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Friday, April 22, 2011

Stir-Fry for the Skinny Guy U of M alum drops 50 pounds in 74 days for weight-loss contest by popular grill

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Student says University’s presidential seat no place for politics

by Casey Hilder

BY Chelsea Boozer News Reporter

Outdated copies of The Daily Helmsman work as makeshift flower pots as part of The U of M’s Earth Day festivities. That’s conservation we can definitely get behind.

U of M Earth Day event encourages sustainability BY Kyle LaCroix News Reporter

Even Mother Nature herself couldn’t stifle University of Memphis’ Earth Day celebration Thursday, which took place in the Elma Roane Fieldhouse. “It would have been great to have this in the (campus) garden,” said Art

Johnson, garden student coordinator. “But Mother Nature might have had other ideas, so we moved inside.” The celebration, held in the gym where The U of M women’s basketball team plays, featured live music, tai chi lessons, yoga lessons and a bike ride. Various information tables were set up as well, focusing on topics that

ranged from littering to making your own soap. Johnson said he hoped the spirit of the event encouraged people to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle. “The exhibitors, professors and students are all here because they care


Earth Day, page 3

BY Robert Moore News Reporter

Renovations on the Central Avenue parking lot started Thursday near the Carpenter Student Housing ComplexCommunity Building. Current renovations are part of the Central Avenue Project’s first phase, which involves constructing a new drainage system beneath the lot. The City of Memphis is building the new drainage system and will be working on the project for the next 60 days. “The plan is to excavate and construct an underground container that rain will enter then slowly exit through,” said Tony

Poteet, campus planning and design assistant vice president. The new drainage system is being installed to resolve frequent flooding in the lot and on other parts of campus. The City of Memphis recently built similar systems, including one for the Second Presbyterian Church on Poplar behind Carpenter Complex. Once Memphis finishes their role in the project, Poteet and his team will then build another parking lot on top of the drainage system this summer. The project will later include the installation of a center median and bike lanes that will run on the north and south sides of Central.

by Casey Hilder

Renovations off to early start at Central Ave. lot

Construction along Central Avenue has led to the temporary closure of a portion of the parking lot.

An email sent to all faculty, staff and students last week by President Shirley Raines expressing her views on Senate Bill 51, which would allow faculty who own gun permits to carry weapons on campus, has one student questioning whether it’s a university president’s place to communicate political opinion to students. Ronnie South, junior business management major, sent a reply to Raines’ email via his own University of Memphis email to the majority of U of M students Wednesday. He mailed a printed version to Raines, he said, and was still in the process of sending out the email to more students Thursday afternoon. In the email, South said that Raines shouldn’t “use her office as a soap box to promote anti-gun politics.” “I disagree with the administration’s decision for utilizing the school’s email distribution list to students and alumni for political reasons and I believe that everyone is entitled to hear both sides of this argument. Overall, I simply wanted to balance the scales of this issue,” South told The Daily Helmsman Thursday. Bob Eoff, vice president of communication, marketing and public relations, said Raines has not commented on South’s response. He said he did not directly receive the email from South, but was shown it on Thursday. “It’s a free country, and he can certainly express himself,” Eoff said. South said that though he hopes the legislation becomes law, his main reason for sending out the email was to educate teachers and students on the facts of the issue. ”Emails like the one sent from Shirley Raines, who claimed to represent the will of many students, teachers and law enforcement, but offer no facts on the issue or forum for discussion, are not productive in truly determining the best course of action for our school and state,” South said. In his email, South cited articles from the Washington Post and the Commercial Appeal and linked to statistics of U of M crime and to Senate Bill 51, all of which he used to show support of the bill. In one section of the nearly 700-word message, South referenced one of Raines’ quotes from her email to students and faculty. “Currently, the University of Memphis is one of the safest campuses across the south,” she said. South said Raines based that statement off The U of M’s Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report, to which he included a link to, but the Commercial Appeal “publicly brought into question” The U of M’s reporting of crimes in their article, which is subtitled, “College figures don’t always match reality.” South closed his letter to Raines saying that opposition of Senate Bill 51 forces people who can lawfully carry guns “to make a choice of breaking the law or giving up their right to self defense and possibly


Gun Email, page 3

2 • Friday, April 22, 2011





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2. Drug czar unveils plan to curtail Rx abuse

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3. U of M alum knows when to hold ‘em

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4. Electronics and education

by Erica Kelley

5. 420: Puffin’ tough at Overton Park

by Michelle Corbet

“I like Ron White’s terror alert system better: 1, find a helmet. 2, put on the damn helmet.” — @Suzuki_Onda “Fogelman Promise Day over here. Where else do you get to see the beautiful girls of the College of Business in a hula-hoop contest? #damngirl” — @jiminybrisket “If only 4/20 meant a day to get out and do something productive with your life, maybe the world would be a better place.” — @rj_druien “Ramen noodles are my collegiate five-star meal. I blame my need to conserve on this looming loan repayment plan.” — @fourteenhearts

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The University of Memphis

Friday, April 22, 2011 • 3

Gun Email from page 1

becoming a statistic.“ He said he received a “flood of replies” from both teachers and students. Lizz Crowson, senior marketing management major, was one student who replied to South in favor of his email. “I totally agree with you,” she said in her reply, “and was greatly offended that she used her ‘power of authority’ to say that my constitutional rights were bogus! (sic)” Senior psychology major Helen Casper told South there were better ways to express his concern, such as a personal email to Raines

Earth Day from page 1

about this,” he said. “We want to inspire people to nurture Mother Earth as it has nurtured us. Recycling is the most important and easiest thing for students to do. There’s almost nothing you can’t recycle here. Electronics, plastic, paper, cardboard and everything except meat, citrus and dairy products can be used as compost in the student garden.” People brought in recyclables

In the People Business

or a letter to the editor of The Helmsman. “For whatever it’s worth, I am a strong advocate for free speech,” she told The Helmsman. “Abusing The University email system, however, is spam and not responsible freedom of speech.” Casper copied Raines’ assistant and Director of Police Services, Bruce Harbor, on her reply to South. She suggested that “appropriate actions be taken against (South) or anyone else who wishes to abuse the system for their own gain.” “This is not an issue of freedom of speech,” she continued. “It is an issue of generating and proliferating unsolicited political emails.”

Students and faculty at the Fogelman College of Business and Economics fill plastic pouches with grain for the Memphis Food Bank.

by Casey Hilder

and shoes to the celebration in exchange for prizes such as tote bags and recycling bins. The shoes collected will be donated to Soles 4 Souls, a charity that provides shoes to barefoot people in need around the world. “Most of the tables set up at the event were wrapped in brown paper and for kids from the Campus School to draw on. One, though, had several large buckets of soil on it and small cups made from folded newspapers. “Kids (from the Campus School) came here to make some

little pots out of newspapers and planted some watermelons to take home,” said Paige Lewis, sophomore human services major and garden volunteer. Jenna Thompson, an adjunct professor, stood at a booth discussing a planned recycling zone near Mynders Hall. “It will be a nice place to recycle and it will have a seating area so people can take advantage of our Wi-Fi outdoors,” said Thompson. According to Thompson, the zone will be built in the fall after renovations in Mynders Hall are

finished. “Green internships” were also featured at the event and students involved in The U of M’s green internship program displayed their work this semester. As part of her green internship, Staci Thomasson created a video on saving energy in dorms for the school website. “I talk about things like turning lights off, unplugging appliances when not using them, not running the water when brushing your teeth and other simple things anyone can do,” said Thomasson.

Another intern had a display of a water system that brought water from a fishtank, cycled it through plants, and back into the fishtank. “It’s really about saving water and energy,” said Deniz Ohen, a volunteer who helped with the project. Graham Elwood, a theater junior at the celebration said that it was good that The University wanted to be involved in sustainability. “Preserving the environment is important and it’s good to see the campus excited about it,” he said. “It’s really encouraging.”


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4 • Friday, April 22, 2011


BY RoBeRt MooRe News Reporter University of Memphis alumnus Ryan Sidhom is shedding pounds by eating out, in hopes to become America’s next Jared. Genghis Grill, a restaurant that allows customers to create custom-made bowls of Asian stirfry, is sponsoring a nation-wide weight-loss competition called “Health Kwest,” in which Sidhom is competing. Fifty-six contestants were chosen from around the country for the competition and Sidhom, representing the Cordova location of the franchise, is the only contestant in West Tennessee. Each contestant, required to eat at Genghis Grill once a day for three months, was provided with a dietician, recommended exercise and nutritional plan. The winner of the contest, determined by total weight loss, a public online vote and a contestant’s number of contest-related social media posts, will receive $10,000. After 74 days in the competition, Sidhom has lost 50 pounds. “I feel better than I ever have,” said Sidhom, who graduated with a degree in film and video production in 2009. “I’m now able to fit into pants that I haven’t been able to wear in five years.” He added that eating a free meal each day is “awesome.” “Every young man’s dream,” he said. Sidhom, currently in first place by weight-loss total and fifth by online vote count, said aside from the prospect of winning $10,000, a

healthier life style and his fiancé, Clarissa Numbar, have been his greatest motivations. Sidhom plans to marry in May, and says his upcoming nuptials have given him a great incentive to slim down. Numbar has watched her husband-to-be compete and said he’s motivated her to improve her health. “It means so much to me that he is sacrificing for the most important day of our lives,” said Numbar. “He has also caused me to get more serious about working out and not eating fast food.” Sidhom, who works as promotions producer for WREG-TV, said he lifted weights everyday during the first week of the competition and immediately began slimming down. He switched to cardio workouts in the second week after his new muscle mass started tipping the scales back toward 300. Sidhom said he’s strayed from his workout regimen over the last month or so, but has still lost weight. “I kind of just got lazy,” he said.


Slim, page 5

courtesy of Ryan Sidhom

UM graduate tries eating out to slim down

U of M alumnus Ryan Sidhom weighed 281 pounds when he began the Genghis Grill Health Kwest. Seventy-four days into the three-month competition, Sidhom now weighs 231 pounds.

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The University of Memphis

Friday, April 22, 2011 • 5


This film review brought to you by our generous advertisers BY BetSY ShaRKeY Los Angeles Times Ever wonder how a certain car, chip, beer, soap, well really just about any product known to man, got its 15 seconds in the movie spotlight? Money, of course, but that’s just the price of getting into the game. Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock is out to show you all the distasteful bits, raw and unprocessed, that go into making that manipulative commercial sausage in his new absurdist comic documentary (mockumentary?) “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.” Or more precisely, “Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,” a title that exemplifies the very thin line between art and commerce that Spurlock attempts not to cross while telling all. The pomegranate juice company paid around $1 million for those naming rights, a couple of actual commercials embedded in

the movie and major screen time. Despite the transparency and full disclosure, and the sardonic tone detailing it, something gets lost as the distance between filmmaker and subject disappears — I think we call it objectivity. Regardless, with Spurlock, irony, slapstick and complete immersion is as much a part of the documentary equation as information. We saw that taken to unhealthy extremes in his Oscarnominated breakthrough, 2004’s “Super Size Me,” as he packed on pounds in showing how deadly fast-food consumption can be. There are echoes of Michael Moore in his style, but Spurlock comes across as driven more by curiosity and comic prospects than concern or outrage. That has contributed equally to his success and failure, case in point, 2008’s “Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden.” Although Spurlock is happy to go to just about any extreme to wring

the absurd out of the serious, the wit didn’t work at all in that one, probably since terrorism remains decidedly unfunny. Product placement, on the other hand, is a far better subject for indulging those comic pursuits. With his film, Spurlock creates a good time along with some surprisingly salient observations as he tries to keep balanced on this very slippery slope. The movie lays out just how ubiquitous product placement has become and how important it is to funding movies, with charts and graphs and too many ponderous words. The topic becomes far more engag-

ing when Spurlock starts trying to sell the idea of funding and being a foil in his product placement documentary and doors start slamming in his face. Volkswagen will no doubt always regret that some executive put its “we don’t want anything to do with this movie” in writing, which Spurlock shares on camera to great punked effect. To his credit, he is equally transparent about his worries of being compromised himself, discussing the dilemma with quintessential consumer advocate Ralph Nader, who poses the fundamental lingering question: Are you becoming what you criticize?

Yes and no would be the answer. Talking to both sides helps to offset the overload of products placed in “The Greatest Movie.” There are interviews with artists and music producers, who discuss the practice and its inherent pressures. There are the ad agency execs , a series of consumer advocates and economists weighing in — even a look inside Spurlock’s brain via MRI as marketers measure the effects of the manipulations. Scary. The comedy is of the situational sort: Spurlock playing around with ways to integrate the horsehuman crossover shampoo of Mane ‘N Tail; the filmmaker showing off his Merrell suede shoes to Nader; his Hyatt Hotel spa treatments; the string of Mini Coopers lent to the project that turn up everywhere; and the promise that writing a song for the movie will indeed make OK Go the greatest rock band because after all, “The Greatest Movie” said so.


from page 4 Temptation to stray from his diet regimen hasn’t been much of a challenge for Sidhom, who credited Genghis’ wide variety of options for staying interested in the restaurant’s cuisines. The same motivation doesn’t come as easily to Sidhom’s father, Samuel Sidhom, director of The U of M Community Music School. “I am unfortunately not as strong-willed as my son,” he said. “I see him at least once a week, and he looks better and better every time.” The only negative of the competition for Sidhom has been having to post contest-related things on Facebook and Twitter all the time. He posts a picture of his meals, asks for votes and has to hashtag everything for it to count toward the contest. “It’s annoying,” he said. “I’ve actually lost Facebook friends because of it.” Sidhom said he hopes to promote Memphis by winning the competition. Anyone interested in voting for a contestant in the competition can do so by visiting gghealthkwest.


6 • Friday, April 22, 2011

Women’s Basketball

Tigers sign point guard from Ariz. jr. college BY Jasmine Vann Sports Reporter University of Memphis women’s basketball coach Melissa McFerrin signed junior college standout Ashley Mitchell for the 2011 recruiting class last week. Mitchell, a left-handed point guard out of Long Beach, Calif., comes to Memphis with an extensive track record from Central Arizona College that includes three national championships under coach Denise Cardenas. At 5-foot-8, Mitchell is one of the bigger guards in Conference USA, which will be an asset to the team following current point guard Alex Winchell’s graduation. “She’s got good size for a (point guard) in our conference, a lefty and really good in transition and creating shots for players,” assistant coach Brett Schneider said. As a freshman at CAC, Mitchell helped drive her team to a 30-4 record while averaging 9.7 points, 2.9 rebounds, 5.3 assists and 1.9 steals a game. She also shot 36 percent from three-point range, and hit 39 percent of her shots from the field. This past year, in her sophomore season, she ranked tenth in the league averaging 13.2 points 3.0 rebounds, five assists and 2.0 steals a game. She was second in the league in assists. “She was a (guard) that put up great numbers in the first semester,” Schneider said. According to a U of M press release, Mitchell is ranked No. 2 among point guards in one recruiting service. She reached a career high of 42 points this year, in a game against nationally ranked Chipola, which earned her ACCAC Division I player of the week awards. She was also voted All-Conference and AllRegion, as well as named to the All-Tournament team at the Tournament of Champions in Midland, Texas. She was also chosen as a third-team NJCAA All-American this past season. Mitchell helped lead the Central Arizona squad to a 57-11 overall combined record over two seasons and two JUCO national tournament appearances. “We’re happy to have her,” Schneider said. “She will be a great impact force.” Along with Mitchell, other U of M early signees for the 20112012 season include ShaQuita Arnick, Andra’a Jones, Lauren McGraw and Jailyn Norris. The Tigers graduate four players this year in Savannah Ellis, Starkitsha LuellenHiggins, Taylor Mumphrey and Alex Winchell.

World Tai Chi and Qigong day aT The UniversiTy of MeMphis Saturday, April 30 • 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. The Ellipse (behind McWherter Library)

(If inclement weather: Elma Roane Fieldhouse, Room 250) Sponsored by The University Tai Chi Chuan and Self Defense Association Department of Health and Sport Science

The University of Memphis

Friday, April 22, 2011 • 7

The Memphis Grizzlies’ Zach Randolph drives around the Spurs’ Antonio McDyess during the second half of their playoff game Wednesday. San Antonio won 93-87. The Grizzlies will continue their series with the Spurs at 6:30 p.m. Saturday at the FedExForum. The game will be broadcast live on ESPN and FOX Sports.

NBA Playoffs

Grizz return home after Game 2 loss AP — The Memphis Grizzlies are happy to be back home, sleeping in their own beds after splitting the first two games of their playoff series with the San Antonio Spurs. Now their biggest challenge is getting back to playing basketball their way. San Antonio bottled up Zach Randolph, limiting him to just 11 points and five rebounds, while Marc Gasol had 12 points and 17 rebounds. The duo were a combined 7 of 23 from the floor in Wednesday night’s 93-87 loss where the Grizzlies still came oh so close to going up 2-0 as the No. 8 seed in the West. Coach Lionel Hollins says the Grizzlies can blame themselves for their mistakes. “Everybody wants to bail the team out for inexperience. It’s just



The daily helmsman

bad decisions. We’ve played all year. We’ve taken good shots and in certain games we’ve taken bad shots because we are not in character. We forget who we are sometimes,” Hollins said. These Grizzlies definitely are built around Randolph and Gasol, who helped them lead the NBA this season scoring 51.5 points in the paint per game. Randolph averaged 20.1 points and a careerhigh 12.2 rebounds per game, and he said the Grizzlies didn’t play the way they did in winning Game 1. He saw a team settling for too many jump shots and not getting the ball inside. “It was one of those games where we outplayed ourselves,” he said. “We were thinking too much. We rushed too much, and we didn’t stick to our game plan.”



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It’s why Memphis shot only 39.8 percent (35 of 88) Wednesday night compared to 43.8 (32 of 73) for the Spurs and well below their usual 47 percent shooting. Randolph knows one way the Grizzlies can improve immediately. “We’ve just got to get the ball to the paint. We’ve got to drive the basketball. We can’t settle for jump shots,” Randolph said. “I don’t think they did nothing different. We just didn’t try to get the ball down there.” The Grizzlies studied film Thursday with Game 3 on Saturday night in Memphis where a sold-out crowd awaits, hoping to see the Grizzlies add to their first postseason win by winning their first playoff game on their home court. “We wanted to be able to come home with at least a win under our belt and come home in front of our fans who are very excited and are going to help us hopefully get another win at home because we feel we play well at home and our fans are excited,” Grizzlies guard Mike Conley said. The Spurs took Thursday off, taking advantage of the two-day break between games and the chance to rest up in what’s already a very physical series. Spurs center Tim Duncan said Memphis is the toughest No. 8 seed he’s seen in a long time. He calls the Grizzlies tough and well-coached. “More than anything those guys have a nose for the ball. Even when we do get stops, they find a way to get second and third chances on the board,” Duncan said. “They never quit. We understand that even more now. We’re 1-1 right now. We have to go to their house and try and get one.” In a sign of how rough this series is, Duncan fouled out Wednesday night. The Spurs have had a big edge at the free throw line so far, taking advantage of the physical Grizzlies. San Antonio hit more free throws (22-of-32) than Memphis attempted (14 of 20) in Game 2. Spurs guard Tony Parker compares the Grizzlies to the Utah Jazz of old. “They’re going to foul and grab, and they’re great at it,” Parker said. Manu Ginobili provided a big boost to the Spurs, returning Wednesday night and scoring 17 points with his sprained right elbow wrapped in a fat brace. Ginobili said the Grizzlies were more physical than most teams in the league during the regular season, so the Spurs talked about expecting a tough series. “We have to attack hard and try to go straight lines to the rim, and try to draw fouls,” Ginobili said. “I think we’ve done it pretty well in the first two games. We went to the line 30 times in two games.” Duncan points at Randolph as the core of the team’s physical style. “He’s one of the best offensive rebounders in the game. That’s how he gets his work done there and you got to match that,” Duncan said. The Grizzlies insist they aren’t just happy with being in the playoffs and winning once. They want to advance, and that means playing their typically stingy defense. “We have to cut out the silly mistakes,” Grizzlies forward Shane Battier said.

8 • Friday, April 22, 2011

The Daily Helmsman 04/21/11  
The Daily Helmsman 04/21/11  

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