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Your 10 Best Today, Today, Doreen Doreen Thompson Thompson shares shares with us various with s various looks looks of of Alberta’s Alberta’s big, beautiful sky -– big beautiful sky especially at sunset. Especially at sunset. “Please consider my 10 best sunset photos, all taken from my deck in Pinnacle Ridge,” says Doreen. “My camera is a point and shoot Canon and I’ve loved the sunsets here since I arrived ten years ago.”

1 Dipping awaY






6 graY DaY


pink skY at night

7 ominous

patterns Doreen

thompson •Submit YOUR 10 BEST to frinne@bowesnet. com, photos optional but welcome, and be eligible for some great prizes from the DHT •


unDer a BlooD reD skY

your 10 best

8 saYing gooDnight

skY-Blue pink


Congratulations To Our July Winners! Anita Der Farnsworth, Angela Patterson, Dan Wever and Bob Wallace who each win tickets to an upcoming Storm game and a concession coupon.


Your 10 Best  

A new and regular feature of the DHT will be YOUR TEN BEST, and we encourage you to be a part of it. Essentially, it is a Top 10 list – in n...

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