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Bulldogs Rout Tigers 59-14

Friday, September 2, 2011

Penalties, injuries doom Tigers against formidable MSU offense

Vol. 79 No. 6

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No boundaries in sight BY CHRISTINA HOLLOWAY News Reporter

legs,” Warren said. Warren, a University of Memphis alum, said her college career was one of frayed nerves and cautious optimism. “I was scared out of my mind. I didn’t know the first thing Assisted by a talking cash register and talking bar code scanner, Robin Warren, 48, listens for prices called out by her about college, especially with me being blind,” Warren said. Warren memorized everything she learned, which evendaughter as she works behind the cash register at The Little Shop of Towers. tually helped her finish school. “Once I lost my sight, Warren, who is blind, I had to rely on my is the manager of the achel is my daughter, my memory,” Warren said. “I small convenience store in Richardson Towers South. right-hand man. If it wasn’t for became really, really good at it.” She lost her sight in 1994 After graduating due to a condition known her, I don’t know what I would Summa Cum Laude in as pseudotumor cerebri, do.” or PTC. The process is 2002, Warren took a job often reversible, but in at a Pizza Hut call center. — Robin Warren After 18 months of workWarren’s case, it isn’t. Little Shop of ing at Pizza Hut, Warren With the help of Towers manager applied to the Tennessee her daughter, Rachel Humphrey, 30,Warren sells products no one else on campus Business Enterprises, a job placement service for the blind, does, such as Coca-Cola soft drinks. She also attempts to beat which led her to take a job as vendor. “At first, I didn’t see it as a business, I saw it as something the prices of local convenience stores. “I can’t see anything, but I can see shadows some- to do,” Warren said. Warren completed a program that required extensive times, I can see neon colors, like blue, purple. Sometimes when someone is walking, I can see the motion of their legs. I can’t tell you that’s their legs, I just know it’s their see Manager, page 3

by Aaron Turner


Robin Warren, manager of the Little Shop of Towers conducts a transaction with Richardson Towers resident Sarah Johnson, freshman Health & Human Performance major.

Popular pizza chain, U of M in early talks for new store

BY ERICA HORTON News Reporter University of Memphis students might be saying hello to Papa if negotiations between food company Aramark and pizza franchise Papa John’s can be settled. Danny Armitage, assistant vice president of student affairs and campus services, confirmed Thursday that Aramark and Papa John’s officials are in preliminary discussion stages about where the

Tiger lane draws estimated crowd of 3,500 students BY CHRISTOPHER WHITTEN News Reporter As thousands of fans snaked around cars lining Central Avenue toward Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium on Thursday, the scent of grilled hot dogs and hamburgers hanging in the air, University of Memphis students had arrived hours before the Tigers’ 7 p.m. game against Mississippi State University to claim a piece of prime tailgating real estate – a spot at Tiger Lane. Though the Tigers were routed by the visiting Bulldogs, Student Government Association President Tyler DeWitt estimated that about 3,500 students were on hand at the newly attained space before the game, many of whom tossed footballs, enjoyed music and participated in other pre-game activities while wearing Tiger blue before the U of M’s season opener. DeWitt and U of M Athletic Director R.C. Johnson and said they were “very happy” with the turnout, adding that making students a prominent presence at Tiger Lane this year has been a joint effort. The U of M athletic department and SGA collaborated in providing space for students at Tiger Lane. Last year, students would have paid at least $150 to occupy a single space for the season. Though DeWitt’s goal of 5,000 students at Tiger Lane was not met, he applauded the participation of attendees, including freshmen participating in Frosh Frenzy and others drawn from the Student Activity Council’s t-shirt design contest, a Liberty Bowl attendance incentive. “For us to squeeze out 3,500 students on a Thursday night is very impressive,” DeWitt said. Efforts by the SGA to keep Tiger Lane open to students for the rest of the season will continue, DeWitt said, though a $3,000 per game contribution from boosters will be necessary to do so. “My goal was to start some new traditions and the pep rally was a good start,” DeWitt said, briefly breaking from congregating with U of M students. Though Chris Clary, a U of M graduate, said that he expected an SEC team like MSU to best the Tigers, he was happy to attend the game. “I’ll be happy if the Tigers score two touchdowns and we don’t lose by more than the point spread,” he said while lobbing a beanbag during a game of Cornhole. “Just because we’re not in the SEC doesn’t mean we can’t have a decent game.”


chain’s store would be located and how they would deliver. “This is still in discussion stage,” he said. “I don’t anticipate that you will see it within the next three months, but if there’s

Tiger Lane, page 3 the possibility of us working this out, we’re talking with Aramark.” He said the pizza should be available to students living on and off campus, and that location is one of the primary issues. Armitage said students may be able to use their dining dollars and meal plans to pay for the pizza. Armitage said The University has talked with several groups of students about the possibility, and that so far, student feedback has been positive.


2 • Friday, September 2, 2011



H elmsman Volume 79 Number 3


Scott Carroll

gameday edition

Managing Editor Casey Hilder News Editors Cole Epley Jasmine Hunter Sports Editor Adam Douglas General Manager Candy Justice Advertising Manager Bob Willis Admin. Sales Sharon Whitaker

“Just saw TOM being escorted down Central. We might not beat Mississippi State but our mascot can eat their mascot.” —@MemphisJDJ

“I predict the State fans will even be gone by the 4th quarter. Only people left are those required to be there/team’s family.” —@jake_my_craft

“I predict the stats for those alcohol signs will changes after tonight.” —@jake_my_craft

“This score is depressing me.”



“(Watching the kiss cam) Good thing all the Mississippi State fans are kissing-cousins.” —@AFCross

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“Like the new uniforms boys!”

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“Prediction: Someone from Mississippi State will brandish a farm implement...BOOK IT.” —@edarnold

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“Note to Self: Show up to the game 2 hrs. in advance.” —@Daniellej_08 “Pretty funny how many Tiger fans are wearing Tiger basketball shirts at the game.” —@danielmangrum The University of Memphis The Daily Helmsman 113 Meeman Journalism Building Memphis, TN 38152

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“Why do students have to walk all the way to Gate 6? I feel like a red headed step-child.” —@megs_brianne







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“Well, at least everyone going to the game tonight gets to see half of a good football game.” —@jacobmerryman “Buck up, Tiger fans. You’ll definitely win more than one game this year.” —@Mediaverse “Haven’t seen a ‘Fire Larry Porter’ post yet. Following through on statements made during the recruiting frenzy. Proud of Memphis fans!” —@Jenkz901 “Tiger fans have left the building, looks like Starkville, Tennessee.” —@GREGSNELSON1

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37 “Zounds!” 39 Unwanted playground game teammate 40 Recycling vessel 41 Brewer’s kiln 43 Yuri who was the first to orbit Earth 46 Wire measure 47 Punch sequence 48 Some tees 49 Pedaled 50 Freedom, in Swahili 51 Part of SST 53 “Antony and Cleopatra” killer 56 Tyne with a Tony and Emmys 58 Salon sound 59 “What __!”: “How fun!” 61 Palindromic airline 63 Tex-__ cuisine

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The University of Memphis

Manager from page 1

tests in dexterity, memory and Braille. “It’s strenuous testing, not just any blind person can get into it,” she said. After completing 60 days of additional training with a blind vendor, Warren was hired at Richardson Towers, where she’s been for 6 years. While Warren admits life as an entrepreneur is sometimes difficult, she said that she has recently caught her stride. Her business is run entirely from customer profits. “It’s difficult when there’s not a lot of traffic,” Warren said. Jamal Geeter, Junior criminal justice major and former resident of Richardson Towers, said he visited Robin’s shop at least once a week. “It was really convenient. Little stuff, like snacks or drinks, were there; so I didn’t have to leave the dorm,” he said. Warren gets a lot of her help at home and at work, from Humphrey. “Rachel is my daughter, my right-hand man. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know what I would do,” Warren said.

Friday, September 2, 2011 • 3

Tiger Lane from page 1

Clary, a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, said it was very generous of The University to provide students and Greek organizations – who had four spaces at Tiger Lane – a spot to tailgate closer to the Liberty Bowl then traditionally-used Tom Lee Park off Central Ave. “School spirit makes a strong football program and we wanted to show our support,” he said. After last season’s 1-11 record, many students said they weren’t there for the game but for the team. “It’s all about baby steps,” DeWitt said. “We want to do this for every home game. We have to build our fan base if we want to build our program.” U of M German exchange student Simon Kruschinski had never seen an American football game in person or a college football “celebration” before Thursday. “This is amazing,” he said. “All of this for a university – we don’t have college teams in Germany.”

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delivers... Step Afrika WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 7 @ 7 P.M. | ROSE THEATRE


4 • Friday, September 2, 2011

by David C. Minkin

Memphis vs. Miss. State


ABOVE: Sophomore running back Jerrelle Rhodes meets a host of MSU defenders at the line of scrimmage during the Tigers’ home opener Thursday night.

by David C. Minkin

ABOVE, RIGHT: Fraternity members gather to enjoy pre game festivities outside the Liberty Bowl at Tiger Lane.

LEFT: Sophomore running back Jerrell Rhodes prepares to meet a Mississippi State defender near the sideline.


Congratulations, you’ve won!

The University of Memphis

by Aaron Turner

ABOVE: Zeta Beta Tau member Joe Hopper gets the grill going for tailgating festivities at Tiger Lane in the student section outside the Liberty Bowl.

LEFT: Junior wide receiver Marcus Rucker hauls in a pass and scrambles for additional yardage.

by David C. Minkin

RIGHT: Senior defensive end Frank Trotter (62) puts a hit on Mississippi State quarterback Chris Relf.

by David C. Minkin

by Aaron Turner

by Aaron Turner

Friday, September 2, 2011 • 5

6 • Friday, September 2, 2011


BY CHRIS SHAW News Reporter Tomorrow night, five bands made up almost entirely of University of Memphis students will take the stage at Newby’s for the second annual Takeover concert. The Takeover is a semi-annual concert held by Brister Street Productions with the goal of celebrating new, local music. What makes the show unique is the free-form performance at the end of the night that features musicians from each band jamming together to create an entirely new sound. “There’s so much diversity on campus, and I think a show like this proves that,” said John Michael Tubbs, a junior at The U of M and saxophone player in Chinese Connection Dub Embassy.        Calling the lineup diverse is an understatement. Chinese Connection Dub Embassy and the Family Friendly Crew play roots reggae, Sanga play progressive alternative rock with a reggae undertone, while Agori Tribe describe themselves as “space island funk rock.” And then there’s Preauxx, aka Chris Dansby, the U of M junior from New Orleans who said his music is best described as “backpack rap.” Dansby is the only rapper on the bill Friday night, a situation he said he’s becoming familiar with. “I love playing shows with rock bands -- in fact, I anticipate it,” Dansby said. Dansby, who’s currently working on his new mixtape, “When the Caged Bird Sings,” said his fans have come to expect his performances to be sandwiched between everything from jam bands to heavy metal. “My fans are pretty diverse and I think they like being surprised not only by the changes in my set, but also the types of bands I play with,” Dansby said. Barkley Pryor, senior at the University of Memphis, bassist, and lead guitarist of Sanga, said that his band’s sound changes week to week depending on how everyone is feeling. “I’ll write a hard rock song one week because that’s what kind of mood I’m in. The next week something totally different could come out,” Pryor said. “Right now our music is a combination of Sublime and 311 mixed with hip-hop and basic reggae that can get pretty heavy at any time,” Pryor said. “All of our stuff has undertones of reggae music. Some songs have rap influence, others more of a heavy tone.” Pryor said he hopes the free-

form performance at the end of the show will give the audience a sense of what The Takeover is about. “The collaboration at the end of the show will bring a completely unique sound to the show, and unify and em`erging group of young artists that need to be heard,” Pryor said. The Takeover starts tonight at Newby’s at 10 p.m. Admission is $7.00.

by Jennifer Naughton

University of Memphis students aiming for a ‘Takeover’ of Newby’s on Highland Strip

The second annual Takeover concert features local talent including Agori Tribe, above, a selfdescribed “space island funk rock” with University of Memphis ties.

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The University of Memphis

Friday, September 2, 2011 • 7


MSU strikes early and often as Tigers drop opener 59-14

by David C. Minkin


Senior running back Billy Foster (left) celebrates with junior wide receiver Marcus Rucker following a Tiger touchdown during Thursday night’s 59-14 loss to Mississippi State.

They came out fired up. They even stopped Mississippi State’s offense on the first possession of the game. But The University of Memphis Tigers football team showed just how young they were as they piled up penalties throughout the first half, allowing MSU to convert on quick touchdown strikes of 44, 46, 36 and 66 yards in a 59-17 rout over the Tigers. In front of 33,992 fans at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, the

Now Hiring Wait Staff • Delivery Driver

Apply in person Mon. - Sat., 2 - 4 p.m. 1022 S. Shady Grove Rd. • Inside the Embassy Suites

Tigers struggled to move the ball, punting throughout the first half and giving up 405 yards of offense to the Bulldogs and yielding 31 first-half points. “I thought we gave up too much too early,” head coach Larry Porter said. “I’m obviously disappointed in our play, but I thought we would play better. You just have to give it up to coach (Dan) Mullin and his kids for a good game out there.” Although the Bulldogs posted 40-plus points against the Tigers for the second straight year, there were bright spots in the game for the Tigers. True freshmen quarterback Taylor Reed and running back Artaves Gibson both saw significant playing time. Both Reed and Gibson came in for injured Tigers, substituting for sophomore quarterback Andy Summerlin in the second quarter after he suffered an undisclosed injury and Billy Foster, respectively. Foster replaced starting running back Jerrell Rhodes earlier in the game. Gibson gained 85 yards on 17 carries. “Arteves did some good things tonight,” Porter said. “He definitely earned himself some playing time for next week and I can’t wait to see him out there.” Reed finished the game 23-for-35 for 149 yards and one interception. “I was proud of Taylor Reed’s play,” Porter said. “I thought he came in with tremendous poise and in my opinion he settled our offense and helped sustain our drives – he definitely was a bright spot.” The Tigers gave up 645 yards on defense, the second most in school history and most offensive yardage amassed in MSU history. Coach Porter wasn’t ready to throw the towel in on his defense, however, saying the reasons for such a big disparity were due to some missing parts. “My defense, in my opinion, did a pretty decent job,” Porter said. “I don’t think we were just getting blown off the line. Our guys fought to the end but we had breakdowns. And I understand where those breakdowns are, but we had some guys that were (out of place) and they have to make tackles.” Though there were only two touchdowns for the Tigers, they did have several opportunities. Junior wide receiver Marcus Rucker missed a few balls that were thrown his way. The offensive line broke down too soon before either quarterback could locate a receiver, and whenever they seemed to be building momentum, the referees took it back by calling procedural penalties. “It was an unbalanced set that we lined up in and the refs just didn’t know what we were trying to do,” Porter said. “But when we go back to look at film and take a look, we did everything we were supposed to do – the referees just didn’t understand it and I can’t wait to send the tape in to the league office.”

8 • Friday, September 2, 2011

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