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Rebels lose ground in Libya

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Without allied airstrikes, Libyan opposition struggles against Gadhafi’s forces

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BY JOHN MARTIN Sports Editor Before arriving at The University of Memphis as an assistant coach in 2008, Josh Pastner slept on an air mattress with a hole in it. Every morning, he’d have to blow it up or tape over it. He won’t have to worry about patching up air mattresses any time soon. Two weeks after the Tigers’ second-round loss to Arizona in the NCAA tournament, Pastner and The U of M finalized a new five-year contract extension that guarantees Pastner $1.7 million annually. The new deal also includes raises for his assistants. “It’s a blessing,” Pastner said. “Total thanks to (athletic director) R.C. Johnson — there’s no question about that. It gives me an opportunity to continue to stay here at Memphis, where I love being. I love the program. Nobody’s bigger than the program.” This past season, Pastner, 33, guided the Tigers to a 25-10 record and an NCAA tournament appearance after winning the Conference USA tournament. He was paid a guaranteed salary of $815,000, not including bonuses for winning the C-USA tournament and receiving an invitation to the NCAA tournament. The new contract, valued at $8.5 million overall, makes Pastner one of the highest-paid coaches to have never won an NCAA tournament game.

Despite a raise and extension, Pastner said his buyout, which is $800,000 after a first-year termination, $600,00 after two years and $500,000 after three, carried over from his former contract. Last week, Johnson said he was going to do “whatever it takes” to make Pastner happy. “We are delighted that Coach Pastner has accepted our contract offer and will remain as our basketball coach for years to come,” Johnson said in a statement. “He is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting young coaches in the country, and we anticipate continued growth for our basketball program.” Before the Tigers captured the automatic bid, however, the idea of extending the second-year coach’s contract was met with reprehension, as the Tigers had suffered losses to Rice, East Carolina and Marshall for the first times in program history. “It was important to get done,” Pastner said. “I wanted to get it done. We all wanted to get it done and continue to move forward.” Not only did Pastner parlay the C-USA tournament championship into an extension at The U of M, though, but he also gauged interest from other programs. Pastner was linked to several coaching openings but declined to reveal exactly who contacted him. Oklahoma, which fired Jeff Capel after this season, was reportedly one suitor.


Contract, page 3

by David C. Minkin

Pastner inks 5-year contract extension

University of Memphis men’s basketball coach Josh Pastner signed a new five-year deal worth $1.7 million annually.

Study reveals sexual orientation is a two-way street for many

by Chris Daniels


U of M senior Nirva Patel stands outside his Dream Berry Frozen Yogurt & Treats store, opening in late April at 94 S. Main St.

Frozen yogurt? Help yourself Downtown to receive first frozen yogurt shop in historic South Main District

BY CHRIS DANIELS News Reporter At the University of Memphis, senior Nirva Patel has spent the majority of his time working with numbers. After he graduates in May, he’ll spend most of his time working with yogurt. Patel, an accounting major, is the owner and general manager of Dream Berry Frozen Yogurt & Treats, the first self-serve yogurt shop in downtown Memphis. He said his shop, scheduled to open

near the end of April, will be different than other frozen yogurt eateries, with a “contemporary and upscale” décor and the atmosphere. “Now that I’m graduating, I’m not really a nine to five kind of guy,” he said. “I’ve seen frozen yogurt shops do really well even before they were in Memphis, and thought it would be a good opportunity to open one downtown.” Dream Berry Frozen Yogurt & Treats


Yogurt, page 3

cally, romantically and/or emotionally attracted to men and women. Bisexuals need not have had sexual experience According to a report by the Center with both men and women; in fact, they for Disease Control, typical college-aged need not have had any sexual experience students are less likely to define them- at all to identify as bisexual.” selves as heterosexual. Smith said he doesn’t think a person’s A National Health Statistics report age and sexual orientation are related. by the CDC this month revealed that He believes there’s something ingrained more people between the ages of 20 in a person long before college or “this and 24 are identifying themselves as magic age where the survey picks up.” bisexual. In that “That’s just age range, more when people t’s not that more than 6 percent become more of women and 2 of people are coming out conscious percent of men sexual orientaof the closet at that surveyed identition,” he said. fied themselves not age — it’s that it’s more “They’re as bisexual. changing — it’s Research acceptable for people just that they’re for the report figuring out, to be who they are.” was conducted ‘Who am I? across 85 areas Does this orien— Kelly Gilliom in the United tation fit me?’ I Stonewall Tigers president States between don’t think it’s 2006 and 2008 that they’re tryon 13,945 people ages 15-44. ing on sexuality like clothes.” Tim Smith, senior education major Kelly Gilliom, president of The and student coordinator for the LGBT University of Memphis’ Stonewall Tigers Safe Zone project at The University of and junior English and anthropology Memphis, said he thinks the report just major, said a lot of people think bisexualconfirmed what members of the lesbian, ity is a college phase, but for people who gay, bisexual and transgender commu- identify themselves as gay or bisexual, nity on a college campus already know. their sexual orientation isn’t temporary. “To me, it was more of a no-brainer “There are people (who) experiment than it was an actual shock. Usually but don’t usually identify as bisexuwhen young adults are allowed to finally al or homosexual because of the disleave home, you really start to figure out crimination that homosexuals face,” she who you are,” he said. said. “No one wants to be discriminated According to the Gay and Lesbian against, and that’s why people hide.” Alliance Against Defamation, a bisexual see Orientation, page 6 person is “an individual who is physi-


2 • Wednesday, March 30, 2011





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1. GOP looks to slash Pell Grant funding by Erica Horton

2. Candidates bicker, sidestep issues

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3. Lang campaign violates UM policy

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by Chelsea Boozer

4. UM professor granted $2.1 mil. grant

by Joshua Bolden

5. ECU Pirates burgle weekend series

by Adam Douglas

DOMINO’S PIZZA Across 1 Beginning for the birds? 4 Shaq on the court 9 Beat __ to one’s door 14 Vietnam Veterans Memorial architect 15 Ramadi resident 16 Local cinemas, colloquially 17 Whip-cracking cowboy of old films 19 Weight room sound 20 Venetian arch shape 21 Ethel, to Lucy 23 Canyon-crossing transport 26 Fridge raider 28 Hong Kong harbor craft 29 Field for the fold 31 Remote power sources? 32 Thing to blow off 34 Sign before Scorpio 35 Sky blue 38 Postgrad hurdle 40 “Cosmos” host 41 Lotto relative 42 Assure, with “up” 43 Titan is its largest moon 48 Most foxy 50 Landmass encompassing the Urals 51 Wax-filled illumination 54 Bombast 55 Artist’s topper 56 Victor’s chuckle 59 Conductor Previn 60 Came up 61 Sargasso or Coral 62 Parks and others 63 Zellweger of “Chicago” 64 Prince Valiant’s son

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36 Natural burn balm 37 Pitts of “The Gale Storm Show” 38 Signs off on 39 Chile __: stuffed Mexican dish 42 N.L. team managed by Tony La Russa since 1996 44 Scarlett’s home 45 World Cup chant 46 Horseshoes feat 47 Revolutionary Hale 49 Fully fills 50 Hewlett-Packard rival 52 Banned orchard spray 53 Full-grown filly 55 Setting for many a joke 57 Taoist Lao-__ 58 Majors in acting

The University of Memphis

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 • 3


and I will not do that.” While there was a growing unease about whether Pastner from page 1 would pursue opportunities “I feel like it’d be self-serv- elsewhere, the remaining opening if I (discussed) that,” Pastner ings weren’t attractive enough said. “I think I’d be arrogant if for Pastner to leave behind a team I did that. I’ll that’s returnsay this: There ing almost are wonderful everyone. was excited He also adds opportunities financially at about next year, Adonis Thomas, other programs currently and like I said, I who’s as well, too.” participating in Pastner said wasn’t going to the McDonald’s he was preAll-American pared to go play games. I’m festivities. into next seaPastner is not into playing son without 49-20 in two an extension games. I wasn’t seasons at The but that he getting my name U of M. This and Johnson year, he passed floated. I’m not former coach started general negotiations Calipari like that, I’m not John i mm e d i a t e l y for most wins into that and I in the first two after the season anyway. will not do that.” seasons. “I loved it “This allows — Josh Pastner here,” Pastner me to continue said. “I didn’t being the gateCoach want to leave. keeper of Tiger I wanted to be Nation’s prohere, that’s my thing. I was excit- gram,” Pastner said. “I’m humed about next year, and like I said, bled to do that. I’m very grateI wasn’t going to play games. I’m ful. I do not take it for granted. not into playing games. I wasn’t With that, I’m excited as we getting my name (floated). I’m move forward to next season, not like that, I’m not into that, and we’ll go from there.”



from page 1 will be located at 94 S. Main St. and be self-serving, which means customers have the freedom to choose from ten flavors a day adding various toppings such as chocolate, candies, fresh fruit and others. “(Customers) only pay for what they want,” Patel said. “The customer chooses what they want and how much of it they want.” Patel said the U of M business department has helped him learn a lot and become a “well rounded” person during his college career. He said associate professor of management John Amis “inspired” him during his time in Amis’ intro to management class and study abroad sports marketing trip. “He seemed like a guy who knows what he’s doing,” Patel said. “He’s the one I could look up to as far as professors at U of M.” Amis, who didn’t know Patel was opening a store of his own recalled Patel as “a good student” who is “smart” and “engaged.”

“He strikes me as the sort of person who would be successful in what he tries to do,” Amis said. “He’s motivated and committed. He’s got a good combination of assets.” Amis said if Patel researched the frozen yogurt market and thinks there’s a potential for it to grow, then he has a chance to do well. “I wish him all the best and hope he succeeds in what he’s doing,” Amis said. Patel said he chose to go into the frozen yogurt business because, in a health conscious society, his store will offer a healthy treat that can satisfies a sweet tooth. “Yogurt is something people can eat without having to feel guilty,” he said. “I go to U of M and I know a lot of students need help paying their way through college,” he said. “I want to help the students out as much as possible.” Patel will offer a 10 to 20 percent student discount depending on the time of day. Patel said he is also planning on implementing a text message-based loyalty program for his customers, so they can earn rewards without have to keep track of a

card or ticket stub. “A lot of people I’ve talked to say they have those loyalty cards, but no one ever remembers to pull them out or forgets they have it,” he said. “This way you don’t have to have something physical. It’s a lot easier to keep track of.” Patel’s program will also feature a contest to win free yogurt for a year. Alyssa Etheridge, junior management major, said she thinks it’s about time for a frozen yogurt shop downtown and plans on going when it opens. Etheridge added that it’s “encouraging” to hear of a U of M student opening his own business.

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Comedy of Prashanth Venkataramanujam 7 p.m. • UC Theatre

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4 • Wednesday, March 30, 2011


BY DAVID ZUCCHINO Los Angeles Times A sustained counterattack by Libyan government troops sent overmatched rebel fighters fleeing eastward for almost 100 miles Tuesday, erasing many of the weekend gains by opposition forces attempting to overthrow Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. Panicked and badly rattled, hundreds of rebels sped away from the front to escape fierce rocket barrages by Gadhafi’s soldiers and militiamen. Rebel gun trucks raced three abreast and jostled madly for position on a coastal highway choked with retreating fighters and civilians. At one point, rebels surrendered 70 miles of terrain in just four hours. It was a humiliating rout for a volunteer fighting force that had advanced 150 miles in 24 hours over the weekend behind allied airstrikes that pummeled government troops and armor. Many rebels had spoken confidently of marching on Tripoli, the capital, buoyed by false news reports Monday that their forces had captured Gadhafi’s hometown garrison of Sirte. But by Tuesday afternoon, those same rebels were in headlong retreat from Bin Jawwad, which they had seized only Sunday. Many fled 25 miles east to Ras Lanuf, the oil city captured by the opposition Saturday. By nightfall, the city and its refinery were under government assault as the rebel retreat spilled farther east. There was no sign of allied airstrikes, which had cleared the way for the rebels’ weekend advances. Some rebels regard allied warplanes as their personal air force. However, the U.N. Security Council resolution that authorizes attacks against Gadhafi forces that threaten civilians does not extend to close air support for rebel forces. Rebels have been unable or unwilling to move forward without airstrikes, which have grounded Gadhafi’s air force and robbed his troops of many of their tanks, armor and rocket batteries. “Where is Sarkozy? Where is Obama?” asked Hussam Bernwi, 36, an exterminator wielding an assault rifle, referring to French and American warplanes and missiles. Bernwi wore camouflage fatigues that he said were abandoned by government militiamen. “I’m disappointed,” Bernwi said. “We can’t win without those planes.” Fleeing rebels were reduced to bickering and recriminations. Some screamed at gun trucks that continued to barrel east past Ras Lanuf, deep into rebel-held eastern Libya. “Turn around and fight!” one young rebel shouted at a passing gun truck. “If you don’t want to fight, give us your guns.” Other rebels fired their weapons toward overcast skies, a gesture of futility that only accentuated the pervasive sense of gloom and defeat among some volun-

teer fighters. The swift battlefield reversal underscored the mercurial nature of the war in the east, where neither side seems strong enough to vanquish the other. Nearly a month of fighting has raged back and forth across a 220-mile stretch of coastal wasteland in a nation with a coastline of nearly 1,100 miles. The headlong retreat from Bin Jawwad marked the second time in just 23 days that government forces had routed rebels there. The town is on the fault line between eastern and western Libya, with several tribes in the area split between the two sides.


Libyan rebels flee as Gadhafi’s forces defend stronghold Retreating rebel fighters crowd into the back of a pickup truck leaving Bin Jawwad, Libya, after encountering stiff resistance from loyalist forces on March 29. By nightfall Tuesday, some rebel gun trucks had retreated all way east to Uqaylah, 45 miles from Ras Lanuf _ and nearly 120 miles from the spot where rebels had advanced to within 50 miles of Sirte 24 hours earlier. Among those fleeing were rebels driving trucks mounted with the opposition’s most effective weapons: 106mm artillery, heavy machine guns and recoilless

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rifles. Rebels firing behind sand dunes shouted at them to turn around, but they ignored them and sped east. Some fighters acknowledged that they felt helpless against the BM-21 Grad rocket systems that pounded rebel positions throughout the day. There was no sign near Bin Jawwad of Grad batteries that rebels seized from government forces last weekend.

“When the Grads hit, we all ran,” said Abdelsalam Ali, 37, a taxi driver armed with an assault rifle. “They’re too strong for us.” Asked if he would stand his ground and fight if the government advance continued, Ali shrugged and replied, “It’s not wise to face these guys when they have heavy weapons and we don’t. I’m trying to do this in a safe way.”

The University of Memphis

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 • 5


Vote Today and Tomorrow 8 a.m. – 11 p.m. Vote at

Remember to complete your ballot by clicking on the link to the referendum FOR PRESIDENT: (vote for 1) Tyler DeWitt (US) Hunter Lang (FACE) FOR VICE PRESIDENT: (vote for 1) Rachel Goodwin (FACE) Courtney Milton (FACE) Jade Anderson (US) Gurshan Bansal (US) Aaron Blackstone (US) Russell Born (US) Quintilianus Carger (US) Erica Chambers (FACE) Matt Coker (US) Hunter Dawson (FACE) Jeanae Doughty (FACE) Nuria Espin (US) Emily Gianella (US)

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6 • Wednesday, March 30, 2011

orientation from page 1

Gilliom said there are times when confused students reach out to Stonewall for support, but only occasionally, as most people in the group “realized who they were” in high school. “There are few people who come into college not knowing who they are. It’s more about coming out,” she said. “It’s not that more people are coming out of the closet at that age — it’s that it’s more acceptable for people to be who they are.” Will Batts, executive director of the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center, said the results of the report are surprising because he doesn’t typically see any age difference in people self-reporting their sexual orientation. Batts said for people in his generation, now in their 30s and 40s, coming out typically happened in college. “Now you see a lot more kids coming out at earlier ages: 13, 14, 15 years old,” he said. “It’s probably because of increased exposure of LGBT in media.” He said it’s a little easier for youth to come out today because they have role models of happy, successful gay people on TV. Batts said he suspects that another factor of 20-24 year olds’ identifying as bisexual could be independence. “Going to college, working, going to the military — it’s not a child-parent environment anymore,” he said. “People are exploring more feelings that they feel comfortable with at that age.”

Solutions ...not solvents. What do you think this is — chemistry?

Student Activities

UM law students claim national mock trial title BY JOSHUA BOLDEN News Reporter A mock trial team from The University of Memphis’ Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law won the national Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Competition. The U of M’s team — composed of law students LaChina Algers, Angela Harris, Chandra Madison and Joseph McKinney — defeated teams from Harvard University, University of Texas-Wesleyan, DePaul University, Seattle University and St. Mary’s College to claim the crown. In mock trial, teams participate in a simulated court case. Students must be prepared to argue for the prosecution or the

defense. The team was coached by Melanie Stovall Murry, associate counsel for The U of M, and Bridgett Stigger, a recent U of M law graduate and former team member. “The win is a great accolade for the law school and a testament to not only the students’ ability but the education that they receive at the law school,” Murry said. Stigger said the win speaks volumes for the level of education the law students are receiving at The University. “For us to win on a national level, it shows that we’re receiving just as much of a quality education as some of the other schools we beat.”

The University of Memphis

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 • 7

Student Profile

BY ROBERT MOORE News Reporter University of Memphis junior Kia Peppard’s talent with a camera has landed her a job with a local modeling reality show. Peppard, a photography major, is currently taking photos for “Race 2 The Runway,” a Memphis-based program similar to “America’s Next Top Model,” which began earlier this month. Her photo of model Seth Rabinowitz took top honors after the first week of shooting. “This has been a pretty interesting experience, to say the least,” Peppard said. “Everything has been chaotic, and I’ve found myself becoming more and more involved with this opportunity.” Local production company Mevia Entertainment is producing the show, which will not be broadcast on television. The entire series will ultimately be sold on DVD. After seeing Peppard’s work, Willie Tomlinson, Mevia’s chief executive officer, said he decided to incorporate her more into the competition. “Kia is an amazing photogra-

pher,” Tomlinson said. “I would be willing to go as far as to say she is the best photographer I have worked with.” While the photographers do not have a guarantee that they will be chosen to do shoots every week, Tomlinson said he wants Peppard back. “She is the type of artist our show is looking for,” he said. “She is an indie photographer with a lot of talent.” The first week’s challenge required the models to work with a photographer and create a photo that emulates an artist who has made a significant impact on society. Rabinowitz worked with Peppard and chose Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali as his inspiration. Rabinowitz said he has been working with Peppard since he began modeling. For him, working with Peppard on the competition has been motivational. “She is just fantastic,” Rabinowitz said. “Some photographers take your picture, and you have absolutely no idea what they want from you. With Kia, she’s personable and interactive and makes you feel like you

courtesy of Kia Peppard

UM student channels inner Dali to advance in modeling competition

Kia Peppard’s photo featuring model Seth Rabinowitz, in the tradition of Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali, captured top honors in the first round of the “Race 2 The Runway” competition.

know what you’re doing.” Peppard’s passion for photography began in her childhood, taking pictures of her family and daily routine. “It all basically started with my grandma’s old Polaroid camera,” Peppard said. “I was obsessed with taking pictures of everything my family did.” “Race 2 The Runway” is not Peppard’s first experience shooting fashion. She has recently worked with community-based business and modeling agency Revolutionary Runway, where

she served as the head photographer and art director. “My early work was definitely fashion-oriented,” she said. “While I made a name for myself locally and had fun with it, I knew I needed to branch out into something deeper. I have found myself becoming more interested in high-concept art photography. I may return to fashion now, but either way, I want to be a photographer.” Peppard is currently shooting a self-portrait series while she works for “Race 2 The Runway.”

“Doing the self portraits has been very involved,” she said. “I had no idea it would turn out the way it has, but I’m enjoying it.” Her series was featured in the student section of the Art Museum at The University of Memphis. Regardless of the subject Peppard chooses to pursue in her craft, Rabinowitz said he has confidence her. “That girl is going somewhere,” Rabinowitz said. “You will definitely see her pictures someday.”


Touch of India: The Comedy of Prashanth Venkataramanujam 7 p.m. • UC Theatre Thursday, March 31 Touch of India: “Miss India America” A comic one-woman show 6:30 p.m. • UC Theatre Friday, April 1 Friday Film Series Movie “Waiting for Superman” 7 p.m. • UC Theatre Congratulations to the winners of last week’s Talent Extravaganza! 1st Place: Sincere & The Apologeez 2nd Place: Robert Roosevelt 3rd Place: Al Wright & Kelvin Givens

Coming Soon Why Do You Hate Me? Week April 4 - 8

8 • Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Pastner begins search for new assistant Now that he’s cemented his future, University of Memphis coach Josh Pastner said he’s turned his attention to determining the fate of his staff. Former U of M assistant coach Willis Wilson was hired as head coach at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi last week, and current assistant Glynn Cyprien is a candidate for the opening at Lamar. “I almost feel like I (felt) when I got the job,” said Pastner, who received a multi-year contract extension Tuesday. “I was by myself for a while there. It’s different now because I have assistants, but in terms of the numbers of calls. Thankfully, I can field the calls, and I have staff in place that can help me deal with it, but the number of calls has been overwhelming. I’m trying to get back to everybody. I’m getting there.” Wilson was Pastner’s first official hire two years ago. He was brought on for his Division I experience, as he was the head coach at Rice for 17 years before joining Pastner’s staff. Pastner said he hasn’t narrowed his search yet. “It’s too early for names,” he said. “We will make a good hire — there’s no doubt about that. Coach Wilson gave us a great two years. It’s not going to be easy to replace him, I can tell you that.” Pastner said he’s in no rush to find Wilson’s replacement. The opening hasn’t even officially been placed on The U of M’s website. “I want to make sure I’m making the right decision because it carries a lot of weight within the program because the most important thing is the student-athletes, and the second-most is your staff,” Pastner said. Cyprien is one of 54 applicants for the Lamar opening, a list that includes former U of M coach Tic Price. “I want Coach Cyprien here,” Pastner said. “He’s done a great job with us. He’s been instrumental to the defense and obviously in a lot of areas. We’ve talked. He knows (how) I feel. He’s a strong candidate for the Lamar job, and there’s also other programs that want him, and that’s very normal.” Assistant coach Jack Murphy, who came to The U of M from the NBA’s Denver Nuggets, was offered the opportunity to return to the pros at a “high-level position” before the season started but turned it down, Pastner said. “I don’t want to stop our staff from opportunities,” Pastner said. “I think we have one of the best staffs in the country, and when you have one of the best staffs, they’re going to have opportunities. That’s part of hiring good people. If you’re not hiring good people like we have, (nobody) is going to want them.”

by David C. Minkin

BY JOHN MARTIN Sports Editor

University of Memphis coach Josh Pastner said Tuesday he’s in no rush to replace former assistant Willis Wilson (left), who was hired at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi last week. Glenn Cyprien (right) is a candidate for the Lamar opening.

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