGlace, then west through Valhalla until you come to the sign pointing north to Spring Lake. You will follow this gravel road several miles north until you come to the lake. It is located in a small ravine in a heavily forested area, making it a deep lake with pristine surroundings. There is a small managed campground with a day use area, a large parking lot and a primitive boat launch area with a wharf. Power boats are not allowed. The lake typically has open water fishing by mid May and usually stays open until late October. It is stocked with rainbow and brook trout, which makes for some challenging fishing. The shoreline is very shallow at the sound end by the boat launch-


Patrick Byer, 13, tries his hand at fishing in the Muskoseepi Park pond early in the morning. While the fish weren’t biting they were visible as they were jumping around the area Byer’s line was. ing area, but it quickly drops off a deeper lake it is not susceptible to once you go a few yards out. The heavy weed growth away from the deeper parts of the lake are as much shoreline; hence why it has good as seventy feet and then the north fishing for the entire season. end of the lake is shallow again. East Dollar Lake There are several bank beaver Located about an hour’s drive houses around the lake, which can east of Grande Prairie on Highway be good areas to fish for the elusive 43 towards Valleyview then another trout and trigger a strike. Since it is 20 minutes, just off the west side

of the highway is a small stocked pond known to locals as East Dollar Lake. The pond is currently stocked with rainbow and brown trout. There are actually two ponds which are connected by a narrow passageway that does have water in it when the water tables are high. Even though the second pond is sometimes accessible and does have a sufficient supply of excellent trout food, (millions of fresh water shrimp), the trout don’t seem to stay in this pond, mostly due to it being so shallow and high weed growth and low oxygen levels. The east pond, known as East Dollar is much deeper with water that remains clear throughout the summer months. The pond is surrounded with a dense shoreline of willows, cattails and heavy weed growth. There is a small, primitive boat launching area and only electric trolling motors are allowed. Larger boats are not recommended due to the soft muddy shoreline at the launching area. There is a small parking lot and day use area with biffies and garbage containers, but no provision for

overnight camping. As this is a small pond, a half dozen folks fishing at any given time is considered a crowd. This is a great place to practise fly casting and try your luck at landing a lively rainbow or one of those elusive brown trout. Try dropping your favourite dry flies into the edge of the weeds around the shoreline, and you may be lucky enough to entice one of the wary brown trout to take the fake. Move out into the deeper water with a sinking tip fly line and wet flies to try catching a feisty rainbow on a marabou leech or woolly worm. Of course, the traditional shrimp patterns work well for both species in this pond. As with any good fishing lake, there are definite hot spots in this in this pond which can really surprise you with fish of amazing action and size. If you want to know where they are, you will have to pack up your gear and try this pond out for yourself. It won’t take more than one circuit around the pond for you to be hooked as much as the fish you catch.

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Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribuneâ&#x20AC;˘ Tuesday, â&#x20AC;˘ Tuesday,April April19, 19, 2011 2011 Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune

Endless possibilities in the Peace waterways ...Continued from Page 4

Sturgeon Lake

It must first be said that this is one of the best walleye lakes in the west (located about 45 minutes east of Grande Prairie off Highway 43). There are many access points with quality boat launches including two provincial parks. This is a sizeable lake (approximately 9 km x 3km) with variable shorelines, cottages and feeder creeks that add structure to this fishing hotbed. It is extremely important to know how fishing regulations apply to your catch on this lake. Make sure you read carefully on slot size and harvest number as they change during the summer. A hydro-graphic map of the lake is a must (one is provided beside the boat launches) due to the bottom changes of the lake. Between sand, weed, rock, and variable depths of 3 to 40 feet, a multitude of zones in the lake can be fished successfully from boat, shore, dingy or float tube. Be cautious of winds that can come up quickly and create quite a heavy chop on the water with no islands to hide behind. A variety of fishing techniques and baits prove effective spring, summer, and fall. This includes good fly fishing with leech or minnow patters from first ice out to mid-summer on the weed bed flats and drop-offs. Pike are most common on the fly but walleye can be plentiful as well if you hit them on the feed. Be aware of blue green algae blooms in mid-summer as the water warms. Get yourself a spot at one of the local campgrounds and enjoy fishing, hiking, and bird watching in this wonderful area.

Swan Lake

Swan Lake is the most publicized lake in the Peace Country. The reason why will be most evident after you enjoy a fishing experience at this lake. From Grande Prairie, travel east approximately 72 km on Highway 43 to the small hamlet of Ridgevalley. From Ridgevalley south 16 km on a well maintained gravel road will direct you to

the largest rainbow trout fishing in the region. Presently the recreation area is unsupervised and maintenance is minimal. A few rustic campsites exist amongst the trees next to the lake. Service does not exist, but you will find a washroom, fish cleaning stand, and ocasionally some wood. Access to the lake is a steep ramp and a muddy shoreline. Electric motors are requested as a power source. Acquiring the name Swan Lake in 1952 would suggest you may view some of these prestigious birds; regrettably, the increasing amount of boats and fishing activity prohibits that. However, there is a bald eagle family usually raising its young at the east end of the lake. The lake is shallow, but aeration allows the fish to thrive all year. The abundance of natural feed in this lake produces rainbow trout from an average of two pounds up to eight or nine pounds. Early spring fishing can produce results with leeches, shrimp, bright olive nymphs, and a sinking tip line produces better success. May and June are your best months for clear water, as the lake produces a heavy algae bloom July through September. During this time brightly coloured flies, streamers, and wooly worms are successful. The popularity of this lake is a direct reflection of the size of rainbow. Some days it may appear congested to a fly fisherman in a belly boat due to the number of aluminum boats cruising the lake. With proper courtesy there is space for everyone to enjoy a rewarding day of fishing.

Figure Eight Lake

One of the many stocked lakes in the Mighty Peace Country is Figure Eight Lake. Located just off a secondary highway, about half an hour drive north and west of Fairview. The lake is stocked with rainbow and brown trout, which have been known to reach sizes of 22 inches or more. There is a small campground on the west side of the lake and a small boat launching area there with a wharf. There are

also a couple of picnicking areas with beach frontage. The lake is quite shallow, therefore only smaller boats are recommended. Because the lake is shallow, the best fishing is usually in the spring before the weeds get heavy, or in the lake fall after the weeds die down. The winter is usually gone about the first part of May and it starts to freeze up late October. As the water warms up and it gets into early June, both the weed growth and the insect activity increases in the lake. The fish become more active also as they chase after the smorgasbord of feed around them. They soon become selective in what they like best and it becomes more difficult to find the right fly and be able to present it properly. Dry flies will worth to catch brown trout in the shallows, near the shoreline. To get a hit in the deeper water you will need to use a sink tip line and do a slower presentation with a caddis type fly. Rainbow trout will hit on almost any fly you use in this lake, providing you use the appropriate presentation. Summer fishing can be difficult because of the heavy weed growth in this lake, but it is possible if you can fish between those nasty weed beds. After the weeds die off in late fall, the fishing improves again and you can revert back to techniques that worked for early spring fishing. Figure Eight Lake is also a popular winter recreation area for the ice fishing. The lake is aerated to maintain the fish over the winter. If you are looking for variety in your trout fishing and new challenges, try catching a large brown trout in this beautiful Peace County lake. It is unfortunately one of the very few lakes in the area where brown trout can still be found.

The Grovedale Fish Pond

Located just 20 km south of Grande Prairie on Highway 40. The Grovedale Pond is a perfect location for day use. Offering visitors basic services with water stocked with trout by Alberta Fish and Wildlife. Grovedale Pond is also a great place for a quiet family picnic.



Tom Irbine from Gravenhurst, Ont, casts a line at Spring Lake, approximately 27 kilometres north of Hythe.


Does the call of the wild, call out to you? Well, then the region around Grande Prairie would be the one calling you. The Grande Prairie region is the perfect place if you love the wilderness and big game hunting. Whether you are a big conventional hunter using a rifle, or enjoy the traditional use of a bow, Grande Prairie offers exceptional scenery with all the excitement and adventure anyone can dream about.

In the spring, the region is a hunters paradise for trophy black bear. During the fall, bow and rifle hunters try for trophy elk, white tail deer, mule deer, bighorn sheep and moose. Regional sporting stores also sponsor the annual Great Elk Hunt and Awards Dinner every Autumn. As for the hunting seasons, licensing costs and regulations may change from year to year, go on-line to huntingregs or Alberta Sustainable Resource Development www3. for more up-to-date hunting information.

6 Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune 19, 2011 2011 6 Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune ••Tuesday, Tuesday,April April 19,

The must sees in GP


35th Annual


1 0 2 h t 8 2 y • Ma e i r i a r P e Grand

dht file photo

A white-throated sparrow watches the morning pass by while perched on the branch of a tree on the north shore of Crystal lake. the north side park is a favourite habitat for a variety of birds.


Supplied by GPRTA

Crystal Lake Waterfowl Refuge

SATURDAY MAY 28, 2011 Time: Place: Distance: Registration: Race Package Pick-Up: Cost:

Walkers at 8:00 am and Runners/Kids at 9:00 am Muskoseepi Park Pavillion 10k, 21k & Kids’ 3k Online only at Ernie’s Sports Experts - Friday, May 27th, 2011 between 12:00 pm and 7:00 pm • Adult GP Run/Walk Club Members (ages 14 & over): $25 for 10k, $35 for 21k • Adult General (ages 14 & over): $35 for 10k, $45 for 21k • Kids (ages 8-13): $20 for 3k or 10k • Technical Race T-Shirt: $25 (optional) for men’s, women’s or kids


$10 from each registration will be donated directly to For more information, please e-mail

Free Training Programs:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011. Registration starting at 7 pm in The Leisure Centre

For GP Walk/Run Members

foyer IN PERSON. Please DO NOT call the Leisure Centre. Sessions begin Sunday, March 20, 2011, at 9 am in The Leisure Centre foyer Programs Include:

For more information regarding the race email For more information regarding training email: REGISTRATION DEADLINE: THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2011 AT MIDNIGHT RACE T-SHIRT DEADLINE: TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2011 AT MIDNIGHT

SPONSORS Point-of-Sale Terminals

Millenium Sundial

This beautiful working Millenium sundial in located off of Highway 43, in front of Centre 2000. The sundial measures 40 feet high and accurately tells time, and celebrates the millennium year-2000. In conjunction with the community sundial is our time capsule project. Time capsules are sealed and incorporated into the sundial, celebrating the millennium through the eyes of our community, recognizing the pioneers and volunteers in our region.

Teepee Creek Stampede

One of Canada’s oldest running rodeos the Teepee Creek Stampede enters into its 95th year in 2011. The events showcases a full schedule of chuckwagon racing and pro rodeo.

Pipestone Creek Dinosaur

Pipestone Creek Dinosaur Initiative is the omnibus for raising the funds, building and developing the future dinosaur museum which will be built in the town of Wembley, Alberta and called the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum.

Red Willow Gardens

Kidsport, our charity for 2011.

• 10k Walk • 10k Learn to Run • 10k 10 & 1 Run/Walk • 21k Walk • 21k First Time Run • 21k Intermediate

Located in the northeast sector of Grande Prairie is this waterfowl refuge where you may take walking trails, and visit the bird watching stations and blinds. See trumpeter swans, ducks, loons, etc.

thrills and chills to its spectators at Evergreen Park every spring. Stompede allows local chuckwagon drivers and professional rodeo competitors to showcase their talents in their own back yard and, ultimately, promotes both sports in the Peace Country so young people are inspired to keep the tradition going.

• 10k Intermediate • 3k Kids Run


Looking for a getaway from the city? Why not try out the Red Willow Gardens where visitors can walk through a beautiful and luscious garden as well as pick your own vegetables. Afterwards, enjoy a cup of tea in the tea house and enjoy the view across the winding river.

Sexsmith Birdwatching

Sexsmith is located on the flyway for northern ducks and geese during their migrations. Excellent for bird watching and big game hunting. Guides available for tours west of the town. Trail rides, horseback riding.

Beaverlodge Beaver

The Beaver, prominently located alongside Highway 43, took six months to complete. The Beaverlodge Beaver is an engineering marvel; it is over 15 feet in height and weighs over 3,000 pounds.

GP Stomepede Tina McLean CFP


Considered one of the biggest events in the area each year and attracts close to 30,000 spectators over the course of the weeklong event. The Grande Prairie Stompede is entering its 34th year in 2011 and continues to provide

dht file photo

the millenium sundial located off highway 43 in front of Centre 2000.

Grande Prairie Herald-Tribune• Tuesday, • Tuesday,April April19, 19, 2011 2011 Grande Prairie DailyDaily Herald-Tribune



Felix Schlaepfer of Dawson Creek, B.C., taking advantage of the opportunity to break in the man-made trails at the Gravity Bike Park at the Nitehawk Recreation Area.

Keeping up an active and healthy life Supplied by GPRTA


Chinook Valley Golf Club

The course layout of Chinook Valley takes advantage of the natural terrain and beauty of the Burnt River and the Saddle Hills, north of Grande Prairie. This course is fully equipped for tournaments and group golf outings. The course size, the clubhouse facility and number of power cart rentals make Chinook an excellent choice for your company tourney or fun get together.

Wee Links Par 3 Golf Course

The Wee Links is located near the heart of Grande Prairie. Situated in the South Bear Creek Park, the golf course and driving range is the ideal place to be surrounded in a setting of trees and plenty of wildlife. All ages are welcome to try their hand at playing a round of golf.

Dunes Golf & Winter Club

Located sout h of Grande Prair ie on Resources Road, the Dunes Golf club offers 18-championship holes. Picturesque course that long-hitters will love. With rolling fairways and challenging pin placements, its fun for all level of golfer.

Grande Prairie Golf & Country Club

Located just outside of the city limits on Resources Road the Grande Prairie Golf & Country Club offers visitors a chance to experience a long and narrow course, a complete contrast to its counterpart to the south. A semi-private course, the course is open to public as well as those looking to become members.

Bear Creek Golf Club

Located north of the city Bear Creek Golf Club patrons of every age the chance to get a taste for the game. A family first course, patrons are offers to 18-holes of wide fairways and large greens – a great venue to get one’s feet wet.

Hiking and riding

Northern Alberta Heritage Trail

The Northern Alberta Heritage Trail is a self-drive history-themed discovery tour. Using Edmonton as a start point, there are 6 options or ‘Reaches’ to be explored. These Reaches encompass the whole of Northern Alberta, from Lac La Biche in the east, to Fort Chipewyan and High Level in the north, and the Grande Prairie/Peace region in the west.

Nitehawk Recreation Area

A great local ski hill on the banks of the Wapiti River south of Grande Prairie, off Highway 40. Nitehawk also offers a summer aerial water ramp for the training of aerial snowboarding and skiing enthusiasts.

Wapiti Nordic Centre

Located five minutes south of Grande Prairie off Highway 40, hiking and cross-country trails that were developed to host the 1995 Canada Winter games. A total of 4.5 km of trails. The centre also offers lessons and hosts sanctioned races.

Saskatoon Mountain Viewpoint

Accessed north at Huallen off Highway 43, and offers one of the most spectacular views of the south and the west portions of the County. Today, over 2200 acres of land are available for bird watching, hiking, picnics and crosscountry skiing.


Hythe Motor Speedway

A 3/8 oval paved track, one of the fastest in Canada. It features modified, street stock, starter stock, sportsman and sprint competitions. Races held from early May to end of September.


etaway with

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Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune â&#x20AC;˘ Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Toll Free: 1-877-538-2120


15211-100 Street (Hwy 2 North) Grande Prairie


The Great Outdoors  

The tourism sector is well on its way to becoming the fourth pillar of industry in the region, according to a study released by the Grande P...

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